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Doc Rivers pregame with Jon Meterparel: We can't make defensive game plan mistakes

Apr 12, 2013|

Doc Rivers pregame with Jon Meterparel: We can't make defensive game plan mistakes

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-- is Celtics tonight continues our conversation with a head coach Doc Rivers has brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvard pilgrim's -- in documenting how you doing. To -- Great to be here with you as always thanks for let me penchant for granted you know we figured you weren't from the Miami that's warm weather. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know what I say when the when the sun's out the guns are. It meant a they're a tough game against the nets on Wednesday night to Jeff Green struggled Avery Bradley struggled with foul trouble where it all go wrong. -- just in the border aggressive you know. It was at this point gain from coaches that you watched. Live and if you worse the watch you know defensively we've made a lot of game plan mistakes which. That in theory it is most coaches and I'm one of and in -- office are -- -- You know those four games against the Mets were amazing the -- warned that you know every day and Brooke with an aggressive three -- -- -- -- wins and so difficult dictated every get frustrated dealing of their own cultural yeah I just think it's very difficult. You know when you get to those -- were the files that see -- did you come -- you pick a third see it coming -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't cure your veteran player young players your rhythm is gone and and that's exactly what happened but it -- but he came right mindset. That's hard they're extremely or early in the it would deter detect and follow through pretty much over. That's -- I would Miami Garnett and pierce who. Both out -- sore ankle issues. For -- where they stand they okay. The other good you know it's some maintenance thing much -- -- returning from in the polls ankle has you know we heard weaker -- and he missed one day. And if of this dubious one -- -- actually likes the missed and so when I brought it up in Germany. Took the -- immediately knew his ankle bothered him more -- you -- on until you got always kind of -- not deploy. Where does Jeff Green go from here -- he's missed 45 shots I believe in his last two games. How does in his off until tomorrow. Our sister series I think disease we're going to go Sylvester. You know he had -- out three strokes you know. You look at Jeff I think you know -- all we're always looking at how he's playing is is this how we rebound. You know which -- just X rated free throw line. That that seems to be security team -- -- be more aggressive write a -- that. Well defensively we just have to. We can't make any -- mistakes we made the oh there was football I think -- would have electrical team now. Because it's one thing mortar team that you want their place is nothing where are you prepared difference in the beach. Prepared for what you're doing I thought we did a lot of that. We don't do that often but we did and it was this. Keep rolling again well documented top team in the east locked up home court throughout the playoffs that it Bausch bat that it -- back to get -- back tonight but it's better than they were last year. -- because they're the other game you know continuity is an amazing thing. You look at you -- one it was great and we came back yet a lot of different guys. And I think that probably would have learned through for a lot of treason definitely Miami date. Pretty much stayed the same in this -- They didn't take away you -- -- -- -- -- guys who were -- contributors to the year before champs the year and I thought. That was a wise move when their -- Four games remaining dark -- happy with where your -- to a triple off the -- happy. I just don't -- team as well as I think you know at this point because of all the changes or moves around the absolute number of boats and bring in new guys. So those guys are gonna have to play you know and so. You know just don't know which -- going to be. Wanted to play though in the and that's the first time I've probably had that in quite a long time. Final leg -- -- ask your masters question you're fourteen years old issued a 73 at Augusta. Un believable performance ever seen anything like that. No that's impressive about what he did today was even more -- you know you can stroke. Penalty stroke access to you here -- so much class now. Chinese it definitely mentally passes this fourteen year old page on the what I was doing. That worked -- a problem for extra cars opponent on the press Apatow. Have you ever shots of these three and yes you know I have about some of the the best round we are a lot about -- route but go ahead analysts wrote in January or or at a -- ordered just. That's not that. About all this doc always a pleasure good luck tonight don't get -- -- That's the coach Doc Rivers Celtics and heat coming up next on the WE guys Celtics radio network.

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