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Third Man Out with Kirk Minihane

Apr 11, 2013|

A brand new podcast from the third man in on the Dennis & Callahan Show, Kirk Minihane gets to do what he wants while John and Gerry are busy with interviews. In this edition Kirk talks Mad Men and family life with Mut. NSFW language.

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Beats third man out when the interview and only just walked home with -- minute I don't actually say something Indio let us off on W. Yeah -- dot com. I don't like. Beat us. Just brought this that we're not talking talkback be awful statement which he did I get. We are here enough because some lessons never hear. Why you were old stuff. So this is the first one of these experimental. -- brought you win here here's the. The lab rat pack and air -- -- -- -- -- party shipped out one podcast that was supposed to air on this (%expletive) There's no question about this this is babies. No question about it. This (%expletive) thing. Swear I language -- did not grant him your rights or is that once he swears he will work great which is partly due podcast ways you're so it's the first episode of third man out. John injured and not allow me in for interviews they're talking darker for -- forward you see John winter coat the -- Nine arts ten yards away even if he Jerry's had a red light your first of this year and a talking to -- -- new and -- -- Get all your guess your pocket guests will happen. While spokes being in there interviewing that's important. And it's -- did not subversive. So much you know and I army air we do in each of the reality that she got pretty right. Com. It's this is not -- -- today the reason -- here today is because if you would on the roster but I don't wanna talk about it you wanna talk about. That that would anybody else here at the station. You lost to take about you know it would be good spot sure that the show you're wrong. Promotes splash in the final two shows on TV what your talks about the fight is a disgrace. That a -- That show. Thought the afternoon like -- I think we -- about acquitted world championship. Right Michael -- maybe he'll talk -- -- look at you we don't get along gonna deal for eight minutes because no adults the station. Can talk about you want to you don't have that. Do you work for a development for -- well. I series. I think you can picture deal throwing up a -- good deal with the heat up which you can pictured in. And train on our back and I think it's. -- three minutes amendment -- jump when you about the other broke the first episode. You know Matt Weiner is a Weiner -- Matt -- Is from the David -- school -- all right from the coaching tree wrote The Sopranos and The Sopranos -- did -- season premiere -- awhile. Didn't give you any of those holy crap moments -- sort of set the scene for the year. And you know and it was great episode that given that. I thought it was a great episode I mean it's get a lot of criticism and out read a lot of its -- a couple of guys. And every one. That I Everett says there wasn't enough action I mean you got. I wanna -- episode. I got Don Draper heeding his life I mean you you're like workshop on -- Beach. And read that book he wants the anywhere else but there is next this woman. Who is attractive he knows that you -- -- should be with their but he hates what's going on. Roger sterling cry. At the end of an episode over something. About a shoe shiner got -- -- -- cry once about his wife. And I got a little bit. Like equal I really like my prepared characters are Draper Stirling pack wolf thank eastern it's done deterrent -- now. -- -- auditions and -- this operation is now now wizard FT Campbell. Does not want to protect both sides hurt the company also could be a whole show rates are sharply these -- That that is the best shot. Now if -- shot the year TV it was crack about cell unlikable and but you Cecil watchable so it's a good setup it's the season. Not enough Pete Campbell free but it sounds like in couple reviews going forward Pete Campbell Joan featured Mort you. One -- -- -- -- heavy -- prepared no heavy eating a lot of Betty this year on the other girl on the what's going on. She got this girl in nets abandoned apartment house or Hurt -- -- Iraq. Two Henry Bennett and -- to a sleep at like lap at a rate. I'll hold ourselves stops on the arm arm now. It's going carpet for tickets to away from the -- -- BKX get a boy either bootable. We can. And hockey -- -- to us. That's a look first at any kind of conversations through mad. -- -- -- ago. People we hate each other -- for much on the year extremist. That's. -- from there let this and that -- emails and the character gland. He shows up and I. I -- like he's hit I'm scared Atlanta I'm scared accurate these plastic like England this year. -- -- -- -- -- go to jail at some point it's gonna comedic home moustache now late so excuse. Couple years with the -- you've -- -- -- So I was really good first episode it's like I watched that throne and rescue barrel on Sunday night that's really watch right now baton. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sexy style shall do anything. He's miserable he will never be happy. Which like -- point right is that they're gonna continue to show and tunnel. He ever gonna find happiness but the goal is try to find on some sort happiness and beats per minute situation. It does is happy happy drinking -- happy sixties that Bart why. With a former. A GI. And get married off because he is that the content and content without ever again after that. Who's happy like I think it's a great what you make it takes -- later and it just does not think about that moment again like at that time. Seem to sell offered nothing is a guide to the buildings -- match. That's nice tree that's still my legendary gears for a long -- that's Draper I think it's Roger sterling so it's always a character suicide. Roger -- committed suicide well that's that's your angst in this in the mist into wrestling. Is that sexual tension to Elaine -- willing pockets happen this happen chance I get drunk enough mobile -- -- so -- likes the long. You better be denied -- organ. It was a 92 break in excellent treatments are so mad at them playoffs doc amendment -- People's people the other thing we're real quick that you need shall. Excuse me now you're -- -- Wagner from which is. The -- -- and he's like -- -- sank that actually orders orders on which is strange but he's having his. Like for son or daughter which is just sister but that's the point. It's first communion Sunday. It's. It's ours is baptism if you bat that's of them is gonna happen Sunday afternoon in Everett church and it's coming -- sort of I don't. And I -- that's -- church lot or the governor. You every week. I don't lie. -- swat once a week it's it's a good 45 stretch for the most part 4545. Weeks on that Sunday. Life for final -- 5%. Attendance record -- -- -- -- -- The weak laws -- like a long couple walks and 510 box. Boy so nervous about this like you keep it in their eyes open an issue if you're not -- I just I sorted out at the same thing as a matter come back in ninety seconds that relies on that show up the effort was -- -- -- title with -- him marginalized this effort yet but it's tied to -- a little too I think in the -- out guys that you know but the -- At the party at the party Sunday afternoon Christian and a party for family afterward personally was not your son's going because you never go to church your -- be flocking. It's for money for clothes that's why it's fine that's your risk in cars. Arnold techniques and the props and the couple once. But the other the other things aren't biting grown. I. Your house. On Sunday afternoon masters Sunday. So. That is an area that's a fair point odds. All outlook to sit here and debate this but I want these people that is always more -- other people think. Man when the state came down I agreed to ended double check and want to keep its -- you know me you know me -- out there and -- actually other Google search right away at some suspect in the wedding this -- 3 o'clock on Thursday afternoon on -- Sunday afternoon about seven this is -- -- your wife and kids may not will be -- east and some where they're going -- for the residual -- -- an article -- -- I'm telling -- don't they're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rap metal acts like defenses and shoot it down or maybe on my side because these church's -- the -- very US -- you very careless. These churches -- -- condensing and one from different parishes yeah so now they offered the christening once a month. Once a month that so what do we in April. There was an inmate on its general offered there was one and you'd get injured people vacationing their way I don't personally I'm council April to nine months we it was the California. -- which -- to do early in his wife 34 months totaled. As of the date they offered him the difference is your sons Chris and nine months forty years from now. -- the early glitzy you know she has it been like back to school -- -- -- the teaching. Him. Still working at. Its work. It's. So I. But it's you're you're gonna tell me party taught you that you're doing your folks yeah my -- that big TV. You know that is portables -- because you what do you like to watch the masters. On my couch that's the approach. And let's let's set this up the -- starts at 2 o'clock you talked to until 2 o'clock and Sunday morning on us on the web you know the Dutch will I be like that don't leave yet between genius to clocked by then will be a big one will smoked Turkey. Some burgers. The TV's on cold beer -- watch the masters with friends and fans because they say people are talking kids are running in and out it's going to be a poll should show you now college guys right. When those people leave to go -- and realize it and it's half hour 45 minutes on our map what -- -- -- Corporate world times or 3:34 o'clock and five the last two hours the -- what you know that it's the same walking gets -- turn on the TV. You missed 4511. And -- and it can't you are DVR needles and you -- you are an Ice-T -- control my kids out of house and get multicast you can't. Some people can I think people enjoy cars christening celebrating it -- the church. Watch the match iced -- be providing beer wine -- -- what's the problem. I think -- better. Mr. I don't think you're sitting at doing this for -- By -- -- next week Batman episode to him back he won't be here. Eight minutes.

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