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Doc Rivers postgame press conference

Apr 12, 2013|

Doc Rivers postgame press conference

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-- no I don't think it's bad. Of but I don't know about you know we'll know tomorrow and I don't think that there and actually but I don't know that at all these. Are those little you know obviously in you know I thought to herself beat ourselves he wanted to simplify it. You know the -- doesn't really. After which there's no we score one on. Whatever points and I thought we had overall. Early on we attack and that's I think you have to do against this team. Well we moved the ball best you have to do get sustained. All but as they made a run I thought we stop attacking and and in each guy was trying to make plays and that's what we have to move turnovers and things like that and then just our defense of breakdowns you know. Some was there really good at someone's -- our our deepest respect and over always. Happy with the effort. But you know like a two minute time out it's. And these two things a major effort which authorities in their tremendous but knew it undermines your image of the feet two and that's the barrel just got to keep improving there was a lot of guys that men in this atmosphere and so overall it was pretty -- It's. Greg has ever tried nor do known that I. But I have to surmise. Well back when I think there's this. -- -- -- Despite Houston's situation when we're. Undated I -- OK I'm -- I don't so this erratic and Clinton. Yes but I don't think is that bad. And tomorrow it is -- moment -- but honestly. Don't think it's that. Who that person. Yeah yeah they are I mean I pretty much don't we know that you can always change -- mind. I mean that can happen. And they have a -- and we pretty much know. Well I mean I think I would -- to do all the guys played really well immediate and everyone had good moments you know so. -- look again I think we know. But I'm all for somebody it's about my that would be terrific. And if we did that you know -- is. We did. And I -- Letterman. We didn't do more consistent. We view them through more power. -- point. Literally do. It's tougher for Jason when the other guys -- out there you know we know that common enemy. When he's your game plan which I guarantee you. Are they talk -- budgets -- before the game. It's going to be a tough night Foreman that he's gonna have to make plays for other people which authorities do if you went on your arm and -- -- -- yeah. I really I think you'll be great. Not just sold his -- more power all the -- All of that play the it was a great learning. To a close you know we had a probably give we wanted terrorists to guard who ever brought the ball goes. He was going to be to -- -- out and instead he allowed Jeff to take LeBron now -- can't use the problems of the in the score so. There was more but just teaching our thoughts are we shorted it out -- that is great for us to understand that you have you have probably give. You can just a guy who's gonna prop matchup took a ball. No matter who use and so until it was you know it so you know now he doesn't so now when that happens we know you know that's what it is about -- -- more hours you think he understands and -- Does it does look you know there's -- difference in -- -- wants to go right you know four times and the role of the camera on the left side. And so he had to go left that's that is PowerPoint -- pro players going right. The little things we see that that would do better at the in the -- the peninsula and they play with -- in those of their learning that two. -- -- -- -- -- I really did I thought he attacked early on. Thought they did a good job out there -- a club in and out. And then you know I don't just made plays and we missed shots and the more we miss the more they could clog it up to take away his drives look. I couldn't have been happier with the first half. But -- -- that was children. That judgment was you know pageant in the right guys make shots that we could make -- ball while. -- --

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