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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 04/10/13

Apr 10, 2013|

The new way we end our show... you ask, we answer.

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It's time for answers the question jerk -- answer the question with -- and holly is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything. I'll answer that question it's answer the question did. It's the question -- from Fenway today. Can make a phone Nike Adams said Barry a lot of jerks out there Robson the window spirit and you guys absolutely we got a we got a shout out. From -- from -- and crude hit. Even Markowitz who Woody Allen movie that's even Markowitz now as he married a -- Ferrell. -- don't know this is verified. Woody Allen numbing followers this a make upon him maybe ten billion. You should be sucking up everywhere -- I make fun of them yet well then did go ahead and if he did nothing followers -- has become a man. A lot -- want to warn you guys how many 197000. Little logic Alfred -- from amateur ladies at this -- satellite car dash GM level right now like Justin Bieber or anything like that -- 197000 pay up to realize oh it's where does he said. Hope you guys are saying good things about -- back out this about -- a lot of people outside waiting Illinois and a lot of young but I. Kim Kardashian was played across -- -- -- -- is going to be a bigger crowd just to see your baby bump. Is the question your head whereas guys we have Hillary -- know -- -- BR I do it I gotta stop you right here do you what do you shed a sponsorship -- latest second you said Manny Ramirez's numbers should be retired I have to -- heard you say that. Mike you have to respond I -- as it's our rights. He hits the question would you prefer do you play area as a restoration specialists if you're able property your facilities manager for an insurance broke all they are asked to ensure you have a disaster restoration game plan in place. Call 8774611111. Or they are and Surma. Dot com what's wrong with a return man is number. Does the worst idea first rob Dewey Evans has dibs on 24 anybody retires 24 it's going to be for him -- for that clown in left field Manny would just. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How many guy what can I tell you he he was the World Series MVP when the Red Sox won the World Series -- both World Series they won the right -- enormous part due to him he was the best player on those steam like you know that series with the Yankees seven games before their World Series how many RBIs in many -- -- -- seven game series commenting zero. Like I guess he wasn't anything valuable part of those teams that started everything he's a loser it's coming World Series MVP is there is sort of ends up. Welcome they know if that's part of the argument that's fair you don't win an empty -- roster also. You also say this he walked right ahead of David Ortiz to score the winning run in game four -- -- our own on the boardwalk. That was twelve if he doesn't. So I wanted to remember hello law. Put this to the question which snack cake is the best snack cake. Hostess cupcake -- question is still sore losers and so is -- your what is that so what does that hostess cupcake. What's a snap kick out like a twinkie ring being moved -- I like -- -- every occasion. I'll -- you do. -- so what do madman coaches and what AMC show is best mad men are breaking battle breaking bad -- -- Mario. What's the killing and -- They -- go Italians are talking about this and it's really good lord nice talk about the fallen. Okay I'm sorry for the killings -- but the answer is breaking bad next question plus night on AMC is where I found a few good men. -- -- you have eight which you found a few good men on AMC today so do you notice the audio was in sync out of today's filtered I hate this -- and outdoor just for -- while the other one big scene helping got to take -- him well. -- -- -- Don't get why does ANC don't give movies if you're not gonna play you in the right way. You know what though that scene is still so good that I watch it even that it has just -- you know did you notice the audio sync problems on the move USA now I didn't. Like two seconds off the audio track -- I can't watch that that's on watchable it looks I didn't -- I did not have that problem when I was watching that they will adjust your TV. Next question part Pedro Varitek and Wakefield yes sir knowing each of them getting their numbers retired. Yes and who knows McGregor -- and then. Love those guys are not known none of that none of them none of whom I'm not paid no matter why. Paper paper played for Montreal he played for the Mexican -- fairly easy to use dominance yes that is dominant here you will pay -- Mike -- really well I'll think about them with the rest or not you can't. Next question jerks -- Jessica in her prime -- will deal -- Simpson. Jessica Rabbit. You mentioned her before I know -- bank. Simpson did a flag and then be in front of her in her prime and while there will be no love for just Moran. There was one of the choices through a picture in an earlier big hero and Jessica she's on the list and you know computers effectively to Jessica Simpson is now to -- New England. Doesn't have to -- solo album next question. The -- in us in the city yes yes a stripper telling that all next question no browns led off. Jerks doing a fight salty or -- Yeah that's everything is hitting allowed. -- -- -- I gotta -- -- I got to -- -- -- few days. -- that I'm gonna go and act going out over the Sudbury yet. That's that's good that's what likely Sudbury and I know Sudbury what I don't really have mile or less like hardly -- news doesn't have now done even never let her in reply you're right they're really revenue from Framingham and a guy -- -- Okay never underestimate our -- and government must have placed -- right -- that you are glad they. And try and I got stripes and possibly -- this I live bullets in the head just let the thing and -- hello about it. The next question yeah. -- I get inside you that -- -- internal blu you know. What did you tell you we're not all. Each year olds would not let burst or we did this guy what is it this is what you are I don't know what's going on what are you let these guys that might give them side of not nice. Well this. Questions dirt and you -- cool. I was amazed that does not matter if there. Search UV -- and edited out -- after the number being retired -- -- -- term low oxygen that's what you may know. You heard Larry emergency that many times right would you be cool to ray Allen's number retired. No camera no number I -- just -- not to do it now if we have left do you think -- number could have been retired yes. Very very likely it would it's borderline border wedding -- borderline and they she's number going to be retired -- the I think that well against. It was KG pierce is deemed those two numbers will be retired certainly -- it was all three of them. The championships KG pierce don't know I was KG pierce and run into thousands and Rondo -- KG pierce and Allen meant. In 2008 days. Our charge that was all those present and our doors -- -- rewrite history and no I don't much in Allen didn't have a huge today huge fact -- a huge factor but did you watch games four and almost relish the zodiac we're. -- pierce and Garnett who were out there together wasn't yet because he's already under a press conference is by himself jump ship. Talent wasn't up there where I. Just have to read this one from Michael. Texas has an audio so the good medical reference to circumcision yeah. Orderly lives there or not. Alerted to it ordered governors go to nightmare of jerks what does the last movie you cried while watching. -- -- ask a more serious questions even all dogs go to heaven Ishtar. I can finish her. -- credit Schindler's List. He does that's the last movie now man I can't remember -- last. You're right I'm telling. Supporters carry a movie I I teared up at the end of the fighter. You see the fighter yeah noon local law of the family I teared up a little bit of the on the fire. Toy Story 3 three I had you know what I don't like Mike's email this is you need to notice that I there was really serves as -- error is greater. The -- it's. -- -- -- I have proudly and it's -- -- may not have not yet many parts of men who want to make. Great when apple among yesterday's story -- he'll end Rory is that all of diehard Fredricka of loyalty or Kremlin parties are not a -- the wedding -- all at the family's story being loyal to my family father son relationship and there's a great amount. What do you want a movie it somewhat similar. A hundred times but for now why -- god -- what you -- you're now watching no I'm watching when he's there -- yeah -- his dad you can. And why oh yes now yeah I gonna lose -- -- -- -- that I don't always there with his grandson. There in the garden in new daughter -- on yeah minutes you -- a -- -- you -- trial -- you almost. I yes that depends decry morneau you have kids yeah same here I am told I wasn't highly yadier Mikey and I it'll show. Now what are you kidding maybe a Red Sox baseball -- we do have the daily planet episode two coming your way next for for those who need to be informed -- -- coming up -- Mikey Adams then hopefully. Hopefully we'll get his game in his stern and you'll -- dark here at Fenway we back tomorrow to solve all WES. -- -- -- -- saw. Sports Radio yeah. Point seven WE EIW.

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