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Celtics Owner Steve Pagliuca with Salk and Holley

Apr 16, 2013|

We talk to Steve Pagliuca who was down near the location of the tragedy and has many friends and colleagues that were affected by this senseless violence.

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Steve Pagliuca is one of the owners of the Boston Celtics and he joins us just colony and right now he's the AT&T hotline hi Steve how aria. Area -- Steve. I know you're you're office is close to boils and then close to where things happened yesterday where you. In the area yesterday and in was anyone that you know. In the area yesterday. Yes and and that's it you know we heard two loud bang and ran over to windows. We're we're kind of building and so we can look right down perhaps lost or left and it's see the aftermath of the explosion to the court or excite. It was amazing to see. Both the -- The security folks at least. First responders -- and actions I think saved a lot of lives on this terrible day. Was your first thought when you heard that. Heard that explosion. You know at first thought that if -- because I was on the on the left side ability. Well as you know boot and it shook a little bit -- I thought maybe -- -- off fireworks you know to collaborate via. The marathon but it was 4 o'clock in actually my sister and that was out here the different courses -- unlikely. Two minutes before this happened and they were -- -- a few hundred yards away. She called the offices says there's been an explosion and it would equipment in -- to windows that we got our people organize and our security folks in. And make sure our people either way out of the building in and and we'll make sure that. -- all of our employees were were safe so it was a pretty airing two or three hours here. And and edit it another replaced fiscal but I have friends and they're the people that had been caught -- -- it's horrible tragedy. You do. Well I think -- can deal has been resilient and now for you know the joint effort to help these folks and I know the mayor the governor are. Working on a financial effort to help these folks -- -- it -- -- many lucrative state and certainly it is Celtics and bank capital for the patent. And and then you -- be getting on accrediting what you should do outreach to your -- been. Offering opinions it's it's been amazing outpouring of Boston in Boston the small town compared account. And every knows everybody. And I think there's no place like Boston and react to crisis like this. From you know passers by and street took -- for -- two people so. There's been amazing you know responsible or which position and that we we we just -- help the folks are affected and and and overcome. I can -- is not a process works Steve your game against the pacers tonight was canceled they won't be made up you're locked into the seven -- they're locked into the three seed. So it doesn't have playoff implications but not out of it worker do you contact the league and say. We don't think we should play and I delete busily contact view what's that process. Other processes is that it's -- those we we we Carolina all matters like this. And you know wicket spoke to the commissioner and rich -- in Spokane that generally look at also the same time I think there with a quick media mindset. Given the magnitude of the crisis and get the security forces needed to respond to it. To distract them with with the game was not because it's saying and and also it was probably time they're going to be with their families. I've given what's happened near Boston so it was with the mutual media remind just to kind of do the right thing. He Pagliuca the Boston Celtics with a -- WEEI. We -- a a request -- maybe it's an idea of the week it brought to you guys while we have you on the phone Steve. That that for fans that don't want -- refund. For the tickets tonight is there -- way maybe they can donated or or does it have to be refunded to them so that they could then donated from there. I think there there's a way which are important to wait for them to donate tests that money to the Boston Celtics shamrock foundation. And we can ring fence that money and when the governor and then there are set -- the appropriate mechanism. As for that to go to the city has victims affected by the disaster. That we can make that happen so that'd be fantastic. If if people you wanna donate -- -- -- money that we can make that happen. And the last thing there was that tweet last night from current grows back. Made reference to. Some members of the Celtics family who were. Who were affected. By the events of yesterday is is everyone okay. Again I think everyone's resting comfortably. You know -- we've we've. We all know people and and certainly there's the Celtics Stanley has been affected by this. And the first responders were great you know it's personal matter for that for that family. But the world you know you're already -- print or could there are part of this -- -- -- community at large. And I hope that all the you know 14050 people were injured well -- -- get better and you know I'm I'm really thankful that at a place like Boston where. He's great hospitals were very close by -- that you that we saw a window rolled into this is there had to be 2530 ambulances lined up at taking people hospital and I think the fact that they got official quickly. You know the police were risking their -- because it enough there's little bomb but it really jumped in. And get people out of the way so I think there were so many Exeter in Austin as mistake. And and you know hopefully everyone can be okay. Steve Pagliuca thanks so much -- taken a few minutes with us we appreciate it. Well thanks for you guys do and and the rally together for the cause and and world who get to brighter days and now time to reflect that and -- their condolences. And helped all the families out there. Well okay thank you so much history you know you can one of the owners of the Boston Celtics and I love the fact that they're working on away for that money -- if you don't want a refund for your ticket to have a donated directly to the shamrock fund foundation and then not forget the word used but basically they would keep that money specifically. Until the right fund is set up and ordered helpless victims or victims' fund whatever. And then send it directly there so it's a great sentiment and I like to know they're working on that. He also brings up some of the logistics they -- the -- was one of the things I'm fascinated about Michael -- relates let's let's grab a quick break we'll talk more about that. And summit just the amazing things that occurred yesterday plus -- -- -- -- policy and the 5 o'clock hour 6177797937. Salt and holly on WE.

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