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Should the Red Sox retire Wade Boggs' No. 26?

Apr 10, 2013|

Mut and Merloni give their opinions on whether or not Boggs' No. 26 should be retired at Fenway Park. Merloni, who wore No. 26 when he played for the Sox, believes Boggs' deserves to be recognized.

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Butler not a 37 WEEI at this Texas going to be either of the crux a lot of people's argument then this is gonna go. All the different and I thought AT&T text line 37937. Wade Boggs was good he wasn't great. Well what the hell is great debt and knowing a guy -- 2000 it's during his Red Sox career 3000 hits. In the course of his baseball -- 3010. To be exact. Was about what a million time all star. Led the league in hitting crushed on base percentage before people even cared about will be pretty. Let's start right there Wade Boggs is core rate he was a great hitter. He became a great -- -- -- was great when he came up but he became a great fielder and for a period like ten years. He was what you care about a Red Sox uniform I mean he was. During up and down years he was it in there hit and get on base and just a machine. And the stories in today's Boston Globe and it comes at a time or I guess it -- some stuff -- on -- -- like work on some projects and you know good job out of stand -- felt tracking them down a talk about this but. He wants his number retired I think Jeff is number -- I can't believe. But frankly buster and others. Wanna hold it against him that he was on a horse in New York celebrating a Yankee World Series and say yeah. He didn't do enough to put that to six up on the facade. Will you award to six and I I you feel biding its ridiculous. That in history the Boston Red Sox that numbers now not retired by the -- do you look. At that what he had done. I mean he's been -- in the league what seven years. Five of five of six years he led the league in average six of seven years that the league of on base. In the mid fours on base percentage a -- -- directories a four under was silly now -- silly average mid. Mid three's 36836366357361. All the gears of 200 hits. When he -- seven straight years of 200 hits it turned himself into a gold glove third baseman you know -- Yeah I don't think it makes any sense. Really amazing sense at all and I know that there is a no place for the Yankees. I know we look back in it that was in 1996. -- on the horse the guys are plain for all those years and at a taste of the World Series in 86 didn't work out it probably wins one I don't care -- on a horse. Even -- at the Yankees albeit Veterans Stadium naked I wouldn't care he's still a great player for this team. You know and OK maybe. When buster talks about transcending players yell -- guys like Ted Williams okay may be the standard. That's like a hall of fame discussion to write the what's the standard if this guys on this in this guy should get in. -- -- guys up there than Wade -- should be on on the rafters it and I just believe it. These great player I want to Tampa Bay then we -- at the discussion of yes he's in a hall of fame wearing a Red Sox hat. Or did he sign a contract and he would go in with the rays hat on oh Bud Selig stepped dinners at nine mobile would decide what had you have the only sort of I -- started that whole thing was -- chance who's pissed that the Red Sox for the way things are. -- down during that time in his post playing career at some animosity towards people in the organization to screw you all go on a race that. I go on for hours may you know put that on -- my guesses and it sounds like reading his read a quote today with gross fell. There was a tough time for him in the organization held right now might be a tough time -- from Boggs about it -- number 26 retired at Fenway will be nice. Not MI bitter. I thought when I wore a Boston had a hall of fame I'd be up there talking about his number 26 on the facade of Fenway it's been eight years now. I used to be bitter but I think those days are over was -- bitter. Absolutely. I think he's got to have a right to be -- you always have reds played the Red Sox for all those years inducted into the of the team's hall of fame. In 2004 so they recognize he's a Red Sox hall of Famer. But about the number on the facade quote they told me there's a criteria. And -- end your career. As a member of the Boston Red Sox will. Skated around his criteria at times before right. It's not a criteria -- and they have full control over this and actually Steve Buckley talked to this one year old story about the -- last year July 2012. Very similar thing talking about the retired number a note this article article -- more to other things. You know about the field of dreams and everything else but does the -- the -- wrote last summer I was just talking about. You know him -- retired number and a -- and -- about it is you know -- go to history of Steve Buckley. This -- this history this criteria and he believes these beverage -- in the the Red Sox your book whatever it is every single year now the criteria while he believes that a kind of I was first implemented when Wade Boggs left. It way to sort of keep them outright give you retired Phillippe went to yankees maybe -- quick things and it didn't believe that that was always there before they can do whatever they want. You don't you can't look at it in -- even when we're back in this article with Buckley saying you know they go to what brought me back having doubted it would -- -- did it would Nomar. Right now Daly when he retarded but back to retire member of the Boston Red Sox and ticket to -- off from a job when he's cushy little jobs good column Fiske who's now associate with the Boston Red Sox. Mean they do that he retired his number was also associated with the White Sox. We played more games with us the same thing PR wise goes around welcomes people so. You do whatever you want. But for some reason and I don't feel personally I don't know wasn't into the details of whatever might be they've got something against them in this was. Now this is before that the new group sort came in in maybe that bad blood of removing the Yankees talk about -- for -- that's I don't get. Dexter and listen up I'm surprised by initial tech's response we'll get your phone calls future Boston fans is text from Connecticut. Never forgive players like -- for going to the Yankees. And talking the way he has tradition is very important. I understand that but. According to Red Sox that's not the reason not retirees number of their goal by this policy. -- and -- -- the quotes in -- go to on the list of guys they brought back here who. -- and 121 out before. Right when he won since Clemens -- not a morning game nobody gonna retire that at some point the -- welcome -- -- got the Red Sox for a day or two days or three days you know he's got a lot of things around them you know last I -- wade was never accused of steroids and nothing else. He also it taught math and you do you think in your gut at some point Clemens comes back on a -- some job what the Red Sox the way Pedro is come back now. On a job of the Red Sox allow them. Stacy he's part of the day anything is possible wallet to a box you welcome Pedro with open arms Clemens. That anything is possible I just don't see it would have -- -- recently don't -- the money and show up on a gotcha but. If anything your part B was -- Houston Astros back home some like death. He talked about leaving Boston. Duck -- discussion in today's globe. We don't know what mrs. jockey on the on the part of his wife Debbie 91 at the last game the best quote the tires -- she sent out a way to fall in the same steps as Ted call. Avoided Red Sox for life. These idea though make me extremely happy. To sit how would seven years 35 million. That be adequate -- -- right now. England says well she slips in the -- passes away and everything washes away the new breast took the offer off the table. Took it off the table as he signed a three year eleven mind -- go to New York Yankees. So you know. That you don't all the details of people leave and reasons why they leave I mean if you know there was no offer to be made for Wade Boggs when he wanted to retire. Mean you know -- you forever look at Kevin Youkilis. Because he -- the Yankees and we go to our game I don't agree with that but we want we awaited bill. It's pretty funny as you go with us I was somebody right you said you liked the Spock article you agree with -- books that in here and and why is -- quote. Talking about the number 26. That's been worn since that. The only player any stature who has won the numbers since wade is -- Maloney was utility infielder. Lot of mean some people sucked toward that number I'll give you some 26 is I forgot about this until we talked about it before the -- some blogs whereas maybe -- in nineteen. After that here the guys who worked point six Wes Chamberlain. All hundrer Pena Lee Tinsley. -- -- Orlando -- said. Chris snowpack. Robs Jennifer. Sean Berry. You wore a couple times Freddy Sanchez. Ramiro Mendoza. And I was in 2004. After 2004 they had not given a number away at all and got the feeling okay. They they're gonna right the wrong Greg -- comes back. Signed some sort of a marketing deal is part of the Red Sox ambassador clubs up in the boot of the Red Sox legends up there and it retire his number -- Last year Scott freak and -- said nick. Got his numbers of veteran is a speedster but my goodness. Look at those lists the names and at one point six no disrespect the eucharist bucks right you are some stature you stuck around for a couple years and -- impact of the. But it talking to -- and Chris snowpack John Barry forgot six Iraq in the 26. And -- jobless numbers down was always great with me finish his career camping 99 and that played against the it's my rookie Eric come up and give -- number fifty -- a cure what number they give me. You know the following year that offseason Joseph -- tickets get -- out of fifty you know what numbers -- numbers are available and he tells the numbers are available on 26 pops up. As a kid in Boston Watson Red Sox Wade Boggs you know to me was. Investigator I've ever seen diseases. That -- I talk about two strike approach all the time and now. That is something that you judge agreed -- it wasn't a better two strike approach -- Wade -- 0212. He was never used the pitchers never control. He always seemed like he was in control. So I jumped at the opportunity 26 in the you know I would've won been the first got aware. But they are given it away and it's 456 years when those failures I know in a row so it was there they're giving it out -- And the first sharply against weighed in Tampa. And it was the only kind of it was a comfortable and that's that's his number it was an honor wasn't meant to be disrespectful anyway it was an honor -- grown appear -- weird that number. And when I saw him I felt like I disrespect to him. And he handled he was gracious he was. Good to me. You know we talked all the time. I know he's he's he's said I got a couple hits music I left the couple hits in that number and in you know hole. As a Loney one week in our need to a month and up plane all the time but. He was great got to -- there's no animosity no onshore. He wasn't happy about he wasn't happy about -- 26 run around direct such uniformed everything you accomplishment. I can and can't say enough of the way he treated me so it was it was an Arnold where it wasn't meant to be disrespectful anyway. It was just as a -- grown up an opportunity to take a number that have a guy that I looked up to as a hitter. -- -- Yes he points out quote lukewarm to give my number two non roster player you're after -- left we went through some of the guys Yahoo! warning. That's the question why is Red Sox and we see yard stacked up to answer the question addition to the Iglesias. Through congress is we had earlier. Should Wade Boggs have his number retired you know if it if the answer is no I get -- Lou and I agree on that's why it's. It's because he played for the Yankees he won -- one of the hall of fame. Well should be about what he meant to baseball what he meant over in a ten years the Red Sox fans who watched him hit and during some of those years was the reason you watch the game. Retired 26. And he opened so why is that 6177797937. AT&T next month. 37937. We get right to your phone calls next -- facilities phone 61777979837. To give Texas AT&T -- -- 37. 93 sevenths Dan Gross -- the story today. Wade Boggs talking about getting his number retired. By the Red Sox seems like the right move. It surprised they have not gone that route yet Scott Podsednik. Got the number three -- last year -- and -- and he joins the conversation Ralph. Rough was agree -- John is in Beverly John your open model united 37. Hello hello John. -- I'd like to make. First just divide and one brief comment about he drew and I was disappointed what they assign them but I guess now that they spend the nine million dollars. You know a great gain access to go down -- -- -- to get to a chance but. Getting on the Wade -- -- watching baseball 61. I only saw the last year of Ted Williams and sent -- there has been no hitter as good as Wade Boggs I mean. Every hit 200 units 100 walks I mean it was an incredible performance and like you said. It is yielding improved as time went on yeah absolutely belong in the red marks. I'm I mean on the borders number 26 and it is a disgrace I don't care what other things to happen. They -- -- -- and it was too bad they didn't -- and believe me they didn't let it go so that's why opinion on the matter. It is yet appreciate the -- called it not -- again all of Red Sox hall of Famer yes. Is numbers not up there on the facade Justin on Twitter says guys who numbers -- retire before -- Dwight Evans Pedro wake tech in -- Well minute but that that somebody that I'm just guessing. Late twenties. I don't I can't tell is age thirty Twitter I can click on the is avatar while anybody that you know that watched. The glossary and I saw bulls have backgrounds are age wise again you know -- it under the watch direct sucks and 83. You know anybody that that was a baseball fan in 1980 to 83 for ten year span at the C Wade Boggs. And I think you know. I don't get it in -- or deport. Those guys ahead of Wade Boggs that they're all outstanding players no question PD deserves to be up there. Dwight Evans they'll still push for that. It weakened and I had a great career with the Boston Red -- as detect put. I don't think you really realize. What Wade Boggs was. I mean this guy was an absolute machine. And was one of the better hitters to ever put that uniform on now he wasn't a power guy. We came one you have to -- powered group talking about 8724 bombs. Or did doesn't get many better hitters in this guy any idea how the go to a career a 328. Career average eighteen years in the big leagues. Even the tail end of his career he was still a 30280 to 9310324. Hitter. It's just it's unbelievable. And you can look at maybe how we left Boston the -- hall of fame wanna go with the rays may -- was bitter and just sort of couldn't get over that and he's in there as a member of the Red Sox. To a greater hitters this organization's overseen. It should be up. Yeah I have were I overall lot of fans look at your little bit older but for me you know I've been -- in 1980 my first baseball memories the year you talked about. When Boggs hit point four whole month -- -- the talk the amongst them the sports fans in my famine of -- while -- -- -- power balances after that was hooked. As a baseball field goals late eighties early ninety's Red Sox teams was -- Clemens that was that was it for me. I think my first baseball memories of the Jiri at the waist up and home runs and analysts say one hour this power come from it's a one -- you look back and go look at the old BP. On this guy. -- college valuable that how valuable that would have been now in 20122013. Adams out Auburn on the conversation what's up and. -- -- -- -- yet you very dismissive of littlest fan that believes that if you go with the Yankees you -- number retired. Right and I think the boat you are on the on the side that such yankees one of the greatest rivalries in sports right we all -- make that phrase. So -- I'm saying if you're a Michigan man and you -- Ohio State you don't want to get -- in Michigan. Accurate do you go to North Carolina you'll love anymore and duke. So yeah if you. Bought a lot of Red Sox all the same there is no debate clearly not. And a great great player -- to remember all right he's -- all wanted to -- But when you -- It's like your girlfriend right you know you would you girl it was great successful relationship with this girl right and that you break. Right that you can go any guy -- pretty much go any. And should go to bank. To lock people like you need them -- -- gloriously like that nobody acted up actually painted a life. So it's about haven't some pride which duplicate -- higher number that is the inner circle of your organization that they. Perfect -- which brought Clement I would it would hope that steroids. Are we. Backed organization like much. When he was retired any told -- -- for elect a one year. And pride. Portable the Red Sox take an offer off the table would you want to go anywhere other than New York. Anywhere other than you heard it would America would do if you go to New York you know what the cost issue won't you are. -- you know -- Ever get back we were -- -- side in New York Youkilis. Guys the first job out who can't but it assailant hit -- -- it. Love -- needs repair call for the -- but. It yankees they had done the girlfriend analogy right may be should lock the girl maybe should give written Adam it's is. Is it is it AC sweaters all sacked more than put a ring on actually ridiculous stuff co owner let's see how it needs it sets the talk about rivals let's show once again. Just -- that out -- it's called say by the LT against the opposite ultimately saved by the bell and then to little references and where W I made one reference today him right drop sorry I -- pop culture in the -- not my -- respect I'm trying to make the -- I was watching TV -- what -- -- anything. What -- about it and I can get into right you're you're not get pumped about to show an amateur when Oprah predictions. How do you blame -- -- the Red Sox -- deal. That's while. I'll get a part of it -- can by the owner falls down. The all the table they pulled away what these -- did he go to a place we can win. A place where I'm sure wanna keep that whole fame thing go. And he did that in New York. 61777979837. AC -- AT&T text line 37937. We get to more your phone calls next. Well -- not a 37 WEEI your phone 6177797937. He can Texas AT&T text line. At 379 -- 37. -- with you guys Clemens went to New York to perpetuating hall of fame career only thing is. We should all remember that we got the best years out of them that's debatable. I don't know about that that the I was at Fenway for -- return as a Yankee is from -- on New Hampshire went four for four -- BI is no runs scored again played -- should've warned readers typical Wade Boggs. For -- with its. He was good not great I don't care about the Yankees -- crap. I disagree I look at the numbers and I -- -- great great great hater if Tony Gwynn is seen as the best hitter in my lifetime. Boxes somewhere up there right I mean wasn't Manny with the power and set guys up and taken strikes to get setup but. You talked about a two strike hitting a huge. Bonds' career Ben is the 11 of those rare instances right you said this for the show. Is -- right about. Being held down too long that can do what what. Would have been they had a Ron when -- come up as a rookie in his public -- don't brings up with a deal with Wade Boggs because Jules is it was. Which -- a year Glenn Hoffman two years of quietly answered. Wade Boggs down moved up year a year that was about it first cup -- years. At twenty years -- he goes to double -- Bristol. It's 311 with a four -- on base he's the whole year double like what that get him. Gentlemen of the year heavily Bristol. There -- the double at Bristol for a second consecutive year it's 325 with a four point -- on base. What that get a -- on the promotion Tripoli at 22 years old or -- 306 at 396 on base. The -- two year old and AAA but that get them another year but AAA. Create 335 with a 437. On base as unbelievable for years in a row. You know what 300 with a 400 on base to a double late to a Tripoli before they found -- bottom up now and again. Obviously these last year's noble shoppers to that which still had 28 bombs and they go with Hoffman. Of its -- -- for cup years Susan and good players well. But you don't put those kind of numbers up. 3114 under on base twenty years old. Then Jackie Bradley come receipt of your -- making the team let alone go to double apron of the year and go to Tripoli for ten years in Iraq that four straight play this game. A fast for that career and try to copy and pasted into the -- age is that full year double. What happens next year. Is he right it AAA or -- on the big club already he's done one full year double the pain and injuries in the club -- -- -- -- -- Tripoli and then. By a year and a half without your four year you just said he's at the Major League team right if you sit at that I never knew him in the treatment was Gerry Callahan -- never knew what to one -- two and it's one out Ralph in Cranston on Wade Boggs and Ralph are you. Big guys good -- good arm look. This article same numbers no doubt about it when you look at doesn't seem tight tight eye in and you look back it's got a lot to look at -- -- stretched. -- -- -- suit and -- your little bit I think it is good news accomplish this guy all the think you accomplished both do. And what we look you will not -- that's what you -- of people from the play is Dwight Evans. But little simple after -- this guy come to -- and invention is late party comes right on the get a better war. Reception good most of our. I mean he's never gonna run away from election at the right into the media lying to repeat back and taking his mistress on road trips. It -- to -- were correct to the way it's like so much so. -- tactical circle players radical it can't say what they know what what are we doing it not only that. Where this thing finally can -- -- you actually have lateral a -- -- but remember vividly Wiki -- as. -- should I have a sexual disease so good to see a psychiatrist. Most heterosexual. That you got a search that. I mean there were so many. -- -- -- As a disease not be until -- get content of the. As usual Eric yeah. Now would you would you have been classical you'll you'll you'll locking when you're growing on -- -- you -- -- little you really -- -- -- -- to -- Which you sort of like there. Our usual over the counter now she ultimately show that it's -- on the break from it because it's -- -- -- -- lack a little bit better than that. -- he cannot look into that thing is just a cherry pop fly but not look here I think a lot of people would say you know what -- are gonna work away from -- -- that's light -- -- that number 26. And the players because we've all been watching you know what we -- which clearly got a little apple don't appreciate it -- good security as. You can't -- -- start losing that somebody else let's move on to the next chapter. In me I would speak what absolutely appalled that this guy number it was up from that. Well Ralph what day what year are surprised that you are not in the minority clinic I just judging off beat the text and Twitter response and the couple phone calls here. It seemed like that it's at least 5050 of yes of course to retire his number verses like Ralph just said. It wasn't a great player doesn't exemplify the Red Sox -- because of the off the field stuff or in a lot of cases that we're getting here for -- AT&T text line. -- Tami played for the Yankees who wrote that stupid horse. Don't retire to six. I shot out East Hampton John Europe not -- Hey my little. I don't hear our conversation about this why am I a lightweight but as a hitter but I would rather -- it down. If they're gonna put a number in retirement is to honor. -- true legend in Red Sox Nation has deployed -- and has today. And thinking here veteran would -- club. He did everything the red -- that's the most our original. Occurred to seventy hitter he would veto wielding a mean cannon of an arm in right field. And basically I want to point it will open up there and even noted that mettler I don't think come I don't think auction block it before haven't -- What is an addict is people ought to feel the same way about -- and it will will see this in obviously. Well it's been awhile -- -- new ownership and they're still not put his number up there. Texas' little deeply for the Yankees after playing the Boston you think he'd be doing what you do it today and radio TV. There's a lot of might out of my hands at one point I'm most laws. Men and when I was in San Diego in 2003. Cash I mean I don't Kevin towers came minutes that you grown in Boston this week they're gonna be traded listed were located Red Sox -- -- mature -- yankees are in town. It cash and trying to get you as well. So I'm going to try to get the best offer and I was like you can't do that to me united development that he can't do that to me. You can attribute yankees -- especially at the gonna. You be opening up at Fenway Park it kind of joked he's at now moribund trying to get a better prospect of a deal and try to use the Yankees against them and it was funny because I wasn't really sure if there was any truth behind it we play the -- we pay the ticket or show up play the Yankees I seek cash from behind. There BP tells me is trying to get me and a day later the active lately so hope -- -- first base coach. They needed utility infielder soul as a coach they activated -- middle three because it could go out there make a trade -- near the 82 the infield. I was almost a member of New York Yankees I guess you know -- in happen. How that changed. It's a great story but I think -- privacy and the same thing well adultery I was running out of the other Boone go. Can you imagine. That feeling I don't know what I want -- don't myself. Be in the other dugout wearing pinstripes. Watching the melt down until Ron great Leo great little Pedro. Being in that. Dugout. In watching one of the worst moments in Red Sox history unfold in -- the over the Yankees. Announced mr. -- in run around jump an upside up and down. Celebrate -- goal of the World Series titles that. Almost it happened was the prosper I have no idea what the hell I would have done pretty thick book that will my emotions have been in the bottom of the ninth election admirably at the moment. -- no idea. They have run out there that people would have been happy -- run around in the ALCS and 2003 jump around. Would be a front page there'll as usual overload is just a dumb ass. Yeah. It's a -- welcome back in Framingham. Or you're great response out marsh Vegas everyone runs up the skin gradually Bonino Klitschko walked out slowly and Mike head down like important and what what prospect the -- yet and no bag of balls back -- So we had this on the table for a 6177797937. -- Texas AT&T text line. At 37937. Also an -- of Celtics last hour to we've ignored this team. I noticed the last couple days quite frankly it's -- a little conversation especially based in the lineup the put out there are now that looks like we know what they're gonna play. UK at the knicks in the first round do that all you Red Sox calls don't want to be -- shot at me -- that Konami game steeply in the big leagues.

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