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The refreshing attitude change in the 2013 Red Sox

Apr 9, 2013|

The guys are talking about the positive attitude they've seen in the Red Sox and whether the lack of major egos is a large reason why.

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That's really offerings of what's the name -- the Atlantic coast they have the people do -- listen carefully now -- And it didn't really rough. I didn't say it's it's jazz man. -- It was like the pink pants they're took a dump her you know -- -- vehicles like from the movies Pink -- you know. Well -- was Bebop and -- getting involved -- it had been his only other people do the killing yes. Mostly mostly of -- and that's the name of the group they'll you know not on an assortment and our question it medio gaga. Sarah you like it a lot. You know dance and his. Are excited but as you can while by the CD there. Okay my values are out of -- is Tennessee the arisen on some -- a phone records. John. We rhetoric at. Sarah I don't know if anyone is made you aware of this yet but I feel that. John. Never love you or anyone else in this world for that matter you see his love is so great for one person steals all his love for everyone else. LeBron James yes it's true -- one true love is his permanent obsession. I'm sorry I had missed. Who's your new boy -- it's not true but the thing is these are denying his. You know what that keeps coming it's so idiotic I was talking about this on the weekend and it would one of our producer Matt. Europe he would be -- all over the top about does it makes me look like from the Fed which I'm not -- -- die -- saw a comparison to maybe use and anyone -- look like below the -- you would pretend you're always running to his defense is going on and I got -- -- over on your soul over the top Ali pointed out is the fact city's best player in the league. The new look more ice and I don't talk about him nearly as much as you do I say mr. -- talked about about 95% of us old guys talk about 5% of the time out I don't I don't bring them up every night I don't bring a -- you're obsessed with -- current round where there's a secret love them Mikey has come. I gotta tell the audience that says. -- it's based kind of -- its -- he he's doing well that's really due to meet. So noted that IUU I don't defend LeBron you government crisis among LeBron used world is the growers weren't Warners doesn't do what your analysis is then of those games and so -- it. -- you wanna go for being able to Eddie on some pizza. You know we got an apartment in mid -- the Baltimore you know local -- -- and he works -- -- -- -- He is in opposition. -- Marvin. I am -- to practice and we're states and the the District of Columbia practically speaking of course up to please -- in my apartment like that I Arkansas. Racial prejudice really thought what -- glass. No but there until productivity -- -- going anyway yeah. I am engaged in glasses for encore dead like and I got to go home freedom -- like -- -- for just four states I don't get. I gotta say -- -- read about sort of the greatest thing is happening and remember I'm originally from Baltimore campus. Moved here in 1970. The magnitude -- -- school. Diehard red granted. This is a breath of fresh air. Witness who don't know right now and I -- Mikey I didn't written the coolest. Some. Oh I think I am I am now I believe it. This is. John -- is -- change it didn't because a lot of things that are going on. You the complete opposite of the people. But he's also someone that these guys. We need right now there's two things the whole atmosphere in the Republican leader. A leader. Football -- -- anything that you did. Except for a -- gone. Five and oh. We would've killed everybody that we have on the ball under the bus -- But this at the beginning of -- do and great friends that. If they go. They don't have a 500. Outside the present there read that means -- that record. I'm still happy because it is a different. Well that's -- it's you know it's a win win that respect because of what he hated that team so much Marvin I think you're right it. Even if this team was a 500 team or slightly less people be so well that tried but I've talked about re generating. Excitement that existed 34. Years ago now suddenly because we had a taste for. And here -- some guys look pretty likeable as some really cool things happening the pitchers are pitching -- hitters are hitting -- and and by the way no errors that's a likable now. But don't get too high and and Saudi royals are going to have games -- on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- how he -- -- -- -- it's great at what I love about the team all the things all the above that you said Mike. But they bust and they got run and a basis Jonny -- giving everything he's got you know their hustle and -- efforts -- -- it's really it's it is really refreshing and that's what the fans pick up on to get a get a ground ball just I mean are going to be out what you still trying to make it closest you can. 37000 paralyzed really notice that more and they've noticed double off the wall you know that happen. Pay you know Barbara you and I should go to an Oreo game these days are you know San. Like you by our I get that again that you state or you will stay in touch thanks for the call. Marvin in Medford but he knew he was in here one night we had -- sergeant here to see who want you gentlemen great radio promote yes do Lois. By the way I gotta say this about Sarah. As cute as she may be to look at which he has. Could radio voice the Sudanese are -- duke is you know at that of the the worst thing -- this is not a knock on women and August I loved women more than I love it like itself -- But when women have really high voices can be awful on the radio. My gut. She's got a sultry voice he's got the some depth to reports. Mistakes are very less suitable. Agreed got a beauty marked a brown eyes she's she's it she breaks those debts through his dream woman over there. Writers over here dreamed about LeBron but no -- Dominic and Hyde Park real quick as he's been waiting a while we want natured and get impatient Dominic. You also opt out. All my outlook you not know who must now write what you are right. -- But you know I haven't heard all the the booby. Yeah -- the chicken and once meant that the most underrated company op -- man I want -- -- one on. Should nobody likes movies more than leaves a regardless. That's outside that's almost as bad as some of Mike he's -- -- I'm home I'm I'm I'm at a wrong war but now. What do you do for a living. I want Albert will muscle man. Right to straight hustler Tampa has got down to putting efforts today at all Mikey that the world Putnam do you get on the New York Yankees around. You knew that Auburn is the man and a man up a -- -- -- on the manually you'll get little credit you know delusional so I need. That you time now what what I said it is you want but the Yankees. Because it is not that hot topic on the student government you're gonna see a situation now is your real police will look at -- -- -- Seriously what you -- -- right I mean all of -- -- the old old OG and the Yankees Dominique could turn it around would be you know they're they're always they're desperately spend the money they've gone gotten players like Vernon Wells. To add to the wrong you know to China to patch worked with at its -- injuries on my account the Yankees out of live to -- not about -- Ted Barrett and. Think you -- don't understand is that it's all's well that hit man you know they they they keep him in these veterans man dig a little pixie dust you know. -- -- -- longer -- -- is all of those talks are often -- that the pitching staff can be okay but the golf and on top pot farm system I'll tell you the Yankees. They're not on the web this. Well you if you say so -- you sound like get the -- to -- now Donovan all due respect to selling Yankee fan who's been wounded in your fighting year and a cornerback in a corner he's trying to fight. Ahmed -- I -- the constant -- man that I know it -- I don't expect no championships. -- -- got people there a lot how you would be Smart to do well this year he probably happy tonight because they're on their way to five months to depression the Indians right now 92 on the Bob yes is as big dealer -- out. I don't want championship expectations or mimic but to make that clear okay. That's what do I do think that this team is going to be competitive I wouldn't be a part of that ran a little the division. When I told you the kids the world's going to be competitive and who would argue with that competitive means squat yankees 10 win you know that very embryos. And anything else is not -- Nearly couldn't but that you overlook some of Matt thinks about is I would -- -- to all the media have a great -- -- But they have some submission of the pit stop -- they have a opt -- -- and they go wow it's ExxonMobil. Where are these guys -- a forty year old Randy padded out the FCC fed SE -- beyond him Odierno. It became something like UK get Sanchez. Makes the world Williams. Totally ER and I also met and got all right. Drug -- -- names Roland T packer would. James -- who got Honda. You know names don't mean squat to me -- but -- -- pentagon on how close -- but I've always say Brian Williams you know I can't. My outlook -- what people are legitimate intimate. People we ordered him the next. One out now but he didn't know -- -- much of 500 spring trees exciting young ball -- that Italy's there. That's a comical statement -- Like you know first and foremost after a journalist -- first then a comic. That order. And and Sarah who's here now do you think he said. I don't know it and it was a lot man I'd tell him and I don't mean -- drinking and a man Johnny studies files will yeah I settled area. So Sarah who's up also got to you know when he's a multi protested -- a -- but some were doing Renaissance man. The other writer does everything in his radio station Sarah not only runs. In athletic. Store in its -- But she's also a quality cupcake bakery and a hell of an email female right I -- series. Because I agree. Yet go OK and I would just like to give a shout out to the two men that I encountered today that were really struggling. It is painful to watch they're trying to say -- and until OK so I -- or Taiwan or less known. Hercules -- though I was trying to nicely help them yes and they. It means that the point and not holding finger up she men are talking sports. So I just I say it mean. It and my name and how easy on the radio it's so I absolutely guys have a great. It's -- whoa I mean that. You know told -- can with a -- women improve -- as they can talk about sports -- -- in this town -- I mean it's not like you're right so like -- guys trying to talk about something like. Pregnancy to -- knowing you right you know I mean there. So that's good. As you met Rasheed Wallace a couple of years ago at an art farm on people yeah and he just what they had -- his head was. That's how I spotted me it was just -- floating ball on bucket and I am. But he actually said it elect and Boston because women are so educated when it comes to sport not a menace in the early claim that he's -- doesn't want him and I had his mom and things remembered because. I'm sure Rasheed Wallace got a's in all the horses took him as our spirit time on his hands. I got a good break were desperately seeking a particularly desperately seeking Susan starring Madonna and that other woman there.

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