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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 04/11/13

Apr 11, 2013|

The new way we end our show, you ask, we answer!

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It's. Time for answering the question jerk answer the question with soccer and holly is the big question. So put should be years' time answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the questions that. And -- by a RS restoration. Specialists. Your property your facilities manager or insurance broke call they are asked to injury have a disaster restoration game plan in place. Call 8774611111. Or areas served dot com Mike talked. Are people there are people -- built right in -- you got an opportunity to reiterate you don't have to be property men and I don't be human -- any kind call property managers argument. You're gonna have a disaster plan of course you -- -- It was open -- -- answer your questions here -- Sammy or -- We talk about what he means who was talking about leaving. Me in here he's picked the wrong music Mikey. Some analysts think about those guys but their first name it has to -- there's only one guy. Okay -- at least anybody else that dressing Van Halen there were there and -- able. Really models also that about -- -- released an album come on why Cheney he's a whiny Sharia law to -- -- some ridiculous -- that Goodell is serious mental attitude that. Ballot rock stuff. A lot of our laws. Around for a long time and have those things happen if money were they were in transition. They were trying to come up with some celebrity and car. This person I would what are you as the worst of me why that way about our efforts like -- Morita and -- couple packs of votes you know. With. Few slam do you drink coffee. Never -- -- smoke. Yes you got the worst -- me again when it accused each other if I if there's a kiss on the horizon out get a minute got a question is if some recent years -- that -- You know that's a great point that's a great play it and who it is what's the distance in which it it's OK to have -- which appeared to one foot away. Well you know you have bad reference amongst the stars racking up from her if there are backing up and -- OK it right that is the gum. It got bill freaked out of that today I came into the building today I think I sought I sought. Jordan minivan. Coming into the building to Boston. Now I don't have bad breath. But I'm I'm talking to a and and that Christopher price. WEEI guys great composition walked into the building. Go to the up front desk and -- there settlers and you know. Something when your nose. I've had something in my -- -- the paper when -- -- Real she -- so -- and hand it should talk to me for two minutes. So it doesn't tell me that have gotten a couple -- -- shot by you know a little bit no it does not. I can't shop hello -- Manning and didn't tell you something that would save -- some embarrassment. I was injured and you're shocked by OK but I wasn't a Bear's correspondent sort of rolling papers. -- your business. Next we'll talk after the show up next question. -- Michael is a good question I should have asked you the when you were accidentally arrest because they said there was a war that was the war. What it was I would like it was a ticket it was a ticket in Cambridge. Kind of there was a ticket. It was it was it was something similar -- like gators might know they'll do it it was a parking ticket -- in Cambridge from like a year before. I hadn't paid the ticket shall pretty quick though there was you warrant. For my arrest in in the the judge got to think it was in Quentin that -- liquidity and god blessed and judged that neck and and -- New Year's Eve of mine that period to get -- later furiously. Maybe eight periods the -- you were arrested because you had no more. Deep brown got -- approval for a good. And what Wellesley but more than that I call the glow. To let them know. The assistant sports editor at the time the current sports editor -- O'Sullivan says. So when you have stories. Yours so you can have historian for a and -- -- cattle. Well out -- haven't educated in but it's -- market. That's why I asked some good stuff redemptive and I've watched inability Robert Edwards story analyst. Ice cream sandwich is a Klondike bars and -- and -- -- -- that -- was weird elegant -- -- on a day like today lie and I went down there really nothing else jumped off. Just off the page I like guys curators want to get this done and I like multiple food who has ice cream sandwich and a more decadent and he's considered more -- -- -- -- the whole box and don't lose my true you can get dark chocolate you can get the racecars these Heath bar there's like sixteen flavors of -- you -- -- I knelt before you leave you like it was really cold after. I like to a -- like panel that thing -- our -- in -- Over Oakland you know what I like though when frozen Snickers ice cream bars frozen twits are really really. From what sports -- Let's elect the next question. Your favorite guitarist of these theory. Nugent Eric Clapton -- earlier about artery that Ariel the three Bernard -- -- one of the -- reporter Leo it directly to the huge Eric Clapton Jimmy. Some huge -- conversations because the stranglehold I think it. We strangled -- so good that it puts him in the house and go and fight -- Olympics and this is. Out of out of that doesn't -- page not there's a -- -- -- pages. That's ten times as -- but it's his favorite. I prefer I would prefer page either you wanted clapping to do anything page and -- one -- Clapton's not talent. And I prefer -- and usually his music is kind of like the retired number obviously that question. Another better better worse better peanut butter skip a year GOP governor rule either -- -- my dog. Do you crunch has -- -- just it lets you have somebody has a good question -- first that you -- when you got to Boston that I can get to Seattle. And -- first thing they write -- got the -- -- that night I arrived with some good Boston Chinese. He cannot get Chinese food with ducks off any world's. It's. I think I know a little something New York doesn't have. -- may be new York and outside of outside of the north you do look gorgeous he's right he's right. That they don't live dells they go other dockside to go to the Colin Powell and -- actually. With some -- and my next question got some chicken wings got rid boneless ribs. General gas chicken emotional school who guy and I think general gastric and -- you yet. I was ripped out there is that like general cast -- people's house said you need to. General sell. -- -- general down. They never heard General -- general. Does Adele is an appropriate. Description for the general who has that check it. Apparently not where you work dynamic at -- when agent. Next question Jersey go to the beach do you like to sit layer -- The moment that's very loaded with. Is that something that's that's -- their crime is that I think we're talking. Like the laid down off or play or what exchange solid play -- but the Kadima. The two battled them like -- ball goes a round where wealth. That there is really I don't know what their claim that hikes. Like to bring my pale injustice that was and that started over -- what they gave government. The best beat yet one but it girls run by. Probably running properly either either one in Puerto Rico Bermuda or Hawaii. That's -- Puerto Rico Cuba to Bermuda beautiful a good break Nicaragua. And go Canada went to little off island off the coast of Nicaragua. She really it's not surprising. You look around beautiful beach. Couldn't Cecil. Nader so if you're an old beat your idea of it ever nice speech and you don't like yeah not only is that not part of that ever deprived of. And it turned out -- put America. Centers -- cart. You get the -- -- nobody else around me in my life from good to go get rid of all these people -- not to impeach him and Mike is coming out. Police say you have to think daily planet daily plan this is the most important ten minutes of radio in the world that common. It's it's most important to me history DOT's of that there's out because there's a -- what happened just -- second Mikey Adams. We'll be back tomorrow at two -- Alitalia --

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