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Daily Planet for Thursday April 8th

Apr 11, 2013|

Today on the Daily Planet Mikey is going over the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, Patriots, bacon and the Octo-mom.

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I'm no going to handle problems doing. He's somewhere on the -- my game -- stood there a -- it brought to you -- high fidelity -- them sound with your. Everybody in the most important ten minutes in radio for me that is of course starts may well pitched six and seven well that was the big one last night that. And that that that two outs and hopefully we here's what happened okay we are sought. We all heard about it Chris Davis start the -- fifth home run. And then -- that matter rest retired the next two batters he was one strike away from warning but Ryan's clarity single 22 pitch. And his -- his first hit an AT bat at bats this season and guess what. The umpire squeezed him big time that's the difference between winning and losing. Afterwards. Whenever I had left the field people were throwing their drinks Sodom listened and risk and their camps in her hand being greeted by a lot of Red Sox fans booze. -- -- their -- right on the field I don't care half price or not that those in the right thing to do. Tonight -- seven as. And Tillman as you heard John. The vote rubber game of last night's weather was so screwed up and so awful we decided. To a list of the services of the one and only Tim -- meteorologist for NEC and with a 92 weather forecast for tonight. That's what -- -- until it I'd like to complain about -- -- by -- site that -- -- out could be. Not great and come -- it's -- go for Red Sox try to figure out and go check it. Get a job Tim Kelly unit that came of course here WB iris such radio network dateline causeway street Boston. Deron Williams more than the Celtics could handle. Williams had 29 points twelve assists he led the nets to a 10193 victory over the Celtics on Wednesday night Brook Lopez scored 21 Joseph Johnson had point -- -- have point three. Jeff Green panel lemon coming on an eleven got enough. The most important in this. Was when Avery Bradley got in foul trouble. That's what really caused the differences in this game there was no question we have been off the floor Deron Williams turned his game on. And a doc said after the game hey I thought we yep we showed up to play and I thought they took it to us. And until we kind of showed up to play out of -- really took a -- was. Pierce and Garnett will be up for the Miami Heat game. Forthcoming and that should be laws. Newark, New Jersey that's the dateline we're all you really need to be grossed out is a quick connecting flight all the Bruins needed to get back in first place eight good minutes to start the game. And -- -- penalty kills Gregory Campbell scoring twice in a three goal first period and it was enough in the end. Bruins to sustain the 54 win in a 56 point total support of a point ahead of the Montreal Canadians in the northeast division. With nine games to play quote said last night. Eight we didn't play a great game but we accomplished our goal that's not to say we played a great team but we've proposed rule Lincoln Nebraska. New England pats cornerback Alfonzo -- sentenced to thirty days in jail today beginning on March 1. -- -- fourteen. And through years of probation for assaulting a police officer outside a Lincoln bar last year -- apologized to his coaches supporters. The police and his family and promised to abide by the terms of the probation at his sentencing hearing in court. He apologized for all that and also says he'll be OK for thirty days next year's alone he has an Etch A Sketch and some of smoke and some pretty good we. San Diego the man -- was the voice of Charlie Brown in the first peanuts TV specials. As pleaded guilty. To threatening and stalking both his ex girlfriend. And a plastic surgeon who gave her -- breast enhancement that he paid for. -- -- -- Aren't -- out of Atlanta. Shani act. City news service says 56 year old Peter Robinson to the plea Wednesday studio -- could get three years in prison prosecutors say Robbins called his former girlfriend. Dozens of times a day and told he would kill her and her son. If she did not give Barack his dog in car. They say he made similar threats and demanded a refund from a plastic surgeon. At said he would kill the surgeon in the surgeon did not give him back is breasts. -- has provided the voice for the title characters 65 Charlie Brown Christmas 1966 well it's great great pumpkin Charlie ground. Love that series. A goat's head. Delivered to Wrigley Field on Wednesday. Addressed the cubs owner Tom rickets a team spokesman confirmed no note was included. It -- head was turned over to Chicago police. We got a call said the police. Now we're investigating president intimidating package was found -- -- changed. According to the Chicago Tribune not possible course ago -- a reference the curse placed on the team in 1945 series. Restaurant owner Billy seanez brought his go to a game back then but was asked to leave he -- the team would never. Ever win again as it stands right now it's been 105 years since the cubs have won and brutally squat. According to reports from our mobile and home broadband web -- orange news.com. The Seattle based company named. Would be appropriate slogan make your meats look like meet. A spokes person JD food searched the duke describe the new condom flavor for the customer -- discerning bacon lover. And hates the smell. Of the coconuts. And or have always wanted to bring even more bacon. Into the bedroom alleged fresh -- meets now that it's not that it's it's not enough already two companies also watched you bacon. Lubricant. Just give me all the victims and things. Where you went and we're what you just heard was give me a lot of faith and ends when I -- it was. Give me all the big -- you have. Do you understand. According to an article printed in 1920 united reprinted today on the Internet. There will be no bald heads by the year 1950 according to a -- artist does happen at Chicago. August 27 1929. They used to have a thing called bald headed row. Which was the role of people that had come to watch vaudeville acts and they were mostly bald headed guys according to the ladies quoted at the time. From Los Angeles the number bald headed men is getting smaller every year. As she doesn't believe there will be any at all by 1950. She pulled port the tradition that brain work brings on baldness. It's cause she said is laziness and neglect. Have that view -- he's out there and by the way don't forget to called doctor Robert Leonard if you're hair is starting to disappear 1800. Get a hair birthdays in history and today in history of course in sports history you might remember this in 1907. Bill clam the umpire called -- forfeit in favor of the Phillies win giants fans disrupted play with snow balls. 1921 the first -- ever sporting event on radio took place on this date on KD KAA radio the event was a boxing match between Johnny ray. And Johnny -- Steve Buckley was there. 1940 Andrew Ponzi sets a world record for the -- billiards consecutive ball run a 127. Ball straight in. 1947. Jackie Robinson actually played in the major -- is the first time a black American who ever played in the major leagues ever in an exhibition game. For the Brooklyn Dodgers 1999. Spain's Jose money or -- fabric. One the 63 masters golf tournament. And still retains that middle name Maria which I can understand in 2001. Johan is -- South Africa 43 people soccer match. Another 460. Were injured. Mark Teixeira 33 years old today Jason Varitek the text -- the captain 41. And Ethel Kennedy god bless her heart is 85 years old. And finally tonight friends Nadia Solomon she's -- the mom took her admiration of -- the actress Angelina Jolie were there for the folks at in touch magazine according to the article -- she's dressing up as Jolie's version of Laura -- from the Tomb Raider movies. As she sported Angelina is black dress from the Oscars. Although she dressed like gadget Angelina Jolie during the recent photo -- she said the two don't look anything alike. The two may have had a lot of kids but that's essentially where the comparisons end she says like -- that we both have a lot of kids but I don't let anything like her. And she also admitted he talked about David siesta where a lot of hats as the mother of fourteen she says. I do a lot I'm a cook a chauffeur and a nanny. She forgot to mention that she's also -- slot with an augmented space -- -- her uterus is a clown car. At the end well I'm sorry yes absurd daily planet nor -- daily planet has brought you by. Doctor Robert -- that's my hair doctor look younger feel younger smell younger get your hair back to call 1800. Dead hair. Sports news breaks -- break the ice he's a special report.

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