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Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports on Emmanuel Sanders

Apr 11, 2013|

Jason Cole of Yahoo told the guys that people around the NFL were questioning the motives of Belichick and his one year offer sheet for Emmanuel Sanders. Jason also told the boys that he still does not understand why the Pats let Welker go to the Broncos.

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Are you joining us on the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LT ER -- -- from Yahoo! sports' Jason -- morning Jason John Jerry and Kirk in Boston how aria. I think you are shared the same emotional week first or emotions reactions when we heard about this offer sheet. Going to the Steelers Emanuel Sanders who -- billion dollars and 83 round draft pick. Great guy that you might only half for one year doesn't select you reasonable thing for the patriots but you'll be much Marta that I gonna be many more contacts that I figured out there may be more to the story. -- -- -- -- But. Certainly in -- talking it through four executives currently yesterday a couple agent. Who are aware of the problem. All the there's no way -- -- -- though were what does the patriots have done them they have Simon lord revealed. To make it difficult for viewers who want. -- got two massive club. And will then turn around at some later day. And do whatever it long term deal of -- five year deal. Because they don't wanna put a deal out there are. For the Steelers but what attracted. You to want to match that match right now so -- go to -- move visit. A little bit deceitful and not with the intent of the rule. You make that argument but that but there's no direct. Rule book as well milk program shenanigans. Jason how is how is that agreement put in place is that he wink and a nod is that a handshake is -- Boca I don't think can be written that we're gonna give you a long term deal -- -- it can't be written and has nowhere to develop delegate drug policy but it's got to be. Days. What we're doing it this way and have it out to be -- trust between right the aviation. They have the patriots. There were gonna do business this way on that contract and you you know you have to trust the isn't gonna go along with it. And the default work which. I think you're gonna do because -- -- -- long term deal for him for blood that you. And you point out Jason that they could care up to one new deal and -- -- long term deal like ten minutes after he after the Steelers who declined to match. Pretty much. The only thing the only thing you can do with a restricted free agent contract. The only thing I can't the American. We have a picture of the Q astute match that they can't be good if picture -- -- we can't do people they camp -- were. The outnumber in the first -- in other words. You can't signed up for a one year ten million dollar contract and then turn around to that letter after you. After. You know the other team has declined to match to deal. And so by the way they just want to point three million dollars now the lower from time to sort. Okay he can't do that and neither from the map you know people. So all the wrong thing you can do is you can give them. More money order extension order what you wanna do that. There there's no role against. That you can't manipulate a guy off the team. With a contract like that and the old team camp or -- take -- -- but don't think it's the first year of the contract. Do you believe the Steelers will pass on this and picked up their -- Yet been able to much doubt. Part of -- and it was just today. I have a feeling that other like player and they don't want that -- -- in two of their top receivers in the world walls. As resolute commanders call ago leftovers and -- while. But -- favorable treatment doubt about whether they can do long term the food. But who -- coupled with good views so that only -- can -- that -- -- -- -- that excessive 2.5 million you can. You know make enough room to put him on the roster -- aren't. But what if you lose -- after one year. -- compensatory. For another year after. You know -- for sure are rampant right now. And a third round pick -- problem was worth more in the long term senators. Possibly a one year at a criminal matters is what you thought our our and you have burned up and kept -- for years and supplementary. But you know you have a bill -- and so I think. -- the picture perfect world that -- on the problem reform that he probably. You know fulfill his talent. In due to call -- tired of waiting forward. We're talking with Jason Cole Yahoo! Sports you know let me nicely -- my next question do you think any of this in terms of the motivational aspect for the patriots is their apparent. In ability to draft wide receivers that are viable the National Football League. A certain extent even free agents and Ochocinco was was abject disaster for crying out loud. I don't know -- motivate I'm not -- the Pope altered look afraid of -- -- I don't -- -- feel that comfort I think you looking on. You know I think the employer. -- if you if you get him into my office and with authorities. Still don't work a lot better and we've got enough beat the we've -- a mortgage is timber and oil and -- -- at that point which and you know unfortunately -- Jackson didn't work out. It is doubtful that from but itself enough that he can devote some kind of Brett. Over the top of the. Are just off the top -- adjacent which quarterback receiver combination will have a more prolific more productive season next year. Peyton Manning and Wes Welker or -- dole and Tom Brady. Well. I would bet on Manning and and walker has better for -- -- thoughtful mom because I haven't thought that -- right. What I think that's one of those ones where we're over the next couple years will look back and are we just kept Welker and I do -- -- that the quantum that it -- But the talk you know walkers talked it's a lot of -- -- medal. Know how to get open space and I think that there aren't a lot of people so -- -- just like him. I understand what people think that. But I don't buy a man -- just isn't that spam deal with his number one vehicle -- lot and I don't think you'd do it giving in and out of the cut. And reading of these. Well. What what what when you heard it when you saw art when you looked in it would Jason. Why did it make sense from the pages perspective we know Belichick's no fool him and in. Why do you do. Grew out of order. -- -- -- And Daniel Craig -- would be out of them from the oil supplier. You know what worked -- -- productive but not anything close to -- bank can. Adding that there's you know there's a certain amount. We can replace. These and we've -- played it was somebody who's you know close and we know how to make it work. And there's there's got to be careful battle on them and sometimes. They'll all approach is Google. Not just built not -- -- as if I can make -- What I need to do even if he's not quite as. Jason bottom portion -- -- speaking speaking of significant or impact full injuries are you hearing any rumblings org rumblings about gronkowski -- ability to -- stay healthy but to get healthy he -- even heal from what he has now. Might beat that. 23 years and they'll say that's too bad Broncos who just one of those unlucky guys. It's shaping up that -- to be there now say. You know you -- program the neck injuries the neck back injuries that it hadn't column. You know that's sort of the story it was cooler and some guys who does not. Now they're not gifted with the good fortune good luck or deposits still play the sport. That's for the -- commercial workers time and that's why I don't know what the world were critical especially in -- world -- -- contract. Totally mobile. Is here because these are currently employs about. -- Jason -- -- for me here but you know the dolphins you know Miami better than anyone. How close. Are they to be paid to tell how much did they close the gap in this offseason by all accounts. At a traffic cop sees -- and overpay some guys. But today that clearly the second best team that's a vision and is there any chance they're a competitive for the with the patriots. There entrusting. -- -- their competitive. They're interrupting because they got a quarterback could look like he comply. You know it and you can handle some weapons OK but. I'm not the only route that you build support your team through free agency that you reap all the excitement -- With fan base through free agency. Especially wouldn't have been so dreadfully. Bad for ten years. But he -- become good -- -- rounding up again quarterback you can develop and then. You know drafting and player shall parliament during a traditional way. I think frankly. They overspent built -- wall now Walt employment can change things and he's the one of the two best equipment and so upgrade but linebackers don't really change and I'm. The idea of maybe -- Jonathan Martin -- left tackle. Oh good god and -- that. And challenge them I -- -- acted. -- and so. There are a lot of things -- say OK that got better but I'm not sure they got -- substantially better it would wipe away. He's Jason -- Yahoo! Sports thanks for the time this morning Jason appreciate it talk to dollar -- Jacob cola Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LPG.

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