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Doc Rivers says the Celtics lacked aggression last night

Apr 11, 2013|

Doc said the reason there was such a foul discrepancy last night was because the Nets were the more aggressive team. Doc added that he took the team to see 42 on Jackie Robinson and the players loved it. Lastly he said that he is thrilled for an off day at home in Orlando so he can watch the final round of the Masters.

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Our weekly conversation with -- coach Doc Rivers has brought you by northern bank and trust called -- space and Mercedes-Benz and that always docked joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning -- how are you. Good morning gentlemen our -- Did did William's school Avery last night because he just so much better it was just a bad night for Avery was early foul trouble rear its ugly head. But they -- -- early foul trouble I thought. Up and do better -- they -- -- -- tremendous job on cloud there aren't and then once. -- really want to get the first file Bill -- employer and and familiar. You can say dispute started because he knew to attack him. Bit warmer probably commodity -- when did you did you -- the ball yeah it goes to limit. Derek did something that your team for three quarters did not do and that was attacked fair to say. Yeah we do have one quarter of third quarter of the Matta thought. Went through much settled. For the quick jump shot in just jumps and it was really not that we've been playing so it happens and but it does support. How much control do you as the head coach Pavel or that document it would seem to me in in in a perfect world if you see three quarters where they're just shooting jump shots and taking the easy shot and one quarter of the third when they're attacking at some point in the time out there was one. Late in the first -- -- pretty -- he say guys we're not gonna do it this way anymore we got to attack not settle for easy shots. Did consider it all you want. And you can run that the duo but you do have days where. They don't and there was one of the game last night. When asked to happen. To get together as get things right for pro playoff start when it would you. Look into accomplishing these last few games. Well you know it is interesting because you know you still concerned about. A couple guys -- know. You know -- -- to accomplish things when you're looking for that but. You know as far as our practices and acute horrible working extremely hard right now. Although rhythm and I think we're starting to get that. You're starting gate you -- the might take it you're not looking at the matchups and we New York all set in the seven spot is that that -- do. Yeah I -- we're nets that so well -- -- -- -- a couple days or when one and lose one or something like had actually sure. But you know we -- meg gonna move are to be argued that think workable Barnett let us know. But they won't work and do we play them look like India. The fact of the matter is a solid shot no New York, New York say. Fact of the matter is a solid shot no free throws in the first half talk behind some say that's -- officials that ref -- conspiracy it was something other than that wasn't a dog. I don't Paducah Dugard endured our partner of one -- We're just playing broke what part of the only drive the first and I started a trial. -- you're twelve and didn't you know didn't get it out of the Matt. But the -- There were. No that lets you know I've always said that. The aggressor difficult. Human nature. And I thought. The Mets were attacking and attacking and we did it to make you look good -- day. And we lost through government through Brooklyn. Did you address and it's it's amazing an all Williams has been one clear aggressive. The other one of the team -- side away. Second started talking about the vagaries of Jeff -- -- let me just -- this is very direct correlation in your mind -- With Jeff green's performance and -- -- Inclusion in the lineup. Melamed Nadal help determined to that really help him. Score more score you. It is right now. You know Germans trying to get his rhythm back and right you know I thought producing less -- -- to -- -- -- garbage -- better stretches. But we'll do it is addressed but he'll be aggressive by biting hopefully tomorrow. I go right I was gonna ask -- off the off the topic last night's game you took that team. The C 42 and my right. How does that work you've -- them get them bossy -- say -- at the theater do you have your own theater and I know wasn't it out. -- totem we're gonna -- -- at the garden. And you know guys that produced this is -- Vettel had to -- -- that night before that no -- words -- -- go to remove. And well we don't know about at the garden you know drove a couple blocks over and and went to a movie. And was anyone else in the theater. Nervous just reported to read and starter I know I was gonna say you -- the problem. So we've got a good screening and does bigger problem cordon. You know a bit they were great. You know. Million if they enjoyed it thought it was a moving and moving. I thought -- a lot of guys. You can just either -- resentment sort of a good day. Do you that was their reason I mean a do you think it is -- was in a motivational thing was the coaching thing what did you take him. That movie the do you feel like they don't understand or appreciate the past. Yeah I -- it was brought -- warm but I thought we should be together. I think it is the time of year where. You really what you can do as much as possible. Just -- each other. And I do. I did no good to be motivational. But I thought it would just be learning -- -- -- stern -- -- -- -- Jackie Robinson in the meadow areas. Is educational. And I think that's good Florida. And I was the I wonder about that -- someone like you this is. Fourteen years before you were born right fourteen years before you were born is a black -- in the -- in Major League Baseball it seems on L. It was two years before you born -- there were no black -- in the Boston Red Sox. Yeah I mean it could have -- and when you look -- stuff like and and you look helped are putting that's com. You know you learn from history and and I think our god learn a lot you know it's funny I think they went to this movie thinking about it. The dissident slate of movie about race. And I think they left his movie. Learning that this is a movie more but -- And being good teammates and learning how to be good to you made an integrated wind moved four million. You know judge Robinson I did -- do we certainly. You know why just fight for me. And disturbed him the pleasure my teammates and there I just thought those things in that movie. It was great for our guys city. I assume based on the compelling movie in the end and the presentation nobody fell asleep like their sometimes apt to do in film sessions right -- -- It does look pretty much an alert there and you know you just you guys -- a partisan division emergency room right in O'Shea commander. Surprise. I apologize. I thought they got a lot out of. Hey I know you're disappointed when your friend Avery Johnson got fired. By Brooklyn bit would you agree the PGA Carlos -- and -- pretty impressive job. Yeah Tuesday in the -- as well that's. You know what little strength to turn them in basketball approach when. You do different fires in different its job yes there are -- so it's a tough weather and you know to do during a tremendous job -- -- And I know we asked about it last week that ma -- Mike rice and and records and now just repulsive that whole thing was. But didn't strike Q Monday we talked about the slot the other day inducted the kids the players and hope for Louisville the players from Michigan. Kind of just made -- forget about these idiots -- arises. Great day it was just sell it to -- and and I have to say. Mostly always about what games -- not. That they're there there's 54 to 48 and you know and you know weaker side Matt good basketball they're playing hard in the band and bid by cal makes it exciting. You know in your mind that it -- that would give basketball I thought. Rick Pitino. In -- -- -- both just kind of got out of the way and allow their players to play. And I think that's one of the things Rick have a great job of sort of -- are met I dislike. Both -- and how they drove today. The players play and be attacked. They shot early shots they didn't move the ball -- forty seconds and then took -- shot it was a really developed. And I'm rarely in the business of congratulating officials with but a few exceptions I thought they let him sort of settled on the court even to the point of what some stuff going to let -- play on. Well that goes basketball oh yeah oh. The big -- game broke out the mineral -- -- an -- none of that satellite when. You know it could be you -- they almost rare advantage disadvantage they don't have a bunch of technical rules they just let the kids play. And you know their work and don't call that opted to group also note during the name in some ways of effective one. Made him sit. Of which was not a power and -- that block Shia block shot right that was a huge risk. And those are hard to -- all the older impossible grow. And you -- a seven to run after that blocked shots. Yeah I don't know what the current -- Do you watch different than we watch and say this guy's going to be good next year when he is no plan with -- -- this guy's going to be good pro he's not I take it. A -- don't look at spike called -- and say he's gonna kill us when he gets the NBA but to do look at. Now Seaver and Smith and Burke and say we're gonna you gonna see them down next year the year after and they're going to be tough. Yeah you do you look at Terry Burton all these guys just a while they they all have a chance to be really good and his players. I don't know also watched the -- and -- You know be -- against. Syracuse we we ran -- this thing don't know that we run. And it was interesting how they attack the Syracuse zone and you know watch it maverick -- you know knowing we run a play -- -- team. They read it similar expressions of the love played -- so you watch all that supplements from the want to that would. You know it's Trey Burke obviously player of the year but -- watch -- -- even that game last night -- last Monday night. And and it's agree that he was the -- most in control most you know flat heart rate guy on the entire. Court and athletic serve global well. There are great it's going to be a good pro. I don't know are you guard a question -- shot on how would you guys got to have a shot. Unless you are you rate. So -- -- better chance. And -- of the much better chance than you think to the next level yeah I do and and spike capsule -- right to it it. They look at you never know because he's the go to guy like you know I thought we drove him over to shout. But he didn't make him play. All drivel no be addressing our young -- doesn't. Our time now for the coach's question of the week brought to you by your local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers see them -- to test drive today. On the web at MB USA dot com we'll talk about golf. It will usually you know too well. This week's question is you have an off day Sunday I'm betting you won't have a practice mid late afternoon on Sunday. Well that ignited and acquire a fact that that that that there's no doubt about that it's it's a great you know public money. I was still one of our pollution lot of -- it. Reported payment -- developers Simon prosecute where it can actually sit home when you you're playing on this Sunday right it would really nice to have an off. And then I'll be in Orlando the right to -- off where we played at Saturday so I just watched the final round of the -- that. In my living -- And even have to get kicked out of -- game to go see it to intentionally get kicked out -- do you -- intentionally get kicked out right we know. Structured over the wan gang by our great -- a dollar and say I did it was in -- red in the first quarter. I wouldn't trying Immelt went but the other day and -- told -- about. I can remember the rebel won a huge -- I was trying to thrown out of Iranian television I have to automate. Tigers make it runs. You run out of the game and I tried and -- because I'm sorry I'm a big opportunity. Important work that you saw right through you transparency. Tiger the same old tiger the field up you know I've really been targeted or when but I don't know -- you -- A tutorial right after all worked up did you think he'll break Jack's eighteen. I didn't win one major -- -- anywhere yet now. You like to be this -- he's played well he's healthy he's won three of the -- long way to get him to 1819 or twenty. There and in good form crossover want -- to do all right doc I enjoy conversation enjoy the golf on Sunday we'll talk to down the road Richard. Callahan of AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE is brought to you. By northern bank and trust -- space and by Mercedes-Benz. Is downright giddy about have a day off it now watch golf gets to be in his own little home theater watch golf. And today one of the game won't wouldn't have kicked kicked out. What do -- the most disappointing in the world of like tigers. Missed the cut -- eighty today and then the final pairing as like on Trevor Immelman in. And and Zach Johnson's. -- -- -- -- Curt Schilling has some very very interesting things to say about Boston about -- about the Red Sox about Valentine. We'll have all that for --

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