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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 04/12/13

Apr 12, 2013|

Bruins skating like they're in cement shoes... and no Swedes for you!

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Yeah. And an absolute rule I can't believe that's absolutely got gambling games. This is around you are friends. So Susan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK okay whole amount. Here -- high right now you guys Elmo yeah dial 6177793535. -- I had no I don't court. It came down and Mike John you have problems are not just nations. -- -- -- -- In my job who brought you by AT&T WEEI -- available on your iPhone android device brought you by AT&T official wireless provider told the Boston Bruins the most four G coverage. In New England you see this A-Rod story. I don't see there I'm -- you -- that yes this crazy guys trying to paper documents so the story is that if you haven't heard this yet. We knew that Major League Baseball hat that. Attempted to purchase documents from by a Genesis the steroids for the -- the performance enhancing drugs are firm it down in the South Florida. And it's a time there was a belief that one Major League player also purchased clinic documents from a former employees of the they could be destroyed well. As of today the New York Times saying two different people have told them. That it was Alex Ryder of course of course is Alex Rodriguez and knocked it actually got I don't think he cares about. The legacy at this point what he cares about is the money course. There's just he cares about the legacy nor does he -- it is over it's over -- -- don't -- I'm not arguing that he doesn't care about the money obviously does he cares about his legacy to the Joey is. He can't help but care about the legacy it's already and he's doing everything in his power to fix there's nothing is nothing he can do. But look what he admitted. -- that he did it's did some things in -- Lucy goes Sierra any kind of but conveniently but the timeline before the testing system a Major League Baseball. That was written. Doesn't that was ready to Alex Rodriguez to somebody that is obsessed with his own image as a rod is don't tell me evil ever stop caring about us like no lumped in with Sammy Sosa Barry Bonds. Pen name Mark McGwire. Hey love. -- Guys trying to keep that give that contract exactly what the Yankees to. To void his contract when we got any from. It's all these reports really big callers. Stop being -- like welcome to Boston but I did follow bosses who was born if he went to Seattle for forty years. I didn't hear about the Boston hotel where he's brought us that he was born -- -- the welcome to the office I'd -- the. And that we actually born in Boston we have -- -- in Boston's -- -- the -- Wellesley hospital okay. I close enough just yesterday to close enough I guess is it was a Mass. General would have been better my parents and chosen master general yes -- -- sorry blog go Beth Israel. -- -- but it's you know volume very go talk to Seattle that he plays for Seattle to prevent them play for us got a thanks for Seattle. Don't have I didn't know about it absolutely -- my sub segments. It's done although Pedroia might not but good about it for a -- bills and -- his. So that's another appointment to -- a great dust that was a great why did you not hear him. Does a great at all not responding to move from responding to him. He's a fair point. -- you guys I'm getting -- here and you guys block block block block. We've got to get a real job what did you give up you have to do and we've got good drive instead. -- -- -- to -- crap we have brought kids boy doesn't go out baseball football slash. Well don't get no car because both guys go to myself just talk us. Good point why would the world of good talk crazy. Bob does. What's the big deal about taught at the end of the message. I get that NBA you know reminds me of a classic that was his. That was this tribute to a classic line right the woman who consume -- excuse -- -- get -- to have her. We told -- we have an old British version for basically she's mad at her husband watch too -- sports and just bang -- enough. So really you know so many words from -- -- has she ever say it was her husband. Voice for an additional characters to pretty sure he's gone but if it's a lot of credit just ecstatic -- -- husband with the boyfriend that it's a bit more of a cause for concern -- left by -- what she heard that on the areas like you took before. I'm walking alone can't really blame myself but I feel I would -- -- Well I think -- and -- it's just a photo op idea of what a month ago. You Barr McClellan ever called the. And -- that often come from a finally dropped beleaguered -- -- bottom referenced. But curious your I get rid of a black moved from Soviet rebels struck -- voice -- illusion. Think about it very I ended. And -- that they really complain about women they really look awful because there was a got a ruling against Lucic and Horton. And Horton OK just just give them a couple days off let him think about it let him rest and come out there and get somebody. Always -- the mood in the room. CNN I have -- and -- and -- were wounded more than anywhere on your own strong America. OK okay good lord man. And match. Well what does that do you know you have whatever -- it's a mosque but they write it's we should I got no Soderbergh is the only thing I got there -- -- principal about. Swedish meatballs are due to our privacy Swedish the Swedish federation it all comes together. They're talking too much don't talk very my god we're not a lot of talk. Yeah Oklahoma. Bill you can -- very very good -- probably -- good credit don't know. Not this kind of deal where it should know because I didn't know -- -- what he wanted to build the best ball -- -- silver bullets without court. From the moment the -- He would he. And -- -- Now Dominic I was just saying he was artistic so just saying there was a line of people waiting to see him. I have no idea don't even know only he's an RT's I don't even know who won -- woody -- song I'm proud of and you've heard quite a bit of adult -- last couple days I'll probably just don't like the unofficial. -- -- Of the show you know I'm proud of garrido -- the young guy you know I have got himself an education at University of Pennsylvania. Got himself a nice job at Google I was just -- esoteric don't you proud of but he got I'm proud of them for that. For getting an education problem getting a job doing his great great dream to become a rapper I'm glad that he has his education to fall back on. And in about three to world news. Is something sacrilegious about playing good you don't do this bill. They're esoteric -- for you did it. You US really I didn't that's pretty good nor did -- Hey -- get a grade what I saw walking on our Josh Beckett last night out on the ball broke out. But they all wanted but got no foot summit particularly obviously Oregon appeals handed that you lose. Why are my dog Hewitt stores carpet that was that it would send mail then you have bad days. Yeah you had -- saying hello and I -- I didn't wanna know what could go to it's not bad. And after that I had a prayer it's usually you had to be right do I sit at a beer backstage -- got to be a Sam Adams okay that's what was there still managed. Besides we as one beer and that was that I got to do one beard during the show on the air after. Now they feel like they wanted to do something lay's weren't you just got blown out there were they were there were -- they were down. There are not -- dotting every get ready to go back though Dell might notice leave and drive to New York in the more right now I asked. So this would be a good days that we would be calling up Jackie Bradley you hit third season in the minor -- Yeah I did -- get -- we had a whole lot of they would be always guys without is hope but toward what he's batting average three hits and three RBIs. And the message we built him up. That terrible now -- your hair down Jackie Bradley -- there's no need for that we have Darren down -- all on the show. I think there when Ortiz is ready commit to come back and then maybe another five or six days we've built him up to send him down maybe. You've got your courage -- 3.5. Offense couldn't get up and this message Jack and Jackie Bradley. Blood -- junior. All that the very coal -- -- just right on the head on real sports but I won't please the world's books for the royals shortstop stayed. Once again be a cornea -- critical. Okay. Away thanks very. What he's doing here we're feeling okay. About -- -- you never like. -- -- -- -- -- Tour has been way behind you on. You're gonna sing and all. Playing fiance well miss. I guess Sammy is my. In Afghan now. May I can and let me. Okay -- -- and well. Early next anyway fastow has found the. Quote. Hopeful. That my mind out of the jagr paid that. We'll leave that little -- tonight after the bad news they did go to Japan us. -- -- -- -- And the message from. There are two things warrior one Bibby have you seen as yet consumers at -- Production he had actually thought it was kind of good song until. It is our junior years and didn't. Then in his area. -- -- Turn and how about you -- I'm staying away and -- for sure I'll move further and I'm saying. Make your party -- home in my parents' basement are not watching old YouTube videos of president of the united scenario you're out there with them you're out with the bad another one another -- that's what's cool -- really TT -- -- -- -- -- smoke weed. Smoke -- Muslim does Obama do none of them are not anymore now. Most legal in the state. -- brother and the only -- -- don't criminalize helping singular threat and Eddie you gotta get your trouble seriously -- giving you trouble man. Why is weather going to be like that idea I like my dear I like liquor. That's my but my advice the -- -- It would address everybody thought that we. Got everything we can't get arrested every everywhere when people -- that's did you have your dreads when you got pulled over an -- idea already worn out for your arrest -- what are. No probably not all are we need your answer your questions straight to the question jerky text -- 37937. AT&T text line any question that. You got we will try to answer to a next rockaholic WEEI. Just saw enough. -- Sox baseball sports leagues and -- -- only seven. WEEI --

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