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Joe Castiglione: Even on the road, hearts of the Red Sox are with Boston

Apr 16, 2013|

We check in to Cleveland and talk with Sox broadcaster Joe Castiglione and get his story on how the news unfolded among the Red Sox team yesterday, and the state of mind of the Sox team, players, and former manager Terry Francona as they reflect on Boston while they are out in Cleveland.

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So if you wanna know who we are what America is. How we respond to evil. That's it. So closely. Compassionate way. I'm afraid. President Obama speaking earlier today and we just give you a couple quick pieces of news from throughout this afternoon in case you missed it -- Be joined by -- -- on -- with the team first of all there was the statement today. From bill Richard is son mark was the eight rolled that one of the three victims it's impossible -- a picture of them. I sought today and where Bruin uniform he's adorable it is. It's impossible to to see him and not feel just came out of my dear Maarten he said in the statement has died from injuries sustained in the attack on Boston. My wife and daughter both recovering from serious injuries we thank her family and friends. Those we know when those we've never met for their thoughts and prayers I ask that you continue to pray for my family's remember -- We also ask for your patience and for privacy. As we worked simultaneously grieve and recover. Thank you so that was the statement made from bill Richard another statement from Janet Napolitano. Who is the Homeland Security secretary saying well there is no current indications suggest that the events in Boston or indicative of the broader plot. Out of an abundance of caution ths continues to keep in place enhanced security measures at transportation hubs utilizing measures both seen that. And on scene -- there's a couple of statements that have been made there were reports earlier. That they found circuit board that they believe is from one of the two bombs and that's good news I guess for the investigation as they go through. And then another report from channel five saying that the the Saudi national who was questioned last night as they they now believe him and that he was a victim and -- Perpetrators in the crime that was committed yesterday -- a lot of information out there and and the first item you mentioned. Oh with the Richard family asking for privacy we had the texture earlier. Who is from the neighborhood. And said that the police eventually. Had to shut downs certain streets around the neighborhood. I think they -- in the hash mark area -- other -- family years. And that the media trucks were around there understand. It's a story got to get a story put at the family is asking for privacy. There's a balance here where you can do your job yet I still respect the request of. For the Bruins -- it will reschedule their game with -- Ottawa for Sunday April 28 -- Bruins or reschedule their game four Sunday April 28 against Ottawa. The go to Celtics dot com if you would like to to receive a refund. For your ticket that you purchase for tonight's game. Which is which has been canceled so meanwhile the Yankees are going to -- sweet Caroline in the third inning tonight. Joke you stay glioma voice of the Boston Red Sox here and I -- seven WEEI joins us from Cleveland Joseph I know you were. On the out on the plane with the guys yesterday as they left town how how did they find out about a what was the reaction and the environment there. While most found out about it in that either the clubhouse or. On the bus going to the airport. I was sitting on the first bus with a coaches and the manager of the media waiting to leave win that -- -- came on the Boston. She got a -- Saying what happens then that I got a call from Doug lane are re engineer which god knows leaving. -- who have to go home so I quickly -- try to reach my family because my. Five grandchildren and son and daughter and wife were all -- At the game and after the kids ran the bases they were walking over to -- foursquare forcing got a call through just before the cell service went down on the two left. Warn them about it and they were they rarely -- most of the players found out on the bus I think John Farrell said he found out the club house. Oh what was the reaction from the players who were. -- they asking a lot of questions with a big topic of discussion for them. Why I think yes it was Michael no question about it they were. Very quiet on the buster on the players are on a separate laws but that Dustin Pedroia said it was almost as silent -- Then now most of them all went out to dinner together. We got the Cleveland and based -- that was the topic of discussion rather than baseball. There was some question about whether he would take offered -- there were some rumblings. But we did get to the airport. Without too much of a delay in tech are pretty much is normal. And got to Cleveland. By 630 so war. Today you say it's a strange vote there's no music in the club house. I think guys are trying to focus on the game. But you know this is on the TVs everywhere in the clubhouse and all over and they. It's pervasive are you expecting them as a group to to do something in order to honor the victims order this lend support -- is an expectation that the team. As a group of 25 guys plus the coaches and manager will do something. While there will be a moment of silence. They will Wear -- Wear black arm bands. And and I they've gotten that far yet differ anything else. But. Most seem to feel this baseball because therapy with them and they hope it will be the case war. Red Sox Nation to -- you know be a little bit of a diversion for a couple of hours. I was gonna ask you that because we had a caller earlier Joseph who said you know how -- we get back to normal. -- to -- talking about sports again do you feel like. This game tonight will we'll help you mean you've been a member of this community for a long time and as you said you had family members on their way to the marathon. Do you think this game tonight we'll help. I think it well I think care once you know they get through the moment of silence and the National Anthem. Where mines are certainly going to be many different places. It will be good diversion good. Have a game and hopefully. We can move on but you're really hits home Michael when he hits the sports world this is the first time this has happened. And to have something is. Large as the Boston Marathon is such a great tradition. You know you do with anyone in sports has to be concerned. You see Tito while you were there joked yes I did we have an interview with Tito be on our pregame show and of course Tito was that he turn on the TV and followed it or many hours and of course was very very moved by it there. Having lived up more than eight years in Boston. With family their kids growing up there. Knowing how special patriots stay years and knowing now how big the marathon is for the local people as well as for the rest of the world. I think Tito and John Ferrell to I had the same feelings. We talked to Pedroia whose wife -- and sons often Kelly and Dylan and -- often walked over after the games -- -- with the club leading to the marathon. And they didn't do it yesterday. Fortunately -- Because of any particular reason other than that went. Back home and that thankfully -- they didn't. And for me because they were waiting for a Boston we do what they got the word but in any event. I think those guys who have been around awhile really took -- to -- Issue. That we appreciated -- a good luck with the with the game tonight Hampshire won't be easy hopefully it is a diversion for you. -- thank you very much agonizing. To all the victims. Through. Red Sox Nation in the world at large earlier part of the state Leone courses in Cleveland will do the game tonight 7 o'clock. -- -- report seven WEEI. And he brings up the same thing Michael that we talked about earlier in and I continued to find myself Welling up every time it gets mentioned which is. The timing. There there's so many parts of this that are horrible and as -- you're my emotions and thought process. Vacillate and for me it has over the last 24 hours or so. Between com and angry and sad and curious I mean that. It it it feels like for changes constantly wrestle -- say one thing now. And say that's what's on my mind that it changed completely in twenty minutes and I'm sure been true for almost everybody else out there. The one that I've come back to over and over again -- really sad about it earlier and I still lamb is just the timing of this that it wasn't in some ways symbolic of attacking charity. Attacking people that were specifically at that point. Running for charity is the Boston Marathon not the New York marathon not Chicago not something that you can just enter. Not something that you can enter into a drawing in order to be chosen to do -- the only way. Unless you're in the lead runner in which case you're done by four hours and nine minutes the only way you could be running there at that time. Is if you're running for charity. About that the only way you can be running a four hours nine minutes I believe because I think you got to. Qualified faster than that right somebody can tell me if I'm wrong or maybe just at that point. Is. Is if you're running for charity and so this is an attack. Well veteran running for sure. Well yeah you put it this way on the winner. Of the men's winner was two hours and two hours and change the women to disorderly don't I exactly two hours and ten minutes. And so you're talking a good. If you're talking a good two hours after that. Where where the first the first explosion takes place but I think we were talking about this earlier in the show. I think what we're trying to do is follow all the thought patterns thought process. Of someone who's evil. So it can't do mean that it won't make sense and I have I'm guessing that. Only find out who did it and that person gets the full weight of justice the quote the president we still understand the why -- it. Now maybe will. Well we'll get around and and and that that person will be locked up for the rest of their life were orphans to multiple people for the rest of their lives with. You won't understand it. For whatever whatever craziness. Happened in some of these other situations. We talked about Atlanta. Earlier we talked about. At Waco we didn't talk about Munich but there -- so many. So many of these terrorist situations. Where there's a cause. You know people are letting you know that this is what the world needs to do this is how the world needs to think and we think their twisted. But at least. We can understand. What their purposes. We may never know what the purposes. As. Does it -- if the -- by the way it's three hours and fifteen minutes to qualify as a guy. It's three hours and forty minutes to qualify as a woman so it we were already past that point for what it's all fine by half hour. When this when this bomb -- at least two bombs went -- secondly -- it was an attack on the if there was an attack -- the runners it would have been somewhere else this is an attack on the crowd I guess I viewed as both and I mean I think the goal here was to attack both distant and and it's -- to -- people it's like to hurt people let's -- a few warrior -- 61777979837. Won't do this throughout the afternoon it was we have been Steve. Is in his car hi Steve. -- on the pistons. I. -- and Otto aren't they -- -- -- you guys credit downgrade yourself that. Be it reporters in new people and -- year you know. You talk about sports all the time but I mean I've been through -- -- I've -- copper TimeCrawler. I mean just threw an idol and it every year anniversary. In public -- that you guys are new people I mean you sprinted to you know desperate in this sport split. I just think you're shortchanging yourself Obama and not take anything away from what happened out there yesterday. Well thank you I think that we get yourself. Well thank you we we appreciate it. Steve that's that's very nice of you to say in. We're doing the best we can't just then I don't think drug and assault once -- I don't want trinity now this is opportunity that it or get the information out to people and help you that's right the credibility to go to the people that are really were absolutely.

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