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Daily Planet for Wednesday April 10th

Apr 10, 2013|

On this edition of the Daily Planet, Mikey runs down the important events of the day. The end of the Red Sox sellout streak, Patriots roster moves, UConn women’s basketball and some heavy lifting in Oregon along with other stories in the news.

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Now all coming do you live from studio. On the planet like we. -- that's probably -- high fidelity had them sound -- your. Good evening everybody plus New England. And across the country this is a daily planet the source for the most important impact truly compelling news stories on the world of sports and beyond it. And their anchor. Mike Adams pirates -- -- the sellout streak maybe in its final hours after roughly ten years the Fenway Park thing's been going on since nine -- since 2003 Orioles. Are gonna try to bounce back tonight against Ryan Dempster 01 of five point four we RA. Making his first home start for Red Sox have decided to two year 26 point five million dollar contract in December. He got a six point 06 in three career starts at Fenway -- give -- -- -- runs in his last outing there his only appearance at Fenway since 2001 now Dempster gave up. Three runs five hits while walking four in the 42 road loss for the Yankees on Thursday's one and oh with a one point 35 in two career starts. Against the Orioles and here's a guide to look for. Dominance. Against J. J. Hardy two for 27 lifetime against Dempster for Baltimore Jake Ariana is he's got a nine ERA no no decision so far. His second start -- runs in five -- his debut. Last Friday Jacoby sit him wealth is -- two lifts off from both home runs and five at bats. And -- John Carroll here with an update on the pitching forward. John like he's also been placed on the disabled list when we put him Obama's hand yesterday's start to play catch. He felt in some tightness still in -- biceps so. Not knowing how much time he's going to be needed he did put him on the DL recall Alex Wilson the figures from the bullpen in a -- save us from may fifth start in place John -- tomorrow night here against Baltimore. Now for an update on the weather for those of you headed to Fenway Park we go now live to meteorologist Peter polar. I asked thank you Mike up 57 degrees -- Boston being around game time there is a 30% chance of precipitation tonight but -- 10 PM winds will be out northeast. At five miles per hour hike back DO. Thank you Peter and when the patriots on Wednesday signed Pittsburgh Steelers restricted free agent and a wide receiver Emanuel Sanders to offer sheet. That's Mike -- memorials -- right you have source said the offer sheet to one year deal was Steelers have five days. To decide if well at a meciar Fort Lewis Sanders go to the passing get a third round draft choice from women and return the patriots also reached agreement -- a one year deal to re sign Julian -- My just due to the -- some to do try to look for an excuse any situation that they put me in an I mean that's that's my job on the team is its do with a coach -- doing. Help try to contribute in any kind of way. How -- by the way 26 years old a quick athletic receiver who caught a career high 44 passes. Last season doubling his production. From the previous year. Geno -- EMI and at a Connecticut lady Huskies snapped a husky ladies of lady Huskies are back on top again freshman. Rihanna Stewart led the way form last night. And it might be awhile before they give it up Stewart scored eighteen were 23 points in a big first half. And Connecticut won its eighth national championship with a 9360. Rout of Louisville on Tuesday night was the most lopsided victories in -- title game. And it put the Huskies back on top women's college basketball. After missing the title game in the past couple years now that title also tied did you don't worry I'm -- -- Huskies who were by the way 35 and four this season with Pat Summitt and Tennessee for the most championships. And women's basketball history. We're Connecticut and we are going to instinct when we're there for months and everybody else and they're so young dummies that believe me. Tino cocky this cocky -- he's always been that way you know and and in out of personal note he was in New Orleans coincidentally. We're geno and I had -- 22 years ago. After the UConn ladies lost to Virginia in their first final four appearance in 1991. Thought I remembered well -- -- So takes that that's closing in on home court advantage there right in town tonight they're gonna capture the season series for the first time in seven years if they win tonight against the Celtics. Broken with a 45 to 32 record 12 meetings with Boston November. And there were three injections taking place in the second of those games and then the teams met on Christmas Day. And there was a skirmish in the fourth quarter that featured four technical fouls in the Celtics 93. 76 victory pierce KG what it means to -- from Brooklyn aside from higher car insurance rates. They're going to try to hold up to the whole -- -- mentality. And everybody -- Brooklyn Brooklyn. He would seriously don't know finished third to determine what I was really focused used to new. I mean look at the next. Programming note don't miss 2012 fighter of the year no -- -- done I area. Taking on two time Olympic gold medalist Guillermo already -- bowl. This Saturday. Super bantamweight title unification match live from New York's famous Radio City Music Hall. -- don't care looks to continue his -- but red gum though has plans on his own mark Paul Paul Paul. -- come out on top find out Saturday April 13 11 PM eastern Pacific only. On HBO. Dick -- -- eleven and Oregon Amanda was fined by his overturned tractor and losing his breath with each scream of anguish. Says he was saved by his two teenage daughters. They found the strength to lift -- he tone and a half machine. Jeff Smith was trying to pull a -- on of his garden last Monday is muddy boots slipped off the clutched a tractor -- steering -- pinned his -- to the ground. The daughters. Hefty sixteen year old Hannah and gigantic fourteen year old -- heard him screaming and ran to help they reportedly. Live to the tractor enough to free his torso and give him room to breathe though. What do you do for a living. I lift things up and put them at all. Sees itself. An open golf. From Santiago Dominican Republic slugger a rod Alex Rodriguez do you would be rusty has found the apple -- a design that's right as -- -- publication the diario lead brave puts it. -- is stuck on a young girl from San Tiago. They run been living you know it's kind of a semi -- I'll while he rehab is surgically repaired hip. And weather's always latest troubles PDD troubles -- stupid stuff about his stupid charity. A rod did poke his head out and opening day Yankee Stadium but otherwise his stayed hidden. He spent practically all day last Saturday together with his new love. Which according to the diario -- brain is Rebecca unit and thinking. 24 and honors graduate in business administration now he's -- the likes of Torrie Wilson Cameron Diaz Kate Hudson. And Madonna. But -- -- he isn't a famous person at least not yet and Iran apparently went about courting her the right way he had dinner with her father. The ball player went down there and got picked up at the hotel by the young ladies dad. He arrived in his gulfstream for an airplane worth 38 million bucks. Last Friday. And he asked the F authorities at the terminal to make sure that they exercise maximum discretion regarding his arrival and departure but as you can -- didn't do that. That's why I'm here reporting. New York Anthony Weiner considering a run for the mayor of New York City once again -- the job he was no desire in his priest scandal days. -- revealed his ambition. To return to public life in a lengthy interview with -- New York Times magazine after revealing his Oscar Meyer -- on Twitter. A man in China's southeastern Guangdong. Province admitted himself to a local hospital. Why well he reportedly got a lied to deal stuck inside him. According to the British tabloid the -- the men inserted the twenty inch long Asian swamp feel. And had to endure all -- surgery to have this extracted. According to the Chinese news aggregation website mop dot com. The Il reportedly chewed through the minutes Colin. This state and history. And birthdays that together like the weather and traffic. Steven cigar 61. Years all hasn't had a hit movies of -- 41. Brian sets serheo might remember him from the stray cats 54. Here's a favorite for Orioles fans that may be heading to the game and of course John. -- Mike Deborah a lot of Casper Wyoming one of the few major leaguers from that town. John Madden is 77. Chuck Connors who was on the Dodgers in the Celtics and also played the part of the rifleman well he would have been 82. But he's dead. On this date in history Jackie Robinson broke the color line baseball in 1947. And also. And the state history 1962. The first ever game. Played. At Dodger Stadium. That's a daily planet roster by my hair doctor doctor Robert Leonard look younger feel younger pitcher hair back call 1800. Get here.

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