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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 04/10/13

Apr 10, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't touched upon on today's show. Today - quiddich, retired numbers, sports movies and more.

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-- And OK are you still can -- are born and more and more are -- for it's ED GE. All all week so conveniently. -- -- -- -- -- first brought to you by dime -- in Boston and Foxborough patriots place question number one somebody beat under this. Kapalua would be today. Denis Leary is set to play the head coach of the Cleveland Browns and a new movie called draft day. The general manager of the browns played by Kevin Costner -- on what terms would you watch this movie when I mean that that is. Is this -- go to the movies moviegoers is a Netflix. Movie. This is this is a quarter movie or have who have not been like pay 25 cents but there's one road movies. You're absolutely that's a very different kind of movie you absolutely don't go to the theater -- check it out at the end do you expect you don't why nobody not even you know I'm gonna watch the -- -- whether it's on TNT. On demand you're gonna watch it for about. A quarter the quarter through -- -- through you'll never see the end what do you have what are your levels of movies movies you gotta go to opening day that's a very -- -- days' rest just a very rare like like baseball these guys -- opening day. The Dark -- guy. But -- like five or six of Hollywood movies I remember seeing opening -- that's the most recent one I've never been more excited than I was about seeing. Independent steps. Who's the first you know I -- saw that when I was the first movie they started Gary viewing like a year and a half out your member they have this crazy previews. I think guys are diehard -- on opening day diehard zoom usually I think that was -- that was an opening day one for me Malcolm X was okay removing. That again I'm not the Pentagon is not terminator two on opening day look back over the years brighter than us opening day. -- ever seen a movie on opening there's there's no there's an opening day level there's opening week right. There's I just got to go to the I have to see this at the theater right and then there is okay I'll wait for it to hit. Net there's like snow or you edited video store to Terrel Suggs blew right you. And there are 30. I don't think I'm gonna see that out there are you want to on the I'm all -- there -- -- level there's a trade there's a trade up trade off moving so. You go low. -- and then they're getting something out of it. Your dad maybe it's so -- -- go to the movie you want dorm area better than that -- to go to number two. -- RG three's Jersey's top selling Jersey in the NFL right now what does it mean to have the top selling Jersey. It's an indicator of what secure rating. Just just how much you connect with the people it's funny it's somewhat similar to the conversation we've been having with -- -- -- then we get back to back here. It just a couple of minutes how well do you connect with the fans out. All all up and honestly that idiotic statement from rob Parker I wondered that helps. RG three and allow me we know did not help rob -- at all now he was fired but I'm sure there are a lot of people were RG three fans anyway. Just based on what he didn't college race and when he was doing well with the Washington the then. When he got this. This this is glad he is blind sided by Parker I think there were a lot of professional athletes and fans. Phils -- one of my support I didn't preserve this then I think I think that boosted his numbers this great guy and there's nothing about here or at least he comes off like -- meet you just can't help but support -- when your team is going up against them he's fun to watch -- brings -- excitement level to the game that. He's an awesome player -- northern outer Wear Jersey public to Wear Jersey. I the only times I've ever worn Jersey in my life attending either to a game or two like a game type of what we're jerseys do you guys and I only own two in my life I -- zero currently. I want -- Ben -- Jersey. And I want Sony deal on -- Why is there like an age limit on the machine this is this. -- yes I have jerseys yes I won't Wear -- really. I will kind of tacky I know a lot of them tacky. Where the little tacky tacky for weapons programs like pick up football somewhere and how do you go to you wouldn't so what are you where do they go polo -- comfortable. -- -- I'm Leonard knew where the what are you and I don't know what shirts and T shirt hi Jacqui we're dish -- playing football. Legal tack get worse tackle -- tackle football match the attack we're -- actually a lot of the slacks I don't doubt your favor I got to Archie Griffin. Jersey. I have a different conversation Michael drawbacks are not the same -- -- -- -- OK I have a thirteen Ohio State -- then have a number on it but at the time I got it -- -- -- and -- at Ohio State nice -- me a lot of money off I have a Christian -- Jersey -- on sale I think everyone does so much for five dollars -- got -- who doesn't have a Fauria at this point. My son my young in my younger son has LeBron Jersey any any jerseys. I have a Bruschi Jersey it's in retirement only -- two games and once that Dominic has Jersey biggest mistake if it weren't ripping out. Oh yeah that's how that happened I got to throw eyelids and buffaloes -- David smear word out of Mardi Gras and every move in the world. And it was so painfully bad call you the dominated. I got to throw back to you guys -- sky sports. To a throwback sway -- number 26 Oscar Robertson Milwaukee Bucks. Bill rub salt. End of argument. Those there's -- -- to my Isaiah rider you know he -- I suspect and JR -- than I did she was this weekend is a big big weekend in sports. It's a quit -- World Cup home who don't know you guys know that I don't -- just. You don't know what did you I've never heard of don't lie. I know you're going know you have a special broomstick at home we don't carry -- -- is one of your opening day movies. A -- towards outside the top rural America. -- all the sports outside the top four here in America which one would you like to see breaks through and become a popular. Soccer. Soccer it's if we keep talking about it and talking about it Michael we've been talking about since the 1970s as the next big thing. All he -- you got kids your kids play soccer if your kids don't play soccer they're friendly soccer all the way through. Until suddenly -- high schools start to lose interest college start to lose even more interest in that it never picks up I wanted to pick up. -- can you explain this credits into easily. Hole while the Bruins are you got -- going around -- tools it's like they're playing handball with a -- between their legs around Monica and this is the sixth annual could throw up. I don't know what to say about oh by the way you know here's a series sing you actually want to have a soccer become the next big sport or you think it is going to be there I'd like I'd like -- -- -- that the question which sport would you like to see yes sir I -- some more love -- expensive it's nowhere near tops my list I would take -- over that. I would like to see tennis returned to where once was I would like to see hockey obviously be a bigger deal nationwide unless it's huge -- -- drug we have a couple to couple last few years have gone to Ireland. Timer they're doing their big rugby championship. It's really fun to watch it's a little complicated what you figured out pretty fun but I like to see tennis get back to being a to -- where I was I was a kid. Tennis really matter now you get the sense that. Even though I think the game has improved again from where was five or six years ago people like they're uncomfortable believing the tennis could be billions they just don't want to. LA team sports. That that's the one thing that just jumped on me but you are jewels absolute right to watch out he was hopeful -- back and that is fun to watch track him down like DR early days of ESPN live. And OK is billionaires and anymore doing for only would they they still here now politics too bad they showed a couple things on the one. From the HTT tech slide one adult -- should not Wear jerseys. That was one common lot of comments there another one another Texas as well gotta Pat Tillman Jersey was wrong with that scored on a different type of there's one. And then we've got about a level movies. There's the -- leg. Level of movie. Will you see this and the barber -- I saw Deng Gordon barbershop. There if you wanna see people running around with -- between their legs they did just -- out a video of some kids playing -- -- That's all WE image I wish I have to check that out. -- up on. Can they AT&T question of the day as we talked about Wade -- once his number retired by the Red Sox one of their players who have their number retired by the Red Sox. Well we went through some of them earlier -- be number one of my list -- -- -- some of them haven't you know been gone long you know like that doesn't mean it has to be done today but I would love to see Pedro Martinez is number retired and I think it will be. Ortiz is I think we'll have to be I think I would personally like to see Manny Ramirez's number retired at. I understand the arguments against stop stop I think Manny Manny did not I don't Manny was beloved on those teams and I know it ended horribly. But the crew know there's no recovering from that no recovering from what he did at the end I know -- -- I would still argue in favor of it and I would say no one Roger Clemens. There's so many guys I think. The great thing about the Red Sox you have you have tons of players over the years. We're deserving if you go with -- these beloved. Standards that you you've mentioned here. And we mentioned a modern day. We haven't mentioned one that Steve Buckley has been on the bandwagon for for years and years that Tony C -- so Tony C. Dwight Evans. Pedro Martinez Tim Wakefield. Jason Varitek he put Tim Wakefield in -- any -- yes. I've put almost anybody and over Manny -- was great how many was very bright ansari has been nothing being up there or trying to -- up the traveling secretary ugly that's for sure going I would teammates not always playing the game the right way. And now I look at -- don't think I don't know all the difference against it. But the end of the day those are needed to debates and next Iranian Roger Centre says Manning jobless and analysts from Mike Adams I know he loves this topic. Everyone in the 1967. Impossible dream team all one polo team Mike you will save the entire teams and their numbers are -- Mikey still living in 1967 aren't Morey calls here in just a second 6177797937. Wade Boggs embarrassing himself. In my opinion and globe today I love this tweet read it to you next rockaholic W media on -- Life and on top story in sports BC sports three. Three point seven WEEI Afghan intelligence -- dot com.

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