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Gerry's personal connection to the bombing at the Boston Marathon

Apr 16, 2013|

We all know someone. Gerry shares a personal story about how the Boston Marathon bombing impacted someone close to him and we hear your personal accounts as well.

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People of compared to 9/11 and clearly. You know the current was -- worse than death poll as much higher at 9/11 but doesn't this feel or personal it hits home -- well intimate. You know more personal I mean. Lots of people know somebody and and I do -- baucus yesterday I was home when I get a call from my best friend. Bobby from children and he's frantically trying to find what where his nephew is his nephew. Was it that at the finish line waivers girlfriend she was running is that is reform was running he was watching witnessed her cheer on. And they see him on the Drudge Report though they see a picture. No there's. His twenty million people a day looking at the Drudge Report and the areas being wheeled off the wheelchair and fifteen photos. It is among the most gruesome if you're losing the unedited -- photo is on the it will be seared into your mind you memory forever is a good guy helping him as has the cowboy -- guy doesn't know as the -- -- and he may have saved his life because. It is real. Life threatening injuries. He was rushed to the hospital in the couldn't find out which hospital his his sister might mean it's. His mother my friend. Couldn't find out where he was in I was trying to find out who whatever connections I had on people I knew and if on the fundamental Boston medical center's named Jeff Bowman and we wish him well he's alive but he is seriously wounded. And he just was that a much girlfriend was there with another friend -- is hard work and 27 year old -- channel for just watch his girlfriends of. -- to say they've been scouring the Internet and looking at the photographs from yesterday it's the one that appears in two different forms one edited this where you can't see anything below his knees. And one that's not edited that is just. Makes Kevin where look like he'll hang nail right -- Kevin wears just look back to -- death sprained ankle that's always disturbing. A look at put its -- looked at five or six times and I hope everyone looks it's like the images of the 9/11. You know and we can't show home enough. This is the damage this these people that is whoever has done some people say you know these people don't care do with it OK I know they care to get off. But -- like daylight readable families like this in about a boat and -- about carnage and -- -- this is what they want they went this is what they wanted. I didn't go for that 9/11 we talked a Boomer Esiason who bunch of Cameron talked to lots of people who knew knew people who love from around here and you know it came from here and it. Most homes are on here were -- but when you got a friend -- frantically looking for his nephew nephew and and -- can't -- areas in camp on condition he's in and sees that on Drudge that photo on drugs saying we're the hell is that they found him that's the good news too bad news's. The loss of like a two X. Occupants in Bristol -- Well when I saw that picture. I thought the guys can't -- that I realized. But he likes and it and yet it is forever that's and it should it should be reminded that I know. I know you guys that must be emotionally exhausting. Repeatedly talk about these things to relive them and I thank you I appreciate that you get on the -- Right now -- Ellis second given Terry -- check up at top -- is -- I think Bobby is looking for the man who helped his nephew. And there are some information about it for the Tex gets away from us well body was looking for that guy rip the cowboy hats and tells his nephew. There's an idea aka us -- -- And that I was interviewed he get a pretty emotional story that look he lost. On the war on. I don't know arm I have -- reports -- -- -- -- I don't believe it was you want person. On the PC guy with a backpack wouldn't backpack in the trash on that's strange enough. What if you hit it or devices I want part of big guy Carrie to report back axed but -- pack. You couldn't have it could afford devices in one -- you know what though Kevin lots of people have more than one backpack there runners who have the pick stuff up at the finish line of people with kids in their hold their backpacks. Well I don't think that's all that and -- might have been a duffel bag right it would look not look unusual. Now armed. My my greater point -- this hey aren't you watched all night that you wake up in the morning. Accurate and got attacked like this we think the world just festering cesspool. Of evil. You watched footage not just the -- crush -- -- but stranger stranger -- a stranger in -- that's what I think like a modern day American patriot see this. Are the little bit of solace but there's a little good missed. You know and that you know. Not just not an American but it shoots. It's human helping other human pin and you know. -- bash sometimes. Are strongest when when that bill and expect to crumble. My my heart -- the prize wipes all those strangers carrying people know that they don't know and the relaxed. But -- currency. -- -- Bright -- Carlos the cowboy in the -- right now my friend you have -- even know -- Holden is when call for Emeril or ephemeral -- -- his trying to save -- and maybe it's and -- what your point your -- a good one on mornings like this and on days like yesterday is very easy to make his blanket announcement that as what an evil nasty. Accessible to use your word. World we live in when in point of fact these are the out liars these of the sick people these are clearly. The exception to the rule began the program saying the juxtaposition. Of of the cooperation and the help the thousands of people were giving thousands of other people yesterday to get them from Boston Hopkinton -- in the Boston. And the volunteers in the Wellesley girls in the -- the water station people on the medical all those kinds of people that the BA officials these are all great people try to do great things on a wonderful wonderful day. By far outnumbering the -- or maggots who did this it's very easy when something this dramatic this traumatic happens is to pronounce our world. You know just just lost to hell and back -- in point of fact it's not there are just some evil people cancer it -- the end of the mega grapple. Great point Kevin and am in news -- watch the video again and see these people going into the smoke and then not just cops right. They're volunteers who got a friend Jack and a windbreaker that's what they get for for that time and and and click on this Kevin is a second explosion after twelve seconds right. Clearly it's a terrorist clearly. -- -- intentional act by some evil bastard right and they are still Raanan. And there's reports. Literally within minutes of more device and cautious on the -- right cops saying get out these people -- and no there's a guy lust is I got to help here. They easily could I wouldn't emblem for turn and run and it just ball appears skyrocket and pay that. Parents aren't there to help people would be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Arnold like together and the people about the children of a -- people that are out there watching this news coverage expect that it crumble people get stronger. It's the we come together and don't -- seat that they can't we just get better. Well lately and bruises that you've got to be particularly badly -- and all fairness I can win this one this day is Carlos generally under yeah his son died in Iraq in 2004 -- action to Dave learned of his son's death he locked himself in the van with five gallons of gasoline. In appropriate fortunes of the van on fire he survived a member of that became a peace activists is another summit is later committed suicide a couple years later he was here. Yesterday buddy of his sons. Was running the marathons who -- out here trying to help and Agassi just goes round does slow that's account the cowboy yeah OT -- it was a no maybe I'll find -- more degrees of difference. -- rise in global -- good morning. Yeah I would always great great coverage for paternity. But cup opened Jerry. First what you said about what what. They -- right can you imagine in and I agree I agree that he my my -- my now wife and I met -- -- -- We've been down there like everybody out hundreds of times he's -- go to the we talked and like everybody -- flock over to the marathon like he's -- -- -- indicated. What we had our first -- we actually brought her in inner scroll up. I knelt down the street from back -- at a bar and it was just tremendous people phenomenal. Just stood there on the sidewalk at drinks that come of the run it a lot Brad. And yet today we wanted to -- of those though it. Are all gone and then secondly. You guys can put -- in better terms but I have this sinking feeling in my -- -- I don't know why did make it different by that this is nothing more from whack job. What -- his own axe to grind and a bunch of iphones in just got the mop. Like an animal land and direct job like Jared -- -- Our job. I think it no I don't know about anatomy and as much yet. Guess sum total introvert black oh. You know if it can debate. I don't know -- would be an atom lands a wag your -- It you know Adam went through -- you know that he was bullied and and had a history I think this is more about. I'm Boehner thinking feeling yeah definitely -- somebody who. Hit the -- in in the dark basement. Not necessarily. Believe that felt it was a conspiracy against them. I feel like whoever did that just wanted to do it. We'll also this Brian the -- New York City bomb expert who was on last night all -- said it was a pipe bomb. It wasn't some high grade military -- four it was a commercially available explosive ammonium nitrate mixed with I guess damsel in whatever else. But he said as far as he's concerned -- these were pipe bombs these were. My pins and yard I don't know why it makes it different because if it's all the same people died for no reason right. But that think that someone did that. But nothing more I -- appealing to look at Oakmont they get it for nothing more. -- to say I'm gonna do that no ax to grind nothing more than we put that I aren't together and really shocked. The type that he of the entire nation with it just. At the shark. We'll look at -- like that and it's not an ingenious is known known criminal plot then we'll know -- shortly they will catch him shortly. Which we all would make us all breathe a little easier.

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