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Sarah, the new Email Female

Apr 9, 2013|

Mikey and Ryder are joined by Sarah, who is making her first appearance on the show as an email female. they talk about the Red Sox strong start to the season and whether that calls for some people to up their win prediction for the Sox, of course Mikey says yes.

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You get beat beat beat beat. -- -- Could use them for all I know you can and proceeded to Ole -- Psycho little sound effect thing I got a little machine run a lot of different weird sound effects and I don't and I'm gonna bring them all out tonight. So Sarah's here -- this now hello Sarah. Sorry Howard you do -- I agree I am so excited to be look we're glad to have its been awhile since we've had and the you know women at all in the studio and you know as you can see by the drool. -- -- -- And it's been awhile you know we we really weak but we've tended to tended to make people very very famous in the short period time as the yeah. Quote email FEMA have you seen any suggestions on the text board there that he AT&T text line and it like well we just got on how that came. Hate text. Text -- eighty. -- -- one guy said you know now he fixes could keep it simple call -- the text girl but that's a generic. And to get that fits you then about -- it just. To warn you get ready for some crazy stuff that they're going yet we get there and a -- in them -- who are now where you from. I am and that for the best we're actually neighbors somewhat yes. Now while we were tighter the break you know I'm from lake those who were both from southeastern -- SE has anything -- as a region yes. Follow ribs now I know about Fall River. -- -- Jerry Remy from Somerset Somerset -- -- everybody rep and he just open up and are down there and grammys three or whatever it is obvious that he has to doesn't have to. Four rivers also aware of the late rescued some follow the Red Sox catcher was from and and no later than that of the of lottery game. But you don't want to do Bedford and Fall River but that's a rivalry -- -- New Bedford high you know she's from bad that I city. Are you from -- that's not a marks aren't with our our choice could go to -- -- -- -- capital of the world. Be polite -- -- I tell you should not Harpo -- however there had. I know how you get those -- -- -- -- their funeral because I don't get get you down their very much set on going to the whaling museum which I do well here for a fair haven he says yeah yes but. Whenever -- from heat and they don't know came from etiquette you know they don't know where that is right yeah this is slightly pulled out this is true that all National Basketball Association -- -- from unfair -- Possibly some of them are you know -- -- digital from a sports perspective. Red Sox and massive. -- leaders small kind of diminutive in I -- about 53. -- I'm laughing at the five to disrespect close it. And your -- -- here you brown eyes yeah. And your name is Sarah and you will -- you'd -- tweaked. To yes -- do you have dual of people follow you on Twitter. Because I what's your Twitter handle I just realized today how -- -- Twitter handle what is it add names. Underscore Sarah underscore be so maybe does that add to its normal maybe even come out with a new email email and Sarah. And that more hadn't had this underscores -- -- at miss underscore -- underscore will be yes EP. OBE not at the -- are you that you're gonna end up with some people following you tonight and by the way -- -- followed John Ryder. He's at Johnny -- and -- at Mikey -- -- so we have that away and Sarah's here with this for awhile so we're gonna have some fun if you. Sending your text message and AT&T -- I shall read some of them if you. Put in any bad words she will delete. Said that words you know in professional fashion because that's we do here at the FCC to. And we have Michael in Brighton on the radio. On the phone call Mike in Oreo evenings are either. I think I just weren't brought an idea on how we can live I mean every yeah. Big alleys and red -- in the baseball players that are making you know he's that they yell. You know only one -- you know little do we complain I don't know I think it's the -- the whole problem. Are you putting the money. Yeah well but but you're not gonna talk about if you're true Red Sox -- baseball and Michael you're when the recession winning you're not gonna be picked him. Net who -- a pepper and sand. Stuff like August you know at thirteen million -- victory and are heard it you're just gonna go okay were winning and you're gonna ignore that aren't sure. What it will hit my right now. Okay -- we all know he's using PD. Why don't the Yankees shut suspend his whole house and then get rid of -- I'm sorry he said he and partly it. Well if he's not well the thing is is they wanna do that there was a report out today wanted to void his contract. Now concerning that but that unions pretty strong it's not gonna happen right in that it the other thing is what happens that he should get into legal battle -- cautioned more you know -- to sit out and not play the Yankees pay the money that was -- sign a contract and and you -- you don't get to big things. With a baseball players association physicist nets never productive yeah and the Yankees probably the biggest reason to complain yankees -- look at the salary is on the DL bridges the production Al -- so billion dollars worth -- salaries are centenary in Yankee Stadium watching Hillary if he's even there. Watching the games are going ha ha -- A-Rod making more than entire Astros team right that's a joke and they -- to joke -- -- and you look at it's on its knees rampant throughout baseball these ridiculous salaries and they've gotten out of hand and the reason they got out of news is the players' association who had been. -- in Major League Baseball by the cubes back in 94 and it you know and since then. As far as work stoppages you know that I'm like hockey they just can't do it anymore go back to it is a Curt Flood. It is like -- this second text of that Michael -- but I agree video on on the money thing it's not it's not it's of the nation like the players more. But it's unfortunate part of an if you like the game you have to accept some and I -- person. What does that say the second text. Says Mike Adams as the worst. Game is is a game was going to do is gaming you some spots up hitting us now. If what if you sit down I do I smell but it's almost like smoke and roses. This. Smoking -- that is shot Guns 'N Roses requested people the please rose -- say don't treat I don't why -- studio them information. About -- on the year as a second Oppenheimer -- an open book Sarah. My life's an open book so it and it's -- disease. And we will have to worry and and I spills some on my shirt. Natural hormones are number 617711979837. That was -- 6177797937. And you can even talked to Sarah or text or if you want to not what you're driving up Peters in a car. Peter. Today. And I'll say -- mr. -- might not were before she came aboard so. Yes a lot of us don't go their head out to reach -- think the first -- I wonder what the the record is for beginning the season without any errors from the game that it might be in adjusting. That's something we can probably Google and you know John cannot now I'll find out my mouse is escape Sarah has my amounts. John find out -- almost check out you know what nevermind Peter to start a season let's do that -- the record for the most games -- -- games by any Major League Baseball team and then. Transpose that to start the season has. Pretty good so yeah -- my other point is part we talk a lot about baseball and here. A lot about being an individual sport and you know I think it's a reflection of our culture we forget her for me and -- played a lot of baseball. You know the whole thing about baseball and pace that was that their social game spent. A lot of time on the bench with the appears not. -- thing you know you're you're you'd go practice and you happen nobody used the time well. I think that part of our problem is reflected in our culture is that you know people don't have the social skills that coaches used to be mentor or. Or patients Peter nations to meet people's Uga lost their nations -- You're and so in so it's it doesn't match our culture because they're at least quick in the instant like to talk about food. And baseball's not like that and you know forget that stand part of that but the playing a bit. You know guys have lost their ability that relating to each other I think it -- a team sport in that respect. And the culture of eighteen -- requires a you know -- would you guys who -- the veterans who've been around for a long time the ones that -- the top. Often are the guys in the skill not you know social not a problem but great -- certainly are right where you know. -- I think that we were gonna do here patio you know you don't let's dig out from later run in this segment here the George Karl in comparison. George carlin's comparison between football and baseball because that really tells the tale of an end of the fact is Peter. That baseball was I guess originated the eighteen hundred's for summer days some -- do where yet you know you you get up you swing it hit and you run and you stop. You stop at first base at the next guy's turn and you're not continuously moving solid basketball or hockey or whatever. And then you go to second base and you stand there for awhile and it's it was designed as a game for you know lazy hot summer afternoons and that's part of what -- gets into. In more brilliant fashion and anybody. I'm comparing the two sports and it really has kind of come to depict what how America's sports viewing has changed well not degrade bit -- One last thing yes if I mean it's that this kind of a suggestion that it's more for the morning guys but. The most domestic communal life and we don't get to catch the whole game are much of the game armed. It would be great if they can take two minute that but it wouldn't take more than two minutes to really recap big game the whole game in terms of you know the highlight what happened moments could we -- we don't get back in the flash thing and you know yeah we hear we hear discussions of moments but I. I would love each year. You know the flow of the game you know on my commute. Right -- -- you know to give a game summary and they do an after hours after each broadcast they do and -- got -- via the Internet -- kind of thing you get the analysis that way but it's not can be for some people. You know of the problem is as we and almost the -- were described in baseball to -- come down and now home immediate is serves in the same way too real fast. Real serious and in in the short condensed form. Yup -- so while that's what that's all about but Peter thank you for the call IQ right. And Sarah your baseball affiliated estimates or other sport obviously -- from fear hate so you're not going to be anything but -- patriots and right. Exactly Gil Santos is from there it's a very unfair pavement and you know he'd do you -- follow all the -- to Boston teams you care about. Yes I -- or you do bleed green Celtics great. Well we -- wouldn't match so don't be bleeding tonight okay I'm out trying to to cut yourself any paper cuts or anything. You could Texas at 37937. I in the AT&T -- like Sarah is our brand spanking new although -- don't spank you yet. Yeah I say yet. Are being a brand new email female and we're looking for -- options are things to call a -- update really basically here. -- have you seen any that -- interest and already -- texts of the you'd like to share with us at this juncture there's some very inappropriate ones so get -- -- -- -- of the -- I now. There have been some people are saying you were probably too shy to say it is -- you sound very hot -- The social media sweetie is -- one suggestion here but we'll meet you take those suggestions by yeah by phone calls well. At 6177797937. We've got some folks in here coming through with a camera crew then what's that all about well -- you heard about this but I got a new -- contract to be in -- and underwear model. -- I knew about dad's JC Penney are going to be in the men's. Briefs. I just -- lingerie note on I idiom -- -- to be the men's briefs section and so they're coming -- reduce some of that and an inexplicably get my underwear on and because they're going to be -- video. Actually what what it's for is for the roast. Which is happening we're having our post on may sixteenth a roasting meat of all people it was pretty much roast roof. But they're gonna have a big big giant to charity. For employment options over Marlboro would do some great work help people get back in this society back into the employment world when they needed the most. And that benefit is going to take place. On May sixteenth. In Marlboro. Already on the docket -- by the way can be some famous and funny -- there it's going to be it's gonna be good David Rousseau who we don't know great comedian. Who plays over giggles and all over the place he's very very funny. Greg Murphy who we've heard on the radio station many times is hilarious he'll be there as well. John Fiore from The Sopranos in the brotherhood law and order. Also in mystic pizza with a bad haircut. -- back in the day -- Julia Roberts. One of my good friends is going to be there the big hello Glenn -- way. Will come out of his bunker for this event on May sixteenth and of course the space -- -- lead to get your tickets go to employment options dot org. You'll see a picture of very handsome picture of me there and click on that and that's how you get two tickets repeatedly that there -- were looking for. The crowd at a fund -- offer very worthy cause we go to Chris in Newbury next. To report issued a new report big difference workers. I do in my Q let me show -- Michael. Hey I got caught I am a prediction that provoke you eat and you're -- -- -- war the I think it by the all star break I think the -- be -- out wide. Well because of their guys back and I and I -- -- -- -- as I have a lot of Red Sox fan and I I I enjoy what they're good as the clock on but. I don't do that to pull away. Sunday at the horse's back well. The Yankees a three quarter two games behind the recycle right now so I mean it is only a week that's pretty much pulling away has. Week it's you know -- -- two games we've all season you know what I could get this season's over and finished with these -- stay an extra. I think that think that -- might -- Nick -- do what you are saying this is Yankee fans are. Partly -- any Yankee fan arias. Are actually what's wrong with you while you are I like all that -- you know -- winning. All of they've done pretty darn good over here pretty -- and they -- had a decade area one. Championship a decade that was the year that they -- I was on steroids and he admits it. -- an elderly but they don't want to get to you called erratic joke which I agree has yet it can't yet amazed at the Yankees or did you agree with me. What do I don't like Iran but he's a joke fourteen this whole area why. How do you compare -- season. A player and he's -- steroid. Anti -- government and up about it how the last five years it has more home runs in last five years he arrived. You -- by nearly one I'm talking career -- Career wise here's the problem. -- rod was that she bested. Equity hundred Texas we all know it it was Jews to the Max probably before that would Seattle Chris -- is a fraud exit poll liar. And he a couple of Ortiz thanks. We currently working. Career rhetoric so -- no no reason to believe is not from Cortland could be looking toward the fraud and slide. -- -- -- Kind of limit that series -- it must be -- World Series race is Iran. I want and it'll. Only got you -- -- and how does it can't imagine it. It Chris -- that David Ortiz. OK so he's already twice the winner that era it is okay for for the money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Does it gain the -- and it doesn't play at all. Well now we got them -- over -- I would not say over their career. As a player. Okay it's a rod he's got 600 home runs against one that you'd who. Okay over his career yes it is to fraudulent and all -- -- we're. -- Almost a forced into a -- there are in front of Sarah tried offended. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sarah what you have force anything it throws and let's refresh rate is our tax mad because now in the frozen up on me. -- me. And grade I -- read this -- -- -- third one down -- any interest in going out with an aging mailman. Now. Combine great -- well. So he only goes through sleet snow and estimates the rate await the you know he's aging. What is Asia and they were what age re talking about here because ever is aging and George. Current aging parent. Right right well how we as he aged half the guys in the picture picture in my opinion handsome -- -- you don't know what's in that -- he could have all -- that he could have some publisher's clearinghouse winners in that bag of mail and you just take. You struggle of those mailman with a little mail stroll EC locket around publishing it kept at it as a short says that that's the thing about that I know a lot of Mehmet. As I -- some female meant to but it is like arm. That and I found out the shorts are the things they get to where those shorts when they go around. You know delivering -- -- about it I don't care how much stamps go up Ryder. Now that he'd go one up it seems every week they're at right now let's say they go to fifty cents is still a deal you get. Thousands of postal workers were in four different the two weeks for fifty cents. When -- what is in August they're eliminating Saturday delivering bright that's a bargain -- -- they have we be able to go pick up. On Saturday because we just closed -- Let's go to Mike in Framingham now we got a text machine AT&T text line fixed. Might want to. I have not and here and there are true -- level but I don't know why you're depending upon itself because -- revolutionary bit volatile salary cap and I wouldn't guarantee attempted anyway. Now direct our lack of payments our government to pay it I think that the Yankees fans have every right to complain about it and let's face it if he's the guy. Who's setting the pace for all of the big leagues as the pace standard he's the standard bearer if you will. And look at what a joke. Fraud cheater he is ineffective -- get the long term deal. They're throwing money out the window it might take that money and flush it down the toilet for -- they get out of it. What do you. Want in -- rhetoric. I don't remember Red Sox at a price probably. But you don't look at this guy and here's the thing is a problem. Do I think he has talent sure. You know -- diplomacy when these guys who kind of was boost through the system based on his star power AZT came up ninety starts at home runs. He started to get this whole thing about more more -- more more money more recognition for whatever he started to more journalists steroid -- GH whatever it is TED's. And he defrauded. The -- Republican -- of of Major League Baseball in a big way and set it for a standard for the rest eat. That's my problem that of paktia. Really like the way made him look do he kisses and so from the never gonna say there's he wears lip laws -- goes on sixty minutes they ask would direct question. You know not under both but it might as well -- -- tighten up on his face. What are your readers don't know why don't need steroids I'm good I'm good at writing. Think he's got -- waxes you know waxes. And I are definitely warmer in the orchard and -- Those that put -- Brett Favre may -- what does it made more than it away in the hole can be achieved and remember a time tomorrow remember that would be like all of ultimately house. The salad they don't remember that would -- and see how insane that is. As it is they -- makes more than a -- Houston Astros team in by the way to wanted six there worth every penny. To do that -- here she's the tech texts -- text -- -- LeBron are definitely LeBron than volume more than Iran yet -- yeah you know why. You know why the why the entitlement. Well Iran's pretty well there's -- S title and the series he spoiled these overpaid he's a fraud I understand it. Who -- though. Is a fraud for different reasons. It's not an eight inning might we might very well be two TDs for all we know LeBron and that's not. The NBA players are out of the woods just they don't test them very often play -- -- but I think he's I think he's -- reduce battery proof of that so that's not in the equation what's in the equation when LeBron is that. For his entire life Ryder. And Sarah. LeBron has been given the benefit of being the star player that everybody wants to -- stay in the game and it's been going on since high school. -- for that reason they don't charge him with files he doesn't he can play a whole different brand of basketball because as a whole different set of rules for him that's why I don't like -- And he's he's very he he's not humble at all in any in anyway. So it is close they -- -- that club to people and care for. Push your least favorite athlete. Ever. City -- a Smart girl we're began her she's very Smart Europe baker. You pick stuff. What's your specialty. Cupcakes. And actually have a low calorie cupcakes Obama's up -- to what's and I'll -- which ended the makes it locale what is -- news is actually a low calorie cupcake inspired by cherry Garcia about injuries it's on like and you don't want my favorite and. And it's a problem I like banana flavored ice cream. It was an ice cream company local economic planet monkey. Now it was Kentucky's is going to be good patio. And had budgeted and it had banana flavored ice cream bodies banana ice cream and -- Some nuts just -- the planet like it did happen very nice recoveries out there wanna do that now would we should start up again if I had some July dole. A couple days but just a taste. Would that was bananas. And if these oppressive the past it's like having a banana split. You make a banana cut a public challenge and accent I'll bring.

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