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John Farrell postgame press conference

Apr 11, 2013|

John Farrell spoke to the media after the Red Sox lost to the Orioles for the 2nd straight game, by a score of 3-2.

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-- year old obviously trying to match up there in the seventh and -- -- difficult -- -- first batters this year it -- series career average. How hard is that when your. Your type situation. Obviously you back. Yeah that's -- life a situational lefthander. You know he's he's pressed into action right away. Where we were in that lineup. You know didn't wanna get into a situation with the bases loaded potentially would Davis coming up to -- away so. As affective and consistent as coaches been. We made the move there and unfortunately didn't work out. Your thoughts on offense at that and I give us five -- things to work. You know eighty pitches 8085 it was the kind of have the range that we've. Target for him tonight but given. His first start of the year kept the game and -- controller but he managed the lineup well. With the exception the sole run on the 30 pitch by Davis but he worked his way around more for a moment. And Ko over Jones. Very good player. Obviously the RBI single up the middle to tie the game and as the double to put them ahead. Twice and that's real for them. You know it was a split that didn't quite have the normal depth first pitch he throws made it jump all over -- -- pitch up in the strike zone. It's obviously very people don't know. One of. The things Miller excelled at so much -- -- getting that first batter out. With three of the four reaching -- is that a concern considering where your other left handers are right now. Well The Who were weren't the first ten games of the season so you know America rush to judgment. Certainly you'd like to see the effectiveness. They'll be there but I'm sure in time it will be you know he's a viable -- force right now we've got to pick our spots with that when lefthander out there. Even though Cody and hasn't been fairly successful against lefties but that's the situation he's in right now. Happily -- that nine pitches that I mean. This is comfortable experiences. -- it is you know against good stuff. Against Tillman tonight. He -- time and get a little bit more consistent. You know. They've they've attacked him a fast all the way up and down away and some breaking balls and he started fouls pitches off that maybe three or four days ago wasn't quite getting to what. You start to settle in pretty good and the sixth inning was the opportunity for us that we couldn't catch him or get first and second with the lefties come and turned -- around Madison you know he gets two big strikeouts and threat. There you go about your. Okay. Okay. As well assault was between about both right and left -- out. It is. Right now is on wanna make an -- Yeah two for three couples singles and RBIs ran the -- fine. So depending on how inclement tomorrow is will be game time decision whether or not he's more.

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