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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 04/10/13

Apr 10, 2013|

Quiddich? What the #@*$) is quiddich?

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If you want to go to the my -- now on all this negativity that's in this town Sox beat Mike job. -- -- -- -- Dial 6177793535. Nice city will -- and now Mike Dunn Wei goes the Colombian we've phase and maybe don't really we saw -- now. Down of them later today you answer the question jerk coming up here in. Just a couple of minutes he got a question text us. 37937. Any question and we'll answer might have brought you by AT&T WEEI alive available on your iPhone or android device. Brought to you by AT&T official wireless provider of the Boston bruins' most -- coverage in New England any what are we got. But I'm figured out why everybody is hitting him. Over the phone he felt just like -- from Braintree. Think definitely if it's a few things don't think -- -- hand. Sounds like Dakota from Braintree police say -- there's a similarity big about that I don't I hadn't -- dominant pay attention to announce. I don't know that woody Allen's songs and Vanilla Ice -- to. -- -- Always read. This spring is just looked over here there's going to be some riot all Jack you're what I put down -- deep down there's some Stephen -- fans out there so good allies now orbit allies whose good remodeling -- doesn't matter. You mean rob van -- Big on my. -- -- -- I know you only fourteen you don't get a lot of advice so they created a lot of people. But I'm gonna give it important important piece of advice right now they don't ever ever yes rocks your cell phone. And informatics. Huge huge I -- do you do this for me huge. They -- you don't know how much you -- already goalie out the other Bedanova. You're a big hit some unfinished business. And the message muscle cell phone outlets totally his order I was told anyone anything. Tony what he has out of I -- -- I heard him refuse we -- for calling you but called him buddy buddy zen like W Phillips but the body still had a -- did you get down and I you know little relaxed not only did we like the bodies are -- buddy -- -- -- -- -- -- bloody. -- Did you guys BS the what you guys got a big guy out they do a good start they're good kids. Huge target to a very enthusiastic. Doubled its good -- okay good good good me. It may have thought hey -- aftershock. Maybe this kind of look like gronkowski and -- could put out there. I let out -- know well. Always does it take you did you share of hope within days five dollar Beers you've got -- games where I -- a bush is disappointed. So we both go about trying to avoid a big day -- at that historic blow a little bit -- the most time -- Audio to special way there's a little brother's blood -- it may have thought he. Last week when he made the Brady had -- Of inviting toward this goal by -- gave me great a couple of days after you admitted he had never read your nose broken. I thought -- You might go like they dark. -- I have everything it's crap back buttons cooler heads prevail but it still can't believe you're from February yeah you don't know -- in America. -- then I apologize for having me yell across the boot I was not -- to -- -- bomb. But I think I may have did you lady friend -- could order a day. Because Jeremy Renner from the town then why did go -- -- I guess they didn't give away. Well we did down -- where there are -- didn't say bad knowing they can do nor could I have one over this table last year. I would not affiliated cheeseburger and -- -- try volcano. And that -- gotten -- well below. Very clearly whoever is standing will be because those data I you have to do our own security. By the way -- I would cry very very good I mean is there look good but I know we couldn't. I'm very. And the message food and they got from the town -- -- exactly and yes I -- think he's gonna kick my ass for this post offer people Fries. You know -- like three of them there are three plus three orders so I I just figured people helping themselves and in good today. Because -- really efficiently is settled. I think gets us to -- home. It's almost does look like Rob Gronkowski and attempting. Pedophiles that are great lies they -- player -- a perfect description may -- you -- if you're looking. In your eyes -- crossed for a second you look at -- -- -- -- brought and then he gets locals and right now. That's just John sausage rock in the Brandeis here. Why didn't the NBA just put the -- -- -- play -- and did over until it's okay. That's what they want. If anybody thought the game last night. The referees. Stole -- who wore red. There watch the lakers in the playoffs we get it and the biggest pressure well they didn't have the playoff would before hall of fame players they have runner up there. Oh my god the word they never become as good as they did didn't they just play our best. -- -- -- -- Anderson that the lakers are gonna retire Dwight Howard's number I don't think so -- so how bizarre bizarre retirement watch. February where we now and get less than a year and this is great getting close it out of the Adams over era. We'll then be the best Valentine's Day gift you ever recently passed. Already the best this is brighter bunch of bitches in the NBA. But if the. I didn't waste products. -- -- from all of -- warmup. OK okay. It's. And that well young -- like. They're -- to -- could recruit guys yes. -- -- -- and are both my boy Adam who retire Colombo port number two could do I want this and if that flew. There's guy just walk by sweet Curt Schilling. Jersey nice they retire his number don't -- -- didn't didn't play here long enough. Well you know you total outstanding in the community and how the community feels about you and I don't know after the Rhode Island thing is going to be tough and out of McCoy. They bargained very broad welcome thought it was simply a -- it and number thirty diet. Say -- my voice I -- labor -- message to point to argue. But they're good they waived by the border around a couple of years ago she ate chicken before he gave me -- I don't know sixteen million -- -- -- -- doesn't -- Ticket if they're doing a good way to that big but I -- then when you're excited I was a number of retired. And that it. It's amazing how many people have that sentiment and I couldn't -- -- when he was here now wants that was number retired after he went to the Yankees and you know what if he had never said -- thing. I think people will be a lot kinder today if they Red Sox as -- like that two years from now -- know we've decided. -- Wade Boggs. Paul we played great player deserves his number retired. I think can be 5050 today it's 82 -- the -- after -- chance -- maybe after putting twenty years is Johnny -- replacement -- for peanuts. -- -- There. Mostly. Ohio Ohio -- -- -- it is. -- right now -- things he. Should be the next -- not a -- got it can. -- would be proud and be so proud. Good job -- the third time muses that's only has he -- you know any do you know what -- you know he knows Michael loved this song. The best Christmas song ever created ever. You ask -- it blows up. Give him been won by a woman every year for the past six years they have a big advantage. Because they don't Wear underwear they get a better grip on the world yeah. -- -- -- -- Ball ball well it's. -- -- -- I. I carefully and what I do spurred that is today is Mike -- Bauer Blair didn't see me. Should pull krill is provider all of the Boston bruins' most four G coverage anywhere in Hinske -- will -- it like a well I. Hit that up to borrowers. Techsters say that that -- group do not have a number with the Red Sox because at that time. There were no number I'll say could have put his -- no -- number -- -- imagine if the name Ruth. Was out there and we'll -- part next dollar retired numbers -- have calls -- the Celtics did it. Well but that's the point they -- -- -- -- should know Babe Ruth who stands for everything that was so difficult about the Red Sox for so long anyway you know -- know put this -- -- to bed surely need your questions obviously for into the question jerk 37937. Any question at. We will answer it Jeffrey it's the question -- -- just a minute Michael just as we've given a little short shrift today. The pitcher to make in a couple of them a couple of moves and and I think. Relevant once bringing back Julian L men and then the offer sheet now signed -- by by Emanuel Sanders if the if -- if the Steelers do not choose. To match it -- to give up a third round pick for the wide receiver. Their third round pick and the couple things this role if if the Steelers don't choose to do -- match the offer that the patriots made the Sanders. I can see how it helps both teams tremendously. The patriots to get young wide receiver with some speed. Who do you think has some upside I play with a good quarterback but it was good quarterback now in Pittsburgh can be playing with a better quarterback and Tom Brady. For the Steelers this is nothing new to them and if you saw this a while ago assault. Bill Polian came out with his list. Of the top of value waiters in football. And his list included veteran -- who's in San Francisco -- great job -- -- -- drop in Atlanta. He mentioned. Kevin Colbert. With the Steelers he mentioned Ted Thompson with the Packers he should've mentioned of course he should mention Kevin Colbert so. It's no big deal they were they were out of the playoffs last year. But they'll take the third round pick. They'll pick a player who's probably pretty good I can see it being a win win situation for both things for the patriots. They've got a ton of receivers are trying to replace Wes Welker they're trying to make their offense and they know. From experience. They can bring in a receiver who they think is pretty good. The guy kids in here sometime doesn't understand the office is thinking too much doesn't play as fast as he should be able to play. I don't think Sanders will fit into that category but some of the receivers they signed already. Will fit into that into that department so they're just protecting the -- I. I just see this as you are you write some of this has to be passed to be stemming from the loss of Wes Welker I think -- -- and I said it before will be worthy replacement may be over the next three years. Being younger may even do better than Welker would have done over the course of that same time. Only time's gonna tell us on that but obviously the major concern for him as a self. And if he's not going to be in there all the time in early she need to guard against -- that some players like Sanders and and certainly -- men. Our our guys that become even more valuable to the patriots at that point and I also think it's very important to them not to have Fernandez split out as a wideout. These tight end right anonymous a tight end I don't blame them now they are find out they get to find out info. If Julian -- really is a a mini Wes Welker is -- Wes Welker light. How we've been talking about it no we haven't document they have been. -- hinting. Then they felt like you that'll make you do some of the things that we that Welker did for them. Well now they've got Julian element here west brokers endeavor we get to find out if a combination of settlement M and cola. Can not come close to replicating what what. Wes Welker to Doug's question -- find out together you got questions for us we'll answer next text a question any question of 37983 sevenths alcoholic WEEI. You might -- -- -- college Sports Radio ninety point seven.

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