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Red Sox 3B Will Middlebrooks on the attack at the Boston Marathon

Apr 16, 2013|

Will told Joe Castiglione that the players were on the team bus, and were shocked when they heard the news

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Well how did you hear about the explosions yesterday where were you I doubt on the on the bus and therefore. All the guys here that Twitter so Twitter community college in about five minutes. We're still trying to figure out. That it that it really happened if it was just you know something that was on Twitter those rumors are. You know that we found out you know more after what -- on. And you spend a lot of time in Washington now -- offseason included so this is going to be really had to feel alone. Hitting home console Venus Williams says this is my home now I live here year round now. I consider myself. You know -- You know it right now and I've played here I live here so. Means a lot to me and means a lot of people -- it what was it discussion likely teammates have you found out. It was tough for -- and it really hit home for everyone. A lot of these guys have children. Especially kids that are seven figures it'll look -- into the passed away. This is really tough all the famous and tally -- was turning -- -- their wives their kids and sponsorship down and just as tough time for everything will it be hard to play baseball and I think concentrate. You know I think we gonna go out there and play for a city not that we don't always. You know it's a little extra harder you know just just for the people of our city and try to do best again you know when the game from the take your mind off. And you be wearing black arm bands that's. Thank you very much what I think.

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