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Danny Ainge with Salk and Holley

Apr 11, 2013|

We check in with Danny Ainge on a Celtics Thursday and get his take on the C's as they head into the post-season.

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Determined -- about it helped him. Score more score you just right now you know Germans trying to get his rhythm -- you know I thought news in the last couple -- in -- several. -- argue that it stretches but. We will get is addressed but I he'll be aggressive by biting hopefully tomorrow. Those Doc Rivers last night the Celtics. Let a competitive game for about a half. The Brooklyn nets. Before losing. The game final score made it appear. A lot more competitive than it was overall. It's Thursday as Celtics Thursday it's 435. This is the time we always talk with detainees. The president of the Boston Celtics Danny what's gone on. We are doing well I wonder if if Pat Riley has contacted you lately. I. We are surprised we're surprised. I was enemy air last week. I can't remember. A time when they met when when someone affiliated with a big time corporation released an F bomb in a statement. Yeah very. Well I don't wanna get much into that that's old news pouring. -- -- Kind of -- -- acting actually is that they're boring and all. Oh really surprised that the that he responded well. Yeah I think so I mean we just because that I don't think that. It you know but -- we live in a world in the media where you know like sound -- -- use. I think that. EDT to blow things out of proportion but yeah I think it was so I think that. A little surprised. But the but I don't really care. Our that was obviously you took some shots at the at the group and is here in the Armani suits. Or do you it's just all. I slowed Peter may wrote -- thing about it. That same days. An eighties making the connection between lakers and Celtics from the eighty's do you think that is still. Top of mind for Pat Riley you Mickey Steele bothered by the Boston guard the legendary Boston Garden stories the lack of lack of air conditioning the cold showers and moments that you think that's the reason for. The the anger and animation from Pat Riley. I have I have no idea. I have no idea it would only be speculation. Are you are used to bought from those -- that are to those rivalries are they so intense that they still that you still think of them today. Absolutely. Never. Never once crossed my mind I mean -- -- that would they were great times it would create rivalries that we played great players I never. Had any hatred toward. Those players. I just had a great deal of respect. Or those teams. The eighties Celtics in the eighties lakers where. Two of the best teams -- in the history of the game. At a time. There's still a lot of fun to watch now on on the flip side there was last night's game which wasn't that fun to watch in the second half what. What do you think what what wrong last night getting what turned a game in the wrong direction for your team. Well so first of all let me just. Yeah you've got to give credit majors mean. I I honestly believe that we played really well source and this game was intense. And thought both teams were very focused but you gotta you gotta -- -- two majors yet in New Jersey would be. Just about all propagated beat any team in the B last night the -- they claimed they were really into it aired Williams was. Spectacular in the -- -- Lopez played a fantastic game and did your Johnson and made a lot took shots you'd give them credit and that happens in the MBA. Is there are very good team that it was really on their game I think that's free of there are cup match. You know they're bigger every position. -- much of that -- that you know from point guard to center. With the lineups that we played last night and -- who played there they were bigger stronger receivable position. That doesn't mean that we can't beat them. I -- sometimes that happens. Last that while the one of those games. And other coaches don't seem that way and players you know they don't think they can do something better and so different make a difference. I but that -- And Joseph Johnson in. Lopez in particular that three big time scorers -- three Max contract players. Were very difficult to play against us and give this great game. Danny -- is with us here on WBIs brought to -- quality insulation in northern bank and trust. You guys -- in all likelihood going to end up with the number 7 seed in the Eastern Conference. Is that a -- -- for your team for your talent level is a bit is that the right level for you. Well what I'm not sure which can be what you mean we. When you -- your team do you view them as a seven seed do you view yourself as the seventh best team in the east. I do not let you know what I mean we've we've earned the the seventh seed. At this stage. But I think that we're I think that there are teams that are ahead of us mr. indeed that we can beat. But at the same time I think that whether we finish. Seven. 67 or eight. In the playoffs. You know playing one of the top three seeds. Is going to be a big time challenge here and them whoever we play. We will have less room for air that they will we go out there. To play. Our best basketball in order to win the first complex answer. So what gives you that confident what gives you the confidence that your team can beat a team that is higher seeded. What just because we. You know I know what organs and they I know how they've stepped up in the past that. There's been years where I you know over the 2000 and we were inaccuracies and 27 point seven. The last fifty. 54 games and you know I was not real competent -- that I was I was an off. Of watching their team play that -- while they played in this whole KG here straps and get Cleveland who was the as the leading record in the league against. Orlando. With second best record in the east and I mean I was I was in awe of what they label the step up to view. In order to be that yeah Africa is playing on all cylinders and you know I think the good uses that our team. Is getting healthier. Unfortunately you know Rondo and Barbosa and and solely art -- -- -- I feel like -- is moving well. And you know I think Paul is getting better. And movies well but I think it's part time play capsule around it if we will be in which it. Are you mentioned some of the teams that are in front of you in the Eastern Conference. And I was talking about this before you came on I Brooklyn obviously is a tough matchup for you this year they have been they've they've had your number. You -- once and Christmas pretty convincingly and then. It was all Brooklyn and then that understand which is -- got more size so -- Indiana in and you think on paper. You shouldn't match up well with Indiana. But you do can you explain the difference why you know -- got two wins over Indiana one album a big time win at the garden and the other went. An exciting -- win on the road where he came back. What -- matchup better with them. Well I I don't I think that Indiana's size does differ I don't think it's strength. As much I mean. New Jersey. It's. Strength at every position in the Darrent Williams in the as the beast as a point art means being strong kid and Joseph Johnson. Is buried. As a two art. With zero wallets. Two -- is another very tough and yeah. You know big. -- upstream and and then Reggie Evans loses tough and strong that there isn't as -- -- in the league. And Brook Lopez seven slaughter 270 pounder mean -- They're just a beast at every position that's physical. You know hand to hand combat matchup at every position that's what you get. Indiana's not like Indiana has some spies and so -- but they're not. Com. They don't have the same kind of strength. And power that. New -- Are getting not a doctor. Never wanted to be a doctor that other kids were way too Smart and there they had a future of their net profession but I I was there last night and I saw Kevin Garnett leaves with they walking boot on any -- supposed to be back -- 100%. -- what what is the logic for him still wearing the walking to. Well you know so first of all that they're assessing -- not a percent for anybody right now. But KG can see how well it -- or not but he didn't have 100 that it gains on the court but there. You know he was moving very well conceived defense laterally and rebounding. Very -- The walking boot as precautionary it's just. Some guys keep by some that are -- Geoff Kirby game. Sometimes their legs -- -- of terms and knocked it to this cautionary don't watch it -- yet some inflation has put in the so every time we stop playing. He had to walk into the army doesn't Wear all the time but he just wears it like after games. Make sure that is what is not moving that much anymore than it needs so it's just precautionary right now. What do you make of -- and Jeff Green out on the court together they're there are some out there they believe the two guys don't necessarily mesh well on the court together what do you think. While I don't I don't see I mean all of the numbers suggest they play well the so I don't understand why people would say that they don't mean just. Keep -- -- players. So much of it is matchups. -- I hear a lot of are people -- just bringing can only play when -- applying our. He has certain matchups but you know so much of it is it's difficult it's difficult thing to share. Ian is it better to have -- start. Now he's starting basically as a two guard in some cases. Now Ricky he's come back and you know that's my biggest concern going in the playoffs it's just we haven't been healthy all year and playing this line up. Which I think is a good lineup and I think it's a line at the docket wanted to play more throughout the course all year. -- Jeff and Paul both on the wing with KG. But now all it takes a little bit from our bench. And -- was able to come and give us a spark in off the bench. And try to find a match up where he can really exploit. So it's a different way a plane. And I think it's probably the right thing productive deal. But you know can we can we match in in a dispute this last week and and in the practice time commitment to play so good question. I think people -- come come come about what those numbers based on Jeff going for forty plus against Miami you know winning the game in Cleveland than the game in Phoenix were. Per KG didn't play any had a big game what are you talking about numbers plus or minus. When those guys on the floor together. Yeah because I don't care about those other numbers I don't care about how many points the players -- that care about -- how many points we beat the other team by. When we're playing the game has options and defense. And so that the adjustment plus minus numbers that we keep are much more important than individual. You know forty point games at thirty point games. And it also like I was -- to -- earlier this is the time of year. Where -- I kind of miss. Rajon Rondo go into the playoffs just like you need a guy. Whether it's you or anybody else who the opponent that you see in the playoffs. A guy who can carry you throughout a series. And it Rondo clearly is that guy whether you love over hate them he is that guy there's no denying that. Do you need a guy like that two win in the post season -- -- who was a guy going to be in your opinion who was that guy for your team. Or -- he you don't replace right on Rondell meaning that this starter on the Eastern Conference all star team. You know he has the guy that has been able to neutralize. Chris Wells in the Derrick Williams and you know on the in and stars that we played. Rondo I've been telling you this from the time Rondo got hurt when everyone Hussein working those planes assisted without him up there without Rondo. Rondo has been. The most valuable player. In. But at least its view that maybe even more than a few maybe a handful of playoff series over the last few years. We have some of the best players in the world. In -- playoff series. He has been the most valuable player in the series against Chicago against Cleveland. Against in Orlando mean he has had spectacular. I -- out series -- legendary legendary. Last year against Miami this. By far the one that. Gave us that an opportunity to beat Miami. And put us they had treated to -- that play -- series so. I I think it's it goes without saying that. That we're gonna miss -- -- -- -- -- -- -- better chances than him but yeah I agree that. But I don't know who get nobody can replace Rondo we just have to find a way to win. Not replace -- I don't think you have anybody who can replace some music unique player for short is there a guy on your T imaging. Paul Pierce who was that guy in his prime can he still do it you know KG in his prime clearly was that guy. Can you continue at this stage of their careers can you rely on those guys to. Not replace Rondo but to kind of turn back the clock a little bit. No well you know we need them to -- and flashbacks for sure but I think that we need a balanced effort we need production. Added yeah we need production at adjacent into production at a Avery. Court mean. Brandon -- so we need a full team effort. We need to have those gains we have 67 guys scored in double figures. You know we're not gonna get guys that are going to be scored forty. In in the one playoff game we need guys we need balance. And production out of our whole team. My question is for you Michael while Danny here before we let him go here's how come when I call on the New Jersey Nets I kind of -- But Danny goes New Jersey and he has no problem Danny they're the manager there at the Brooklyn nets I know it's hard. It is hard to know. Did that because I'm old. But it takes longer for a old people to get over that that -- due to Brooklyn but I'll get there eventually that's up. That's considered expansion team they just get in in our games are there Daniels to -- the -- They just hit you over the head constantly with any kind of Brooklyn reference any song that has mentioned Brooklyn in the last thirty years they play it at the at the Barclays -- just that you get -- in your head you're in Brooklyn in the -- the Brooklyn -- it's really annoying. That. Any Brooklyn the Brooklyn nets are much better than the New Jersey -- where so were still open -- they're gonna call on the Jersey -- The idea. Days ago hey thanks -- we appreciate it. I don't think they -- -- -- Danny Ainge joins us every week brought to buy quality insulation that. And northern bank and trust anchor the raft and he gets to go skyrocketing to the raft. You know at the I -- get the full wrath. No no not at all -- this coming you know what just happened zone but they covet the -- New Jersey Nets RT one I can't I spoke on the Anaheim angels like do them purpose are refused to go Los Angeles Angels. I refuse to do that. They're still hollow -- undetected gift from California -- to and I mean that long -- I I'm staying with Anaheim -- I refused and the best one they had -- California they should just go back the California angels had just go back there. They we have lots still to come soc column write up about 45 minutes into the question -- after that we start off the show today I want to react to some what Danny's it -- do that in a moment and after that a question about last night three teams that all had a bad night. And I debate and I think after listening to be any I wonder and Jack Edwards as well if any of your answer changes in terms of who had the worst night last night it's all -- and WB.

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