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The guys react to the latest news of the Marathon bombing

Apr 16, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk opened the show reacting to the horror that took place at the Boston marathon. Gerry commented on how he never thought it would be a target. They also told the story of the tragic loss of an 8 year old in the blast.

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We don't yet have all the answers. You know that multiple people have been wounded and some gravely in explosions of the Boston merit. Beyond it started. Shuffling that's because after running. Comment to get out of the way can we didn't know what was going on people were running away with the Boston Police word we're charging towards both both explosion site. Any responsible individuals. Any responsible groups are. We'll reveal the full weight. Of justice in this beautiful day flew up there and is second in a heartbeat and and to see what we see today. It just makes me so angry I'm angry. Doesn't wanna say that there have been a number of stories I've heard this afternoon. An extraordinary kindness shown through and we so appreciate those kind messages and thank you. Four and I'm supremely confident that Bostonians were pulled together and take care of each other and -- Wanted tough city and has been. More often enough you begin our program with -- good morning and I'm not sure good morning applies here on April 16 so I will suffice to say hello. And I suppose more than anything else on this day it was sold many questions remain unanswered. We do have to really rather large ones already answered for us. And those answers would be. Patriots day 2013. And the finish line of the Boston Marathon. And of course that renders the questions to be when -- this country next to get hit and where will that take place now we've heard. Countless. Eyewitnesses described explosion and the shock and the smoke and the pain and the shrapnel. I think it's almost time to turn the page on that try to put this into some sort of context today and that's we're going to attempt to do with your help in the next four hours. And for -- and jury and I haven't talked about this and -- -- talked about it but is -- taken we're gonna go around the table and talked he was well. What is so ironic about this what -- so surreal about the US and in fact way in my estimation is so perverse about this. Is the juxtaposition. Of the spirit of this date in this town. With what happened yesterday. And basically it's speaking it is a celebration of spring is a celebration of our revolution as a celebration of a Boston renewing itself. And that generally takes the form a thousands and thousands of people. Helping thousands and thousands of other people. You have the BA officials you have the volunteers. The bus drivers of the water station people you have the young ladies at Wellesley College you help all of that. The first aid station. All helping thousands and thousands of people do something positive and then in the middle of all that help and cooperation. Some element of evil decides. To choose. Carefully choose very carefully choose the time and the place to hurt and devastate and kill and and and destroy as many lives as. I'm not sure why. I never thought this was possible I never crossed my mind and -- and a lot of big sporting moments as you guys have. There's an undercurrent of tension -- most of us. As I wrote this morning you think of going to supervise and you can Frist and again in there warning and you get the vehicles in ripping out in the metal detectors at the entrances same thing it -- an -- indeed a Kentucky Derby. And and big you know World Series games and -- always taken you and I've talked about as many many times why would enable Obama to super bull in this -- in New Orleans right. Urban street yes I mean it would inflict massive damage. That never crossed my mind at the Boston Marathon and as a road have been the starting line the finish line in and many points in between to go to to Wellesley with my family. In the idea that this would be a good -- time place to strike never crossed my mind. I'm not sure why. Don't want to write this I think it is because I think even go to international event in it is a gigantic event that brings people from all of the world to this to this city. Doesn't feel like our little event our little parochial idea felt that even -- -- gigantic and -- insulated it felt innocent it felt safe it really did -- mean. About how easy would be and you Ron Kirk I mean you can't protect the marathon it's 26 miles right I mean there's only so much you can do. Did it ever feel when you walked around even at the finish at even the finish line at peak time. Like this is you know this place is not safe. It felt so I was intimate it was you know you'd you'd be weighed -- -- mile sixteen -- why are you -- water -- people for five hours -- -- grown stuff he'd be talking to cross in the street back and forth that we know what else what -- -- friendly. Family -- it was a block party rose right friendly family event and -- -- can't say about patriots games. Hello patriots games you can't say that about Red Sox games at night in the bleachers when the play the Yankees. You're here and you know -- and the year and you know maybe occasionally seen -- -- and some UC fights right. Ever seen a -- at the marathon know. I mean you don't feel it is no tension is no anxiety it's really. Care free happy family day to me the thing that it's on the artist then and we'll get that you details. -- the kids I mean. There is there was not one parent to took these kids and we know about the eight year old boy. Who lost his life a bunch of kids toddlers were injured badly injured. Think any parent who took the kid yesterday caused spot twice. Mean do you think any amendment would they have thought twice of that -- football game. Or or going to the Red Sox Yankee game you but it would sure they were set to bring an eight year old and a ten year old I have to watch -- of be careful and we have to. To protect him. You probably think twice take -- -- crowded subway car and rush hour yeah before you think about the Boston Marathon finish at first tonight now a crime -- think about that this iconic yellow stripe across the road -- they leave on their and eventually over the targets faded out. By traffic over the iconic yellow stripe is now. -- crime -- on the the finish line tape came down. And two hours later the crime scene -- -- -- the -- I mean it's just I I don't I guess. It should have occurred to us I guess it should have occurred to me out winnable will try to talk to a friend Dave McGill -- and we'll talk to lots of people involved here. I won at home and even thought. Boy this isn't really secure. You know we're probably okay it's the Boston Marathon -- not Times Square. On on New Year's Eve -- probably OK. You know. I just heard one expert terrorism expert from New York say somebody screwed up an obsession -- to -- Robertson. It never should have been garbage cans and we -- the finish line you've never crossed the mind. Mean maybe. Maybe it never crossed my mind do you can't have garbage cans. Along the route out of Boston Marathon -- -- not know what are done is that the amidst all this almost think you guys just said and I just said. Innocent insulated safe. Out the window it's over the whole race leagues from Arlington all the way in in the Boston gates gets ready for a whole different marathon is I wrote this morning that -- gone the marathon we knew America and I grew up with that you ran. That you covered a thousand times. It's over not the same New York in 2001 when he ran a marathon that year from then on and it's never been the same it's not going to be -- Here -- campy and I'll say this I never suspected that the Boston Marathon would be threatened not that's specifically but I will say this and I take no credit -- I consider myself -- for saying. I'm surprised it has taken what is an eleven and half years eleven and a half years for this to happen and you and I've talked about this a number of times -- And that is how easy would it be how much planning would it take. Not to commandeer some aircraft and fly into the Pentagon try to fly it into the world trade towers world trade -- But to take a backpack and walk onto a subway car at 430 in the afternoon or -- at 888 perfect spot and I used that term weight too loosely. Burma street Saturday night before the Super Bowl in the Super Bowl isn't -- it is you embody the ball there and and and these represent. The ultimate soft. Targets maximum crowds complete full access for anybody who wants to be there. And this is what I find a little bit laughable and not trying to be smug about this but I just kind of kind of shake my head when I hear a law enforcement people and the mayor and the governor and and and the police commissioners say. Keep your eyes open for suspicious activity and if you see something say something that's fine and all well and good but do you think whoever planted or whomever. -- maybe it's more than one person. Drop these backpacks in a garbage can set these backpacks wherever they were set. We're likes kind of stalking ground can over their shoulder and and and and you know putting it down and looking suspicious though they look like everybody else in the crowd without the. There had to be 50000. Back yes in that area yesterday. Including backpacks that were on accounted for him -- the Finnish striker is the blogs that's the runners -- is there. Actually not which is why the garbage can't thing is. Ridiculous do you think he really needed a garbage can. You don't think he could just drop that in you know under his table side of the street you've been trying to hit it in the sidewalk -- against the side of the people everywhere you know stuff everywhere everyone's got a backpack just put it near someone next to someone put it just without leave on top of a vote of -- would have room. Fire hydrant or something and don't matter with a garbage can you think if they removed the covers Kansas got some. They go Atlanta's voice echoes my plan has -- or -- but it does it honestly I think of myself somewhat cynical paranoid and all. I I never thought. Was as a possible target I should've I guess we all should have it it it's. You know it's patriots -- it's an international event it's huge event it's not well. Really secure here's can't really secure in the they get them the mild to get out of that we see right here and now is he is unfathomable there. You read the stories and already people celebrating this the people who hate America majority enjoying this. -- this attack and will find out I mean like I hope I hope we find out open it's not a deal like here. You know Atlanta at the Olympic always -- Anderson I will be Austin we only if you -- told me if you said let's sit around here and just. I haven't -- -- list all the places that are possible targets are sporting event and exporting and it'll be next our country we done this week ago I didn't decide it for two hours and never come up I agree I agree -- that we never would have said -- says all the time you know what isn't some epic backpack in Times Square. This guy could have I -- gone at Times Square in new easy and he could -- -- Bourbon Street you know before whatever the Super Bowl. He could've gone to Kentucky Derby of the Indy 500 in the number of big -- Academy Award yes and struck America. He chose this place may be because it's Boston maybe I don't maybe the revolution the revolution -- may be -- some maybe Israel Independence Day there's a lot of questions. And the lot of people investigating and I hope we get their answers in a pig and soon America and jump to conclusions her the president pulls not a typical usual reluctant to commit to that -- to. Say this Jon Miller from CBS continues to a two to say that they are questioning a foreign national he unlike the post did not say Saudi Arabia. Before national burns on his hands at Brigham and women's. Now the police commissioner says there's -- suspect we're talking to people over there but John Miller who I would say it would be is connected in the something like this as a former. Associate director of the FBI guess I'm pretty sure his sources are. Not bad. He's superb and I heard just a minute illicit he knows some yes he does and and maybe incident and we know there. Searching house and Revere apartment building. You know we know the city is in lockdown you can even get -- I don't even know. If you work in the city what you do today it should stay home fortunately -- no school you can get off star drive into the city bright if that's the way common and that the exits of -- are blocked our. Shut down. Come in and book did you feel like. Analysts say crude hit that -- to crude -- like command and make him feel better it's a homemade volatile whatever you do feel like. It's not exactly the moon. The perfect -- It wasn't commercially available explosives according to all the paper -- -- -- -- it was the nitrates stuff yeah fertilizer stuff as what we suspect it was. And I will service whether it was crude or not it was designed to do maximum damage with maximum exposure this guy wanted us to see. The the fruits of his labor his handiwork. -- operation here I mean think about where he this. Hundreds and hundreds of media members. Dozens and dozens of cameras live shots live television shots helicopter shots he wanted this to be seen my dilemma is how huge was. We barely. Out of -- a little security camera saw the plane hit into the Pentagon barely saw that. We almost didn't see it fly into the into the Twin Towers we can obviously see Shanksville this guy won this thing to be. Are you in the living technicolor for all of us to see with all -- -- Any succeeded and he said he -- video we're seeing in the video friend Steve Silva. From Boston old -- to join us shortly the -- who he took from the front line will be seen for the rest of our lives. This -- will be marked it's not is popular before fifteen and -- -- -- for fifteen will not -- is. Burned in our minds is 9/11. The patriots to every patriots and patriots day right now you think paid Tuesday used to just think. Early Red Sox game. You know. Marathon -- holiday pale and kind of the Julia Valentine I was like -- I respect that that is all over -- days -- the day the the innocence and it ended the marathon and I think we'll see that video for over. There were a there's a lot of questions will last them but. Why did he wait why didn't you do -- in -- the winners were finishing why didn't he do what the and I heard and other experts say. He screwed up the explosion was supposed to come out it went up most post become a cross the finish line. And is what got runners -- runners and wipe out everybody at the finish line and probably well about the people in the VIP section crossed at three point and and -- -- you tell you get out of town famines -- sit up there waiting for some of their runners -- runners were you know very emotional. That there was we believe. Reports say it was a non explosive device under the -- imagine that under the stands in the stands as we talked yesterday as I wrote about today -- as full when the bomb went off and went right export. When the two bombs went off its couple hours after peak time a lot of media -- gone. A lot of the fans agree on the -- -- dvi -- have left the VIPs have left right. I daresay had that bomb gone off underneath the VIP bleachers we wouldn't whole bunch of names that were injured good -- killed today -- we might not recognize when reading a list of I guess the total is three dead 144. Injured. Seventeen critical point five serious eight children and at least ten. Amputations which flies in the face -- a state troopers and we'll get to that in just a bit we're gonna take a break is gonna talk with them. Our Steve silver from boston.com who shot this footage. Com yesterday at the finish line but I will say this before we go to break I I I have never felt more sorry for anybody in my life. But I feel for a man named bill Richard and -- yes. I can't even imagine he's the father of the eight year old and the damage was even worse than you can imagine if you don't know the story he lost his son. His daughter lost her leg and his wife is gravely wounded. W column for the Boston Globe. -- some firefighter friends yesterday and he said the eight year old whose name was Martin Richard. I've gone out to hug his father after he crossed the finish line. The dad walked on the boy went back to the sidewalk to join his mom and his little sister and that's when the bomb went off. The boy was killed his six sisters leg was blown off and his mother was badly injured. And bill Richard haven't completed the Boston Marathon and got a hug from his son probably one of the highlights of his life capsule does this life and in -- instant. Dog he had I'd like to think about it to be that the highest high. Finishing the marathon which had to be -- gold in -- big like -- the bucket list that I. There's your eight year old which according my guess would be delivered as a five minute swing for the -- making a final turn his stake and there's my son hugs and he endorphins you cannot be more street giving more good morning great moments of his life and now his life. The -- shattered shattered Steve Silva boston.com who shot the footage will join us in ninety seconds phone calls as well we're gonna spend this day you're going back and forth with you wanna -- lines. I would Steve Silva the photographer from boston.com next.

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