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The Bradford Files: Reviewing the movie '42' with Jackie Bradley Jr.

Apr 11, 2013|

Rob Bradford is joined by Ian Browne of MLB.com, Tim Britton of the Providence Journal and Red Sox outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. to review the movie '42: The True Story of an American Legend' which opens in theaters Friday. Bradford also discusses the state of baseball as it relates to the African-American community with Bradley Jr., who touches on his views regarding the potential impact of the movie and thoughts on the diversity in the sport -- past, present and future.

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And so forth over burdened by those right now -- WEE eight dollars. Welcome to another edition of the Bradford files today we're going to be talking about the movie that comes out on Friday. Fortitude to Jackie Robinson story and we're going to be talked a little bit later Jackie Bradley who saw the movie. Along with the media and some of the other members of the team has a special screening. But first we have to those members of the media who also side. One of them -- Browne mlb.com. Soft portion of it because he was too busy in the concession stand quite a bit. And I and then the other one here is Tim Britton was very nervous to be honest podcast because he's never been on the radio before the provost -- So we're just gonna go through this real quick guys. IE express my feelings a little bit about it wouldn't. My conversation Jackie Bradley but first -- what was your take on but it did it meet your higher expectations. -- and even you know with any expectations this winter baseball writers you know based on real its arms. Disappointed to build and his you know so much man but I thought this was really well executed it. You know just that at its fields that look so realistic. About Harrison Ford playing Branch Rickey was excellent -- that you know. Some of the racial stuff that app from the movie it -- it really took you back to terms. A lot of moment. I -- your thoughts. Well lately teams that any baseball writers his baseball and naturally thinks its two it's it's. We're gonna know too much to really appreciate it I was afraid that this can be counted at Disney movie. And making Robinson that's been. The greatest all time but it it showed some of these his flaws what was interesting. The CNET that struck me was. The one and -- the Philadelphia manager season Nolan talked about. That's something you expect Disney type movies solid handle that while the baseball scenes art. The greatness of people leveled criticism so I thought overall it was better than I expected it up. In the world. Diary I would agree with those people you're referencing in terms of thinking that it was gonna come office he called Disney movie I said more of a TV movie. I've got it was an important movie -- end and because even though I thought it was flawed in some ways and maybe not as deep as they should have been. The factors is imitate my kids to imitate my family -- later in. This in -- to be in your perspective of that and in terms of how important this movie may -- -- maybe -- month. That's kind of the drawing part of it more than being a cinematic masterpiece to. Yeah yeah I think they're really trying to appeal to audiences with this movie. And I are gonna take my ten year old took his big Dodgers fans have been Jackie Robinson's fan I think they made the movie in a way where. You know it's not -- offensive. You know any can learn a lot but by going to and you know kids of that generation they know they don't know. As much of what Jackie Robinson is. As are outraged group did John because it's you know we're more removed from announced so I think that it's gonna be appoint an hour and a lot of people -- -- gonna be educated about this. Go to them when you were watching and yeah obviously you knew about Jackie Robinson was there anything and it. You mentioned Ben Chapman but it was anything and it is made you say while I do know that are. Or while that that is an important part of this whole narrative that they're talking about. We'll all that scene in particular and crystallizes the kind of things that Robinson had to go through personally and also note that he was more fiery personality. You know Branch Rickey told that -- have the courage to fight back in the trailer -- says so. You know as someone who is over the younger and grow up kind of with this geography to Robinson it was nice to see you another aspect of them. As we do for every Bradford files -- review them and ask you -- at a ten note that how many gonna get room. I would give this six and a half militants which is not many not because actually it's. -- have. Included it but that does it's. Just to be lower than it. But considering you have never experience anything would -- twenty no parents. I I I well out of -- and I will give it I won't David six given the six. Does -- -- yeah I knew very surprised by now as we were well it is 526. Offers. Yes my site it of the TV -- splash -- Louie Anderson we if we do we grated recreated ironic turn a little bit but it. Thank you both gentlemen and for joining us and and now we're gonna get into a conversation with someone much more important than either one view talking about the movie Jackie Bradley to. Jacki thanks for join the we both saw the movie 42. Obviously focusing on Jackie Robinson. What was your expectations going in and what -- of some of those surprises that you had after soon. Yes. And -- had how are high expectations towards his. On the Jackie Robinson fan -- -- no really. You know no -- and to what extent and detail they're gonna go into the time about it and I kind of wanted to see the end of -- floor. The beginning of his -- in middle and -- towards -- in my. You know it. You know so what it was worse for the amount of time that they had Florida I like it did pretty good job. My -- like there's a lot of holes they television you know sit in in between. We pretty much just saw the beginning of his career. And in the movie was over. Well do it in my -- we beats a year -- Jackie Robinson fan and her obviously is a huge part in the history of the game and really the history of this country. When did Jackie Robinson kind of first get on your radar. -- global and everyone kind of figures out you know but this would definitely -- in. From ethnic backgrounds. He -- he kind of just gravitate towards you know how this came about. Yeah you attack that pres presidency you know you may know George Washington you know days of treasury for president. So I mean this kind of one of those things just now. As you as you first heard about that movie the moon is coming obviously a lot of people are excited about it but it to your point that someone who's. As important as he is. Were you with -- the movie where you said you know this is something that I have to see him make an appointment and the system yet on schedule pretty court. An assailant seven have to have to see because that scene mini documentaries. On. You know read books and stuff like that. So -- kind of hagel what is always good you know seat of modernized version of me you know you as they keep you know learning more and it's what they think -- possibly happen. But a -- with something that I thought was I was gonna definitely enjoying comical and I'm also not only. Since Jagger have spent an -- I'm a big movie guy so you know he beat them both together and I'm there -- That explains sees that there's some holes in the movie and this you know just being able I've watched so many movies that. And I get a kick out of you know different types of movies right now. Well so knowing that there's much he did about Jackie -- coming and that probably wasn't. Enormous amount of surprises but. Were there any things and it's at all while you nobody knows this her or that surprised me. -- Still want to I guess the the players. You know I didn't. And then you put -- name pokey -- and I'm -- religious note sixteen and then you know that he played. And we know -- Jackie and stuff like that. I'm N news you know pretty much there. The facts. About him you know morning Tyrone Georgia. And 1990 January their affairs. And I knew that he was a sport four sports star UCLA. California and on all of that stuff like -- It's bothered telephone news beyond. You know pretty much as I knew pretty much the facts. And now -- engagement date and nearly debuted in 1940 cent man. And now he went off to a war it's my -- and all that stuff. -- your favorite part of the movie not necessarily saying the most important part by. Maybe even just the most entertaining part of the movie forward. Tom. I guess them. Stone and I am I'm remembering that I'm I'm the savior and then just the -- plant -- that goes evidence. You know it just thinks of himself as a ballplayer wants to win just like you idea it's. How important but I know that when I saw the movie I agree you know I thought it came off as a little TV movie -- and I thought it was a story. And -- hallmark cookbook but. But that's fine but but so I'm I'm still tell my kids and Thelma tell my family we have to see this movie it's an important movement city. How important do you think it is. To to keep kind of telling the story even though it might not. Be the best way to tell it to try to keep in the public eye in and kind of keeps surfacing historian. And what it means to every player going to war. Is definitely important I mean history wouldn't be history unless it keeps going you know so is that a sentiment he -- it. You know natured it. People know -- when -- for -- You know Stanley I mean. It's definitely it's in -- part of our society and you know it it allows them. Us as -- a lot of army most ballplayers. So you know get a better understanding of how this all came about. Do you think -- a broader question three do you think says it. The field and in the game of baseball. Has moved forward enough -- and as fast as it it really should have -- terms of -- a number of African Americans and minorities. In the game because we look at obviously they're always compared to the other sports and baseball's kind of the one end of the spectrum. But wives interest from your perspective. Armistice. This is steadily decreasing now I'm in and I -- You never really know why. Yeah -- -- that into later stuff like that. And those. I don't know I guess not only under understand it means is something. And it really I guess look into heavily in. It now exchanges chance for change and you know hopefully movement. Yeah it's obviously something new you have to worry about yourself and you know view word and you can. Say don't. To a head count around -- what are you wherever you're planning -- Thought it. As you advance your career are you hoping that hey you know what the senator this sort of icy -- more kids playing in. Areas that I carafe and things like that is that something you think it. You might hope for going down the road the main expects. You know if that happens. You know he'd been. That's all great and that means that maybe -- those kids in those areas. Mara looked up to you than you know maybe you that it certainly value it -- tendency to keep pushing forward. Into you know something that they need light but now they love this because in some way they grew up watching. Is you know being well and seen him to cede. My Oscar arsonists because it is where -- -- -- movies cost. For favorite. Favorite I'll -- top favorite movie because I don't think that's fair favorite couple movies. Man on fire is now Washington Dakota detaining 2004. I think that secretariat snuck into my top my top five. I really like secretariat. House a so close there is there an actor that you soon okay you know in Washington I think that's opposite Denzel Washington's. What's happened so soon. They're moving now now we've got through 42 or movies you've seen previous Florida summer movies -- you're gonna say OK you know one that's our mark. I -- list I mean obviously hurt wanderlust there's. It's off the table and oh by the way it went but maybe the worst movie I've seen in years. But what are you stuck in spring training and we know we have to see these sort of movies. But is there are movies that you rose -- And it's. -- that I really forward -- -- thinking you know most of that's based -- you know my hometown. Don't Pete is very -- -- prince George area around Richmond and stuff like that and I -- If theories and that's all right enrichment so I'm gonna -- -- that it was a great movie I thought I was really really it's zero dark thirty. It's also pretty good movie. And are those Austin you know pretty. It -- constructed around like that in these kind of so I everything was and now how they pretty much needed in the movies they've raised him but consumption he thanks for jones'.

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