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Former Red Sox pitcher Rich Hill on the violence at the Boston Marathon

Apr 16, 2013|

Joe Castiglione met with the Cleveland Indians reliever and Boston native before tonight's game. Rich said it's sad that such a thing would happen in the heart of Boston

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-- if anyone can identify. With a marathon and what happened yesterday you would you would. -- Milton and went to many marathons. Yeah -- idea agreement Tony for plus times then you know we go in that. Finish line in the Lawton. Still look forward to going there you know after baseball and I am quite possibly you know. Be involved somehow with our family again in the in the race and just you know it's sad day in pitchers is such a big game Boston especially the Red Sox planet. 11 o'clock and after the games over west Conan and CME. You know the finish of the -- -- which is which is something that. Everybody in Massachusetts enjoys you keep up with an on the television whether it's you know watching -- stations there were just listen to it on the radio. Hard -- really concentrate on baseball tonight. Yeah -- just hoping gives everybody reprieve for a couple of hours from actions. Yesterday that we're. It's just very disturbing. And just a few hours that that people can enjoy a baseball game and you know yeah compared to compared to were. Some sort of regularity of -- -- -- on the geography you must've really been shot. He absolutely I mean that's an area of his element in the wintertime you're down there in -- Christmas and obviously it's you know. Think that's the heart of Boston right down there were a lot of action happens and -- business. Goes on in full of life and full of you know activities that. That's -- that's that is that is that's the senator of it right there in Boston and you know it's it's it was a sad day. Plus at rituals talk baseball make that aren't that aren't.

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