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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, Bruins seem fatigued

Apr 12, 2013|

McGuire joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the recent play of the Bruins, the Marchand hit, and the upcoming playoffs.

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Soured you -- Lou not a three point seven WE DI and Starwood loved baseball for the Red Sox last night a tough one for the Bruins they lose to Wanda. And a lot of people talk about a fatigue team third game in four nights a guy who watched them live. And impersonal Wednesday New Jersey Pierre McGuire NBC sports TSA and a lot of other great hockey outlets. Joins us every single Friday. Liven up a hockey conversation Guillermo Lou how are you. Through Wal-Mart sporting group morning Pierre you were there Wednesday. Your impressions of the Bruins team you saw play against the devils get a big lead early and at the sort of fight to hang on their Jersey. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they were good enough to redneck games the big thing that's -- -- mean I think probably most people around the week. Their ability to kill penalties or ability to play with an edge. That required especially when a commercial -- if you play with that agent did take penalties and didn't kill them off. That's huge number I mean obviously the grinch can do that. I know a lot of people probably a little bit should you right now because they. They lossless you know almost beyond -- younger you don't not a lot of pink drink now and -- -- -- -- in four days probably broken down a little bit. I wouldn't worry too much about polemic the birds are going to be just -- Eggs you know -- here Boston we want to meet every night it looks different but when you. In the academy you know they missed opportunity last night bunch of people around the country -- at this team is pretty damn good. Is it just fatigue across the entire league even some of the better teams. Absolutely and there's such a good pour in -- in -- -- being an athlete. There -- certain power and during the season where you hit the wall it's just it's the dog bit indices and the -- walk. And a lot of finger in the war and I mean everybody's trying to model -- -- -- -- general collapse -- You know blog use them as an example. The Washington Capitals were not playing very long arms and they've got on this magnificent run the saint Louis blues really have a cup -- -- Are now they've won five and -- So they're they're mood swings with all these -- -- a big part of it is because of fatigue factor the dark days of the season. If you look at where most teams are right now arrayed around gained forty in the forty inch circle when you're getting 48 and NHL schedule. That cheers here around late January early February. Those are the dog days in the NHL -- actually are right now a lot of these games. Is every look at some of these teams you mentioned right through the arms were playing -- Washington playing lately and you go look at guys at Vancouver and and San Jose even as their reason why these teams are getting their second wins -- -- fall those teams as much as. Other injuries guys coming back magazines like those guys this legacies -- whatever is fatiguing. There on top of their games. Well -- really good on all wage they're not Bergen and -- number one issue though Lakshmanan -- but if you go look at their home record virtually their road record there aren't a -- homestand they wanted to gauge what they get out -- them or their outlook and a lot of games. Such as warm and situation we're back. What team in particular. Should -- is on a little because what happened a trade deadline -- achievable mission they headed toward me at all. If factory street shut out in Detroit. In natural and not played in Minnesota the defense just told changed air lashed here's what -- came. Member LA -- feet. They -- won't be -- late game this year. But it will be one of them actually can complain about and they'll probably went in the first round and probably go to Russia proper trial that the directive barring injury. -- Vancouver. They're getting it from -- -- -- and they got my Kesler back so there are a lot of different things happen with certain -- Some rich history returned some of it's willing to play some of that because of the trade deadline we'll. -- hit on the end of the year because you mention the kings I want to go their next their last fourteen games a year ago appeared to get -- that eight C nine to win 392 and three in their final fourteen they got hot. How much how important. Is that great team knew playing you out really well there it's 81 and won their final ten or seven and three how much stock do you put playing well going into the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It's not so much but the record much more about how your clients and sometimes you're gonna play -- games such -- a reality approach -- But I it's how you're playing partners such -- Scrooge apparently killed an artificial. Life. What your ability to come from behind in your goaltending solid all the things need to be factored it. The -- kinda went through -- warning that burden on anyone and very true. When the cup we're playing really well we did win our games. But our -- -- would probably Brussels -- sought. Our -- countries really good we -- -- acquisitions have been deadlocked in -- of beating him so well either party fractional shares and grandparent born here. There actually edit shelters rhetoric -- -- Kenny Greg. So we had a new players that really are debated in the booking well. And then we're playing at an optimal level we won't win at all were playing -- a possible model much predictable flaunting it. The plan cover our level -- Pier one S -- Doug Hamilton because -- we rave about this -- early on and then there was a limited minutes and that fatigue. Then he's a healthy scratch is this more than just the fatigue is the bottom line if you look at at least make some mistakes in finding out his first year NHL is and is easy. I was in nineteen year old inmate told the station actually watched as the other -- -- may continue mysteries against New Jersey turned the puck over a little bit and I think probably more than anything else should give a little bit of rest get ready for the play out. -- wanted to -- injuries -- and then a lot of people are talking about a Bristol about. To treat bird on the show and others she won or lost efficient personally -- a great big -- that pain. I've played -- up a lot of that you very robust are deployed deputy clear to preach all it has triggered ensure durable lead to potential physically topic and try to. So you don't have an environment more -- Seidenberg that I have more miniature sharks that are more -- ferret out more minutes. -- -- open and as a young guy like Campbell it has. Sometimes as you go along again into the dark days of the season -- supplement makers like are you break. We'll back to Wednesday since he -- live the ball take off in a marsh -- we also yesterday five games easy. Came back with 40 look it's it's a little bit light but what do you think about that hit and where you surprised he got for us in a five games the year. -- I was surprised it wasn't more than four of the option that I should during the broadcast particularly the suspension. As an ideal short so we didn't have to decipher that ought to realize people and they either the moment this -- suspension won't like. On what I do think and I and I fear an important their for the press trust -- you're sort of people who are the bruised and retaliated electoral checkup. I can tell you are very -- that Brian mocked the linesman did a phenomenal job in terms of preserving the integrity back in let's say by scoring vulture a couple of off the right. He put his body between the Bruins -- checkup at least it is a -- the right. There's no way either immediately get -- that's a Smart largely regarded understandable. To get the player update now. In -- time I think you'll have to -- approach what he did that. Brad marsh and brought I hated the pit bull like -- it's never like those sit. Rick you know I didn't like the Randy -- Patrice Bergeron thing to go either he's just elect to see those things it's not that necessary it really is not. You lost both of those guys and we've wasted a ton of time talking about Karl Soderbergh. Can you help me out here with what happened is it just his -- say nope not sin and not allowing. I don't know all the stipulations of this contract so either I'm speaking from being -- on that led by you understand -- -- soccer federation has involved. Yeah they're the ones blocking it looked at he end they had the deal the team was OK let it -- -- paying right that they got the exit Leo yeah it's it's the league that is apparently quite -- reports the league's Swedish elite league seine notre you're not leave and Carl. Because from what I -- you have kept on you know on the jump -- -- -- -- -- yesterday -- long -- in a good game last night but. What I understand industries such hockey federation has put their hands up saying no you can't leave because remember that. We're we're hockey championship turned Helsinki Stockholm this year. So I think they wanna try to keep that where to place for the band at the world champion children. I know north Americans don't care about it it is a huge thing over in Europe that basically the celebration. Of the start of summer. For a lot of these people that live in these countries -- start 22 point three hour today during the winter. The world hockey championship these huge celebration drew a lot of these countries. Well does the NHL have any sort of a way to use leverage you mean is there. I thought the relationship will be okay between the Swedish federation of hockey in the NHL year. There is but again I don't know the ruling of -- contract you gave you guys have talked to Cam -- you have to doctors are actually here Peter surely I don't know what contractors. Contract it has little children. He might not an -- augment I have no idea that spectrum be one of the recent large problem. We'll take a look at about the bottom half but Eastern Conference at the the Bruins and it could be two of the could be for it and populace at what Toronto is a good matchup we've seen them play them over the last couple of years. I think thought it was kind of scrappy that a lot of injuries on lecture where they stand on guys coming back we -- way the -- there's a plane and the Rangers. Have the names. May be they've treated I have no idea. Give me the better Republican you break those bottom 4 teams in the Eastern Conference. Bill really difficult to -- with the Rangers like -- improved significantly since -- made the trade deadline acquisition from Columbus and dirt start is really helped guitar player Ryan quote got a real good job governor -- -- physical for them. Our job more to -- Ministry's department Herschel Brian McDonough and -- yet that Derek Dorsett to the lineup and he's a tremendous impact energy type player. So -- beat the Rangers actually got better and they're playing a lot better since it made those -- Which channel they were Columbus shuttle and about the Rangers. In New York around her -- here and up thirteen. I wouldn't fire the -- it wouldn't be afraid about playing them up Welch. I just don't think -- -- -- overall I'm not overall depth to play against Boston during Chalabi that can try to pick a team. That's between my Laporte. Where they send you this weekend here they got to work on Sunday Lewis who are in the ago. It's in Lewiston cardinal. The other cardinal played errant shatter at Warwick and country -- -- gonna try to sneak in north and -- We'll get back to Red Sox game and we care for -- Red Sox not this week. -- where -- I -- -- -- can -- the federal you know what buddy Kenny Albert gonna work being the streak I think after the mosque in the and I. As the series fox has some games yeah. There should Kenny Kirk American rhetoric -- currently. Going to be -- great stuff is always playoffs just a week or so away we'll talk to next Friday. You guys draw a picture of Rihanna have a great week -- you Pierre McGuire joins us every. Single Friday at this time gives us. A good take from around the hockey world and even he wants an old Els Colin -- -- Juan -- joins us he's brought you by the city of Boston credit union. I'm 92 break LB limit buyers Barbara will join instance you don't get his take on the bruins' effort last night as they felt 212 red hot islanders team and it. Your phone calls they hired. Is it something more had they lost their edge LB in studio next.

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