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Dino reacts to a trash talking Lou Merloni

Apr 10, 2013|

Lou went out of his way to trash D&C when bragging abou the performance of his show in the WEEI bracket challenge, Dino was not impressed. Also Everett in Brighton called in with harsh words for Kirk Minihane.

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61777579237. We'll talk with -- in the 8 o'clock -- little bit later on about a half an hour or so from now fault lines are filled up talking about chemistry hang on caller -- get you just a second. Inside radio stuff there are some or -- going on. -- in the morning program. And the midday program ever since -- Bachmann and I hear -- -- the -- of yes would it not easy but apparently a few words and I have heard it on the Internet at the and it began with them stealing one of our guests and have a large people calling us and saying that we put him on. Warning to promote the ball show. They got there knows all about -- And yesterday it went to get another look as Loney was -- About his victory in the NCAA. Basketball tournament -- situation. On your -- to. I have to admit I don't remember any competition now remember any bets or anything that wasn't competition Marshall vs their show now that come from I don't remember that. Talked about us against them up on what time what -- don't I -- I wasn't real ultimate brackets and we'll see our our our show does against Russia. Somehow some way -- that there shall be our show that wasn't enough now where he's been to the we owe them. Who finished first. Odd that it was behind the scenes person Karlsson. Jason wolf. Jeter. John Dennis is a -- with the next on air personality after -- from there goes our bond no not. We finish in three of the top six spots in this rally will put us where I was when I don't think -- telling him because at the you know. After Dave first up after day one it took a lot of slack because that one night at a sixteen as a matter of fact on his ability to make Twitter feed. And it's like DNC tweets out that little -- -- brackets awful techno Lou Maloney is they actually posted the standing to crap on you because -- -- in dead last -- comes out with a on the here challenger but this show was going to be our show and for its goal would you wanna bet let's read. Dinner jumped up and I -- early word about this bracket the last three or four weeks as it turns out and I Warren. I blew everybody away junior thirty -- always dead the last Callahan did not perimeter -- -- -- hundred point it's weeks. We're the -- this standings now that's all I ask. Where's the bad -- time the pay -- boys. And Jeanne -- Smart Maloney told me with the bites so a lot Sean thrown I have towels please a leg is always over at this point -- stands at 94 points for Callahan. He finished behind Bradford rob Bradford he finished behind meg couldn't crack a hundred points this got to be like the bottom five percentile. On his bracket 94 points for Gerry Callahan. Dead at the last. In the WEEI. Radio hosts are Russ and I weeded out the standings after day one. I was dead last in the weeded out they may -- take that -- you Dennis -- you Callahan. We'll always on top of this one plummeting and you tell -- did you miserable bastard you can. We couldn't do what really take it down blow up dinner I want string gut that's what I want to outfit that's too much to ask. I took some slack I remain quiet. It's my time well yeah I was just curious is our time out. Here it's -- First of all the expression is I took some -- begin -- second of all -- -- -- you are a bold faced lie. A bold faced liar. We never tweet about -- that if I didn't even know I wasn't even alternate and I. I don't not exactly injuries. You additional -- -- that right and -- -- how's your. NC sure did and he's right. I don't remember any bad a -- no I didn't promise -- taken mr. Reagan. I didn't sit with the I don't think that's real vote cause that was what prevents long way. Number three minutes yeah we just heard. Yes with no guests no Jessica three straight -- I'll get -- is on the productions to kind of wrap an amateur I put his son Joey Poppins on those three minutes segment I would rather eat spaghetti for me -- Goal for dinner with Michael. I mean I'm not -- better than the last thing in the world he wanted -- enough. There's guys hate each -- and I just make my excuse I finished last. It doesn't matter to me I don't care I find that like finishing last in the scratch. Mean overdose but you know one out. Is baloney really that. Who actually knows what he's doing now of course we've got to college basketball a sensitive about stuff that's not baseball -- -- -- a problem -- -- a lot of slack yet -- think lack of don't think Maloney and and mutt and anybody knew what they would do win it's like. -- -- -- -- and it's human -- on my optics is a college basketball. You know right so as. But progress but I don't want out and -- bracket your -- -- -- -- he needed to hear no -- to look at that it would. Trick question I'm not gonna come -- next year as I said this earlier. Find myself rooting like in the first. Do you bracket to go watch the game -- -- rooting for you brown and root for the underdog is right at the underdogs no extra fifteen against two cities and the who's -- fifteen ego -- my brackets like I'm gonna go home on -- fifty. Fun I mean I'd rather root for gulf or Gulf Coast and -- -- my -- The only reason -- Is number three is. All the mister Kuester is so they happen make pretty good run double B in place yet have nothing to do this deal. What to do with the -- to resolve a watcher. Our ceremonies the second guy -- it because he ran the whole thing so we made it he didn't let it be Rosie Ruiz and with the Boston Marathon when the minister. I've no idea -- Maloney. But he is on to. -- -- their team and sit in the mid day team did better in the bracket to weed we'd never took it. -- you can go with those people I mean like Lou I guess you know but it's a long night could do it. If you don't like about. What would we have to I mean literally I mean literally take about a -- sent to this that the I Joes like it Joseph what do you. Put oil on the payment a couple of months that. There have been -- the chemistry of the talent show improved the already pretty good but yet by a couple month I don't make any great -- I'm a bit in terms of that. Whole issue of democratic part of the -- are you an expectation. In 20112. Well -- Haitians are so high it's always harder to arm and -- An -- when your activities well when they're not dictation this year. Bloody you have pretend you're going to North Asia. That's a that's a good -- but you can't have good him -- when you win 69. You know. This team wins say seven need to know what's going to be rim of the chemistry. And it lasted but no one's gonna sing oh what a bunch of great guys if they went seven to finish last Jimmy's in New Hampshire Julia. I don't like to good. Good I have a couple quick things the first thing chemistry the Red Sox well something games into the season on the 55 laughter well. Only time will -- I do believe billion another arm there. I think lackeys. Days are over. And I think that it has -- get back there though they will improve from what they need strong bat mobile lineup. The other thing I -- charred wood about -- though it enough. I watch a football with fifty years and I -- the end and he got away with murder ten years ago. Had them playing professional football. I don't care how good he is he still. We're involved in a murderer he plea bargain now wrapped around as the bodies there and got off but got off and everybody frigate that was. What that or do you -- golf ball. Think we forgot it during this -- we. It was discuss now well over and over and over -- -- pass that got talent you know big commerce changed -- network gig yeah usually guys who obstruct murder investigations and ran on the fellow murderers don't make it under the network on on and a -- as you know too often by the way. Did the Red Sox do this right. Is Iglesias on his way of -- before game time -- nobody seemed so. -- like having somebody a box -- clean out your -- -- an escort you out bellicose on them later someone owns around. Watch and no. Is this how it's gonna work. We're who has his -- season at Fenway again -- Until through deterred movement now where I guess so yeah so he's gone right groups he's on route starts tonight. Again I'd imagine right. Achievable from an illness is another lefty this year's who starts against every -- that he's everyday shortstop everyday shortstop even those numbers against left its name. Leisure every issue of me in too much money from the bench -- took this one option at all. And -- starts in today what do how he's feeling. Love to know and it's not like the media doesn't have. Although I doubt there will be guys from -- and there are those guys got some problems then they'll ask him -- I would expect. General had a long. I would presume. Mother to son talk recognition and yes it's comfortable. Article you'll be back appears in no time. He's through he'll get or I'm sure the conversation didn't start then either I'm sure it was last couple of days building up so this is gonna happen. This is inevitable and Steve comes back you're going to love you guys great terrific. -- are gonna hurt when you come back to be repaired right you go capture. Saw two Everett -- ever would it would put -- IA. AR. Kurt got a great curiosity -- -- your only child. And my two younger Brothers. You know -- little -- you know him to -- emblems or -- expanded I don't know it. It probably don't like you really know they you know they they need me ever yet he puts that amount of that is -- by the north -- I will get your -- and John Kerry really credit. Aren't we did nobody could be just like war. Are being you and me I mean like you really are. That profit in that dealt with. Very ordered trial right now and it -- yeah yeah yeah. Every girl was with you ever had. If you are we or sixteen in the half. I did not seventeen I did not. You -- -- events that I want to school every day. Willis and knowledgeable just how -- -- you learn it. If I guy in line on the line you know we we've we've we've -- you -- targeted recent no line line you mimic if you can keep -- -- -- to talk about something here please -- and ask about -- look at history right yet though so are ridiculous it was your wife. Yeah sure. -- -- and biochemistry. -- being sarcastic earlier. What -- what speculative mean when your wife there with that. A little bit of all of our individual you -- upon you. Recount went over. We were done. I didn't pull any audio and we've all seen when you run when -- went up in the air we get Crowell you know audio. All about -- and certain it would not here to -- darn Jerry. Ever ever listen to me okay. This has not what it was after the Boston Red Sox a beat beat -- -- -- -- -- ever talk for five minutes it was terrible as usual stuttering and meandering crap. Let me just say -- OK okay. This is all all of it stemmed from jealousy. If you're not here every -- that ever ever ever. John I'm gentlemen ever let me -- -- table -- is nothing to -- whom it is has nothing to -- -- -- pro has nothing do with Kevin winter. This has nothing do with John Rich. It has nothing do with anybody. You will never be in this studio ever. It's never gonna happen I prefer he never called again and I talked to solutions after the show -- -- -- you'll ever be on the show and a -- make your point on me in my wife and my Brothers and basketball I was going to have good chemistry -- Albert's wife. What's -- what -- -- not safe and I'm sure you're not who marry her card but what we wouldn't welcome to you it's not about oh. I told you what I've seen white that you are on the show -- what -- see. Right now and I think. Our people in the studio and get people calling up. And I have met with -- -- that you never want our armed armed that was more awful and you. I -- second that you drag show -- -- being an apathy cart yet curricula that would. And -- if you -- history. A crack in a row. I had them -- -- a public -- -- what we need to -- Probably open to. Has nothing to do without these weapons ever -- whoever it would rolled. You play after a gold medallist talent show in the morning on NASA and have a great time the great folks in -- the guy. And then go you know go a couple of radio shows get paid for that -- go another television station I get paid for that. What role do you have a -- Knew that the abnormal and I'll get it back on I don't know -- nick. My legs going OK so you must be not too powerful. 92 time -- Borger for -- calls and we will update you on the a former Red Sox who -- now for the Dodgers again we'll get to Bubba is master meal. How long.

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