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Marathon Monday grips the Hub

Apr 15, 2013|

The guys discuss the marathon and note just how crazy one must be to attempt to run 26.2 miles. They then poked fun at the shows resident marathoner, Kirk Minihane.

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Archer phone calls in just a second now mr. minute hand. Yeah as a marathon runner burst ball like watching golf should be the masters because you play golf and there's some sort of read write the -- into the game yet and that's part of the right. So would it follow that as a guy trading for a marathon and running your ass off every single day 10121516. Miles. You sit down and watch wire to wire covered the Boston Marathon. Nobel play this. I'll watch the last seven or eight miles of the guys that's close how and that's pretty on the launch of its a close race -- ridiculous and minute that's it. Two or three guys that are flying into it yet about the women. You've it's close yeah up -- wheelchairs. What do you I -- the women don't like fast the men's souls I disagree at night when I had to cover a few times I'd like going and so as a told -- more clock. Right and watch the grandmothers plotter staggering hustle on the go grandchildren runner fair you want to take you wants to do today to get them. The Kenyans the Ethiopians in the in the you know great marathons. Go later when the stands are acting and this team go sit in the stands at the finish line to the chubby and it's the coolest thing in the world -- chubby people think I would you know prosthetic leg right rob Bradford young old kid all I could see maybe Bradford and you know appropriate to stay asleep and venture. Etc. you know people. And you know it's only map on the liberal yeah. And oftentimes it's for a good cause for charity and -- are just just barely get them all right and then people on mountain and it just and tears just a very emotional closure mine run so much right. All you definitely what you -- our steam pot or afraid of potholes are just part of it or strike I don't -- -- on the podium wanna step on it I hit the wall once now is a smaller -- in California and I hit it. Hard 500 miles an hour and went you sorted by wife for handing me some water something in the mile twelve I ducked into I think we were gone for vote. Four miles on four miles back to comfortable in ninety degrees. I lost in the Warren wasn't on the line down -- back to looking around if I got back and that's what happening you. That was it comes time this was Holland America you he I was the one time apart with the buckets files ledger could well. I like to read about these guys I don't -- I can't comprehend what they do go and read about the -- NASA since god jerk and all the guys who -- Garcia and the guys and born to run the barefoot and the guy runs ultra marathon running barefoot -- runs a hundred miles barefoot I mean. They're just all insane and I'm trying to figure what makes -- -- and they are generally known on their minds but. I just assumed that they you know lose their minds you know and and you know enjoy relish it. Them in on the candidates and he's sort of do you bring you your hurt like that it's kinda you sort of get off on you know I mean that's why they do they in the black water that -- -- race is -- -- what area that -- 130 miles off through Death Valley. They wish spacesuits. -- and so you know and then in that. Generally fall down they -- -- and and doctors coming in the heart rate is Bob. Mean they train and solace in I go Osama and Iran for for hours -- -- since the beginning -- the introduction Scott -- book as it is in black law. Bad water. Doesn't know where he is thinks he's gonna die and he's -- nice in the trailer in the camper and his friend mark since as you see cat. An entity and he's he's got like sixty miles ago and he gets opening and he keeps going it's still out as oppressive as Brett. Running that is I thought I witnessed that I went through our parochial Bradford I've heard sounds I've never heard before comfortably. Shot. But -- South Africa obviously. Well race being run on the streets isn't the only marathon Intel that they are shows kicking off fifteen hours of live programming on nests and coming up at 930 pregame coverage of the Sox rays game. Begins live from -- -- so in -- to stay with -- past 9 o'clock down at 930 then later tonight -- -- -- garden. But the Bruins senators game beginning at 6 o'clock. Two teams one -- what network it's all today on us.

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