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Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

Apr 10, 2013|

Doc Rivers Postgame Press Conference

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-- Who do it well. Music sucks in the neck and that's multiple -- from an okay. And tonight I thought that was normal two months -- There -- That's why they're together when the end of this. You know we don't play well tonight so I don't. I'm not looking at that is so we need to go regular trump boring and I thought they had -- clear sense of purpose tonight them. And until we kind of showed a clip of that really took it to us -- thought. Filed the behavior earlier heard and heard our rhythm took about are often to -- -- And honestly we never got out don't we play one good quarter in my opinion the third quarter. Because we attacked the basket you know it's amazing when you look at the three games it's it's so clear the aggressor as one. Then hit them and it's amazing just watching. We lived in the paint the last time we play him tonight we just took the first he's shot. In autumn were contested so. You know I don't know from -- just ignited by the how much work we have to. -- Yet exactly honor for me at halftime with your free throw. In Abuja got probably one truck of the matter honestly didn't think there's another follow. That they should have call I'm relieved that I thought the game was rough great. I -- the it does give an aggressive he was upset he didn't like the way we're playing he saw. Any kind of you know it's funny person you said walking in and after we have zero free throws and we don't deserve. Which we gotta -- number. Attack and I thought we did that a better job with a getting your stuff. It felt like that and I and I told our team that I really felt like we've been talking about. All so much stuff and Newton not enough about Brooklyn tonight now it's on the totem that for today today. And told him before the yeah -- just put -- to files and that he did you know. I actually think he's pretty -- Google wants my. And just you know we won those games you pick -- too proud to take about. On the floor and options that are -- Starts this quarter I thought there and pushed him now and in Austin if you just take advantage of four. Those -- happen you know -- -- was frustrated. Probably it was so important as well because we -- it's no coincidence that. Right when everyone grow up toward -- -- -- -- and so and a did you earn a lot of credit when you return -- that first. He attacked. Because they don't -- -- war. So you know what's more he wants to score. That's where did you miss it. Didn't play great but it looked upon. You know salt I'll take that might even. You know lately for its post tomorrow it's great move just didn't make it you know now that's the guy achievements that you got to. Work through your roster though you know. No question these these authorities set to. You know honestly it started so early on -- on the third quarter attacked us. But you know you Reggie Evans armament type records where that we should just settle for the first jump shots so I don't think it's -- at all. -- Notably we didn't talk enough about. Clear but -- -- talking more -- so. You know we know we feel we're gonna work on our stuff and that's what you do you know we'll spend ten hour summit -- today. -- we have to acknowledge that you don't which deny an honor and in one hour. I'm gonna bring everybody I'm not gonna play. I know exactly. I cannot share. I just someone she heard. -- I really honestly we have probably got a check regards the other bodies. Yet. There were set before that. You know you can always change -- and go on us to talk to guards and they say I need to play. You know and you change that she's so. Polls. That you know -- I did not. It. Oh well there. I asked him to us before right after today but yeah it's -- But. I do know reflection in -- room -- what. Time Lou somebody grab this and or loss. That's good I mean -- we don't we we want to play Miami. We do we just -- that liked to plant. Early. In the we'd love to. Avoid Miami the first Indian -- That would mean we're doing there were so we clearly want to play. Regis. One of the little bit of Virginia that. It. No you know. It did she -- -- but if if necessary. We need to win them all the chairman and all were were struggling. And you have to rest -- involved -- -- when that day you know that's just the way it is. I don't look in that situation honestly. But that's situation where. Yeah I mean that we address again because they -- you who those little like you know so. Yeah. -- OK and if that's even worse. Is it that you visited optimism Comcast hope that it -- but it's not home. Nobody knows it doesn't look at an October you know is this more because of you wanna see other guys and how does this now is concerned. You know process as far as. We just want to make sure got the right and healthy and rhythm. And you know so it's more that. I was -- Gaza don't look owners are really. Don't enjoy it a -- -- every day I really do. But it's not the team we have -- with pages of the guys we have. Just can't take to chase some dogs run when did you tonight obviously went and got twelve. Stewart in his own route and let dinner though now. Crucifixion. And I -- feel great about the game where you play -- -- Jamal -- now you know and and that's no -- that it. Nobody is one god and runs -- -- and knows all our stuff so. Just under the -- of our global fears. The reason that George. -- that now we're walking all the -- how hard it is I thought it was coming out of office.

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