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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston.com, on the Celtics and the upcoming playoffs

Apr 11, 2013|

Jackie MacMullan joins the show to discuss the Celtics loss to the Nets last night, the play of Jeff Green when KG is in the lineup, and who the C's match-up well against in the East.

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I'll start the hour by helping you out this -- for New Hampshire on the AT&T tech appliances -- -- watching the masters and his iPad. Can you tell us where he's watching it if it's free a network I wanna -- well starting your -- also help you out masters dot org. You can watch certain holes of the masters live you -- watch the leaderboard given iPad like -- does. You have the masters app right biggest download or watch different things MM probably have the apps like 2012. Keep shall we bubble arsenal against zero masters -- conscious dot com -- -- it is pretty damn good. What a waste of time this afternoon to say to check it out listen to us what is the masses on your iPad or your laptop I'll watch an -- on the monitor here. And you can -- work the rest of the afternoon -- joining us on the ATP hot on the great Jack McMullen ESP in boston.com. -- not Lou how are you. I'm not watching the masters and another. We you were watching this Celtics the last couple weeks and about the Kevin Garnett returned was good at will get to KG but as a team. Is it fair to say that with four games to go in the week to go for the post season they're still trying to figure out. Exactly what type -- team they're going to be heading into the playoffs next week. Well I think it's fair and I think it's. Ominous to some degree. Because. Continuity consistency. I just go back to. Figure out what we're all gonna do get some rest and after the that he wanna be and clearly the Celtics aren't. Because of the injury KG and you all the other injuries they've really become a cumulative I think over the course of the season. You know we said look at this team look at them locked -- -- -- looked -- to have the next in that first round where talk about that -- open. To -- the the only reason why men look at it's more about DNA right just the unknown of the knicks putting it together that's. That's the only the only reason while of people feel that the Celtics I think can go out there and beat the next. That's really the only reason they should think that -- because of the way the knicks are playing and he's been unbelievable Melo is an incredible. And you know there are -- -- that that is I think I believe -- tops in the league in three point shooting. That's a team that when you get to the playoffs he can worry about a little bacon if you have a bad game. What how -- -- -- gonna generate your offense and they read like quite a bit on that so you know anything on the circuit that's a plastic but let's be honest here. The Celtics. Are among the worst teams in the league in offensive production. And you know KG comes back to -- was on a -- now. Not so much Brandon bass and being -- come back yet you know I think in my -- Randolph has taken over Wilcox -- minutes you know a lot of things are happening here it would be wonderful kid had a month to figure -- -- -- you don't. It's interesting because doc was asked the question I've -- of was John or Jerry US today. About Kevin Burnett returning and having it negatively affect Jeff Green. No question he's he's I -- -- settle and you know honestly it started so early on up on the third quarter detected -- But you know your Reggie Evans -- time utterances that reporter that we shouldn't just settle for the first jump shots so I don't think it's -- That was doc after the game they said its same thing again today I don't know what it is but the Jeff Green that we see in the first two games since he's returned. It's Kevin's return is not the chapter and we saw. -- grass -- take the ball the basket and I just hope that you can be on the same court at the same time is as far as Jeff Green and Kevin -- go. That's -- Celtics play from the cheers those two guys that. Well yeah -- too but. Biggest screen you with four for seventeen in this game. So it's not like he was looking cute to score because normally member follows months ago that would -- that was our complaint right. -- -- I believe it was that I think it was leading the -- both teams in terms issues -- I may -- Williams they get their arrangement taken. One or two more shots so it's not that it's just. And I would disagree with doc a little bit I think -- have to say that -- and that I mean I think defected Jeff green is certainly one of the reasons the settling his could KG down there now. And and I think the line that was when KG -- outlook is there is nobody else -- comedian Paul and I've got to do this. A look so good KG back now I don't have to be well now you do you still have to. Especially because really. Do we know how is it KG going to be a 100% for the drug. You know guys that are a 100% don't leave the game with a protective -- afterwards. You talk with the rotation and it's starting lineup of Bradley piercing green in passing Kevin Garnett and it looks good. On paper having those guys out there that. I think we have to talk about the -- and its net three point shooting. -- guarding the perimeter you know pierce on a 20 dream on to an athletic guy -- permit to meet would be a liability with the bigger lineup. That's a good point and you know Courtney -- they brought Courtney Lee is here to be that kind of perimeter defender. And I think when they did that with probably the heat but also the -- in mind. And again you know you hate to bring up. -- here but I I -- when I was the knicks were in town them and then I was down there in New York right before opening -- the Red Sox haven't talked at some of the knicks' front office guys didn't. They said hey you know guards like -- -- the kind of guard it bothers those pesky little penetrating guard against us on their heels so they're relieved that he's not there. And so this matchup -- two months ago looks very different then than it does to me now. Economic bonus joining us out of the foul trouble last night was an issue for Avery Bradley but right he's been in this he's been in this -- I wonder if you think it's just the it's the effect of a full season and how to do a lot when Rondo out or is it just something he can he can pull the -- got to come playoff time because defensively. He says issues not just with the Darrell -- last night chasing cute couple -- back climate not the same defender we saw early in the year. -- instead -- Avery Bradley when he first came back the energy he brought absolutely and how adopting he must've been at the end of every game. Maybe that's what we're seeing a little bit here also two teams are doubting him now you know when he first came. That complaint kind of talking you know 2 seasons ago and am every -- decorate the backdoor cut and everybody was talking about that what happened teams to get away. And -- -- the shoulder surgery and spent a lot of time in the gym -- -- -- jump -- since developed a week we seem to think is a pretty reliable perimeter shot. And because he changed his game and I think he's a really hard working kid. And I think he's probably really frustrated a little confused as -- like things -- going the way they were before. But you know let. It's time that we you know he loved this expressionless the big boy pants it's time -- valid with the big boy pants on. And I thought that came last night with a little disappointing he was playing with those 2000. I think we were all watching closely to see he had a maturity of the place. To get to halftime and it was going to be a long long road to get to halftime without picking up that third foul. And he couldn't do it. And he's got to figure out how to do things like. Are out of despite his dock you know its last four games because beat. -- but that's dialect he wants to go with but they have really played together a lot you know -- green and Garnett on the court as starters. How do you manage that you eat you know you want them to play together but it probably won't keep and I in the minutes as well. Right and especially with Garnett pierce I think to the tune particularly wanna keep -- -- Jeff Green to me it's. Because of what he's coming off the heart surgery and because of the kind of up and down season he's had I think the Mormon is to better for him. I feel that way about Bradley I didn't feel that way to a lesser extent about Jason Terry because. You got to somehow snapped him out of the funk. I mean no one wants to hear the two dirty words Ray Allen back. Everytime doc gets you know kind of resolute about -- -- which I love I think we all of it. Healy says that while we were within one game of the final last year well you have Ray Allen and I know ran on the speed up for part of -- seeded. But evil and ray wasn't making shots and he did make some big. He was always a threat to make sequence. And that's almost as important sometimes is making the shot itself. And who's really convinced right now accurate opposing team are you convinced Jason Terry is gonna -- that dagger for -- and we all of Jason Terry cookies. He hit the great guy to have in your locker room and answering this frustrated anyone but the strikes fear in anybody right now. -- -- problems all over the lot here. One for seven in that stretch last night on 24 minutes and day out they're gonna make any sort wanted the knicks in the first round looks more more like it is that. If he's gonna have to shoot the ball well Courtney -- you mentioned off the bench -- he goes big with that line at least going to be asked to come in and play 2526 minutes defense and hit the three. The knicks one. The Mets in the three point shooting line up earlier for -- Carmelo Anthony I mean you look at what he's done here this year getting a tremendous Olympic run he was awesome. Offer them on the Olympic team and it's. Jackets carried over where I know he's not gonna win the MVP he should be in the discussion he's been that good this year for the next. Oh sure and you know -- he's gonna get some votes because. It's all about momentum isn't it because people actually. You know it's always been true people don't wanna go for the same guys over and over but they should I -- LeBron got. We got -- win and you know what a -- I can't believe people aren't talking about Kobe more because that's been unbelievable as well you know. But -- is right and that conversation and I think it's because the next you know they won thirteen in a row or whatever they they've got some serious momentum going here. And and the big question for them as well you know does the -- come back if he comes back what he's doing them all they've got their own questions that they can't answer. But let's give credit let's give credit to -- because. I think he's been. He's been portrayed before as an offensive only guy -- selfish player and and I think in -- score -- points and within the context of what his team needs to do itself I think you got to tip your hat to. Tech unit that Western Conference Oklahoma City San Antonio just balance of that number one CD do you think quietly both of those teams root for the lakers to not make the playoffs having. That they're good teams but you want any part of that the first round. I wouldn't. Let it. Kobe Kobe done that he's he's he's the otherworldly -- which we see now and again in. I you know I honestly. Honestly think that really. Because of what he's been asked to do you really probably should be the MVP no life is great as LeBron has been and I know he has been in his team is the best team in the league at all that. But if you look at what Kobe had to do this blog these guys who have literally drag them on by the hair and the amount of minutes he's played in the amount of points he's had this court. I think its content and an additional he's in his career I would daresay that he would still -- up right now. And yet he keeps drag them a lot and that's not getting healthier and Gasol getting more comfortable. And even Dwight Howard is getting a little more comfortable so yes you're right I wouldn't want them anymore than I think anybody in the east want the Celtics. Because even though they don't look at now we've seen what happens when they get together I don't worry about -- And Garnett I never worry about that even when they're playing poorly they played so hard and there's still intimidating they're always gonna get is something it's the other guy's story. The thing about -- we look you want talk about his points this month especially 23242530. And 47 last night went over port that's fine. I'll say he's in his seventeenth year -- -- played what 48 minutes. Last night it's one appoints Jack it's the minute this guy is playing right now and hit this advanced stage of his career is unheard of in the NBA. Yeah I think it I think here's the think it'll cost of that final year and I really do I think the Wear and tear on your body. Is that the that'll happen and he takes great care of himself but you know that. We talk about his point that remember that one stretch where they need to facilitate a little more he just decided okay. I'll be a facilitator and started averaging about fourteen assists a game I mean he is really one of the great players. Ever in this league and and he's -- single handedly make the lakers get there whether they want to or not. Jackie is always great stuff we appreciated double talking next week I have a great week and hijacking the Boland joining us on the ATP hotline when Jackie joins the show. She's brought to you by HSA insurance by Newton Wellesley dental partners. And by -- hill for with the -- second break come back your phone 617. 7797937. To follow up on the Celtics that lineup and Jeff Green. Next.

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