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Doc Rivers postgame press conference

Apr 13, 2013|

Doc Rivers postgame press conference

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-- It won't just do it I just thought. We've got a lot of rhythm a lot of good work and and you know we really want to establish Kevin just give him some post rhythm I thought. Last week -- two weeks really got out of that and get him back into that most guys. So involved it's just be aggressive with that group so it's a lot of good things that Pressly was terrific. Turn. There was good especially you know guys like -- -- and you know it instrument. And Jordan as the cornea so. This is important for him to get a good read. Office and sort of slides. It doesn't mean it's news. You know now we know so. That's about it this Nolan. You know preparing anyway so it's just we just continue to prepare. You know. For the playoffs with two games left in mountain Wilson -- is now. Does it. We'll we'll play a little bit I don't think bill -- openness you know. But more focused on what we need to run. Like urgent electorate and along. You know and the key for us to these days. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't screw it -- mr. whichever of those great we give -- a ton of -- over the last three weeks. We give them all rest. You know jet did play tonight. Will that play the the next day most likely. They've played Toronto so our veteran guys got the -- arrests are young guys here -- didn't a lot of playing time to get them. Going for the whales weren't in pursuit of self portrait -- yeah it's. Yeah you know listen that's submit obviously you know you have guys -- guys -- shots. This is one up on -- -- different but. To -- I mean that's incorporated. It was just important court. No that's of course this. That the the great ones never do the good news. And that's why that's different that's what this gets to court next week now when I mean. They're breaks -- missed it -- terrific got section -- first best -- player in the game you know and Carmelo. He's a matchup nightmare for everybody. They have great shooting. We're gonna do.

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