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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 4.09.13

Apr 9, 2013|

Four topics we haven't touched upon. The NCAA tourney and Lil' Ricky, the worst call in MLB history, the Masters and MORE

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And and he sold in the police are poor and -- export -- for. Fun cleaning. -- -- Actual. We still can totally. And stewards reviewed WEP guys. Up all right last night in the Major League Baseball this happening. Three to 52000 readers knows it's outside both -- That they could strike you have got that we didn't. You have got to be kidding me Joseph -- racism. It is my body because -- -- it's absolutely horrendous. Aren't those donating. 300 career save by striking out and Zobrist. What does -- house on the call him he's there now is Eric was an announcer you know I it's economic growth. -- Umpire Marty Marty Foster said after the game I saw the pitch and of course I don't have the chance to do it again but I had I had the chance to do it again it would strike 10. Does the MLB need to utilize replay for all close calls in games. Getting. To really unload my brain right now which I'm very tempted to do. -- wanna say is that cannot happen to me to -- Well I I can't believe. The umpire said he saw it again. And he would call a strike -- would not cost -- -- -- I missed I missed -- yet he said he -- -- what he admitted that he made him it's OK -- umpire admitted that they use that as a step because. That's the one thing I liked about have you seen Jim Joyce -- -- -- Jim Joyce when he screwed up the perfect game. And it was almost like he's sort of the perfect game force on the music I was crying a press conference and he said he was really he's really sorry. Yeah I think in in certain situations -- know baseball is grade timeless human error is part of the the charm of the sport. How about this then ninth to. In the ninth inning we can look at calls like that that was that's one of the worst calls the reply I. -- is is horrendous called worse in the Jim -- that you do it's difficult movement this is just a terror strikes again. That Joseph Nathan reacted to was if you walk him by the way Longoria was coming up next one run game two outs. The hatchery acted as if that was the ball was not even close if you get if you haven't seen it it's all -- the Internet it's just it's one of the worst -- levers. I course it would have always at about replay in baseball. I don't I would love for them to just kept count lacks the same way they do I'll tell them to challenge anything and umpire who was not that -- Was not trying to be obnoxious -- it. By the media. State like -- chance to over I would do over do it differently the opportunity. The challenge -- let them make challenge -- destruct or bump bellies Ehrlich counts upon him another shot. -- This -- history will be made at the masters fourteen year old John line line. That's not -- Michael. You're the youngest competitor in masters history. Is this justice -- grabbing move by the masters to include them at the masters does silly it's Ingraham and at best workers at a man asked her after that. Got some game. And it -- good. About tiger -- thinks it. Met with a conversation with them went on credit crunch -- -- -- -- Impressed that the -- wise beyond his years smartheat. Read sleeps all the all the things about patient -- little -- but they enabling incredibly impressed now they weren't impressed. I don't know. About a problem. A fourteen year old guy he must have. Some game to play at Augusta National masters I just don't do stuff like that on the tournament that make a name for itself. Get a lot of media attention. Every if you think about Michelle -- in March. You think about golf -- about golf tournament in the US that matters. Is there any term. Met that matters more in the masters PGA championship. Masters. US open. -- only -- -- Darrelle Revis still wants off the jets it appears that the only suitor to read this is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the jets having such difficulty dealing when one of the best cornerbacks in the game this. -- We're struggling a professional team professional about it nothing. Did she could hear it that. -- know -- -- -- why they are having difficulty. Because -- joke of a franchise they always get your arm and there's a reason they haven't won. Super Bowl since 1969. There's a reason they've gone through a bunch of coaches. From you know bad coaches to average coach -- to very good coaches and all of them. Put together. They've come out somewhere around 500 but mostly below 500. To about. They speak at the all he talked about how they speak as an organization wanted to get it wrong most of time and now they are about to change. Now about the move on from their best player. I would give you completely different answer although I don't agree disagree with anything you said or anything that Stephen -- and I absolutely right but that's not why they're having trouble trading Darrelle Revis. It is nothing to do that yet stinking it has to do all of the teams out there looking at Revis and saying. I don't know that I want that guy his personality his attitude. And his coming off an injury all of that race -- I want to take that risk. And give up with the jets are going to demand in order to give up one of their better players -- very simple supply and demand in looking at him and saying exactly Richard Sherman said. Couple weeks ago it is prime one of the best maybe the best in the game coming off an injury. Haven't been able to tell whether or not he still has it. And he's got an attitude issues so I don't know that I wanna take a chance on that -- -- seems to be the one guy who's willing to buy pebble. So picture appears that the term picture I don't know which Richards are -- an addiction. -- and so no -- to know when -- man. Who's talking. -- just -- Jerrold just. Went. Stopped with the second detected what he -- on him Florida. -- Last night Rick Pitino and Louisville colonels on the national champ. -- being the Michigan Wolverines -- one of the best championship games in recent memory what are your lasting thoughts on last night's game. I thought a great game. I don't know whether it -- what's the best college basketball championship game. I certainly did duke and Butler game two years ago was great great ending Arkansas. Scotty Thurman and Arkansas -- the Michigan State now -- our bodies are from Arkansas it was a 01 given a lot of great woods is one of the better ones that I remember though. Back and forth. The way that the Trey Burke was going at them the way the way -- see the two guys go back -- big guys in the middle. The effort leave it all out on the court I thought it really was a great game last night. I think Louisville deserve to win they were the better team as much as it pains me to say because I can't stay in Tina well asked when I'm on Michael. I thought of the block called for the team that foul call what was it clean block. Like -- with a couple minutes left changed the game. I'm sure army maybe maybe it would it change that I just think global. There -- a couple of times in the national and international semi final and in the championship game. They were down a dozen points in each game and came back to win. I felt like when it was a one point game and halftime Michigan had -- down early. If you don't have deleted if you don't have that significantly to have to be not gonna bury them the first to have met with the game I felt like no matter what happens in the second have. Global global was gonna win -- I was surprised that Rick Pitino jumped like somebody was sure that I was not active in the game well. Got 1213 games ago all these guys if they say hello to get attached to. They said if you win the national championship coach you get a tattoo I said hell yes I'm gonna. Getting it -- -- tattoo them. I guess so. Our -- -- and my idea are very very brief I got a nice -- I haven't -- -- that he was. But just even a lot of the year recent events in our country now heard that that lives and fireworks and confetti being released and then pitino's reaction for justice with second title my god. This is going to be the craziest story of all time their shooting inside the dome and an end of the championship game. I'm glad that case and I'm surprised that it's taken this long for one coach to win it two different schools now cal Perry came close. -- -- Memphis yeah Memphis then he went to Memphis does he adapted the public was surprised that what technically it would at a Kentucky I -- I -- want them both places in any event will -- wins. Out of a bomber was root for Michigan not an excuse. That the -- called that media found that block it would be curious to see how the game would have gone last couple minutes if -- -- different polyps that we're talking about atomic program Clayton who's in Maine play your -- assault at -- I got told that I was -- How much are you guys -- talking about Tommy Kelly and other relevant to improve without us. Couple years ago market and on the Carter -- while he's in or are reporters -- -- degree or to order not. I helped pass rush would go in with Yanukovich there and throughout -- -- Turned out pretty good the first after the year. -- Louis I think Hitler except for saying things like that yeah at commanders slowed down a second out here. -- -- -- we got a lead we never saw a lot LBJ and the don't think you're tropic page. Compared with the LP an act that toll could prevent me. Great they'll check -- -- saying that you have to wait for that but in the years out that gap between the first and second -- -- the the biggest improvement in the player. There may be maturation and expect from Taylor -- isn't enough to attract the Russian independent. Yeah I mean I think you look at it says I don't need to spend the money -- were hammer Freeney right. I'll especially not -- topic adopt the draft -- got to be on to the veteran minimum but there's so they'll. China now to a contract for more than their work if they're flying around out there. Total are very -- are eager to fully agree and I think if it comes down to it for the patriots. I'd be very surprised. If they go John Abraham have talked before it with Abraham. A lot of his production has come against bad teams but is more than that. And I think the patriots that they've done their homework on this and John Abraham with a guy who took a lot of maintenance. The keep them to keep him ready to keep them focused. -- get him ready to play for example you with a guy appear in a meeting. In. Doubles that the meetings a lot. A judges don't think it would be a good fit a year now. I'm not telling you that no patriot in this era. Has has avoided dozing off the -- you know Willie McGinest used to do wooden and Romeo -- would just go up calls to wanna go all. You know just to wake him up a little bit me at times elect Barack Obama is on long day you know guys guys of those alphabet but repeatedly. He's an error repeater as Tedy Bruschi says about guys who who keep doing the same things over and over not a fit for the patriot. If -- that they don't go with Freddie. It will be a little later and it will be at a cost that's -- -- which is why keep coming back to most things are right if if I don't like what's out there on the outside why not improve the -- -- on the inside agree with the caller Clayton to say RA may be with helping individual health the help the -- Jones for an entire season maybe that's enough combined with a little bit more pass first on the inside. In to leave and Adrian Wilson all the sudden you've done enough to Alter your defense and get back to a point where you need to be -- -- -- You see the report and -- over the weekend Drew Rosenhaus the agent is denying it what's the real truth about how do you know what to believe it when it comes to go rockets -- alcoholic WE.

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