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Jarrod Saltalamacchia postgame press conference

Apr 11, 2013|

Salty spoke to the media after the Red Sox lose to the Orioles at Fenway Park, 8-5.

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Mean. You know you -- your closer in the game volume locked and you know it's tough. Still. -- angel's got some of the best stuff -- cutter seeing. You know explosive out of his hand. You know even when he misses he usually they go by people. You know tonight just wasn't his night but. Phantoms -- -- and again to close the door and you know we're gonna count on the there's misses some location but I mean you -- get those has credited some good about some interest is pretty good about together were found -- you know -- you know -- -- off. You need to the same thing and me just did a great job. You know he's got to pick up to those guys and that's it. You know and come tomorrow. But then I mean those guys has testing thing with. You know when will had a long about you know where the pitcher down a little bit. They get hyped up a little bit more. In the pitches up. You know I still think he has some good velocity -- just lifted up over the put it to good fastball hitter. Focus just doing good. You know after the get the first the way it felt like I. Kind of locked in a little bit. You know just kind of timing is what it's been you know tonight was good. Yeah I mean you look good. Really mixed didn't didn't give in and we missed you missed off the -- which is what you want to an aggressive hitting team. You know. Couple things happened that Cyrano and of score and then you know -- players. So far again and he did a great job picking us up and you know we did the same put some runs on the board and it gives them to live.

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