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Moving Tyler Seguin to Center this late in the season was a mistake by Claude Julien

Apr 9, 2013|

Salk and Holley discuss their debate on Tyler Seguin, and whether tinkering with his position and responsibilities on the ice this late in the season might set his game back.

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They go to when he -- did -- we had the argument last week I told you should move on to senator you said you liked the move admit now that it was the wrong decision and he never should have moved into Monica go for it -- work amateur that didn't work -- -- right. Okay and it like it. I you know like the idea behind it. I thought that it was his natural position. That he would be better at a than what does not mean his natural position -- not -- points -- -- them playing wing what what is is that prepositioning. The position that he played the position that got him on the radar of National Hockey League executive and in the prison he was cable that would playing juniors it's not the position that he's capable playing right now in the image. -- at the position he would he's been. Playing. But if he has. If he has a training camp to do it if he is thinking that way of -- is practicing that way sure but it sort of bizarre story to me direct it didn't work out. We probably should have known what we saw him struggle in the face off of the face off in his first game at center we should have known right then. That it was going to be a problem we found out the world saw it against Montreal -- quotes that this is not acceptable you're not doing anything that is supposed to do. -- I can understand that what I don't understand this doesn't add up it's just put that together form. USC got a place in her in the first place because you think it may be a good fit form and you've got injuries -- -- just reverse order. You put it better because you've got injuries. And oh by the way Tyler Sagan as a senator he was -- senator once upon a time so let's see if it works out. It doesn't work out he does a poor job of it. Worst is demotion coming from doing it -- job because that's better for the team and being demoted does not. Going out and -- which are you talking about what happened last night -- what happened in the Montreal. Does what happened first in the Montreal game is that when they moved him back from -- are deeply terribly in the way. There's a -- fast it was bad because it was -- and not a lack of effort. I have never good okay equally bad. They they knocked him out of the rhythm he'd been -- it wing or maybe he was just missing Patrice Bergeron I don't well but he was lousy ArcelorMittal that in that game so the only game you're doing your blaming. Lavin well okay right from the get out blamed well if -- why mess around with a guy that's playing well some with yo I'm I'm -- -- in step with -- and so you blame code you say it should happen in the first place he was bad -- senator -- he played poorly it weighing. Now argue with code. Don't want a third line. -- another sequence I. I think ultimately -- -- finally did for last night's game was to just completely juggle everything up and try to figure out 88 new set of lines that would work for a little while. He had Chris Kelly back -- try to work him in he broke up -- -- heavily which for as long as those two guys have been there has been eight in them that we all think is working yet -- still needed to place Anderson he drops down to the fourth line. Fine then he took ways but it and then that went into clicking and an accounting for couple of the goals on the night. I don't know that he saucy and so much last night as a third line center is saying I've got to try some other combinations here to see what works. And he is as of right now for whatever reason we can disagree on on whether or not this is the right move. Refusing to break up the -- you Portland which each line whether they play well or not he seems to police got a before he has the right now since Lucic was dropped out of third -- brought back up that he wants -- to get that seems that that's one thing he's being. Stubborn on right now I smell some -- I'm not sure where does it doesn't smell right. If you say he won't he is looking for a different combinations that makes perfect sense he's had some injuries and guys start to come back now but you're missing Patrice Bergeron. Who is what are your top two players yeah. In a Tyler -- may be more talented and Patrice Bergeron the Patrice Bergeron is a better player right now. So you're looking for some different combinations. Part of your part part of your search is moving Tyler -- to the third line for the first time this year. -- helping -- Apple iPod. Thing I wanted to move Tyler -- the center for the first time in two year I don't mind that. I don't might have to worse than -- and that's better than -- it down to the third line just because if you're experimenting any experiment and it didn't your -- or ideology put it down on the third line -- experimenting when you put him at center are there any mess let me that's what ends of screw -- the whole guy up and taking him out of his game putting. -- -- -- Is not an experiment. Putting him at third was an experiment now that's that that's a bit of what -- would let the punishment was. Punish -- first time it's happened this year what are you gonna punish an airline player nobody was not -- -- just try to figure out how you're going to to rearrange your mind is that in the wake of losing Patrice Bergeron and try to figure out a way to get some of these new combinations to get things go big public dissent I understand he's not a third line player. But he's on the third line. -- -- -- -- Below third -- player to -- on the third line. It's a punishment -- because right now you're searching to find what you're going to do without Patrice Bergeron how you're going to survive these next few games I thought it was a mistake from the beginning to try to put him it's better and I was worried that it would take him out of the game that was already going pretty well and that's exactly what happened Michael. They put -- -- senator it took him out of his game he started playing poorly that it wing and then wasn't even out on the ice for the six on four at the end of the Montreal game. Finally closed -- all right almost always that. Yeah just for what I what he's not on he's not on the ice and a six on four situation you've got Tyler Sagan who. What are your better -- scores. One of the fastest guys in the national security. Resourceful creative talented. You have a six and -- the two companies out there would -- and let's put it removed and out -- who want to -- I -- curiosity I want -- take it out there -- -- got a -- anybody tell me know if you're not what it is the only one of the top six guy only who you wanted to remove based on the way that game was going you're -- in a vacuum. -- -- is one of the top six guys. In that game the way that game was being played. The only guy that you would have removed him for would have been -- would have been Marchand -- not having a very good game either and you tell me that you're number one goal scorer along with -- with jogger. -- he got a bit out there. I mean it just tell me would you -- okay -- Marcia mopping up. Or did he need to be out there you're number one goals wise remarks on verses that I'd just what were those did those guys need to be up -- -- okay sure okay. To the need -- -- -- there is somebody needed to take the draw okay. He's gonna -- -- a creature had to be -- there you needed to have Chara out there right did you not want Chara -- got a router that the only options now become important and Lucic. Oh you're okay your number one line. To telling them how a guy that's your hair that short hop. -- -- top line. But -- -- is what you're top players don't. You mean coming -- -- -- I can't mess with -- and important I can't mess with Milan Lucic who was that third line guy a last week. The couple weeks ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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