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Andy Brickley, NESN, on Bruins defense and Jagr

Apr 10, 2013|

Brickley makes his weekly appearance on the show to discuss the Bruins defense, the play of Jaromir Jagr, and Carl Soderberg.

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Our Jim Butler and had a three point seven WEEI your calls until silken holly. At 2 o'clock 6177797937. Hour from now top of the hour we will talk to bolster only. Obvious piano and assorted baseball issues including. What the hell is going on with. Roy Halladay Philadelphia you talk about a fall from grace of -- veteran pitcher. On the loss numbers for him are brutal I'll get his take on the star for the Red Sox as well. And later on next hour we'll get into the story the front page it will sports section today -- box. Weis is number not retired. Who's won 26 since Wade Boggs and I wonder if anyone here in this room has -- 26. -- joining us on the AT&T hotline. Is the color commentary. Maven for the Boston Bruins sees any Berkeley joins us every single Wednesday at this time. Brick I'll start with this year overall assessment the first couple weeks here beyond mere -- I've loved. What I've seen from him what have you seen from my high above ice level. I think as advertised. That one of the quotes that I heard Pete surely say yeah or acquiring Yahoo! was that he's not really the impact. Player that he was at one time but he still very very good player I think that you foresee -- the trying to find someone to. Clayton and where I don't -- results in the right Marsha -- outside Campbell in the middle by. I think if the Bruins were fully healthy and full complement of players. You'll probably -- it -- and I would it would create cheap but until that situation presents itself. You'll probably see him put that number to -- people and you tonight's edition he's gonna help you -- sentient oil leak fixed that the -- the needs a lot of help. And I would say. The bouncing around as interesting right -- trying to find that position brick and you feel like they have to get that set you know they have to go on the last couple games here they have what nine games to go ten games to go -- -- the sport final. 345 games decide okay this is the line you're playing on. And we gotta get you with that line before we start the playoffs and authority to a playoff spot lining of the allot time. -- of that philosophy definitely you know you think that 2011. You that you. The lions will pretty much set you know you can tinker with a little bit in the playoffs when -- about adjustments. -- you want that familiarity or post players feeling good about who they play with Ochoa -- -- they -- they -- doesn't matter what is kept -- yourself and play the system but it does matter that you're you're out -- -- comparable with that you don't get some chemistry with. You don't have to take that extra half second find out where that person that should he feel at that point. And I think that has to be established over the last ten games. Rickey talked about pairings you know -- SS necessarily lines and having guys meet Judea and a pairing can it be let a younger marsh -- always with pets and are familiar with. I know -- -- the book into on the outside of this that really good cycle game and you know that you know that doesn't really need to be the same sentiment. And that's -- can if he's any good or PS of hockey IQ you allow you to play -- that you -- and and you just compliment you guys. Call most of the time to -- it -- but it's not -- What about the addition that would what do you know of -- sold bird because we even have been hearing this we get scouting reports of people talking a bottom and I think the one thing and if I'm wrong plane over there -- European he's not a little speed guy with with a lot of room to work this guy's a big physical player that help him transition. Not to -- the whole concept of play an American style hockey I think his side to this deal that would be very good for the Boston girl. And that's based on somebody that. You know I have the opinion and I haven't seen him play really. You know you -- some -- some footage of the but I never see them play eighteen -- I can only goal on that conversation that you have with the people -- who played -- -- in liberal ones that -- and I accept and and management team and you know it is all accounts and all the statistics. And all the opinions add up to the player that you'd think if you're getting. Then he should be a very good action at this ought to Siemens you know they've been in search of adding that depth and balance whether it's in the autumn six or to the top six or didn't seem to be right on the -- line. The future of the ballots in the depth that you're looking forward straight and I'll be determined by yet you know. His ability to adjust his game the league -- he's not a complaint and if they're able to put this he'll get. If he's a senator and by trade or her -- say yesterday in the price stardom on the wing when he does get your deal like that less defense responsibility Burke. I'm still velocity W as to what -- talking about. Especially the system that is so demanding on that defense here you know sentiment working in with two defenseman download. It it's not the sentiment all the terms of bud more than most -- state -- and it worked out deep. You know he -- do that over your. But the system is less demanding -- a lot more -- more containment you have seen European. Whether it's an elite leader. Or that I communicate gel because of the side to the -- it's more containment than it is you know physical one on one battles positioning body positions that position. It's more keep your body between a player in -- sort of immediate judgments and maybe be better off. Just learn to win the battle -- decide -- -- reports break outs and then concentrate a little bit more on what he does do really well. Which is feel a little offensive little creative offensively. You know also locked in yesterday were they wanna commit but it's after having conversations he does feel a little bit better. About Patrice Bergeron what are you hearing as far as expectations go. Yeah I didn't think -- look that he's doing really well you know they don't want you ought to CP public with how well he's doing. They gonna be hopeful because with these concussion injuries you know that that they can all and sneak up on you when you when you think you turn the corner so. They wanna be a little bit -- served in the commentary but my guess is that I think there. -- status immediate and excited about you know rapid recovery that he may be experience. Any -- of -- and joining us every single week he joins -- this time in terms of the the biggest surprise your last couple weeks Burke it's been the defense I know they're trying to amok with my Quaid out David different pairings but. The U not a turnovers you'll behind their own net pass in the puck back and forth getting the puck out of their own and is that contagious -- as the spot where you start doing it all of a sudden guys are are making mental physical mistakes that don't normally make is a defensive but tandem. -- -- you hit the -- -- -- and -- that we could talk -- -- -- sometimes it's the turnovers it's not so much how they defended their own zone. It when you turn the -- all current good team it's. You know -- defense and offense and not your trouble. When you make those poor decisions and in the XQ action not there in your -- -- the other team the puck into an unforced Turco. It's so hard to the Fred because you thinking about that because -- puck positions so until they get that straightened out it's going to be serious problem. Fort Gordon postseason -- it -- number one concern for the Bruins stinging -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Got to be ready to play India have been in my digit turnovers and -- puck possession type team. And I percentage plays when you don't have meaning laid out in an area where not gonna come right back action. And that is. That is why their defense and I don't mean a group of six out of its defense. Has put a lot of pressure on the two goalies although last you know -- games -- over. Until they clear that area are Carolina the other night the other -- to me an aggressive fortunate below the goal line. There's green light from both the senate -- a pinched on the boards in the broad that are really art I want it so. They got to get that area became clean don't worry so much about your -- I -- the eye popping and grab everybody's attention. But that you really are you come out of your own children how you've managed the pot is an opportunity just -- -- -- a little streaky. They need to get their properly though is that helps their offense you know they lost the series -- -- because I'll play her at all one -- -- -- -- You don't wanna see that happening in the post in the they wanna cup with a -- their selfless. But I expect turnovers in managing the park that is item noble one. Yet even -- from guys like a charm which is surprising at protecting -- ninety it was there as well and I'm sure that. The schedules take its effects and it's always that talk about second wind I mean. What point you sit there it's okay in the last few games of the regular sees you wanna see this thing turned around her. Was it to some leeway for the post season because you -- hope not a match nick didn't beat tired right now. -- are so important -- but obviously it's well documented that you know as soon as. As good as the years there's been -- bad cops or speak. He also -- you know a good amount of logic and reason to coaching style and and the thought it was important that he publicly state -- you know this is the hardest. Part of the schedule and it's a unique situation for most of these guys they have to deal with. The way we play in the condensed schedule we have a good schedule first two months that was important. That we that we really run the table a week here in January February and they were able to. -- -- about what 96 and two I think it was in the month of march and that was a priority that it's not that much. Sure her as a that'll be used that much here in the in the month of April but -- that -- to see where -- put that argue. You have to find those energy levels that that should be there should be mental preparation for the post she. -- picture and together try to get it all the -- in but now stock split hockey that you're supposed to. The play which is that physical -- and the game will fly a bunch finishing your checks. That's giving it to playoff mentality right now this is a critical part of the preparation. For the -- of people think you. On and ask your question it's way too early to ask well do it anyway. The the Carolina Hurricanes not a playoff team but you just mentioned the style play brick their hunt on a fortune -- for the final score six to. I don't think that was indicative of how much pressure they put on Rask with that fore check in the turnovers they created. Is there a team -- that group a teams you could face and a first round Toronto all. Auto what New York one of those teams like to do that eight in your mind that that aggressive fore check that might give them trouble if the defense just on drums turnovers. I think Toronto tries to play LA and Boston. They can't really. Generate as much pressure for some reason that I mean they just don't have the -- -- debuted -- Carolina the commitment that Carolina has to the fore check. I don't think they green light your defense and as often as Carolina does. But there are stretches of games in -- which Ronald income what -- actually more style try to get by middle and you year old defensive zone. It'd be very problematic Ottawa to some degree but not as much. It won't really firing at Montreal hardest scene when they play that. -- Zynga we go back to Montreal game in the last 5657. Seconds and at six on four and talked his sense but I'm guessing you're sitting there your comic game one with. When the buzzer goes off to have figured you -- slavery had -- -- what the -- the Niger C six on board no shots. It was amazing you know inexplicable is were afraid to Jack and I wanted to use -- -- -- because that was that could explain. -- when you analyze how -- he tried. I agree imagery created series 21 once slate did that exhibit about what -- actually -- -- only created -- world. Of those 211 situations but that's when you start to expect that -- shocked that you create that you want want immediate area put the puck on net and you know you're in the final many. You know. Some kind of clock awareness of that deal for the time running down the haven't got a shot and you supposedly ready that's players on the -- the should be aware that in and -- -- -- properly for reasons so. Very disappointing and I can't imagine what felt like to be on the bench especially if you about it coaching staff. To watch that final -- Was that what the best players and he actually surprised how Sagan was not there. Yeah -- -- -- or. Really -- -- have a great game against Montreal. Still a young man and it's growing and growing pains in his pit collections to beat our teaching moments. But he can't be -- difference maker certain situations you don't have to -- short time you know get money -- for shootout was a peaceful you know that you're not happy with the performance. In the hockey version of the on in. Yeah I am and I can and you know I didn't put the money I like it that that's that's that's sent the same time. You know he's he's probably interest most dangerous weapon put out there in six unfortunately. This a rare night off for you right NBC sports has you guys are back at it tomorrow. Yeah not broadcast the game but I will be in connections studios and I'll be there are supposed income return. -- daily great show was on their last night to -- hell lot of trickle beyond their tonight will be back at what Jack tomorrow brick is always appreciate the time we'll talk the next week. -- any -- joins us every single week on the program he's brought you by our friends at -- Nashua Bob Draper Rick -- check out. -- the all new Toyota Nashua megaplex during their ongoing spring savings element comes C. What the buzz is all about ninety seconds we get back to you. We talked about Iglesias in the news out of patriots camp today Emanuel Sanders signed to a one year offer she will the Steelers match though going.

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