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Doc Rivers pregame with Jon Meterparel: We need to keep working on defensive misassignments

Apr 13, 2013|

Doc Rivers pregame with Jon Meterparel: We need to keep working on defensive misassignments

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Welcome back to Lexus Celtics and I'd on job upper -- conversation with a head coach Doc Rivers has brought you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvard pilgrim callous and -- great to see -- you don't. Doing well listen you have to win the very otherwise we're gonna regret the American. And -- -- percentage -- we got it we gotta -- it -- so I understand you know that's aren't he's he could be Wally ripples it I hope so. At last Natalia out of there after the first quarter up by Tim points but I know Europe so the defense the rest of the game why does that. Well you know we we did have a good office last night which which occurred when -- have been a model points. That you get off the floor when you consider Paul and Kevin and -- the floor. You know -- you know they're great Alter its best multi chose can be viewed as a challenge advocate and out there. But I thought a lot of -- were missed assignments. Which Evans and that a lot lately. And that's something we just got to keep working. It inevitable back tonight -- OK. Jeff Green what's his status is for. Is this though. That's good news I agree one offered 45 last night that that type of -- to burst this year what is yet to keep you know just an aggressive you know like -- just look at the -- look at him going to outline and you know if you see him driving to the basket he's probably have a good -- Orlando. Challenges they present playing for pride at the moment it's been such to support you John. You know I don't know if it has been disappointing. In the fact that that you would they were in through this year the reason why it and you know -- your -- You know they play hard it's cute I think there are extremely well coached they're really do watch them. Out of timeouts so you just gotta have -- -- focused. A lot of good team this year. And just get a good folk which -- put -- incredible political money. 53 rebounds in his last three games -- -- Soviet. Well I haven't watched it long enough on tape but their retirement do it looks like he just has great it's ago. Maybe one of the reasons that the rebound and the there's a bunch of like that. -- Reggie Evans terms -- RT it is no modify the ball and it looks like that what makes him. Of -- bettors can score a little bit too so digest -- rebounds. Who drew went very well for them as well seems like he's much improved is that the case there is a veteran guard now. You know we've been in the league long enough common -- the the ropes of the the he's -- -- leadership position with a young team. And I think he's taken advantage of doc how significant is his game minorities here you go with three games left but you feel like you need this -- -- -- we needed Leo you know so. Don't I don't overplay it. I think you know -- well you know we when the game is great we should Wednesday. Have removed the game will be disappointed because it was a lost opportunity. And then all of a sudden we are put on the Miami's stuff in place but. Arctic that they just got to play I don't if you'd -- just -- overdue day I think one game as one day. Now in terms of playoff success though what's your formula for success there. Well we just have to be ready coveted. You know we have a couple days which supplies are -- player on Saturday. If we get things -- bureau that's my guess I don't know that. And so you know we have to go from today really until Saturday to get ready for playoff there. But finally the masters going as we speak -- Tiger Woods play well legitimate your take on the situation in the incredible. Story that developed there at the end of the day there are well you know first loss I would padlock you know. He was probably. A subtle way from take the lead and in its assessed so it's pretty triple bogey. Which is just amazing. They are doing what about a rules I was really disappointed and how quickly people want to jump forms you know tigers. Like in -- and it's it's amazing how quickly people wanted to format. The first wanna do is you know. It a mile disqualify him yes it did so when you hear that just with like eighty. Great athlete CoBiz all of which isn't like there's a group that really wanna jump aboard Apollo on and you can see it happen. I'm glad it kind of went -- up a lot of guys backed down from. Now we can watch the masters again which is really speaking -- Good point -- will be out six to nine months with a ruptured Achilles. That is going to be an unbelievable circumstance growing at a they do that. I don't know do. You know they still made the playoffs. But the -- replied -- ornament and that's helpful I've watched it on to -- actually. We got home and that was hard to watch. Right when he went down he kind of had the -- that's what it was you know it it don't like the playoffs I think that we you know our route -- they have home games like. You know so I would be very surprised if they if they -- So nice that it's favorable schedule finally go right back to the masters with the green jacket tomorrow. I don't know. She like tiger mother got Bradley it's -- himself before the very -- -- what subtleties of the public. Really. The two guys Cabrera who accurately -- sleep on the Cabrera is in the right at the top. -- stores your -- went up to it certainly it would Doc Rivers always pleasure thanks to make my Japanese yen appreciate -- Elect tonight pitcher that's the coach Doc Rivers all the to match coming up next on the W guys Celtics radio network.

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