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Ryan Dempster postgame press conference

Apr 11, 2013|

Ryan Dempster spoke to the media after the Red Sox lose to the Orioles at Fenway Park, 8-5.

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Right here and Eric how -- you. Aren't. I made a lot of good pitches. -- Markakis and manufactured before the rounds but think it was a good game personally and they're real chance to any game we've we've -- -- back. Bosses like the stories are tough but we'll bounce back from really good team here we'll bounce back. Were your thoughts. It's. Yeah it was a great history curriculum. Nobody can overlook. -- -- -- -- -- -- part of the game and and it's happening to me a lot of new course record he's -- make that statement and trying to end the -- and you know was able together and just. Just -- there. And here. Containing him -- used to that. That's something you just kind of experiencing it. Is there is an absolute. Dream it really is a part of me you know I think -- -- Here's. Which which. Walks -- it's southern. Do. You for the most part. -- Yeah. Any -- I think but -- seems. -- he's rated for years ago when all this was. That's what we're trying to Reuters witnesses. -- -- -- -- -- -- Development. A lot better he's able to. Could -- a lot of quality pitches he kind of go back.

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