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Brad Faxon previews the Masters

Apr 11, 2013|

Brad Faxon checks in to talk about the Masters. He gives his pick to win the tournament and gives his thoughts on Tiger's chances and recent play.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline on day one of the masters from Augusta national's Brad Faxon -- is interviewed today is brought to you by our very good and mutual friends and -- What joy. Joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning mr. -- -- you. -- -- -- -- noticed how much more civil we seem to be when it's the masters as opposed to something at Bethpage black for the US open yeah world we're so much more civil not tell us how hot did calling cigarettes do you have gotten -- yesterday at a serious person. I hate David but I'm an Orlando -- the Golf Channel studio it's. -- over. Well we've been promoting Augusta National we lying bill I know come on -- you should know when you're so we are these text how many are you should know I am. -- -- -- -- I think I sent by god did he cope was there with that with an egg -- not I know your wife told -- she'd like shoe with long hair. -- I don't care what you like he would -- but but didn't would you like get a -- -- long hair facts. I wanted to chrome Google's stock culpable in my that I need to trim my letter I got yes I. At the picture you -- it out here Elena re -- in the view and holly Saunders you don't usually show you one little less people want if you're lucky if it it it it. You have to do they have some smoke and hot chicks domino that the Golf Channel Brad. Well you know I'm I'm paying attention to golf this week I don't notice that kind of stuff. All right as as a way to kick this thing off I will say this -- you facts if tiger wins this weekend the Sunday had a -- national I'm going to start to like your chances of him catching and passing Jack. But I think it's important that he does that. Otherwise you know all the window continues to shorten and if you finish a second or third or fourth or fifth. I think it will be a bloated tigers plan because it's all going well he feels good he's won three times I think he expects to win this thing and it will do a little bit of damage to his chances if he doesn't. Then there's no question about that China and Tiger Woods is one of the few players union the 93 players in the field at the masters as opposed to include typical sealed -- 144. The tigers -- one of the few players that's coming here -- thing about winning the masters I would say 80% of this field concert but -- you know this is great I'm here to go play get a chance to play. But tiger wants -- do nothing to put himself -- that record book. Kelly Tillman who's supposedly in and in studio coverage we're doing for the masters. Made a great point yesterday -- about three previous times when tiger had won three tournaments prior to the masters he's never won the -- yeah. So what what does that mean then the you know and he's he's jinx now because he won three times that's really that's some. Irrelevant -- -- Doug Kelly has said that. I will calculated using -- also tell Kelly. -- tell you what Kelly -- that he hasn't won here since 2005. And two and in his driving accuracy at bats prior to. 2005 were very good -- combined total distance and accuracy were always in the top fifteen of the week. And since then he's been all over the place hospitality and I think that's important now ought to go to because. They've they've grown this -- south they don't call it rough for a supposed to call after the second cut it's that there's a lot of words we can't yeah but. The second cut this year Jim McCabe. We know from Boston Globe data has been down and keep it. She -- it has taken to longest he's ever seen it so if you're not hidden in these fairways -- -- little flyer -- into these greens -- -- -- -- to win. No I'd like his chances to win you know that the better higher vs the field as a pretty intriguing bet. I I think Rory on the air last night and I I love what Rory just did you know he he he wasn't gonna play last week in Texas and San Antonio the Valero. He played himself and reform finished up. Wanted to just -- lead in the and I had a chance to win and then he he had been kind of all over the place and we've seen that would Rory McIlroy you know he's not a guy that's been. -- consistently. Great champion he's been had a lot of ups and downs didn't but he's won two majors by eight you know eight. Nine and all nine of twelve shots I believe. You know Olympic course and fax two years ago there was -- -- got a better chance to catch. Jack and tiger. Hunt tiger was a -- Roy who is Roland and I haven't heard that again recently. But what did you think what do you think of them the Nike dealings gets a quarter of a billion dollars is that canola. And second be a problem. Well I don't know if money is never the driver for the guys that are that are like beat these guys like tiger and worried you know to secede. How they handled -- in today's media world I think is so. Is the hardest thing for them in -- you know you you got a guy that's. That wasn't the chocolate too -- guy like tiger until just recently had a and they got it hasn't been super friendly with the media. Then -- the opposite you know he's got to let everybody know what he's doing all the time we need to get it. There's very friendly to everybody and I don't think if you're -- nice -- and -- certainly everybody at the harder in today's world. Had to get away if I find your downtime and you know the fact that. You know worries. Me girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki that I don't think that makes it easier you. You know this might qualify Brad as cycle analysis from a distance but it seems to me. That's still might have talked himself out of this championship. He was bemoaning the fact that he chose not to play in the Valero Texas open because he didn't think the conditions there. We're helping improve -- match what was at Augusta national and so wouldn't prepare him and that he shows up on a -- and says but I have this weird feeling that not having played competitively for ten or eleven days is going to hurt me I would have preferred to -- competitively -- or three days ago plus he's Saturday three wood instead of a driver to his bag. Well I won't kill off until the mad scientist who is always trying to think about stuff. Differently than anybody else and there's this Shell Houston Open has done an unbelievable job in the last eight or nine years as it. Making their golf course very similar condition wise -- Augusta National Leo they discuss these very firm. -- Cut fairways the fast fast greens and the edges all the greens roll off like they do at Augusta and I a lot of the players have come to play their. -- get used to conditions similar to. Now there was a schedule change the Texas open moved between the -- -- -- and some players to chose to play their like. Like origin you're -- a lot of players have taken a week same. You know still got this new he's calling it a three wood -- to 1098 -- nine and have to agree driver that's a little bit shorter than other -- Little stomach before the masters he's had a -- driver in the draw driver and he's he's the first guy that used to 64 degrees and then -- before we saw a beautiful study it from over the green on fifteen. You know -- that was two years ago when he won but I am. It's it's an amazing. Amazing to think it would it would -- how old how he's gonna show up and how he prepares to last. You know I think it would last year last year we don't need at this time he shows up at 8 o'clock to watch Jack Nicklaus and Arnold sore. In Gary Player to be -- even though he doesn't play -- four hours later he took a lot of things differently this week and any other player in the field. If you had your druthers would you rather be the best driver at a gust to this week or the best potter and the reason I asked that I heard Justin Rose say the following depending on where the cup is cut. On the contours of the greens with slope and everything. Rose said you could have six different putting lines on a six footer all of which could go in depending on speed. There's no question he'd rather be a better putter to go to Matalin and everybody. Has for years is thought that this golf course was a good course good stated -- they're favored just the long hitter justice of the player that hit the ball right -- -- but. We don't -- last night and I'm I'm with John Cook -- -- brown and we all think that this is more turning more toward. They -- course and look at Jack Nicholson won six times -- faded almost every -- ever played. We we think that your your plate and on the -- is very important and that and having the ability to control your distance it's. And height of the ball coming down -- you don't see many lol ball hitters. When -- Augusta National in the end Zach Johnson would be the most recent exception. What an intro real movement as well but most of the time guys can hit the ball high and land the ball softly and that's where Tiger Woods is the best in the world. They bred these 37. We know is said -- think for knee surgeries although we says platelets spun. Hmmm how many more chances does he have to it -- catch Jack. Well I think he's got a lot more chances to -- you know we are going to be wanna -- is 52 on the PGA tour Tiger Woods. I think he's in better shape then you know 99% of the world -- had a couple injuries. -- mentally he's driven. I think he's trying to make up for his last. You know few years where he wasn't -- himself on and off the golf course and the people -- unbelievable in the press conference you know he actually was kind of funny. He's you know he's got some balance to look like I think it's time. You know since Tobacco -- divorce. You know has helped you know he's he's he's got a good relationship was that like peace -- -- -- -- a -- -- he's moved down -- -- Jupiter Florida were curled around where he he's got buddies -- practice and -- -- and that would go to new girlfriend. Who we all know about Alan and he's admitted that so I think everything in his right this is pretty good. And he showed up early show up Sunday he played in the afternoon which he never does he play with a fourteen year old. Pre pubescent Chinese kid who is that voluntary didn't have to do that correct. No he didn't and you know he's he's done some things like that there have been. He's he's also helping other guys you know he's -- -- Steve Stricker was very opposite sort of person then than tiger and you know I think it's it's it's been good for him and it's good for us on when that happened. Jack one his last major the masters at 46 -- 36 of 37 do you think he has ten viable years and thus forty viable opportunities to win a major Brad. I think he's got at least ten and number ten years in Yankee. What you one thing they said publicly they -- not many players will admit they're goals. Allowed to everybody the whole world but you know we've all known tiger wants to -- she beat Jack's record of eighteen Rangers. You said in. In the press release that -- impressed that he wants to get to -- -- now and you know gold -- -- -- -- but. You know because you're goal at eighteen you're gonna gravitate towards that number but now he's trying to surpass that -- I think you really you -- he's got a legitimate shot out of him like that before just misses this is a huge week radical right. -- what do you make you see you Bradley since this week well I love Keegan -- chances and if I had to pick up. The player will most likely to win it's not Tiger Woods I would I would put Rory McIlroy and Keegan Bradley isn't my two favorite this week. You do have to peck that's part of this exercise here yet it. Very interesting that they've got. Keegan Bradley and -- -- we're playing the second the last group today well -- -- and then you know that put people time to the government to start. Early in the morning the first groups say the clock can and it goes to 152. In the third and three and well off the first -- -- the weather forecasters is a few feet. Later that afternoon and early tomorrow so. The guys that are playing late. You know. You knew you'd never know what's gonna happen but. It's it's almost get a little windier. Deeply people and to undertake a lot longer to play you know that a lot of pilots on the par fives when when guys are reaching goals like thirteen and fifteen into. And he can be five and a half hour rounds into the late tee times. Always -- the first day -- and especially the wind coming in but if it does rain Reuters. You know what thunderstorm guys get off the golf course that it softens up the course and actually be an advantage. You would go out first is why I'm pick and Sandy Lyle with an 8 o'clock tee time yeah he's gonna probably get it done -- think will be a lot of people watch the Chinese get injured and 8 o'clock he finally got rid of the event rule where you you're qualified for life correct. No you're qualified for life but most of the guys I think they adopted what your players up on it and editing. They just don't -- don't fire like to have that Alicia on the ground give -- -- on you know got a locker you don't gonna caddies so they're. -- blonde its competitors to get paid what type in the pits 5000 dollars they go to the champions dinner on Tuesday. And I don't know if they're told to step down but I think the number might be seventy years old. Hey if the golf gods said Brad Faxon you can win one major in your life will be this win the masters. Absolutely yeah absolutely and you know. I think what's made this tournament so so thin -- because you know we we've always. Planned our weekend and people around the balance you know we wanna watch coverage of CBS has done a magnificent job. We all remember something fantastic care at every hole you know you could -- you're number ten bubble a lot of incredible shot. -- -- -- -- -- You know at eleven you think of Freddie couples get that can't I don't think break when the ball didn't roll back down the creek all the Eagles -- seen at thirteen killed great shot from behind. The tree when he when he -- and that's nick thank you could say that and every single hole there's been something magnificent. And then having a major of the in the same place every year really helps this tournament. Do you not do you not like -- -- chances to repeat disease because to me just appears like too emotional can you be that emotional. And still be at the stone cold killer you have to be to succeed in the sport. I would I would be more surprised -- -- went -- the Sandy -- went. -- I think he's done an unbelievable job as a champion defending champion and he's he's very creative player which you have to be around to go to that little bit. You do you have to be kind of stone cold around here and you know go broke down Wednesday in the press conference. Yet I I just think it's going to be very hard to defend other than that there's only been three guys that have ever done it. It Brad final question for me Bernhard longer who has you know is absolutely tearing up the Champions Tour reveals he's the man out there right. Yeah man he's a man on the Champions Tour his odds are 1001. To win the masters two part question why is that. And if you work in this field what would you say for you Brad would be an acceptable score if you made the cut. Would you be happy with the. OK let's go to Bernhard Langer first -- is. Do you know been dominating on the -- mr. Putin's last five or six years out here he's he's tremendously hard work these two time masters champion. He's a very steady player you know he's he's not a long hitter. He'd eat at the very good job putting with -- anchored by other than that we heard yesterday the masters will follow the -- the US GA and and the anchor putter. But. You know letters page 55 that that -- 56 that battle make his chances go. Very high and the and the fact that he doesn't hit -- and I think you have to have some. You know you have to have some late on -- re competitive this week the course -- -- almost -- 500 yards. And then Mickelson made a great point you not to get off track you know what I'd say it could could. He didn't practice that he's actually been spinning the ball back on some greens which he's never done before. And that could mean two things you can be number one the masses is trying to figure out today they would be rock hard. And they have this magic dust they can put down one thing I can speed up the team. Or they're gonna say you know what we want this course to play longer than it's ever played a lot of the players are saying. You know that the fairways are role like they usually do and what that they do it -- -- The superintendent cut and it is there was no chemistry but -- cut the fairways all in one direction towards -- towards the ten feet. So that the ball doesn't roll -- because it's against the grain of the grapples with them and when I first started play in the masters were taboo. Different directions they putted it -- and all the bright side of all -- was was downgraded the left side was against -- the better players competed on the right side of the fairway. And literally gets fifteen to twenty yards extra -- -- and Tom Kite was the first got to show that I don't ever do well here -- I candidate perhaps of a fairway. So -- -- but it. To -- go home. -- guy has been spread fact right now you have the guys think and I could. -- win with a score to mediate got to win would you be happy to shoot to radiate. Well I'd be happy -- at the masters and clean it up and I love that place yeah and there's no place would -- more excited to play more nervous to play or more creative what your plan. Yeah I think I'm radiate from me would be a very good score. I didn't say last night that I got eleven under would be a winning score at the end of the week. But I think it's very weather and wind dependent. All right this is -- Saunders. The hottest. The hardest Golf Channel chick I mean there's a pretty impressive lineup which you beat the top the list. Well -- You know I've been would colleague Don isn't Kelly Tillman just took her around the studio I haven't seen all the other girls I'll I'll I'll do my research -- Jerry and I know how important that is. I saw the picture you sent out whether and -- she's pretty that's pretty impressive. And I haven't seen a lot of the other girls who work there but it's. Now I'm just don't give a good student here on. I'm trying to work -- 13 grabs. Okay well I told you I'd go to Rory right I like -- badly and I might. But -- dark horse -- in there's never been the sweetest guy to win this Hendrick and spend some. You always -- the weird. But no matter -- in -- wins so so if -- if you can pick tiger this first or second you say Rory -- and then then maybe tiger. Very Keegan Hendrick and I. American tiger. -- -- It's also I think a pretty big here from Justin -- number three in the world a lot of people think his legacy. And kind of a trendy pick these days up yet -- wouldn't be surprised at flashy Rickie Fowler and actually do all right rebel talked young money will wrap this whole thing up. I don't enjoy your time fans -- getting our shot over the weekend we -- yeah aren't grown and open up. At that Brad Faxon -- Denis and tell him on the AT&T hotline Brad has brought to you by foot joy. What joy home to a number one -- in golf more the world's best golfer square foot joy shoes choose your style at foot joy dot com and doesn't tell him look good in his foot joy golf shirt today.

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