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Daily Planet for Tuesday April 9th

Apr 9, 2013|

Today on the Daily Planet Mikey goes over some of the big news stories of the day. The Red Sox opening day win, the Bruins win over the Hurricanes, Louisville winning the National Championship, Hugh Hefner, Jenna Jameson, and more.

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I'm no going to handle problems doing. He's somewhere on the -- with my game needs stood there a -- brought to you live high fidelity -- them sound with your. Spinning at first and foremost I am a journalist fulfilling a need to know for you -- -- of the W media Sports Radio network the Red Sox open -- seconds. Second problem brilliant start by Clay Buchholz. Our clutch homer from Daniel Nava another flawless fielding performance by the Red Sox. And the fans at Fenway racing for the first time at all the excitement is about. As they want some surprising -- -- beat the Orioles three to one and Boston's home opener on Monday. This team I think was very prepared coming out of spring training we've. Execute I think very consistently and very well defensively. I end anytime we get in that kind of starting pitching it's it's gonna give us a chance to win some games late. Here's a general John Ferrell buckles to and allowed three hits in seven shutout innings -- the three run -- in the seventh off Chen and York. First place Red Sox improving to five and two for the best start in seven years now the Bruins felt like they were due for an offensive night like last night. Great achievement -- captain to work now. Crosses Dellucci to the courts not. Loves. You're expert Brad marsh -- -- two goals to rest stopping forty shots. All forty album I stopped forty shots before it was at a bar the Bruins past. -- posting a season -- -- 62 victory of the struggling Carolina Hurricanes and where they are struggling a Bruins rebounded from a frustrating to one loss to the rival Canadians. With the big offensive night. And the brewers win despite giving up forty or more shots for the third time. In four games. Rick Pitino kept the greatest week of his life with the prize he wanted most of ball. Luke Hancock producing another big game off the bench scored 22 points but you know become the first coach to win national titles at two schools. When Louisville relentless. Rallying for another twelve point deficit to beat Michigan 8276 in the NCAA championship game. On Monday night title comes on the same day. That the team was announced as a member of the latest hall of fame class. A couple of days after his horse won a big race on the way to Kentucky Derby and a few more days after his son got the head coaching job at Minnesota. Well about 1213 games ago all these guys if they say hello they get attached to. They said if you win the national championship coach you get a -- I said hell yes I'm gonna. -- rumor has it is getting a tattoo of an Italian restaurant. When he code that table and thank -- dirty. You know we go that's going to be tattoo. Rob Gronkowski he's reportedly according to Ron Borges as a stubborn infection of course there are those who believe Ron Borges is a stubborn inspection so I personally. I'm Fred it is a big -- right. Helena Montana the dateline Montana man -- twelve year old Golden Retriever. 85100. Dollar bills. Hopes to be reimbursed by the federal government. Wayne clinical tells the independent record it is dogs Sundance -- the bills. While he and his wife -- a road -- -- says he carefully pick through the dog's droppings. And his daughter recovered. More when the snow melt and he says so you wash the remnants of the bills and take them together and sent to the Treasury Department without explanation. The bureau's website says quotes. An experienced mutilated currency examiner. Will determine if at least 51% of the -- was present an eligible for reimbursement process can take two years. And smell really really really stinky and not to be a stickler Mikey. But I am Helena Montana when I -- the lead and yet I don't crappy thing I'm ever gonna go there are no and I don't think anyone is from the series finals carries. Apparently got art at Argentinian bizarre salesman are passing off -- on steroids as a -- portals. And people actually believe them. And local news report out of Buenos Aires caught the attention -- the Daily Mail and other states this week after a man took the quote wait portals. He bought at -- a lot of market to a veterinarian only to find out was actually a giant weasel. Are you -- we gotta get these toll portal to pitch up out. It fat Tony and game it over. Your final dashed when it's ferrets is where nobody. -- -- -- its call Brazilian -- A ferret given steroids at birth to increase its size and groomed is not a rare occurrence the site reports. But this particular story aired in June 2012 apparently confirming the urban legend at these freaky ferrets are sold at a popular market the victim paid a 150 dollars per portal. Probably open. All the problems that. -- -- -- -- -- And -- cello one America's heart as a twelve year old. In the Mickey Mouse club back in the fifties. Captivated adolescent baby boomers in slightly spicy beach movies. Dead and later champion people with multiple sclerosis a disease she had for more than 25 years she died Monday. In Bakersfield California she was seventy. Or death from complications of disease -- was announced on the Disney website as an adult ms. phone cello describe yourself as the queen of teen. And millions around her age agreed younger audiences appreciated her sweet forthright appeal and parents authorised the perfect daughter and she was also. The inspiration for many a young rise in Levis. Wondered Andy -- a veteran producer and engineer who worked on classic albums by Led Zeppelin The Rolling Stones Jimi Hendrix Van Halen and many others. Has died at the age of 61. This. Dateline Hanover Germany. Russian president Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel were confronted by three topless protesters would slogans painted on their torsos. At a trade fair in Hanover. -- women. Reportedly part of the activist group salmon. Shouted dictator as they were removed from the scene and quote looked on in an -- amusement. At a press conference after the event potent -- as for the protest. I liked it. The telegraph reports Putin told event organizers they should quote say thank you to the Ukrainian girls they helped to promote the trade fair. And also added it seem like the security guards were too rough on the three women. Quote these huge guys fell -- molasses. That seem not right to -- they could have been handled more gently. I didn't make out what they were what make out whether they were blondes chestnut haired or -- nets as a look at what our. That does not need it. Other group -- criticize Putin over the arrest and conviction of of the feminist punk band pussy riot. For performing an anti -- song in Moscow cathedral last year. Birthdays and this mystery today Jenna Jamison -- porn star yes he has sort of did you do -- must be familiar with I don't know anything about -- -- -- Jenna Jamison 38 member Lisa Guerrero. When she posed in Playboy out strategy davis' -- little bit more than I don't think so Lisa Guerrero race. Ten years older at age 48 on this April ninth put -- -- Dennis Quaid ten years older than both of them and he's opposed them he's 58. I guess what speak at a Playboy. Hugh Hefner. 86. Years old and new world record holder for Viagra purchases. Under state history sports April ninth 1978 the San Antonio spurs' George urban score 63 points in his final game of the season. To edge out the nuggets David Thompson. And one of the tightest contests for the NBA scoring crown in basketball history -- by the -- become least not score again. Is 7980. And 82 making him one of just three NBA players writer. To ever capture for more scoring -- -- the padded to enrollment and at the husband he did I've -- that myself. That's a different as -- was a lay up -- substance -- for you on this date 1865 general Robert. 1981 Billy the Kid convicted of murder. 1962. JFK. Throws out the first pitch at the new DC stadium in Washington later ironically named for his brother. RFK you are informed. And the daily planet has brought you by Mike -- haired doctor he's a good man doctor Robert Leonard looked younger failure under picture hair back 1800. Get care. Sports news breaks when you break -- -- he's a special report.

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