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Daniel Nava, Red Sox OF, on his game winning home run

Apr 9, 2013|

Nava joins Mut and Merloni to discuss his game winning homer, the vibe in the clubhouse, and Jackie Bradley Jr.

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One woman novel. Swing and it's a behind it aired -- T plus -- all the businesses and everything. Since that 983. Run home run for Daniel mama. Three hits in the game to three hits in the inning to a three nothing Red Sox -- That I -- -- -- I was just I think with. Just in the clubhouse the guys so everyone just wants to win this is like it's contagious and so it's getting others for your -- -- sac fly. Just yet does that we don't have them pulled -- that we have something that I was on my mind effort to be home runs. You know obviously I was told -- excited just because you know gives apparently a little more cushion back. Yes something you know plan he -- your reaction just this comes out. Those unbelievable. It was a relief because I just struck out two guys have so and there was no outside pick me up -- that's what a good team and does. You heard the call you heard the an -- -- team it will little Brooks yesterday when -- senate fans home happy 31. The final Sox are five and two off today back -- it Baltimore second of three tomorrow and joining us on the -- TT outlined day after his team's offensive hero. Sox say Al Philadelphia the first baseman everything Daniel -- on the month Maloney show hey Daniel Mike and -- are you. I got a good day get a day off here today to sort of sit back and enjoy what happened last night take it all went. Yeah I know it's in the -- under -- -- part of it and how that topic kind of and we'd have an update. I cannot be IRA but you know blog feel like -- -- picked up into. -- is that okay well and then he suffered from the expect. It's expected -- that ride the flight home from Toronto and John Ferrell told you that you going to be in the in this starting out rotation there in left field because I've talked about before a bench player knowing the night before how important that is but for you. How does that change your whole approach that night going into that day knowing your plan. Our I think -- lot because. You know I mentioned when you know answer. What's -- content that you kind of coming apart and not really certain about what you role given day it's going to be and so when you know had a -- can. Prepare mentally for the guy you don't -- -- also you are able to get so. Terms of physical ready to Tucci you can read this Bible goes yeah that's allowed some guidance is that you can you know it's -- And optical is really important -- urgency that. We surprise and an Italian you're gonna play I mean not that appoint the numbers for last year from that right side maybe not as good. On the left side when it soldier on Sunday heading into Monday was that a surprise to gain of. I that they would then. -- completely surprised but at the same time that I -- you know aware of you know -- -- been you know. I can have been out from the told me I mean it goes back when you ask for a closet it's solid wasn't. All it -- -- -- up about. It's -- Rebecca last year because you had some impressive numbers ten into the month of July. Yeah I think -- little wrist injury before going on a disabled list and what people forget about what you did those first few months. How long was that wrist bothering you know how to affected due that month. You know it may be a little more challenging. And certain to put -- bit of what we're excited keep I'd barrel in the zone allowed swing and it's just as. Part of being a part big body had to deal cooked beans and so. At the same time the united Iditarod had combined those who think -- -- -- anarchists you know what translating correctly he's and that. You know I'm glad to -- you know all that but I -- now so that you know this year and you know hopefully. They can't figure out why I looked up for the last month and just keep. You know. He called in terms of how you can run up -- I whatever I -- but it's at least eighteen court housing but at a last year. Or -- this year. Up. -- the -- had last yesterday you know I don't think it was a real -- and maybe it affected us from the right side of the look at your splits on the left side he can tell that's your. Natural side what have been some of the things how difficult is it. For you to get that -- from the right side feelings comfortable left. I think Arafat and it doesn't tell you and going constraining without and so that I knew the situation opponent -- this event that -- the got a you ready to engage in any -- What -- Well great cauldron and Victor are opening coaches and that minute stop stop that they do this for the -- the China near that right side. And we're looking dimension of that principle means so that allows -- relaxed and it gets stuck in states where it should be also be more consistent. In terms of the clubhouse with that will little Brooks on the show when he said it feels different than last year we have had. When guys Daniel in the media they keep it's the same thing over -- and it's different it's different explain to loss. How it's different is is there. Just one situation one thing that makes it feel that much different in 2012. What made it. I agree report what you got hurt or who looked as well it definitely it definitely different Sheila I don't know how to describe it but. And -- I think if I would have put in order to get what you got all the way. And that's what they're the guys classic -- auto wind -- to -- a different group bring some personality different personalities you know. To create different -- and if you really have about this year's. It with a score but it's a sport that is everyone's going to work comparable I think as. That's a -- a lot of fun to be part of it and work a bit of such guys who you know. Grind it out this one get the job done whatever way we can't such aren't very good and he didn't -- and economic. A Bobble on second vehicles a little finger to its pomp and it doesn't matter who you are in the final act -- There are without alignment -- and everywhere and doing all the little things right not so let's -- topless. Noah John and worked out all the way down the field coaching staff and players who barked -- that we just. I think we -- to start it's different but we you know really tried you know and keep going that -- -- the new year it really is great. You know John Ferrell and his coaching staff -- I just. I felt like last year there was so elect communication lack of trust in that aspect of the game and yesterday. -- in the -- there before the game and it just it was a different feeling of Butterfield do you guys have messed around with him and Ferrell seems to be outgoing and toward the -- low. How much is that coaching staff change in looking -- some of those new coach is now that you have in this year. You know I I was fortunate to have -- my manager 2010 and play into that part of a lot of guys -- accumulation myself that question you know you brought. I then got the first charity called you -- big part of other a huge part of it that caught but he also install a lot content and they are believed and guides not act and the mentality. It's what all the coaches in here it's a very positive you know since. I'm not thinking about what last year was a look in the -- sort -- Christians very very positive club out. And it -- guys while -- computers can make the -- -- -- right out to a two things currently the big mistake it's okay. Rather be president uptight about -- but it's great atmosphere where you wanna go out while I argue you have. Coaches and that the that you really so has your packet that -- brought together supplements about you know you guys that we got it and put it. The other and a lot of by the department said unit that guy or haven't aren't in Taiwan won't start you know -- as our league in goals so it is good. Blend of both sides. He came up and obviously your first at bat in your first game -- weighs one that is gonna remember for a long time but it wasn't. Daniel just that first game your first five games that month the June US eight hits. Jackie Bradley had a great spring training at a pretty good start new York and he scuffled your little bit. It's almost like the scatter report is out on him my guesses it back in June 2010. The scatter report came out on you and you had to start making adjustments what. What is he got to go through now. In the next couple weeks is pictures start to see him and see that tape can you compare. What it's like to go through that early on your career. Yeah I know that -- first -- Jackie is a player you guys in his. Phenomenal players -- he will be a phenomenal player for a long time and I think it's unfair -- You know gotten failing had a great training really has gotten gains you've played in what -- so. He got a lot of ball hard and -- haven't. And haven't fallen thought also not read all the all of it in your average predicting that 200 those big difference I think. He did it but in terms of the yeah you know we in the mines have been at least you know kind of reporting on but it's not a lot quicker I don't see the guys that -- -- -- Huge cattle court so much I think it's just. It's baseball hasn't intricate and in our country and it's unfortunate that you. How will continue -- 400 which obviously pretty. Pretty floppies didn't hold any lissouba. But -- -- unique a player. -- gets things going -- -- -- the clubhouse is worried about that he doesn't get I get too low that aren't huge key is -- Ain't no level. And I don't know I think that. There are -- nor nor our our side Eric I got and thinking about you know what's going on -- -- They're great are currently supported in part so -- a couple come -- I think you'll go to make a potential as they come to -- What the impact of the first two guys who first couple outings and we will Lester and book is done you saw -- spring trimming. It's our 2010 -- balk calls -- it would -- we all know what they've done last year was a tough peer to Lester but. Getting out of the gate and knowing that you get these two guys the top of the rotation the -- they -- ball. -- yeah you're right -- that. I mean they've done a great job in I think that you guys know that as you watch if you want you got -- -- You know -- have a presence on the mound there would work really well look how she lost her a chance -- It's a lot of -- of -- are on each sentence with a decider in the delegate slots and working to Hewitt he's got a pounding the zone. They're attacking in their government to make sure that it's really well and you know it really I think any pitcher and player they want -- a -- about two hours -- -- that we all knew that they were going to do it's just -- But just a matter are the -- and that's something that I -- I think apple expects them. To continue to look I don't think genuine here's a story you know hoping that it was gonna happen it will do is give up no matter are going out you know starting opposite. This is really get canceled at -- to set the -- at the well. Any offense throughout his patrol while it knows what he's doing very it's -- beauty and lack you know luckily -- and so. Without that we have now I think we're all excited -- out of alcohol either. And they've always had faith in guys coming out of that bowl and you years you've been here in Boston but it. It's got to be a really good feeling looking down there now this year with the power arms to you guys that bring an out there has has nothing better than -- -- got to leave in the seventh inning in knowing. And having the utmost confidence that this game is probably over given the arms that we have. Our enemy I think that is a perfect example as -- what the first game of the -- normally. Clinton or John or what five or six point product code G Miller daily hander Kenny you know you could -- extend the game. Pretty easily you know how are. You know a wide variety of guys didn't used to but that's it was -- where. Yesterday if we got a lead no matter who lives. You know we knew that we sales. One entering in the coming close story and that's something that's just. You know that you eat a little more and and you know we don't have to get six that you want it to an enduring -- here. Get shot on this there's a report that. You don't swear you know you -- curse words at all -- is that -- -- -- is that one of those not tall tales Daniel lovers -- when was the last time you did swear. I don't know I don't know I don't know how they. Italian Angel and -- on the board and helped. Black. But you don't right I mean here. If you're Ben Zobrist on the result pitched last night it rung up in the ninth inning and it's like that you don't you know it's worth the -- You know I didn't I didn't see that play it when you miss but I was just check until the last couple of controversial call in I don't know really what happened but it -- more personal patriotic I think that we try not to hit it goes back. Well I believe that but -- battled like he should. Did you -- something China represented that meeting and I. I -- -- it's obviously not easy being -- Oprah sports or punch out a lot of blow up on open but you know it. It is you have a great you have -- -- not trying to let. I look really determined but my attitude can be on a given day it got so I don't try not -- it has about who I believe might say. It -- belong along an ally itself. Yeah yeah it's got a 99 and a lot out of a -- It's about it. Wearing it but it's definitely not first -- -- of Ireland now as well that won't believe this but I. Him Larry we just one and World Series. -- not Daniel my status Gary -- got Terry Francona because it is well that's not being a month. Oh and -- -- she really did. They'll enjoy it enjoy the rest your off -- appreciate it and a few minutes and now we'll see if Fenway -- on this week. You're welcome Milosevic having got. I Daniel -- joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds that the ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible to tell the NL Beatles and make -- asking that question guys talking about doesn't square he doesn't -- No you know you drop it at G deed and F bomb on -- let -- remain Joey what. And it might -- and the -- -- -- we had talked about now you like the -- What you don't think you hear swears in the dugout. I think it -- and Terry Francona went a bit. As there with the manager of their guy about it left the at the ticket -- minor league games for -- managers right now -- the the first or the came out of Buckingham -- that Grand Slam for the patent and Richard took a lot of heat that got the ticket every every game has minor league level. For Aaron and yeah since married he's moved on past the Erin Andrews thing but that was partners background the presence where. What should hang around -- and people on here are going to be sentenced him. 6177797. On the set it to the next session ended a -- on you guys -- The class have been true and funny I AT&T to excellent 379837. More your phone calls until 2 o'clock Silicon Valley Sports Radio. WEE.

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