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LB on Bruins win and Marchand injury

Apr 11, 2013|

LB joins Mut and Merloni in studio to discuss the Bruins win over the Devils, Brad Marchand's injury, and the play of Milan Lucic.

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That's the biggest challenge for coaches you know around the league not just myself but you know it's been a situation where. It was really tried to -- to figure out you know how much -- need vs how much practice we need you know. And -- not just as physical rest and the mental rest you know. Volunteering to almost every day. In every day to come to reach -- either game or two preparation for the next game so. He ordered her something to be said about that and but took the thing is every team is going through it so we don't wanna use as an excuse but you're certainly. Understand the challenges that it represents for the players. Claude Julien has his Bruins. Win last night I church a great win if your Bruins and the first caller heard today talk Bruins in the station DNC said. It was so refreshing to -- the Bruins get back to Boston Bruins hockey last night and I as I sometimes do LB how much I yelled at the radio said. Freaking gamer you'll watch all my. Come on now is it up everything and Mike Milbury wants in the NH LC after last night we don't need to meet the goal bigger. We have got -- nine pulled between two New Jersey one of the best defensive squads on the planet the Bruins put up five aren't Jersey. I I think not for not -- who don't probably played a sharper game is I'd seen him play well a year. Listen that -- -- hope you play all -- guys -- emaciated Slater has yet again. Now here's the thing that was just that was special teams OK that five before rate that was special teams. It got to the point where it wasn't even in -- but every the momentum of -- -- was stopped by some crap -- not all the crap don't get me wrong. It's still I was like are you serious -- and all every -- rare thing in the what is the tend to go live on for about five on 34 on 44 on 35 vote for me -- -- -- -- night long acts. That is there outrage out there it's getting crazy. And I think you know I agree with Clyde. It was like -- goddesses are you just see the guys events on this is cool at 899. Mon nine more to go where it where out of this mass. And I've read but a look at W right now huge -- four points back to Bedford. First place in the east the only game in hand it and I don't think Tampa -- you reduce any favors to name -- -- Montreal's what -- Charles -- buffalo rival game and you don't you think but buffalo might also monitor aspirin. You know I can't ugly is ugly and it's it's all over the image. Mean look at -- just look at the box scored shorthanded I have an effect it can make even ice and I got like ten minutes of even ice time and in six and a half. As a -- KY five and a half minutes. -- and -- after residents -- -- short -- -- I'm concerned it was it got to the point where atlas and gave the Bruins penalty kill eight it was gonna. Break up a little bit that -- that the doubles were just an awful hockey team early -- the Bruins are. It was at a penalty kill a -- they're four or five when they were doing the -- -- of the they'll get some of the best offense subject of the night why. I I'd enough for not New Jersey play when a bunch of -- our players REI -- was out of some phone -- doesn't. In the slot first -- my god it was comical. We -- so that first goal. Is what people say it's tough to get the puck off the stick that first call pretty much the poster that -- that. Now that would be the post that would be the video that you like to show all the kids -- this is this is how you stand stand tall in the slot a lot of the biscuit. And yet apart in that make some happened. By. Size there was some fonts up to watch out you know day soupy Campbell getting goals and and play and what those guys in. And and making things happen Danny play. You know I've always going to be fanning his speed you know there there's some. There's a real option serious side the -- news about Soderbergh -- in -- I'd you know -- -- at some scoop from a friend up up north. I noted there herald said the deal isn't done but I I got a scoop from a north of the deals done and that he's he's gonna play probably against Carolina. I think that's huge. I mean answer -- he hit it eleven impact. It could be right that would not I don't know I don't know it hitless in the eat the that Swedish elite league the league leagues over there you know -- -- -- top. Five guys are legit. Are you know those are -- debit legit and he's a better he's a big physical guy and of course are you got -- course I adjustment period of the communal good wireless chip player but -- could be an adjustment I just I don't believe that anymore might you know it used to be that those days are over like I I remember. You know backe on the analysts are North -- eighties but when I play in the world junior team. You know what you we'd go from the smaller ranks all the way over the in other race here in our 200 -- -- 100 you know there there -- only -- a little bit bigger over there and it is small the NHL I -- yes it's not gonna matter they got the guys the guys the guys big it's not like he's a middle of the road -- That's gonna come here may may may have to get up to speed because these guys are gonna be a lot better that the NHL so much faster. This is at this guys like that you know those guys blew a lead it's thirty goals a nine points -- -- you know he is Little -- these steam -- when a top players only. These are gonna come over here and and in soc designer quadrant is almost you are gonna come over here at 63225. Pounds to get pushed around. Anesthesia -- -- associating with this team. The fact that -- so did the Bruins are so big in the can be physical they have a band that physical but doubted they can be physical I think that the I think. There's not going to be an adjustment period but. You're on this team right it makes it particularly put aside a percent cut your mind the Bruins the Bruins because last night -- can I there were some positive and you started to mention some of them. I give -- negative. They continued turn the puck over the phone and as a defense if Sanjay red delta and isn't that exciting. Then Dellucci in neutral zone lobby that was it's not just defenseman awful would you -- -- wow but overall. -- how does -- get them back to plain. It's so stupid hockey might you know aren't -- aren't just the calendar -- to -- evident last don't over think it might. You're you're brainy -- UAE -- you know the game you study the game I love your passion for all the sports. What you have to understand is in the NHL. They're truly is our second season. It's so much different -- all the other sports like we're tomboy you'd you know view -- the other day you know 123 Forney MBA. Those guys gonna win their first round playoffs. You know you -- DHL. Has always. You know you're in their daily the only kings of silica champs right now we Bruins got to be a high seed but -- -- -- -- -- yeah -- the way hockey that well star asked it to playoffs are different -- I -- I don't believe that I listen I'll tell you what let's let's but did at the capital growth right now. Right now I'll bet you -- -- much and I'll bet you all right John Dennis dinner that he problems are really not the united slightly and all you do is Gatorade and alcohol let's honor and I I you know I had had a bag of popcorn today. I'm -- a -- a lot of its seventh day what -- you what you apple checked Kapalua I'm -- on the byes to bring up the bite of the apple back you know I banana as a podcast on fizzled video I want to do so it decently all pumped up -- I'm I'm I'm I'm on a really talented awesome show my -- -- of that. When I'm gonna belliard dinner ticket to -- the capital grew all day. That bye -- to -- and they'll have a downtown Amman I think Dick entered on our have a -- have a dial dance and I have a -- the end. -- I'm not a doubt that I -- They're going to be -- In the next Friday. In Boston they gonna put -- -- on it in everybody's gonna be sky high and feeling good about our Boston Bruins. Well they're -- they're going to be there to be the homer -- right I know I hear and get all the rumors float around town. From off from all the -- wants to do this kind of stuff yet ally of these are bigger lower than in than anybody I've ever seen bigger than Derek Sanderson sure you heard Jack -- Edwards. Meet that -- meet Don -- outs on come knock me out of the lefty would mean we have dual radio. Is that they I do think that they can. They can turn on right now that during the fall Columbus do scheduling end to the transition different guys coming in to different lines people work with one another. Bergeron on the ice now I'd probably are coming back Kelly. You -- -- if you were to look at this team it's okay -- on now we don't know what you wanna get into -- an opinion on some about that. What I dig deeper. Yeah they're they're very eBay and with and with depth. With depth -- and then the corn that the fact that the guys that they haven't played so long these guys these are the confidence is gonna be sky high. And and the winning games to their winning games fellas I -- I just I can't say now finally I really like this squad how love the fact is sort of her kids coming in here. I mean you're talking you're talking and it talented. Player habits what six years he's already played brawl and I and I and I get my -- -- -- 41 year old that play in a year over in the illegally you get me a legit. Veteran is going to be crazy good. We come back -- talk about the hit on Brad marsh excite you usually you -- things around town about what they went on the -- about the broad digital Dodd think about this react. The Bruins -- reacted last night should react to the Brad Marchand hit that he took that knocked them out of that game. The Bruins the old Bruins what are reacted and started something with somebody on the ice there with the devils would get your reaction -- LB your phone calls next. Back at a Butler got a 37 WE got a lot of frustration in this studio man that had -- -- got a soft got a masters fan overdoses. Snowman in this day and age can someone tell me how the hell I you'd be -- and the masters live in my -- that. It's on my computer and that you sit there and it -- water and watch the water you watched it at 616 every got -- goes through 1516 and no one's great uncle don't want to two different beat this year Tiger Woods' dog at all Schwartzel Simpson -- job I want now Tiger Woods dot com which is following that's -- -- -- -- tape edited just stuck thank did just finally allowed one -- BM camera. Okay they they they own everything they don't let anybody do anything on their man -- -- you to Jim. You know honestly easily can it build me up so I can't wait to watch at 330 when it comes on now he ultimately did you don't -- in my black got a little bit like it really want to not really a tigers could be off by then totally care. By 1045 will be on the seventeenth you may catch couples that like at 330. Six hours to element and -- volunteer prime time are married and not is not rocket -- give Buehrle went bankrupt hit. Just we just -- just strictly as he needs of certainly -- -- just so flustered at the watch in three African sports last night my final product. All got to be good idea to be the master the clicker you'll look you have to look down but I have to look at your DVR all over the place where -- let's -- I got a pattern thing going on here multiple dvds I had been in. Brad Marchand had -- -- -- -- Ten games in Jersey Jersey not gonna make the playoffs. Got a great opportunity to send a message that was that was premeditated. Had district complete disregard for someone's help. Elbowed -- on and they had to repeat offender yet. Of one dollar -- -- -- -- the kind of kind of percent and on the same thing -- kind of percent here's the problem with the with the conference call -- wrong. Copper -- -- -- maximum of five games I agree that you get more than five it sounds like only five games but. It's got to be a message your machine and write that I would not has already done this in your team is not the OC right you take out of players that's not a team player in top it's. War okay this I don't -- anybody says Marchand is in Sidney Sidney Crosby but he did did you know this is what to the Bruins that their top score. -- -- Big big time -- should -- all right so that's the easy one right we all agree. Is it a harder question if I ask why they should have been a didn't respond dossier on the ice. I don't you know what I was I knew I was really surprised -- I was really surprised at a news saudis get in the game. I was -- -- sampling and and I was really surprised. Some wind did not take liberties and went -- that would you know. Or is that in this country are not I don't know what's can easily drop the gloves and beat the -- out of. Unit at the -- that it's almost like he reached down was like oh I'm sorry -- okay. What is should he got there is some we should go up so we should have buried him in the abort. I agree but and the the only the only thing I will say is that because of the proximity of where marsh was terrible check out. And I don't know I don't know if everybody knew how hurt marsh wise -- he didn't start doing the pineapple to step till the second times but he got out. CN I don't. At the time exactly what happened but I can I stuff that. It was tough to make a case because Campbell's -- in the popular DJ being as good job breaking this down and WEEI dot com Campbell's follow the -- Yeah all the grounds we'll check off right away the keys right there to grab the referees jump right that's -- I don't know what he would done. I just met later in the game at some point. By now that's see that's got that there'd there'd be. I'll be useless any sodas and anxiety I she's got into ya ya got what do you ability -- -- -- -- and it would it compounds Ajax. I mean not that I would like did I mean undergo sex that I got the you know again you're talking about you is somebody would just end up getting suspended you know you guarantee that he's -- -- any record of fighting for the east. What did you went away when it you know what it would have been great would've been great gifts yet you're just what it just love line call cocked and now have been -- referee jumped right in I know it's still younger and got a shot there he immediately grabbed him by nobody tries to figure out mechanic popped him in the cancer. But you know it is what it is you know they -- have to -- -- Shanahan and a anon and there's a great example of there if you know I I understand it's a big boys game played by big boys and you know you wanna. He wanted to -- but the big dodger deal with the puppies. But you got right you know it it's it's just that you got to drop camera this is Brendan Shanahan it's in his cornering now and you got you got a big big if -- only if the only suspended five games. They get a lack. From with a mass of -- I'm on Regis and Claude Julian quotes because he's that's an interesting stuff today over practice this was is ask the question about. The battle as teams in right now for the battles with ourselves. To be better in the battle is to battle against the media. Where you guys find those kinds of negative things and and the question was about. -- your team respond you know -- your team try to protect Brad Marchand and his response was it's a battle for ourselves. And a battle about battling it you guys in the media he went on to say. We're gonna deal -- that lack of response internally I don't -- my guys under the bus you know that is the situation there that happened last night could week in that in the past. I think you would have seen that a response from his team is their reason why didn't happen not. Really -- in Sierra -- we -- just you know DO and you -- dealing with the media because. When his team has responded earlier in the year you did to drive the point that these guys care about one another that looked. -- happens to one of our players he's telling the media is a response that's the way I want my team to act and be proud of that. When it doesn't happen. Has become -- media and say well we got to deal with what you guys Telus will be should be deal. Yeah you threw it out there earlier that's one reason why you proud of your teams or it doesn't happen of course you're gonna get those questions. Yeah Gary it's words it's a bank bank saying it's you know it's one of those things they either either it goes down or you can't. You can't go down with with a with a 5102 delay. You know I mean. We can't go down by 330 seconds later the reaction it's a reaction thinks -- got that kind of -- am -- -- is an area in my downloading that the Boston Bruins is a hard. Hockey team. Aren't close knit bunch -- guys I will guarantee you those guys. Audio line they're there they're they're they're all for one and one for all I wouldn't doubt it is in a heartbeat. I just think there was one of those words circumstances -- Noble Genco was account in a position that nobody can really let him have it. He's got to be. Get negate big suspension today I don't know we can with it should be ten of the fact that it's -- -- impersonating a conference call type thing at some point this morning. Seems to point to five games and he's in Manchester on a big hit a Brad Marchand last night any open -- and Lou and LB what do you -- And I got -- -- -- -- -- shirt Phillies are in the desert you guys talked about it he deserved that. Who deserves a big Bioshock article actually did not go ahead what what player in the -- player in the NHL deserves an -- borders watched. The could end his career. -- Your opponent. Which parts. But I hear him -- -- guess streets and that's about Brett favre's gun is is the is that that's -- that's Gary -- nobody likes him and where is no question he's the past. To sit there overseas. I don't know what -- is Pittsburgh whoever used to sit there and say that. He got a concussion. He had a blatant elbow. And then he deserves it I think you can ask them. None are as serious ridiculous nobody -- that nobody -- it deserves a blatant and oh boy dad it's premeditated. The guy you know and you -- answers he has now somebody's neck arteries does so big and so strong and in you know I'm all for -- aren't I'm all for giving somebody a little extra extra. -- I was start was that logo it's -- right. Went close says will deal with -- internally right you're saying you're a little bit mildly surprised there wasn't responds why what has a conversation goat is this congress. Does he react to his team in front of the team has another player on that team step -- how when he says deal with it internally. That would lack response last night what does that mean. I different from my experience. Is that you're gonna have a team meeting and and now the coach gonna make a point in the market government. And you've got captains and and people -- That do what they do the voices voice and and in the and you have a discussion and everybody gets on the same page. How do you make do without Marchand -- couple weeks if it ends up being a concussion and the Bruins have not come Fordham said today. Out what it's going to be. Let's say it's concussion he missed a couple weeks how do you account as the guys right there -- -- team in terms scoring goals he's been re energized. With -- yarder on that line. I show what you deal Agassi and so we're gets here makes a little bit easier to he's skilled guy can play the wing. But until that and Patrice Bergeron comes back humorous in a big piece your team. Why don't ebony and I think you've got great you've dug in that's not so good but the brewers third line. That's that's -- -- the brewers' fourth line you know I mean Auburn obviously Campbell's they play great step up everybody. Everybody on the Bruins once served for they carry -- in authority. You know a tough guy. Guys got some guys get decent wheels he's you know he's not a detriment to aid to any line he you know he. So I think the -- the Bruins have you know with heavily with Kelly. And and when solar bird comes here he's gonna be an asset but you've got guys there that the -- -- play with anybody and so. It'll be a bug in here he can't replace what Marshall brings to the team. And I don't -- but he says Brad Marchand is our chief pars Brent -- on I'm seeing him doing needed me here. Haven't seen you know I mean I -- -- so slow I got here he debit that was I don't think that would that was he hadn't done that this year that was last year. -- -- this criticism given a pass addictive address tonight and I think I think caught him a bit address -- idol season now the senate Republican looking back at that and it looks like. -- sought clears day kind of went in there and gave a little little bush. The surprising one was was pleased soon he's dropped the anybody out some of the guys out. I was wonder why a lot of maybe -- -- was down look at that he's outlets -- Assad that he's just not sure he's the one guy that I would question and say. You gotta be tougher in that situation because I've seen that from Mecca before. I love that guy who dropped gloves with anybody you've Barack but I guarantee he'll watch that film. And he feels like crap in the morning because of the world that a player he is that he didn't respond -- -- more than Yahoo! lately. I say there's going to be some disappointed guys that happens you know their latest of these guys -- what each other. They've been their lineup they they they know you're an up and I would I would I would be I would be disappointed watching you know fight invited but again. It's its in -- that it in an immediate reaction you can't do it two minutes later at -- -- offer nothing in America since super break. I was in snide remarks. I don't think there's. -- -- -- younger heated Eagles score out here let's say why wasn't instead he wasn't snapped the mode using sniper month what LB's here in studio with us -- brought to you by you and it's -- -- job like it Plymouth. -- Brockton where they arraignment on it by LB is their doctor doctor Robert Leonard change your lettuce -- like I'll call 1800 get -- of that gap and by the city of Boston credit union Dana him all your phone calls and LB Lyndon byers. Next here on Sports Radio W yeah. Jack and equality ESP impossible to stop the hour noon Butler and 937 WEEI your calls throughout 617. 77979378. TT -- -- 37937. Our office here we're talking about before the show that you ward here. Yeah playoff team want the Bruins to face -- agreement bring us Toronto bring us is that this April illegals bring us this cast its stock as if they don't win the division looks like it's Toronto rebel -- right phenomenon I love that. In the bottom half -- Ottawa the islanders and Rangers all tied to a few -- -- division. -- the Rangers. Still think differs ski and they're good team this to scare me under -- big time this year. -- narrow path they've I don't predict you know I'm a cup I don't I wonder Richard I watched them all I've watched him for two weeks now. And I -- got nothing they they don't play defense. -- Nash is legit beat the kid's amazing. Lundqvist hasn't been up there half of what he can be I am not worried about during these tough for the Toronto. But they are they tougher than Toronto I think it would be. I'll tell you what I I I would love this I just wanna see that Ronald Boston Bruins series because of being seen through the NHL. The it would really be be awesome to have castle in the hole that hole -- -- Hamilton Sagan deal going nine. I think dead Toronto Maple Leafs have been incredibly feisty. And play a lot tougher than they can be I think they're playing good hockey they got a little Montreal and on the water bargain and around in the offensive zone. You know and a elephant if ever if he ever gets the gets -- starts plain nasty and that defensive -- follows the suit they can they could be. They could be a dangerous team replacement. They knew I -- 10 I would I would love to win I think these guys deserve it they've -- their planner -- you know big -- good team win the east. Liberal weapon on Pittsburgh expects -- I just. Yeah and it draws playing good lately too but I summaries that just look at that team say they can't beat the Bruins a look at the islanders. I don't know taken between -- a look at Ottawa. And they just -- to you I was -- yes yes so here's the point if they won a division. They'll play one of the three Ottawa the Rangers and the islanders. I'm not crazy about rock crazy but I. -- and though. You know you again -- at the end of the baseball season -- your your ball when your ball went in the AL east you don't Kiki got here in about who you're gonna face in the play out who you want a piece in the play house. You you you -- clearly you wanna win it and I don't. -- -- Is there with the Yankees an old old school yankees -- division the rats out to the second best team in the league wild card. Those go to division to think about that you know or threats out at the Google would do you know rather play and vice. All I care I care martyrs I went in the present -- to me it's a bonus money. Boris -- -- it and -- -- an equitable what do Hampshire says that like the way we match up with the New York I want pick. I want it to get the minute rally in my bonus 618 their potentially with those two teams data in -- is a New Hampshire. On a marsh on him last night Dana what you have. Been reported more extended -- Any on the Airbus. I took us by you called us that it warden in a while I shrugged it yeah. I've wondered bloggers don't talk about this agent later -- brigade would play out of that. -- right there was double back there's no question was that a blatant elbow -- up against the glass at a snowball I everybody that there was a call he deserved to go. It put the boxing shape. -- that it be an edit data that was the same now was there was in the senate in Connecticut there was that wasn't it was a you know I was an elbow he was flying by go bad it was missing. I can't. Enjoy enjoy the weekend. It's two different things though leading keep costs anybody's fortunately not -- -- it's one offender right the penalty was the right call but right Jim and it's troubling is that his ultimate throwing. When he would lately almost somebody in -- not come out. And indeed that's that's in the and that suspension -- Then again there was there was I'm not you know -- residential real those that a real calls in that game I should elect in the first second period it was. Even the guys commented on the ball you gonna call this way better at doing all game all at the static that ridiculous after -- while we got a million text on this Alaska. You down on the -- teach his Blake's lot of fans are. I did -- you give me down a mile Lucic the guys a warrior the guy's done everything you as humanly possible he's won your Stanley Cup if you can't grab his back. I've -- on the way to a -- front. I I there's nobody nobody is gonna maybe more presence style on the Boston Bruins in a period in in in a -- front the mile Lou changed so everybody lighten up. As the pretty bad -- you know here's an -- eyeballs I'm sure he's ready did you choose to go springs couple goals and a guy gladiators I don't think you -- -- I don't think you've got anywhere and -- we've got five goals -- not a necessity. Okay -- We need to pick it up especially the policies of the last two post seasons he has really why is. Say if you mile Lucci -- guys -- warrior he Ian and everybody our team knows it not. He'll be there when when the time comes. They're gonna bring this podcast camera every time you -- now I gotta worry about. The united cameras this one time wars my really my only time to really be famous son is Smart Maloney guy tonight when Scully and I infamous maybe. He has -- TS a legit and -- was all fired up today was I love Albert Hanrahan I secretary's attitude. That's wanted all over the ballpark is Hank. Sometimes the -- but have a. Give my -- go again tomorrow this. -- that's a little thing run Joey not allow idea. And and bus pulled the trigger but it will be podcast believe that they got the air Joel you're gonna vodcast that Orton and I am by the way just aren't quick patriots yeah Julian adamant that -- -- -- of low. Outwards Jimmy Johns CNN about the market for him be so. Crap war having a 111 point 15 -- -- blatant deal could not get a sniff. A multi year Dario he clearly he's at the patriot knew I had to get Ellis there's my -- we get a bigger market that's what. I he would you know Doug -- David heard. Athletes love to have you don't have everything in in in their back pocket it's up to him. He's got a guy named Tom Brady. Monkeys and put up sick numbers as it is now -- -- numbers withdrawal Larry in my eyes book and approach Walt could you. At least respect game all right that's -- -- -- they'll -- he's gonna want designer rather bill it's all just look right now at 2 o'clock he's got. Larry my eyes in the pool on global glad. Hey I -- can you pass me that Arnold Palmer and the tuna sandwich that you got over there for a dollar seventy fives -- you keep that mental sandwich to establish. And you know my course that Arizona attorney. Where that what's what holes are proxies without their voters. Phoenix Open Phoenix Open look we gonna win a road trip you gotta get out here I got to go to -- as -- did your really -- -- Or see you very soon LB in the house you -- think. -- -- joins us every single after brought into joins us here and talks opening sake I jacking that ball would join us next we'll get -- take. On Jeff Green last couple games Kevin Garnett back Jeff Green back to is always Jack McMullen next.

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