WEEI>On Demand>>Wade Boggs wants the Red Sox to retire his number. Sox fans tell Yankee Wade to pound sand.

Wade Boggs wants the Red Sox to retire his number. Sox fans tell Yankee Wade to pound sand.

Apr 10, 2013|

Wade Boggs told the Globe today that he wants the Red Sox to retire his number, and he'd like to be a team ambassador as long as they pay him well for it. Being that the last memory most Red Sox fans now have of him is riding a horse with a NYPD officer after the Yankees won it after the 1996 World Series, most fans don't want him around the Red Sox, especially after this piece today.

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Story obviously from a Red Sox fan perspective is that Wade Boggs once his number retired to the point where he's willing to start. Telling people that he wants his number retired so point number one for me. If you don't get asked -- your number retired. Once you ask it's difficult for the team to deal. Because then they look like they're responding to you and then everybody's gonna start asking I want you retire might -- Hawaii retire my number. That's not the way anybody wants this process to be it supposed to be longer be -- on new not something you. For that's clown behavior and start -- as a whole Drago from Wade Boggs and not out of character from everything I've read about him over the years. Point number 20 and this is why I don't think his number should be retired is it. And retired when you were -- You go to the hall of fame because you put up great numbers over a period of time and that's why Wade Boggs in the -- -- one of the great. -- we've ever seen. One at batting average getting number of our base to base percentage Wade -- and asked -- he played a little bit later in his career maybe those stats would have been valued more than they were. At that I. Wade Boggs was in the infuriating. Two Red Sox fans now. I understand that it that was split but he was. Polarizing figure throughout his career those whose body was selfish those that body had much more power and could could could use it if you what was so consumed with winning batting titles every year just racking up his numbers yet. Wade Boggs was never below. In this community. Right that's what not to get -- number retired. People who are beloved Johnny Pesky -- right. The guy to you want to have hope that on the wall of a team the raptors so to speak the neutral while Wade Boggs. -- bought was a great hitter that's what gets a hall of fame he was not a great -- -- To do with whether or not he went to Tampa and that of the Yankees a -- stuff with open -- About knowing what he was a great member of the Red Sox he absolutely was and all the things you said about a merger of he was a great hitter. Integrate on base percentage. Shore probably could've hit for more power but if you look at some of the numbers that he racked up if you are great hitter and -- hall of fame guy. Yes you were a great member of the Red Sox but I do agree. With the I agree with the position on. Retiring numbers -- -- but -- talking about this earlier in who has an interest in take -- because you former ballplayer baby. Of the war the numbers don't exactly 46 you -- how good. Way blogs listed him how gracious he was always complimentary. And they were they they couldn't understand. Why his numbers not retired and that's where I draw though this is why pick out what -- an even -- even if that's not why I'll say this. It is not a right. To have your number retired. It's not like he's got a great player -- not up there no. Now it's different organizations. Handle it differently we were talking about the Steelers earlier the Steelers don't retired numbers all the football the Celtics retire everybody's number. Because it was good times we won championships eight straight championships but you know eleven and thirteen years for Russell none of them asked. How their number -- -- public but this art so so the Celtics are on that on that level where pay. Bill Russell have number retired but -- -- Casey Jones and sodas Don Nelson and so does Lonsky. You know guys you know lost in and Nelson and hall of fame players be loved but. You like they are we love our representatives. Of good times had eight edge into the community and -- -- them and Wade -- does not we talked earlier and somehow this connects to the street trust them on the open of the moment on this 261777979837. You guys can jump in -- -- about this connects to the streak. In a strange way. The Red Sox the reason I don't like mystery. Is because they came up with so much BS. To keep it going -- the Boston Red Sox you don't have to do that. The reason I don't like the way the Red Sox approach retired numbers if they have. BS to justify the numbers that they retire. If you want to retire. Anybody's number in history whether they went to the hall of fame are not what they're in the rest talk politics or not. You can do it don't say what you have to -- career with the reds are you -- to be in the baseball hoping. -- criteria and they go out of your way to put Carlton -- in because you wanted to -- home. Actually as the game has changed over the years and free agency is changed it recognize that it is not the way it was in the 50s60s and seventies the game is obviously changed. But Wade -- Does not you'll like -- any of those criteria that you just mentioned Michael. It Johnny Pesky represents the kind of player that you want to have I'm glad higher numbers absolutely years of service. He is the type of guy who's number needs to be retired by the Red Sox and I'm so glad that they did it fantastic honor for Johnny -- great. Weight boxes in so many ways -- is in this of that and that's what leads me to what I think is the biggest joke quote in this entire article. -- said he and his agent. Have approached Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino in principal owner John Henry about eight public relations rolled the Sox. Similar to the one Johnny Pesky hat. First of all it was quote exactly yet what are you talking about right there's no -- no compare hell is Wade -- talking about you know Johnny Pesky got that role he just kept showing up. You -- to be around it means so much he just kept showing up and eventually they said thank god you're here we love having great job that you represent the Red -- you love the game you want we are delusional. That are delusional to think you're on the level -- Johnny pass. So delusional that he. In the article quote. We gave -- the number. They gave us a number. And -- number war said -- it was very time consuming for not a lot of money no leap couldn't keep hitting. -- -- -- Like Johnny Pesky beloved that's why he's the PR. Forcing -- -- in the Hafner and that's why Johnny Pesky meant something. You would for the money. You horse is behind. That is all bizarre to me that you would compare yourself to Johnny Pesky and what Paris and Michael that he's he's got the -- of Tacoma horses that -- Our man in this article show exactly. Why you -- nothing like Johnny Pesky. A joke and the fact that this spot on the whole bunch of people today I heard both mark little arguing in favor of put this number up there get it. Ford yet there's no no I don't wanna number anywhere near Fenway. Now there's no way out there and some callers. They were callers who said what you gotta put up Pedro is number before you put up Wade Boggs. You -- put up shillings and and I think -- -- Varitek and Wakefield and both those I would lose at La -- -- those guys talked you know understand what Wade Boggs who has. I understood I understand. Who he was. But is -- the connection. With a guy. Is it. Just because you're a great player doesn't automatically mean to thwart the whole blame for this franchise that's never franchise but definitely -- get you an. Fame and I -- title -- and -- the fairway in order to get your nail your number or tie it doesn't guarantee. That you're going to be up there. The greats. In baseball history and Red Sox 61777979837. And look maybe Wade Boggs is a fantastic guy when you get to know my I don't know him but these comments are exactly why I never liked him as a baseball player and have no interest in seeing number 26 retired at Fenway Park Tony is in Providence Tony you know assault now. I don't think technical. Tony was up -- about them earlier. That ratio and they'll talk about this and I. And one of the way and ironic that I wanted to give you my opinion. You on it a little bit more small talk about -- They have to be somebody would do what I think it's even more than. Okay it's not just the player who was -- -- Will animal I would -- -- In this area all -- It would turn away their employees. All question on the team on the real simple yes Roger Clemens Johnny Damon. -- and left you looking. He acted on the role. Total work with organization. And now it's more than just be able to win. Each guy is an individual basis throughout the weekend on an individual and we did bond -- Still as apparently I mean you're you're really -- nothing's changed in the kind of what twenty years whatever it's been since he was here. -- like an exchange assault. And and Tony just left. I'm surprised that that this story that didn't really send you over the over the edge was. Won with mrs. yawkey in the -- I just assume he's delusional -- says. He said -- according to Wade Boggs mrs. mrs. -- came up in Jean -- you know -- said. In a way we like for you. Were higher. As a member of the organization went to real life time member of the Boston Red Sox and he -- I would love -- seven years of 35 -- Seven years now. First hard to believe he did not two or three year deal or you're gonna love him don't. Got three years eleven have been alive and according to him. It was seven. M 35. Michael is that sounded sell off the wall it -- need need to be addressed. And -- has delusions of grandeur of -- I can tell the absurdities that he's compared himself to Johnny Pesky I can't think of two more opposite Red Sox. -- more opposite than Wade Boggs and Johnny Pesky guys are all over the phones -- because in ninety seconds Wade Boggs his number retired. Forget about it from my perspective sultan -- W media. One time that are really hit home was a celebration that we had and that in the locker room in New York when their vantage point the champagne over your head and having a great time and and I'm looking around at that when he -- 45 year old guys on the team in the hair's falling down on the forehead and everything in. In the champagne just run off my forehead like like Niagara Falls and. I get accused year old here you go bald thanks way to do love you love hate to better quote than -- I wanted to be Johnny he's roll with the Red Sox we gave them a number they gave us a number neither number worked. It was very time consuming for not a lot of money -- that the gig. We need to AT&T Texans -- all over it. -- Zero lots of numbers should be retired before that -- them. Written by a stroke late late I agree with every one of those now it's ET on play. Pedro Martinez number will be retirement terrorists there's no doubt about that I think David Ortiz is Willis well we can have a debate the other day about Manny Ramirez. But -- tell you what I'd rather Manny Ramirez's number retired and Wade Boggs when you got to ask Mikey I retire I would retire wade mayor mayor's number. Well before I even considered retiring Wade Boggs Michael I don't know. -- -- about the World Series MVP yeah thousand. Unbelievable. -- odds did well okay you thought a lot of Manny but people. Ought to heck I don't went south at the -- but during his career Manny was beloved and won the World Series Wade Boggs did none of that it was -- like. Or the very least well credibly but all over the World Series thing because I can -- they -- -- Ted Williams. Jeremiah Wright but if you're going to compare him part of manes resonate for having his number retired is that he won a World Series part of Wade Boggs is. Lot of -- me. It's that he didn't Ted Williams Jim -- priced at those guys did other things that pushed them over the top but they did things Wade -- did not Wade Boggs was never particularly like to hear and was -- constant source of frustration of fans when he was with -- Understand the your you're your passion against that your your rant against Wade Boggs where he is. For his unlike ability of the deaths completely fair AT&T Tex -- they're all over it. That people blurs are going a lot farther than you going to go down with. What their their feelings about Wade -- This knowledge it. But you cannot say. That Wade Boggs was not deserving as eight. One year as a player or not that's why is an all time as a pat apps and toys and all play but I think this is about being in the hall of fame they're separate honors for a reason. He he deserved the honor of being in the hall of fame. I don't think he deserves the honor of having his number retired here from -- -- -- a lot of people are bringing up Jim Rice okay they're bringing up Jim Rice and saying what went and talked about electability. Well how about Jim right Jim Rice was was very well liked by fans disliked by members of the media. Because he didn't necessarily like them and that's fine Jim Rice may have been a prickly sort when dealing with the media that's fine. But as a -- I don't ever remember seeing something negative I think there's frustration at times there's a feeling like he hit into too many double plays or whatever but -- but as a as a kitten. Almost Jim Rice I I love Jim Rice I I couldn't stay away. I can agree with you more -- I grew up here so I don't have the same feelings for Jim Rice as watching him as a player who was not the player -- I was stuck watching Andy Thornton as you are watching I don't know it Jim -- right all of get -- in the Marty. Barrett was beloved but he's not gonna have his number retired as it was a good thing Carter cash deal I don't know who that is -- Miguel Dylan and you're out there. You don't you know they are making up names Mel hall. Wholly -- all of Julio Franco you know that course rookie of the year 1982 rating to examiner -- -- Jim Rice and this this speaks to the problem on many times that -- this earlier today. What this whole piracy there's chasm between. What media members think and -- and things. A lot of times we in the media we just don't get it so. With its -- Jim -- conversation. Mean any of members did not like -- -- of political and media members it was not a bad thing it was a media thing I think someone called earlier. It was a great caller to -- Lou Adam. Adam and Auburn -- Adam and -- users are more apt. Great -- -- right around twelve. And he said. Yankees -- back that he played for the Yankees. Just pisses me doctor -- and I cannot I cannot look at in the same way and just because he played for the Yankees. People in the media just don't wanna hear that but they're so disconnected from the fans when it comes to the red shark. Yanked and that rivalry number out there in right field is specifically about that connection I think our part all worked out just because he -- -- Yes yes yes just pick up when -- -- going -- -- me. But that's that's a huge negative Johnny Damon had been here longer than he was an adorable little bit more and and was more deserving as a player. And having his number retired personally. I would get over the Yankee thing I would fully understand that you did not. I would get over it because I think that the Johnny demon experience while it was here was so much fun it was such a cool elements to the -- Red Sox run and that era. He's not deserving of having number tires on the part of this conversation. With bogs it just adds fuel to the fire 6177797937. When you guys involved -- Scott is -- -- grow -- -- assault on. They got Scott I think beyond. I grew up watching it I love the guy he was great I mean you know climate ought not like Jody reed Marty Barrett like the guys -- like 1980s. But I think that upset about what is not in place for the Yankees is that when he went to all. What he's supposed to go longer it was. They wanted to -- he he supposedly signed a deal. Saying that he would do that was part of his contract and Bud Selig stepped and it's a -- and and and we're not to allow that we're going to choose who's who's you go in under. So I'll interpret that you ought to be part of the Red Sox you try to do you know. Trying to get some additional problem at that point out what editor -- -- -- -- -- on the template if there were certain number. While he said he was better did -- for his for his exploration. That's that's what he was talking about. At one point. There was. There was bad blood between Boggs in the franchise. And so he didn't wanna be associated and that's why when you'll go in as a -- -- at the time they with a double. The whole thing is is just it's all off putting Michael and that's the point. And that's why it's not surprising even though from heat is that it just seems like -- take such huge couple days to come out -- put me on that wall. You need me on -- -- silenced by Michael courtroom scene. -- -- -- Why not gonna say now is anybody little awkward for him certainly in the military today jail wallets in the courtroom scene at the end you tell me to turn on off now impossible. Impossible to turn now 61777979837. Rocked by L is in lol -- Hey guys we've that target -- our work hard. -- -- -- -- markets with him everyday. Cook up all -- end of line. And work harder on everybody out I'm all they -- you have any Betty good and created it is -- -- -- Look but do everything I do not -- them. -- -- a perfect example on the drugs that aside I mean certainly there were some other personal life issues for Wade Boggs that I stayed away from in this argument because I think that if you start digging into everyone's personal life -- have a lot of problems putting people with everybody Florida. That that's not my business but on the same time I don't know that we need to start calling Wade Boggs a perfect example to the children. I think the whole -- Adams affair is enough to say why -- -- he's an example to the kids to put my you have that as a positive in his category. I'm not getting used that as a negative. A market ripple in Florida I don't think that's up to me Europe to us today Michael but let's not start using him as a positive example for the kids hey little Johnny. Grow up to be just like Wade Boggs yeah I don't thinks wow that's not who he has. Now I I think the reason his numbers now retired is the lack of the lack of emotion that is not a he's not in principle guy. Personality wise he and that's why his numbers out of there but if you look at the numbers you just. Just looking at Wade Boggs the players go to baseball reference -- just study Wade -- -- a short. He deserved to believe is number deserves to be retired whether he's playing for the Red Sox the Yankees. The cubs Dodgers anybody else. Can anybody make me compelling case. To have Wade Boggs is number retired I haven't heard one today I heard Lou talked about -- mock talk about it I heard callers -- back and forth on it. And I yet hearing compelling case for why Wade Boggs should have his number retired and especially now these Al. Asked for. The Red Sox can now respond. To Wade Boggs. And for a minute what does not out there right after they say get the stupidest thing I've -- hurt me next -- Ali the number 61777. On 7937. WTI. Are you -- Listen here yet you -- dismissed. Littlest fan that believes that if you go play the Yankees you -- -- number retired. Right and I think that both do you are on the on the side that the Sox yankees one of the greatest rivalries in sports right we all will make that -- -- So I'm saying if you're a Michigan man and you go to Ohio State you don't want to get a lot of Michigan. Accurate -- -- you go to North Carolina you'll get run anymore and duke right so -- is it if they're. Bought belong to the Red Sox hall of -- there is no debate clearly got into the great great player I'm old enough to remember all of -- right he's phenomenal one of the best. But when you believe it's like your girlfriend right you would you girl it was great successful relationship with this girl right and that you break out. Right and Chicago than it actually pretty -- -- any guy and should go pension and you are a lot and pull your knee damage. Is that Morrissey you also like -- -- getting back together actually painted -- whole life. Oh and by the Belgium -- the come -- man. -- to rely I think it's a relevant argument it's not number one argument I don't think relevant why do you think I remembered at a on the caller I remembered. You remember -- -- notably president and I remember the message -- Ohio State -- -- it -- but -- Red Sox yankees and they -- -- -- they a member of the Red Sox in -- anybody. You go to YouTube spend most your career with the Red Sox go to the Yankees and Kevin Youkilis could have a Renaissance man who. You have 57 great years with the Yankees is no way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We were so much less -- While they just kept winning. And I think that is compounded now. Won two World Series in the last few years is a perfect well. But you can at least handle some of this stuff knowing that you got more wins in the Yankees -- since 2004 over that but -- Michael mania and easier makes it narratives that. It was it was like a -- enough. In the hearts. We talking about in in addition you're gonna go to the Yankees their DeWitt again or were still stock enjoyed her work on annual run around horses -- I'd rather put the horse is number out there but -- boxes number 6178 and 979%. Grabbed Mike. Candy Brodeur are mica at AT&T hold on second might. They added AT&T cut -- as you're getting closer to god put the -- busy little slow process you go. It. We're gonna guys might and it's been reluctant. It's nearly sixty you know a lot of players I would go speak with players -- ago. And when I heard this story I was like yeah that's -- I could not believe my years. This I saw him the -- limitless children and I that the mutt like that as one arrogant man right there is the problem solve it. I knew it was so upset by it because by the lightweight bout -- and I saw that it did in the -- guys. It certainly right up and I just really go at that. That you know being the issue being that. Stinks that the myself that when that like you -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- look at it. Absolutely look this attack on the chanted Yankee -- at non yankees events that non baseball -- Of course it means something when you end up with the Yankees. -- never -- -- a -- here which are appreciative of the text machine -- -- -- the team detects planets -- just that Twitter if you want to if you wanna jump on -- -- WEEI. Somebody says I can honestly say I never looked up and thought of his number being retired before today I did with number six for years. Never thought of -- that's from out Worcester -- Finally -- -- Guam almost tweeting in per minute and is calling and -- -- tweeting about it does not agree with our stance at all better and her hand in hand calling in many what is your problem. Good afternoon I was -- going about compliments well thanks well. I can't really still -- don't you wake up like 3 o'clock in the morning should be now what I have learned here so far. Is that it was a big mark repaired and is annoyed you going on -- That's there's that's a good start overall as anybody not a big Marty Barrett -- c'mon. -- and so and again. -- made a reference case in front of me 15 batting titles that -- on base percentage six times slugging percentage of people I think two or three times runs a couple times -- a couple of times. I think was popped and the MVP five or six and there's no player in baseball history. -- numbers not retired he did as much as one franchise -- bought into the Red Sox. So why isn't his number retired already because -- -- Because we quirky. That is not -- what is relevant. It's irrelevant how is -- -- Because if you if you get a good relation of the Red Sox. -- he would be. Is that will be retire like -- Like it similar to Jim -- similar to Carlton -- similar Johnny Pesky similar don't. And nothing -- never happen before. -- went in sort of just storing. The Red Sox right and was party organization and play long do you think that the -- to look at and say you know we can retire number because it is with the Yankees of course dot. But part of the rust away about an -- all speculation we've never had that situation by the way our -- together -- part of the reason he is with the Yankees is because that's the type -- personality has it it's that personality that is keeping him from being the type of player that fans have demanded the. About all -- personality. Was such that the Yankees made him an offer any accepted it I mean did at the -- he works what he's posted. His personality first of all it's his personality is one that infuriated Red Sox fans even while he was winning those batting titles they were irritated needed driving morons irritated and try to hit for more power and always believed whether rightly or wrongly that Wade Boggs is a selfish player they did not like -- they didn't race him. The same way they did other players of that generation that's what the. Well you talked about it probably Jim -- how that was mediator perception of Fox's so you mediator. But it actually. Comes in 1984. It about that conclusion if you read into the media is written spec. -- -- Dean here in 198419861988. All the way through Wade Boggs left in 92. Up here I have friendly old white to Red Sox games believe you. Guys turn. Let's get -- out I -- thanks god. Like this is that you know again it's all because they told us that -- was about a great yes yes. To be doing now is -- based partly it is number did enough baseball or go to the whole thing and everything else is immaterial. No it is not to that's why you get into the hall of fame to different criteria for getting your number retired. Number I think there's got to be some sort can. Action that the fans want your number to be immortalized. On their ballpark or in their rafters -- whatever is asked to be that relationship between you in the -- that's what Terry O'Reilly is the perfect example or Johnny Pesky the guy that doesn't necessarily have the greatest career of all time. But there's a connection fans love -- -- -- they don't want to see someone -- -- aerial -- number Johnny Pesky number because there's that relationship between player and man. Forget OK forget Johnny Pesky percent to -- -- a wire thing for the Red Sox right give me player other pesky numbers retired was not seek. Great baseball player current -- The right for them to let it happen I the only one was there have to be that the Red Sox don't have to have rules I think it's stupid they have this. This whole system where you gotta be the Baseball Hall of Fame he had in your career with the Red Sox didn't have to answer to anybody. Told you don't want a retired guys covered all retire his number and answer. -- keep up to on the look at both the web site right now -- as Red Sox policy in retiring uniform numbers basement following criteria election to national baseball hall thing check. At least ten years with the Red Sox track went on retire but instead what we don't hear. Did you did you think this before this article was this a passion of -- or stand grosso got if they can handle a lot. Blogs his numbers have been retired. -- That's great. -- should membership makes you come to Fenway Park you'd look out there at the numbers that are out there and say. Number 26 isn't there. Does not all of this like you. Because -- -- doesn't deserve that but I do -- out there and say. I'm looking forward to the day when Martinez numbers out there obviously and I think things like I wonder whether or not Manny Ramirez number will be retired there one day David Ortiz is I think I think both should be by the way but I never looked out there and -- sure yes. I don't think I am at all. They're frustrated you know what you should do -- -- -- -- of frustration out of your job on me at the area go back to sleep but before you go out in your pocket remembered they'll do you know tomorrow at 2 o'clock because they're on the clock out. Is that -- a -- enough thanks -- there's Turkmen and of course you can hear a month and a gallon and then sometimes minute hand. In the morning here at WB I go back -- your call 61777979837. Out of other Kirk Kirk in Plainfield Connecticut Kirk. And the idea I'd -- it -- -- my. In -- Absolutely only -- guys. So much activity -- -- that is and let me in Haiti needed. Money. I can that happen right what Mandy and what would you -- out of the. How -- have a lot of people saying they would put Dewey Evans into before they were to what Wade -- that he was more that the fans related to do we -- relate to box. I think that was -- you could put -- and have a huge problem I think so too. Well that's got distracted for things are -- -- in my back to the -- off looking cool stuff farmland Arab street I got my back to this window is that there's. A lot of poultry there a lot of culture like Philadelphia. They're just like Philadelphia. Well you know us in the black for us tomorrow I sold out the way you got your your secrets sold out tickets for living color last week. Down on the opposite of Microsoft and many many Morocco asylum at the or. They were they were frustrated. Goes on news story are frustrated that people -- they were opening act back in those days. And they were frustrated people weren't. Up -- -- them as much as people should have been feeling in the opening minute starlight gala on OnStar yellow that the crowd at the -- -- that. Thank you thank you very much right like abilities is like a baby is pretty dark. You don't get to yell at the fans by the way when -- -- can't do that now just just take your medicine and -- calculated -- that was the fans got their lecture because I don't negotiate there's a way to get over -- I would like to -- to that there -- -- -- Are we got a whole ton of people on hold I've yet to be I've yet to hear argument that makes sense for me on Wade Boggs and and and made some good points. I won't lie makes good points certainly when he says there's no one else would those numbers in the hall payments -- -- dozen of the number retired anywhere fine with -- a great player about. Taking that away from them that's why -- was honored by the Baseball Hall of Fame but does need to also be honored by having his number retired here I don't think so so rockaholic W -- Wade Boggs once ranked 64 Beers are cross country flight. Tell us that's true portability and got clothes on. Now it's not true. No it's not true wasn't 64 but. A lot of people have fun -- that it's not there's nothing to brag about but. You know you get bored on a cross country flight gone Boston LA so you gotta get -- spend time doing something. I still can't believe this one about -- -- for that mr. It was -- -- cases anyway it was 48 Beers I still can't believe the goal of Wade Boggs Michael. To suggest that the Red Sox given Johnny Pesky job as ambassador. And they complain that it wasn't for enough money. I can't believe the call where did you believe it possibly miss read the rooms so badly how could you possibly miss read the room that. You know that's the that's a good clip over for Wade Boggs and that's a good. -- that QB is tagline Wade Boggs. Mistreating the girl and I went dark thirty years excellence that's what I do 77979837. And now. Asking to have his number retired by the Red Sox it doesn't work when you ask -- denizens in Vermont -- on assault and Ali. -- -- -- Well all I remember watching Wade Boggs played -- I never I could never get the you know all -- felt like he was really plain -- it was more about. If you guys remember he was always she wrought through all lose them the greatest hitter before yeah you know. Always about the batting title and all its members. Competitions -- Tony Gwynn and Don Mattingly. Well even well I think it was brought to rule mostly Egypt's yelling match. You know I would never want him up -- -- -- number retired got a guy. It is did give a lot of mystery in -- -- -- and couldn't have a log in because. You're not a Pedroia any type of guy also that. -- -- -- Appreciate him and appreciate the call. You know it's funny though YouTube you mentioned earlier in the show before you really laugh -- -- blog -- His quote about Johnny -- I hate that there's only quote from there but I don't I want one that just infuriates me Obama Geithner on you how do you argue with a guy who knows you loved. Johnny Johnny Pesky quote argue with a guy who tells you that he had a conversation. With a woman who cannot respond right in early in the nation with and a woman who's dead. And -- and she -- that at least she offered him. Seven years at 35 billion dollars to stay here and then die then you -- -- that there's nothing that she died that night held out hope all the way more with their time in between and that's the other part about his description this description I've heard that there was crash right. -- -- try to make a joke out there yeah but can we please put you up on our wall told more lies you was a -- on. Don't think of him that way I like this I imagine you mentioned earlier though he is if he played right now. You would be valued his quote was I was doing Billy ball before there is good volleys -- rapidly being in on base percentage clearly. His sabre which versions. Would love wade -- absolutely. Easier poster boy he is the ultimate on base guy. You wanna see is on how about getting the league and on base percentage 12347. Times including six in a row. Wonder what a career high and on base for seventy civil -- seven DCA yeah in 1988. 476. As pretty good that's a great guys -- -- greatly so central to getting it's unbelievable nobody's nobody's knocking when he bought his numbers grip wire. That's why is -- all fame and he deserves to be there and I would have argued for him to be there. Is a different honor and I don't think just because he earned one that means he needs to earn the other get this -- here and it's ought to be the guy. From John -- then Johnny the number seven what Boggs asked. Is like asking your girlfriend. Or is like your girl asking you to marry her instead of the other way around. That's happened out there I'm sure I'm sure it has somebody somebody's it's happening -- tell us if that taxes on the eighteenth -- that -- and -- a viewer proposed if you're got your proposed -- how to donate your -- it might get -- are you gonna propose you have until next month to propose an automatic here like OK -- will wait leave. How do you think that 25% of marriages in this in this country happen the ultimatum which may have been that's not my nose guard. I got a dozen rockets into the delta -- gets relative. Not the best argument -- and cardinals alcoholic. Days though in my house dog -- -- 81. And we didn't we get into retiring. -- -- -- number. So domestic jumped in late negotiation. What did you see the article in the globe today. Are you know are excellent three or reset -- free Wade Boggs talks this thing -- on the globe. And essentially says I would like the Red Sox to a -- retire my number. I wish that that would happen and then goes on to say he wanted Johnny passed these job but the Red Sox you know wouldn't give them enough money to do. That type. Then -- had to do white everything and the other fellows get into the conversation because the. -- fans give fans the fans were saying -- would rather have I'd rather see I'd rather than genre retire today. Roll into -- on and on. Right so until that night so that meant to apologize because I was in the command review. Because. I -- was. Say go ahead anyway let me tell you what you gonna say we had a that's more interest and yet it's what -- -- recap. It's good I would to have him retired because he he he hit the ball but if you go by the Red Sox. Standards again that these policies start and end of the Red Sox to get there never reach. -- have a lot of ways around it didn't happen when this. And we could do that would. -- that we brought him back as -- what. Haven't stopped but you know they shouldn't have to play that game don't play that game you want to retire guy's number grand retires -- not say well this is what you must do. You must complete this obstacle course in pain and only then he'll retire your number you -- if if you wanted to retire two yards number. And unless -- -- they want to go ahead -- Anybody out there Tim Wakefield. Jason Varitek went and if you if you feel like this guy. You know he represented everything your franchise about and you really want to honor him up including. The former Yankee Roger Clemens -- -- Who has other. One who has other. Issue this problem as well honestly an entire another day's worth of debate as to whether -- I don't wanna see Roger Clemens -- personally I would not wanna see it. But he was my favorite players account and I loved Roger Clemens. I I don't think I would wanna see his number retired there I was just so -- by what happened when he laughed but. I can I can understand the argument on the other side even better wedding analogy. -- says it's like asking someone if you could be their best man. -- bureaucratic -- going to be your best man right. Really what I had everything behind the thing about you know -- duke I Mike you know this -- And I might have a couple like I might do a small wedding party when you're when answered questions -- appointment triggered a why can't figure it doesn't have a best friend or -- just to build this man big wedding party DeLia. Election now for for an ex -- actor calls after on Wade Boggs of all people Mike dot WTO.

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