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Should the Sox retire Wade Boggs's number 26?

Apr 10, 2013|

john, Gerry and Kirk wonder why Wade Boggs's number has yet to be retired at Fenway. The boys agreed that it is silly it has yet to happen and that the Sox should retire his number 26 if for no other reason then this ownership loves ceremonies.

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-- final hour Dennis and Callahan I think we are nearing a conclusion on the minute hand resolution it's not official yet but it is moving that direction. Textures the AT&T -- excellent are all over the sponsor as to whether Kirk has earned his day after six week trial period. You better -- me -- him I love that smarmy past one guy next to. It's the Kirk is doing a Victor Kirk should be doing a Big Three lap around the building. Minute hand is the doubters the others they others have written a dazzling -- bush now is like us what she makes the show better you guys are now my primary morning sports show and the spaghetti from the Europe outlined clean it. I rate the -- the deal sidetracked once once since the very strange someone sent to us. Did Nomo whose wedding picture you. It is notable do you think he would you have an idea for all the -- -- -- you know that he -- know he doesn't seem like that I heard him on. You know with that -- show those guys yet but them guys who shall not mean -- and he seemed like a great guy very humble yes I mean -- what will. You would X -- thirty year old journeyman former team manager. My goodness the -- would -- Faces on the pictures they should give them. Thought she doesn't -- yes I wouldn't I give up swear and for that would Nunez say she's attractive young went. Why -- -- to go via widgets and -- personality was a little bit different is a little bit different than let's say. Wade Boggs I yeah yeah yeah I would like this -- at this one. It is a little bit more track that indefinite. Or Margot or -- again you throw away from Ottawa wants them Marco -- models I think Margaret -- in the she had -- -- -- and ciphers and -- who's -- but it. Interesting piece by it's been -- About Wade -- and -- it covers the whole wide variety of things and what did you find -- into the -- about but -- obviously -- a little upset that the Red Sox haven't retired his number put up on the slide I've -- why don't blame -- but -- most of -- that you -- -- yes exactly that as bad as anybody -- that they might as well I mean it's one thing to get to the -- you're -- that's -- it took a lot of -- yeah some slack. You know why you know why. Why is number of this this is where he went after what you think now which is he's a -- well. He altered I hate that -- was supposed to go I'm I think I'm blaming him I'm just telling you -- Musharraf to let them know I'm just telling you that the that the that the love and at a ratio in the out pouring of you know let's. Way back in the Boston organization. Get a number on the -- As much to do with the fact he went. -- thank you so what do were out of his way to say weirdo and a selfish. Me and not kind of -- wanna hang -- probably. What he's right. His number does belong there he is a hall of Famer and I use it does have 3000 hits he did. You know -- well All Star Games you know he is. He qualified the idea that you have the -- here is wrong -- this. It not ironic backers had against or whatever you brought to bring it bring -- blog that as an honorary bar tender some of what do you want it if you wanna make its ceremonial -- bring them back name some of them up there but it's just a it's a stupid rule. And -- they don't even follow the -- into a forty fives going right. Of course he didn't finish here now he's back in the and right of your organization right. He did say that they tried to sit down and work out some sort of you know Johnny husky type of arrangement we becomes -- training and -- ceremonial kind of reader all that to the support of the strike is. To be strong suits any right to be that as today. Is that they gave us a numbered we gave -- number in the numbers to match and so did happen. So money was the issue please tell us. And even though they -- those -- yeah yeah now it's it was a quite. -- an investment of time or not very much money that Robert Harris back in response to the selfish she. Charge it's at my job was to get on based this war runs I was Billy ball before Billy ball I got on base 300 times a year I. The old say it was blogs never drives in any runs a late in the 155 games I let off at 155. Plate appearances where I come up with nobody. Could be very elegant -- -- -- -- what they'll do -- that -- was Billy Martin Billy -- -- -- -- -- he means -- -- and he's right. He's in that Erick that that attitude was back he's playing -- -- -- a hundred million dollar player yeah and is on pace for this. He made lots of money he did play well and you know the. Kept them like Red Sox admits that do the up and down on -- -- when he -- even -- hit 300 plus every year in the -- -- -- for my batting title yet wolf bond movie the first direct what they did here or trade him or make room for me was that good they can not wait too long. Why would your -- -- personally just don't like -- he's no relationship with the organization. I mean not -- but if you wanna say you -- after -- higher numbers of guys because you don't like them and what's right when. They're -- Whatever usurping of the rules to bring Carlton this back as -- Minor league hitting instructor for like three weeks until he's back in your organization that's why I thought the most interesting thing in the entire story was. Bob said he never wanted to go again. -- -- -- -- did -- assigned our dignity Iraqi air missiles jockey called me and -- and Debbie over in the parking lot of 1991 after the last game books she said wait I want you to follow the same steps as Ted and Carl. I want you to be a Red Sox for life I said this -- joppy that would make it extremely happy she said wood seven years 35 million dollars be adequate. I set outside right now than she slips in the tub she dies and everything Washington. I was a great -- this all up. And I just called Columbia instances such. Has made this. It's your birthday it's like it's an out of the -- and this is Pakistan's alive blogs tells those things that he tells. And he believed to in his mind alive do you think that really happened. Not a right that do not. You -- -- eighteen yards and how about seventy is 35 million not a Massachusetts seven times five to future business isn't who she. Always -- that I. -- how old was she when she -- penalties considering these -- I don't think she was speaking with much a book contract he actually should have put an extra word there he said I'll sign it right now but then she slips in the top pieces that later she -- -- the stuff I don't think they're going to the bathroom -- -- -- -- -- have a great -- -- everything washes away the new -- took the offer off the table blogs -- Signed a three year eleven million dollar deal with the Yankees in December of 92. Played five seasons in the -- over the horrible contract with the Red Sox do. Box seven years of age what 3435. -- the 1992 or three batted 259 right yeah. Look at his Red Sox years on baseball reference eleven years. At 338. Pork tornado BP he slugged 461 -- batting title five times I mean. Is -- obviously users -- is number I -- the Williams Ted Williams at 361. At that we want us Wade Boggs hit 369 and what's the problem. With the kind of thinking and run out of numbers here. When he says it's not like. Number seven mr. when he says -- matrimony. Put up there. Our room the Red Sox love ceremonies right there or why would that mean he's he's not a bad guy just alone with either last year remember the open the hundred year anniversary Q was it came back and no forget comeback. We we got to somebody who. Who Adam peak in the one on the -- is appropriate the money demand but that commitment in case of Miller Light and it cool under his able. I was demoted him so he would sit there and people -- ordered drinks and order and where all that. But he's also had competed -- -- we had to speak in the city Hadley won't be as when I couldn't even tell the difference he was at pollute the same guy but. He drinks Miller Light nonstop like all -- in -- -- thing. And -- the ballpark -- and Steve Lyons said the come to the cross and we play on time thirty Beers. And like a five hour flight and thirty. -- but he is one of those guys those big just to geniuses hitter yes you want to use what I saw one night now forget -- he was fallen. The bottom of the ticket was to know. It was hotter warmer it was and a and he was fallen down and it's in my -- before nine summaries that would be -- early and that was really early. 2 o'clock I can and I hear. By and there's nobody there but it is hot and he's -- -- bag bag bag what could barely. I'm saying why don't you and he looks okay yeah. He was wrong. And Winchester that what's on -- run. I've been good morning Paula morning as -- and Gary Shelton I I. I firmly believe that her head into -- commercial and government should take it I'm. Question I have is one of Kirk mentioned. A while ago problems. A tight little experience going from home New England player will have been north camp and I have a question about how. I -- record in the private school may not -- cell which -- get familiar with high school basketball went up from my. Higher level than the public will be comfortable for example while it is my teams have or should played against -- -- may get you on. -- the world and Kentucky and expelled this -- on Monday night Michigan. And only that would not camp in ways and it's human shortly and I only -- and Albright played in Austria. Why -- coaching. Garbage like coach in four years of public schools and 25 years in the middle thankfully. And I actually coached against her -- high school while his -- Pappas. But it hey nick how are you are or they're a good good good got a player was meant to him he was a -- rightly cue card -- on -- -- Now on what part at all now. And -- or not appear years but now I can remember him as -- -- -- Coaches according bills. But outside shortage. And that was about it though coach that was all of you realize we -- have that we don't have a lot of naroff of their defense slighted her. I'm I you know I I I I I know Europe. Out of an average plant Chrysler but you know when disarmament to weigh in on the window and you might have made some huge improvement from. And I just made that up guys who total weight thought Alison yeah yeah -- yet know is a -- at a Goodyear prep school coach and I think. At that level at that time it was that was not as deep as it might be and among our -- what's going on that conference now that was before they and a boys whose girls -- before -- -- Muslims to North Hampton the girls who made -- what it was it was before that. The base merchant the post and was an all boys North Hampton was more girls would merge them together. Coach Pappas is a great coach in a good guy. 61777979837. -- for me fearful Bubba Bubba Watson.

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