WEEI>On Demand>>Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: I liked seeing the size in our playoff lineup

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: I liked seeing the size in our playoff lineup

Apr 10, 2013|

Doc Rivers pregame with Sean Grande: I liked seeing the size in our playoff lineup

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The Celtics are present about -- continues from the garden it is the Celtics and the Brooklyn nets are. Final piece of businesses -- conversation with the head coach Doc Rivers brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health -- Harbour -- health care. -- us -- it never ideally get your first look at your playoff line of thinking 76. But nonetheless the other what did you like in what did you not licensee for the. Well there's you know besides. I'd love because. You -- -- ago. Addressing may care more about the war. Which of the smaller of the two and three. With that. And so that was good I -- different switch some more things. Keep guys in front governments and what I didn't like is. Their quick guards were taken Jeff for the most part of Andrew born I think. -- first three of four files were. Or the ball like dribble and entered the files that's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Could the playoff opponent change your thinking or is this would -- yeah weaker. Gregg Popovich answer I thought I was right before I cannot let economic and it was perfect and we had the -- we knew we move -- What is the biggest difference in. The Brandon Bass we have seen the last two weeks in the world we sell it to the year was at that is that too much. More -- early in the year you know you attribute your comeback like offered. If you have a better years to work and shot to work stuff. We've made great that you just our Ali -- and that's I think what percentage really start the talk. Which -- signals that he's really in tune into the game and he spoke into the game and at that big Andy's been playing along -- one of the greatest defense talkers in the history of the game you know if that's the secret. Is this the best rebounding test you can possibly get it going into the -- The airports are. -- read about it you know -- about it obviously. Did you re about to change. But it. It goes on with backward record in the first round so it's not a consumer but you have these these things off the beauty of Mexico. And they're guys that are rated corporate rebounds so. You know the three days before. We lost a course the one we won we won the glass. When people think of Reggie Evans who just. The mystery fiction last night people like a player like him being just big physical -- But our great rebel leaders like yep it's almost inherently there were Smart players yet they have to be they have to. Mayors it especially when you think of him that -- score. The economic free. Yet you wanna support -- minute spot any urgency. Yeah he's he's he's special players I think it's more than mine. And it is only use it at about Dennis Rodman ago. It -- get lost in the on the order creed you know where they got some debris. That is -- the underwear. It is hard in New York especially now with a -- sort of spotlight hasn't been for a player. To really play almost superstar level for an entire year it's still -- goal seemingly under the radar. But Brook Lopez has been phenomenal year ointment in the -- news. Proposed New York City yeah. If you ever if you ask anyone Brooklyn it's part of the but it's not mean. Well which Iran I know which you know it's. It's just and that's why you know the Nixon naics and that's what they hit it Brooke -- them -- -- and are you -- it from the right people. From where where is he improved the most I think obviously it's our. Just become more patient I'll. Learn. Powell to our -- well. That's they had coached a last night the -- celebrated the 100 anniversary of the first -- games and edit field and the scheme after. You've got an advance screening -- logs are very excited about seeing new Jackie Robinson movie was it are people like me you're completely. Value RO and air support is that lead to check out our players for -- like Jon -- in doing cosell it's it's accurate view religion or ethnic go to itself which. It -- it is next on the WEEI Celtics radio network.

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