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Joel Hanrahan postgame press conference

Apr 11, 2013|

Joel Hanrahan spoke to the media after the Red Sox lose to the Orioles at Fenway Park, 8-5.

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You know so off with a home run -- that I wanna start and Nuggets. You know get a couple outs and then Annika when all over the place -- -- couple guys and notes that while pitching in homer me and it's. You know give those two outs and then in your chance you put guys away. It I felt fine I'm in in again get a had a couple guys and you know just informal way and you know -- start off with a you know a tough though Davis I threw him. A couple good breaks mostly -- often. -- that elements are also. Instead -- you know put guys away. Not the way it did. You know moves the first pitch cutter you know biggest trend I get a ground ball or something -- In this -- put him play in the at that point. Is probably overthrowing a little bit -- -- is over through and through under and then. You know trying to keep it and first next pitch was the you know fastball up and and they just kind of turned on so. Is that tough to hurt. -- -- BR I mean. Dominant can be commuter Margaret ago. Some first of blown save it and is trying to Camille lasso. You know it's it's part of the game mean. I'm just. So it goes sometimes. It's. And we've probably probably trying to be a little you know go a little too hard. You know try to make things settle in my arms that you'll in my mechanics don't trust him again and you know it's intended and -- this then just you know you're that type situation I go harder and you know us as athletes -- pillars of the slow down relax and it's in those -- these. I mean you know there's there's still pitches that can go either way you know that's that's a game that's Weathers an umpire back there. You know I targeting come back from it and and it -- a -- of pitches. This person. I mean I've finally get the same reception to you know they -- their Angela. You know stuck it out and it was that big home the two home runs right there and then you know and that was in that way and it's stuff on and -- is not. -- you want your first two years over the over the you know it's this is game eight so we got a long season ahead of us. There I mean that's you know let's just let the reliever you knew you when do you go next era so. You know this is kind of goes in come here -- Marty go.

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