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Jerry Remy on the effect of chemistry on the Sox

Apr 10, 2013|

The Remdog joined the boys to talk about the departure of Iglesias and the arrival of another Drew, Jerry said that Stephen is nothing like his brother JD. Lastly Remy agreed with Minihane that team chemistry is over rated in baseball.

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Our weekly conversation with Jerry -- has brought you by Lexus of Watertown new England's number one volume Lexus dealership online at Lexus of -- dot com and -- Newton Wellesley hospital has always. Jerry joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GLT -- that morning Jerry how are yet. My guys played on good Iglesias has the option to abducted that he deserved that Korean played well enough this. Well he certainly played well enough of that but the fact is you know they they did go out and get a shortstop was pretty good flight up. And you know what I hope from a -- now is I think the thing that I I saw most of spring training. In the beginning of the season the fact that he's learned how to become a big Leo right you know he's. He's done the work properly he's. Been in the right frame of mind. And I just hope that being sent back to put stuck it. I doesn't change that attitude they have because you know a lot of things can happen I mean injury can have a very quickly could be right back up here in the big leagues. And the united sometimes when guys get that down -- -- is that like you have to the first week. You know you worry about the erratic to you know but being sent down and you hope that it remains the same because I think he's finally getting. You know at a young age what it takes to be a big league play and stay in the big -- And I just don't I I I'm you know I just don't want that to go away because he's been optioned out. You know it's too early in the season after having success but he's played very wealthy. And you know I think his swing has been much more aggressive than we've seen in the past the defense the cause an outstanding. And it's a tough move -- move but -- to -- everybody expected. And it's a move that that doubles he would broken bill. Hypothetical question of drew were making 900000. Not nine million would we be having this conversation today. -- LA is proud to be. More intense than what it is right. You know -- there's no question made him think though Jose was ready offensively for the big leagues and that's why they went on this side drove. And who has a proven track record in he did play very well it's -- before he got hurt so. You know now his opportunity comes and you know we'll see how it matches and with -- A lot of we know a lot of the places hit to infield hits he's got more speed and -- guys it's fast it. Number this from Doug did you see real evidence that he's a better hitter. He will be -- passable hitter -- believe that whatever the number two if -- -- have a good long big league career. I think so -- you know I I I really think that you know when I first started it last year. In not knowing much about him you know like but he was -- these punch and Judy kind of -- believe that. But he principal healthy cut. And sometimes you know maybe a little bit too big results wreckage you know and I think that's built up and you have to work god but. You know he's committed himself in the offseason to becoming -- that I get a when you think back you're -- Red Sox history of guys who. I had the AAA level did not you know have great offensive numbers and when they get to the big -- rebel offensive player. And it could communicate with a claims he has you know he could come up here -- 25255. In a play great defense. And NB you know complete after a few ballclub. You know it's going to be fun is you know we haven't seen any of Stephen Drew yet right you know. At and -- in the American League at all. Pressure's on I mean he has the hit he has to play the field these -- -- balls. We're just not getting the balls immediately people who watched the -- for the last seven games -- say it can back up here. Thought god like figure and in the you know I mean everybody plays a depression in the big leagues hood it's different types. And and then you know it. Let's play for about brute coming off a rehab assignment is going to be nervous it's gonna be his opening day he's you know was that the players have already gone through a week of the season. They're pretty much settled in as it is right now he is not. You know so he needs some time so I mean if you have people a couple of balls than in game one -- if that's the chance immediately we wanna -- -- -- back -- -- you got to give the -- An opportunity and he will get that opportunity. And I'm confident he'll play well you know he's got a good track record and I think he'll do very good job -- stuff form. Should've got a different number of those that that number in that name on the back to. It's not fair you know what the reaction going to be if he -- soft. -- -- -- United States we've found that out as they -- complete opposite of the matter of fact I mean he just. You know it real real. And try to -- -- every thought you know I did need to that they had any value along. And you know he's the guy that that fits him very well. With what they -- going on here. Were you convinced Jerry when it happened Saturday that. Lackey would not around the pitch for the Red Sox this season. It's hidden -- out of me and I I thought for sure when I saw him grab his his arm. That might be -- for him you know and they and and it was sadness fear in my opinion because he works so hard you know people -- like Lackey for some awful lot of reasons. But you know what I've got to know him in and he's you know he's really a good teammate. And you know the -- everybody was -- forum and he was pitches so well you know in the game made one mistake in the game and the guys at all whatever sepia. But you know we invited him back on the mount up all the work you put him in and go out there and throw a pitch. And have that happening media had to feel bad for the guy. But he doesn't think it's too bad and he thinks that you know he's going to be back and it'd probably I can imagine them. Making you know maybe he's got to -- mr. couples but I would think. I mean it's Phillips right on the -- to abide their problems so I would I would think that is going to be some -- -- Well hopefully it's nothing to do with the repaired elbow that you know he works so hard to get back in shape. Jerry as far as you can tell how much. Does John Ferrell still do with the staff and the reason I ask that if the upswing with Lester and buckled to the rest of the staff continues on this up words like. Do you think he's helping the mechanically or is that the environment at this manager is created these guys in which these guys will work. I think the combination of both things done and I think that. You know it's it's it's have been as president back where they had success. -- that the natural comfort zone for them. There there -- some things that he saw from the opposing side that you know he wanted to correct immediately. But he had tremendous incompetence and the other end and together is very impressive to me. You know it's it's not about easy working under a manager who was a former pitching coach -- met by an easy job. Because they go look at you know one I had that pitching staff and and you know lot of managers Francona forget -- we would totally lead the pitching in command of of Farrell right so -- about the difficult job but they seem to be on the same page. There's constant communication. And you know it's so far it's worked let me make every outing really threw the first of five and and and going into the second round. I have been very good outings and even events surrounding in the -- was good enough to win. It's so so you know I think -- that the combination of both things having him back. I had -- security blanket and someone who has an eye on them and also the working relationship that he had when he -- that it would. Questions that you might have had in the offseason before they assembled in spring training has been answered for you by this team even in just seven games. What the pitching you know I think the biggest concern would would you know in the starting pitching be good. And I know we would not deep into the season and I know morally you know going at what second round of the rotation. But that's the key because they get such a strong bullpen and at this starting pitching is good that bullpen is going to be you know be able to pick them up being the games. I'm also pleased with the amount runs they've been able to score without Ortiz in the lineup. You know when you get David back hopefully in the middle of this month. That's gonna add to the offense which has been pretty good I think so far considering the fact that. You haven't had big poppy and -- -- so I think you know once he comes back. The offense gets even better in those those who was going up front and the other thing that's been very impressive to me has been a defense they have not been an area. -- that that's pretty tough to do it the first you know a money game they've played felt. The combination of pitching and defense you know to me has been has been very very impressive. I'd so with that -- 10810. Wins but that is still. There's still some concerns rim Doug give me one or two that your name your word about. Well I always worry about injuries you know I mean you you if you if you haven't we put dialect unless -- -- -- but -- he can't replace that. You know and in you know some position players you can't replace what the key -- he can't. And we've seen over the last couple years and you know as bad as things work. Injuries were a part of it you you have to admit that. And and you've just. You know that that scares me more than anything I mean I love the way the teams come together right loved the way I love their energy I love the way you know they play the game. And you just hope that they stay healthy and see where the chips fall and you know I I I think they can be very competitive ballclub but again if you lose a couple of key players. You know young probable and period. Look at the Yankees right now I mean they -- you know we ran a bit a lot of that ran out against the Red Sox in the for a couple of -- was just not yankees it was like a triple -- ball club. So you can't win like that you know and and we have to stay healthy. -- I grew up watching you place on an askew was a former player you can help me out here OK I've been debating these two clowns all day. I I can't figure out team chemistry I can't figure if it's real it's not real to an intangible I feel like the Red Sox are playing well right now is Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester. Are pitching well yeah I imagine you're gonna tell me it's deeper that chemistry is a big factor but it just seems hard for me to prove. And I think that you know I played out from teams. I -- who played on teams that had terrible chemistry but what. And because we had great players. Yup exactly and you know I wouldn't call -- they close -- ballclub like any -- you felt. We'll have Jim rice's you know the leader can't you. Close. But goes without saying and Jimmy wasn't the leader but -- was a -- that show by example by going out playing every day. But you know I I remember Yankee teams that we played against. In the late seventies that would fight out of Bailey. It also. That respect chemistry thing is this kind of sometimes overblown I think and I think it comes with winning and I think I think it comes. You know as time goes on you build it you know it's always good at the beginning of the season is especially good. When you winning at the beginning of the season. But the real pest who it is when things go poorly and at some point you know every team has got to go to a -- structure that we see what we have. And but I have always been on this side of you know what -- good players. Got to go out there play play their game and that creates good team chemistry. And Jerry conversely I'd imagine -- some teams that weren't great. Along so well. -- a load so I played on teams would be ended we had a terrific time through what you guys we could win any games. Could we finally -- that is on the lineup. But it allows the chemistry at NASA and right now as you guys seem to be having a blast human -- Diaw were up two greats. All I appreciate that -- you know they may be laughed like 67 times already morally week into the season but that's. We're having a good side of bill good to win you know it that much better that the games when -- -- again. And you know it felt fresh for it to this is that the new beginning for -- -- there because as a new beginning for the ballclub so it has been tried and it's been fun to get up to this stuff to go through that road trip in new York and and and at Toronto and come home and it went and excited fact that opening day and the unit that. I mean everybody feels good you know what though it it's a lot more fun doing games like that than doing games -- the in the last year. I think it was nice of -- in the the roots that make them or -- -- like actual size. And the quickness -- -- you -- think about it though you know negative and home -- -- writing ability this morning so you know much of the morning has been a referendum a minute hands trial period is over we now have to make a decision as to whether we keep him were jettisoned him -- -- -- what -- -- which -- -- sort of who only got good good chemistry from what I hear it. What but it would have to be in the beginning now -- and I never saw accurate accurate -- accurate. It's -- about that you know that comes with and who might be in. You know any kind of something new that pops in innovative -- is an adjustment period and I think you guys have reached an adjustment period. And personally don't look into the show very often. My people tell me things beginning definitely with. Anybody. You -- aren't doing that well this year -- did. Everything is gonna blow smoke at that we know you don't agree I think it's time for a pocket square for you room you know that's do what I the united you know I can put it -- but I still don't look do you you have such leverage over the do you try to change the that policy every year and I just fail it. Good employee. I don't say anything that's what I try to do my job and hope that this went back to our -- dog -- Divx we've taken a guy if they want they have -- yes. I read this story about five in the paper this morning yes yes I would get to that do we get -- we get -- as that if you abuse crimes he outside of Fenway Park. -- retired Wade's 26 yes yes I mean -- and 57 turned baseball around this city you know Triple Crown. It was a great player for many years become I mean all of payment. I think he deserved that throughout by the Fenway Park like that William do you think he would show up for the ceremony at the question of could. And -- -- cigarettes -- -- Miller -- he'll show Jerry but but but what -- did -- affect our conversation with -- brought you by -- Watertown new England's number one volume Lexus dealership. Online at Lexus of watered down dot com and by Newton Wellesley off. We invite you before -- about her friends -- -- catcher Ryan Dempster Fenway debut tonight as the Red Sox returned to the Fenway Park field. Against the Orioles talk Terrence Tim Wakefield at -- night's starter for -- live from yup you way at -- the final -- that -- -- straight.

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