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Salk and Holley's Miked Up - 04.09.13

Apr 9, 2013|

The Red Sox, suprisingly not sucky. Plus Star Wars cantina bar stories.

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-- That's so rude I can't believe that -- so god damn things now this is around. You are friends. So Susan. In -- unfortunately all good things come to an end beats Mike job with -- -- can holly I I'm -- unduly influenced. OK okay pull them out here -- high right now you guys. Elmo yeah dial 6177793535. In that no I don't court. I go to. The floor for first ticket and now Mike Dunn and that will probably turn off his nation -- All we saw economic. Mike dubbed project by AT&T. WEEI live available on your iPhone or android device brought you by AT&T the official wireless provider. Of the Boston Bruins the most four G coverage in New England. Going on yeah there's a there's a lot going on in doing a lot of things that we usually don't talk about now. Which would we mentioned earlier Sussman mentioned earlier that. I UConn women are the national championship game again and you don't watch women's college Federalist how many in some I don't know old Dana I just don't watch it just aren't my thing I don't -- you -- how about the frozen four it's also a New -- operation. I think three out of the four schools are New England schools in the frozen four. I have never paid attention to have you ever been to your -- and I've never done that but I would watch it it's a great event yeah I bet I bet that -- and I would have no more interest in that in the women's final -- and and finally I know this is something that you did not watch most people didn't really know -- was on TV but I think it's great accomplishment. Amherst College. Basketball won the national championship division three. Story is interesting for a couple of reasons one the coach up played there. He has coached here for several seasons just a terrific program. Always has them in the top -- outside of the top ten. He's like the coach K of of division three basketball and hammers away just yet one of the players -- on the players. Is -- suns' Steve Pagliuca. His son. Played on that hammers the national championship team what does it say that we decent packs on my first -- was -- title -- -- -- -- Ever heard a name and a long time. That I guarantee I guarantee that you'll be watching some event to you either watch a sporting event tonight. That you didn't plan to watch -- you -- you -- watch some show that you gonna ask yourself why am I watching this because the Red Sox. There are no Red Sox and I know Red Sox know Bruins go Bruins know Celtics no Celtics. What are you gonna do it. What are you gonna do that tonight and -- go for dinner but you know tonight tonight you take your life and say are right. Let's go out for dinner take you somewhere nice is no games on the nothing to be distracted by tonight's and maybe the rent a movie or go out for dinner somewhere or your wife or do you watch. The university of command all while gates why -- you take your wife and kids out somewhere tonight. These kids Seattle tonight yes it's one -- Michael Young so watch my kids will be in bed so -- take them all -- -- special tonight. Get a don't know Chucky cheeses no special night Michael take them off tonight well might not want I don't want Tuesday night to be the special night out -- can't -- -- what -- Our movie yes our schemes up to her nose can play Wednesday Thursday what are they wanted to move one month literally -- for my job. That whole cruise 30 PM. No -- the grain D&E Yang. They thought -- thought about it so it doesn't get penalties aren't you walk. Have you back it would take you can't do it. And the message. How cool content -- -- -- the way of -- Georgia as she called on Saturdays you caught up to the it my duty as a Lackey of a -- yankees. So what she had to say they -- the Yankees overall better solutions said -- -- -- veracity thirteen nothing drubbing on Sunday. -- -- -- -- While trying to work third can't spend all I can do it this -- -- this. And your message. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think what it changes the -- -- they've been here -- the call upon the speed. They're not quite well -- Fenway Park. And this message. The fact that I got a -- notre there while it's a real honor figure it out. OK I gotta go you guys -- laugh nobody's motivate we'd he'd get it -- -- I pity you didn't. -- you're just don't -- socks and wanted to not a it's not okay. -- that Brett back -- but boy I didn't edit dark. You deal with no windows didn't -- And -- message post enrollment slow -- -- great atmosphere and good friend Glen and then the -- cheap seats apparently drank. Hey David what they had thought he had to go. They're okay. Well I can't color and nobody vocal local. They just didn't -- get it they just don't get it their potential. To have stuck in the world war. -- -- I -- here we are confident because it showed up. Day -- hey hey I don't see our security which Pete Carroll halve the hole. What's the big deal didn't locate her group her multiple. OK these people there's no prove. That there really like street -- civilized. And it'll Vinatieri because. Then there and I hit it didn't really. I was trying to really dig deep into this but that these people. -- goal unaware of the national conversation. The national conversation with the -- there's so we're here did you think the fourth -- plus moment I thought it was great it was a good it was a good mix of the people fairly -- He is one of the people it was ridiculous he was there he was there -- -- my go to sex CD's he wants to get. I'll check him out Mike and Mike can also was thereto is a long time text and he adjacent -- here for awhile thrown CDC -- word about our jobs for the guy the guy who commutes from the -- The army guy and his friend not his girlfriend just a friend lieutenant. We're going cookie that's right. Cookie was there he is from Waltham my -- Waltham -- -- I thought this guy that was indicated junior Virginia we'll still like him. And then our body the marine who was there you definitely -- I wanna make that very clear anybody was questioning it. Last week nobody -- question no question thank you for your service definitely a -- no doubt I was hoping you would -- both of you didn't happen. I don't know why everybody kind of -- big. Well he did all this fifth at this attitude get a BS didn't that he felt bad guys so much it's gotten you guys we should welcome out. We sure felt so a lot better job at a does an area that's no way to try to spot on the history. Breakfast and connect push you're supposed to come yesterday the guy offered to buy your Beers strip -- of our friends. Our friend who was there yesterday they took advantage. Like some people were kind of fell out of reluctant in all of these aren't getting you don't have yet you don't have to buy me beer it's okay now he was like oh yeah. Well no one -- -- -- I have to -- a trial which over everybody. Well for our post plus Euro dollar -- -- the fourteen I mean he just he was that you are hanging out in mind you -- as we take as much -- as they were a little more -- anybody we city Drake. A drink a beer plus David -- it was supposed to be a bit. You know it's funny how the barracuda -- yard out restaurant earlier. I identified the seven foot giant. But if I knew was. Yard golf -- but it wasn't good how you think either way it would refuse the only do we expect. Awareness about the actual -- right hello Blake got a would have gotten there. And magnolia -- Roger gonna say. Here's the only guy walking around in a jacket. And a shirt that said. Brandeis basketball just luck I once -- though. I play ball and brand -- a six foot eleven data like. Is until eleven is an embarrassing to say that you played a Brandeis because it -- didn't play the DR program a major Smartphone that's a good school. But maybe it's a preemptive strike he's hurt he's hurt so many people say. There how's the weather up there or Brian did you play basketball is where -- -- your good -- as basketball we gotta get your next so you should practice a Brandeis -- did them. What we do you my way to -- I don't think I don't know what these kids. -- I would be upon if I have read are back they testified in court. If you believe it should put 1530. Good to -- the and well we come back from that do what was worse. On the gays and -- -- -- hello guys. We're if you don't win the national championship. And that -- day where Ted Kennedy died the analogy it's Margaret Thatcher. That's the -- the one. That and that -- tell me it's able to die but it definitely cello we have gonna go with. Big time politicians stimulus -- the -- -- in the fifties and just like he's going on out of I don't know -- we chose the most beautiful woman ever went and really see how well each -- -- you have to look at those already and I did you mouse -- yeah. I don't people -- -- of the net gonna tell you that we stop talking about a girl next door kind of thing you know. Well Michael Ball. All of their what they were born in New York I love you guys got another good -- -- the greatest. Does not want -- -- I look I want -- thank -- -- -- -- -- currently wanna Borbon led big government would Obama why this book called do we exploited children always and I'm going to be judged according to a short number one in America. -- it would appear in the early that he wasn't feeling when the debt could go at your wallet remove tomorrow okay that. I said I want him -- right. Did you say you wanted to win no. Are you didn't mention it at all are not going to be number one on Craigslist who commands frank I don't get why you like to do because Italian he destroyed your favorite basketball franchise for a decade why would you still like to get by -- was rooting for Michigan a 100% last -- I was -- Thank god I -- committed -- whoever are well yeah yeah well that eventually expand DiMarco -- don't. Second what did they get paid -- but definitely spoiled MR from a broken leg I thought I don't think they knew pretty detonate. Now that women may say they'd say -- -- If I had kidnapped -- you could let you know like I don't know about -- can't say it multiple. So well. And this message. Last movie let them. Turn around -- cut diamond that seems like you -- -- a guy does he was very gracious after the game that is not about me about my Brothers my teammates. Really happy reform proud all the stuff you really didn't think even for a second that they were shooting. At the end Cupertino docked in the fireworks went off not there's a split second it didn't dawn when you first said they were gonna show you navy did there was some sort of something crazy with a gunman in the bills somebody -- -- into the -- he didn't -- -- -- for even a second the -- but you know react to Rick Pitino still is living a dirty life. Because that's your first thought when the national championship and there's going to be chaos there's gonna be confetti people going to be all over plays. You know and don't don't don't live set off fireworks in domes your first thought if somebody's trying to shoot you you're doing something else behind the -- I'll find out just went -- bite out just -- now knows what's going on here it's she did a lot of shade and I think he's been too much time in the north bend and I was worried about thus far as Chris -- says. He's doing some political history brains behind this team we got into the question jerk coming up any question you got a lancer Texas 37937. Sultan Ali WEEI.

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