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Red Sox begin long process of 'winning' fans back. 'Winning' be the key word.

Apr 9, 2013|

We talk Sox as the 5-2 BoSox seem to be melting away the ice of their fans that formed the last two seasons.

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I would like here and we've been as guilty as anybody Michael I think at some point we have to stop. Wondering whether this Red Sox team is different from last. Right at some point can we stop that conversation the big guys they really feel different. The whole clubhouse feel is different. These guys are nice. They're not jerks like they were before they really care their managers different he's not a total jerk. They like him he likes them everybody likes the fans are happy at what point. Does that conversation have to -- it today. Is it in a month. Is it when this team is ten games over 500 -- you have to wait for the all star break but what is the drop dead date. On comparing these years Red Sox team last year's misery. I think there a couple of questions and answer that question there a couple of answers to that question. I think a lot of people have bought into. But I don't know if it ever got out yesterday anybody who was still looking at the Red Sox team and saying they're still bunch of jerks like eight David -- god got to -- around good guy John Barrow was turned it around 1 AM is there holding everybody accountable no lingering anger. Well there may be players while the players. Well I think overall I think overall they bought into the culture right. But there are a couple of guys who always gets your attention and I think one problem is not even here yet. I think -- David Ortiz and David Ortiz of the guy mostly hands. I'm comfortable saying most fans love David Ortiz upper 80% of fans really love -- Orton I would think you would almost have to right I mean images. Based on based on that the power threat that he provide the -- cause the other history David Ortiz the personality. He is a showman he's a tremendous job. So going 85% of fans. Love David Ortiz but the 50% more on board they're very vocal. And they talk about Ortiz and his dealings with the media in what they've had about Ortiz and the complaint about the contract Ortiz and not running out. Running to first base hard all the time right. So but I mean that's just the individual or a couple of individuals that were on probation with the fans a little bit okay but overall. Lester Buchholz Lackey probably over -- aren't those the aren't I don't -- you OK I wanna watch George don't get crazy I had no problems of probation. I know those guys are on probation for you if they -- on like your version of of -- -- dumb probation -- -- can understand that. But still sitting their furious with the money daily basis like I can't watch -- disease striking out 87 innings and dominating the. Arizona State your race there was no fury in that ballpark yesterday none. At no point even when when when -- -- struck struck out and you thought okay this is going to be this going to be a bad inning got a guy on second got a guy on third. -- on third. Napoli on second. -- middle Brooks striking out that situation here comes Daniel Nava and you think in man. What do what do squander this is he was mad. I'm a part -- this yesterday a locking on a park and I heard somebody this before. Before the you know novice at the home run even before the jury got the hit. Of walking around the park in the seventh. And I hear a couple people say I like something's about to happen. And and they were talking about it in a positive way right. Now when it's not like it was skies about -- wanna put it on this area last year he had like something's about to happen in this going to be -- -- now wanna be around for. But that that's one part of the the answer -- I don't know you you mentioned the all star break you know some of the markers Memorial Day. Father's Day fourth of July. All star break out on it right over -- yet aren't you probably Mother's Day as a marker aren't and -- -- We talk about Mother's Day all the time but Father's Day. All you get as a -- stocks that you don't want in an ugly tie that's original well so thank you like also the -- twelve golf balls. So thank you for remembering. Somebody out there thank you for remember in the dads out there adult -- -- as a marker first look at. I think for people to realize that this team is good gonna have to go one of those markers very few people. Are are are willing to go on the record right now would say this is a good baseball team despite the fact their five. You're you're now having two different conversations will open this up right off the bat today lot of room for you guys 61777979. 37 how long do we have to wait like how long does this conversation. Need to continue as we compare them last year and shots he had what the front page story in the globe yesterday seeing how different it felt that. Everybody is now written the story -- how the conversation on Sports Radio -- the conversation with your body is now out of your system. That's question number one you're asking a separate question Michael which is at what point do you buy you -- pointer -- sold -- that they are not just a different team. Buddy good to. Under the give you two separate answers right now. Are stepping out here to -- I want to hear it right now let's go seven games and that's -- still. I am willing to buy in that this group is. I don't need to read about it anymore chemistry chemistry is clearly different the antagonistic. Attitude towards the hands -- on that. The desire to -- is there. All of that stuff I totally buying into this team wants to win is happy in Boston it's summed up there's a good cut crushing victory you know yesterday as he says this is exactly -- yesterday the atmosphere is exactly why he wanted to be -- -- knows what I'd sign up for their you know mystery game you know it would make it worked well and you've heard that from Jonny -- you've heard from David Ross you've heard from his whole group of new guys they want to be here to buy into the Red Sox they wanna turn it around. One to be the next batch of euros to Red Sox Nation. Find Michael today seven games console. Arms on and that's okay. I think they're going into him so the next question is -- -- sold at their good team and I am not sold on so that they're good team I -- not because. Well I can -- anyway and console they're good team I think -- -- -- the pitching on the team is very -- and I expected the -- -- -- to be very -- That's -- expect. But I think chemistry goes along with good teams very rarely it happened in baseball history very rarely -- -- have a good team that has bad chemistry. And this is how rarity. Every time you bring that up about it is all about those -- teams that thought on the over the Yankees are about a you know that the Bronx is burning or brought. The Bronx is -- The stock at an average out of for Roland you -- you get us all around with young starlet rocks and most of the time if you're winning ball games. People look past some of the issues that you have. You're not as annoyed with your teammate you're not as annoyed with your manager united as annoyed with the media. The fans. Because you're winning. So but Boston has this weird undercurrent difference write him and it's been talked about forever it's not like the other 29 cities where. Yeah your baseball player in your star but at the same time in New York even though baseball's a huge deal everything's so many stars in New York but some of the guys can -- crews under the radar not everyone is Derek Jeter Alex Rodriguez. They can try to do their own thing in the 28 other cities. For the most part baseball is not an obsession. And so the players are a big deal. But they are not under the microscope under scrutiny for every single thing they do. Boston is unique in that this town loves the Red Sox. -- about them has the the incredibly intense new England and but at the same time in his not a huge city with tons of stuff going on yeah those guys without ever once talked about -- they've made it. Even the right under the microscope than any -- -- even if you're doing well. Sometimes it can be difficult it can be a grind it for the guys who were who were playing here but. But to your point even your image in New York it and it's not like Boston it's bigger than Boston that's 12 teams. -- if you think the cubs in the in the air there there while -- misery. You have two teams in that town. The Dodgers yet two teams -- now that's what's the great examples at the great baseball town. -- don't they are soft and they're soft they're so nice soft. There I have to call it whatever it is they're nice they're they are there they're just different. And when the Red Sox won the World Series on their turf is it c'mon now. You guys deserve to on the -- Hit -- out of that spot. A golf clap for the -- soccer golf -- -- good job cute that they finally winning the World Series it's different here. But are willing to buy in now and if you wanna be a little skeptical. They wait until May first -- to me at first because you have. It and it's up to Michael dollars and ninety seconds -- -- call 6177797983. Sevenths alcoholic Emilia. -- great the fans are also respond to be back home and so keep -- going. Why should -- battered Dustin Pedroia. After that great start to energy in the ball park 31 win over the Orioles and Salk I was saying before the break if you don't wanna wait until Father's Day. For the tie. And the Sox. And that a -- the world's best dad I know me you know volleys today -- -- wait wait that long. Wait and -- the first day of -- because at that point. You'll have all run of seventeen home games for the Boston red starts before last year and had a losing record home obviously. Think the last time the Boston Red Sox had a losing record at Fenway Park meanwhile. 1997. The act of 1997 and a losing record at home talking about the teams that have disappointed Houston team that phone far apart down the stretch. Run of injuries the 2016. DO one team that angered a group of miserable -- that they couldn't get together for promoting was on a team while -- promoted and that they understand it. As a collection they were such a group of miserable bastards they couldn't get together to honor September 11 2001 socks. So that the Red Sox have had some dominant teams at home winning 5557. Games at home. -- -- and teams are just 41 of forty. But if you think this team it's halfway decent. They're playing at Fenway Park seven you know seventeen more times. This month. They should be off to -- pretty pretty good start and -- even when they're not playing at home if you look at some teams are playing and you're not really intimidated by him. They got the Indians. When they're not alone this month they'll be playing the Indian Terry Francona as Indians who. Might be decent. We're not a team you should Markota can't find his way to the ballpark now. And two blocks we see that yesterday and got lost on his way to the home ballpark I gotta tell you this downtown Cleveland is -- but it's not confusing. I would think if you look at sports stadium with -- -- I would do I would just look up. Does look up for light public didn't account. Happening Francona compare or walk at this point get the cabin just -- irritate -- to the stadium or why not follow some fans in -- and gear. I. Say they have they have good amount of fair that they haven't had a streak short or the guy or two walked into the game. That -- -- -- -- may first -- your day may first I may first you're willing to make a determination as to whether they're good to unwilling to make it now I know they're good team but have you reviewed you people -- beer you're skeptical. About the Boston red start you don't wanna put your cars down right now and say this is who they are wait until May first you know a great idea aren't that's -- -- and I'm always. Until May first 'cause I'm I'm not ready to -- very good team I'm a 100% ready to bury the past. I'm ready to bury the past right now and say it's over at least from the players perspective. You -- have an argument about whether or not you still mad and ownership I can understand that. For me I would bury the whole thing in safe from top down. Changes were made to the Red Sox organization during this offseason whether you wanna recognize them or not. Changes were made but I understand if it's gonna take a little longer to buy in from top to bottom. I would right now. When it comes to moving on and deciding is a good team. I want to see a little bit more wanna see what they look like David Ortiz in the lineup. I wanna see how some of the playing time in the outfield shakes out I wanna see what they look like when there's more than seven -- sample size I -- see Lester -- can continue to do what they've done and not just be good to be dominant I -- see what Dempster is in the American League. First star was OK maybe not enough to to really make a determination. I get a lot of things I wanna see before I decide whether I think there are challenging team they can pick and make a run in the playoffs are well what right now -- I don't bury the. One of the things you said. There is is actually a positive things that you waiting to see what David Ortiz is yeah how it looks in this lineup that's fine. Because they've gotten off to a five to start without Dave -- apple doesn't wait before they. They've displayed some power. Including a great power search from wields a -- running on Sunday in Toronto teams where everything looks good and you're like well if they're gonna get their best player back -- the guy comes back like a world pipeline as if what would David Ortiz if you're waiting to see what David Ortiz is gonna do. Let's hit 2150. You know it's going to be a positive addition I don't need to wait to see that now. Four for Buchholz and Lester. I don't think they can continue this there's no way in the world Clay Buchholz is gonna continue with an ERA under one. But can he be a guy who gives you a 195 to order in five innings something like that well but the question that is -- what is yesterday and I -- up. What is yesterday looked like if he gives a gives up a runner too early. Mean what we've seen the Sox do is have the ability to place while their head play while they're tied at. And I wanna see what they after likening late inning situation when they're down a couple of runs at -- -- as patient that they still wait for their pitch -- not trying to hit the five run home run by himself. I wanna see with the Red Sox look like and so many more situations. Before get a sense as to who they are 61777979. 37. And having to -- online Paul. I'm worrying. -- -- Are all right this thing stop go away what happened you would help at this other line but -- last night I thought well this thing's not working. -- you did I got it again disappear for a while I fix the problem maiden. Now it is conduct the problems fixed the sorry for a balk call back of my that gyms and rocks pretend. -- guy is a -- of the work in this phone line I'm fine thank you. -- It would until he got straight did station I'm saying the. He had to turn relative to turn the radio down to hear feedback are getting iBook all right man. -- Now. That they've -- before -- -- -- of Red Sox. I'm talking multiple Emmy show laundering to date immediately show -- money in the -- show -- India. And you guys everyone has said red -- them coming that is music match. Young. Once they get old hearing about it dawns early light out or not being taught and that's not right right -- and that's not right on the bandwagon have. You have c'mon now that you call before talked before about that the Celtics yes you have and you know. I have been on record okay. Four months yeah and that team is gonna be good I've given you the window 88 and ninety. What in my life to have a direct shot with a for the Red Sox not the Celtics. 88 -- ninety. The Red Sox but what -- like a big consistent. Look at my iPad apps apps. There's no hypocrisy in this. Particular prediction okay not -- wins. I you might be singled out well okay Mike like I tell you manage to address those guys they have not. David that was her home. -- -- is we're doing got a goal in the last place or second last place I was Rabin. None of limited beg anyone to jump on the bandwagon now. I had no it will be a pretty -- -- -- you -- you know picking nitpicking is pretty good and which you guys just said above buckled in. And and -- did not gonna keep it but I think they are gonna keep it up. They'll let the pretty good pitches and he proved that -- -- get -- it was a it was a -- we have those guys. -- While it in -- keep this up I mean the guy has the if he keeps this up we'll have a Major League record. For ERA for a pitcher not a lot of data -- -- -- that's that's all remain alone we're talking about clay buckles keeping this up -- ERE as a sub one ERA that's impossible. To keep up. Well I agree with your record is impossible when they beat them beat some a good 151617. Game winner as the ball problem. I have a great look at him I think that's very possible idling in anyone's certainly on the show has argued that they're not capable of doing that. But I think being capable of it and actually going out and doing it. It remains to be seen I I never thought that the blue jays Michael thank you and I both talked about it. I don't think either of us are shocked by the fact that the blue jays have had a tough start now -- can take awhile for a team like that to come together and beyond all that much from wild about all the moves they made to people were so excited about and a lot of them were guys coming from the National League career national leaders in the American League and often times that's not a recipe. Or Santa coming from a disappointing Miami Marlins team that pressure but one thing to watch gulf war and and this is just rare the world is upside down. Larry Lucchino said spring training that we're at the scrappy underdogs. The Boston Red Sox. And when the Yankees suffered all their injuries. I and many others dismissed the Yankees. The Red Sox and yankees are now in position where they can say to people I told you so it's their rallying call that no one believes in them in their right. -- like the Yankees a lot that the Yankees are. They're not very well on paper they're not very good on the field. They're not very good either or they should be very good. But what -- team. The Yankees do you watch on I -- watch out of this thing and now among you don't want to it's easy now and I've done it I've done it I've dismissed -- -- Christmas aren't gonna make this day I don't know -- made I'm gonna dismiss the Yankees and and and do it now I don't care -- and having temples are cut jobs cut. I don't. Longtime -- -- out and ordered. Second time calling and I don't want to do. For like a shotgun calling out right now find. People like this to be accurate -- What -- are better than the Red Sox right now calling you on this this by the American League. Individually I think you're right now looking to better. I think Washington's better I think Atlanta is better I think Cincinnati is arguably better I think why why. Why -- -- only played seven games with a different and a little while ago that there are not yet. I think you are not what I said Paul -- now when I set -- and I'm not willing to decide the for the entire year that this is going to be a good team that they're going to be team that I believe is gonna be a playoff contender. Got a shot at -- I think they develop into it all but I think based on what I seen so far -- willing to commit right now -- so yes I think this is going to be a playoff caliber baseball -- Now appears to be in the plant and and it's it's all a microcosm of -- of -- seated or they agree on. But you -- understand baseball goes bankrupt and fifteen -- stretcher you know eyes and look at them every battery -- -- life. I -- you go to -- -- right now especially the people whip -- coming from and what they've done in the last year and a per year quarter. If you're -- -- out all at -- thing it. Nepal you you got to have me confused -- somebody's not excited about the start because I am I think it's fantastic that they started this way I think it it raises the bar raises the level and get too much more excited about what this team is capable of but. I still think there's a lot for them to proven and it's more. The 34 and five in this rotation what are they gonna look like if John Lackey does miss a couple of starts. Did they have the depth in Pawtucket and -- handled starters going out for any amount of time are they going to be we've seen them play seven in game. What I like about -- -- for the team right now being -- -- games and that that they weren't really players in the hot seat yet make that Victorino -- -- get. -- -- got all that's fine nothing original note Josh it will handle whatever he picked the name alert should have done in the past light. It's epic that they have doubt about that. And I'm not saying that the penetrate. The two pitching prospects from the doctors or anything like that. The thing is come July they are going to have some battery good bargaining chips it they in the playoffs aren't. That they haven't been able to that out that they -- -- -- some very good. Don't -- -- I don't know they'll have until we're talking about guides like Bogart's tough on guys like Barnes and de La Rosa in Webster which are Roma are -- -- -- rules that which because it Jeff cookie last yet cookie who we met. At that the art house about what our our new sales people. Is that it was a Spanish. The Spanish major real indications in Spanish at Boston -- -- AT&T -- -- -- today. The people answering your question. And I think the answer to the question is let's wait and see if you people. How one guy in particular says all the beat the Orioles in a close game yesterday I guess we're going to the playoffs dripping with sarcasm people do wanna wait. A little bit they sure did. -- they -- fence sitting but at the same time it's seven games in a baseball season is there anything wrong with withholding judgment until you've got to see what the team looks like. For a couple of weeks. For me I don't think so more or call 61777. On 7937 plus the bruins' top Claude -- making what I think is his biggest mistake he's made all year how to they survive and how they come back portal still to come -- Ali and WE at one -- and an award winning song coming on my well next I think you maybe and it that's coming up salt -- all WE --

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