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Dan Duquette, Orioles GM, on the AL East

Apr 9, 2013|

Duquette joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the competitive AL East division, the Jackie Bradley Jr situation, and the Orioles.

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Down in the area trying to close this one up the pitch. Swing pops up it may be able Bobble around that -- and put the coaches boxy thing. That's not kept up a home opener for the ninth straight year. Upon the Red Sox that -- three homer from there you'll come back and bit. Innings by right blog called beat the Baltimore Orioles. Don't want the Red Sox. Their records of five to. Lover -- garden. Or two -- Miller was last year your report. Also a group of guys it's been following through spring up until this point it's just. It's easier to become new ballpark -- would be. And -- there's a good spirits are what are your team's winning them especially after it was yesterday you know was this despondent to get here. Knowing that they're there was going on here did you first came out. -- is legendary. But from iron didn't he was what we beat them. You heard focused legally on on the call your -- -- after the game -- elude ID 37 WEEI Red Sox go to five into early in the year. And they got two more against the Baltimore too surprised everybody a year ago maybe more expected this year how are they dealing with it. Guy who put together these last couple Baltimore Orioles teams Dan -- their general manager joins us on the eighteenth the hot line -- what little Dario. There are good guys started -- Oh good Dan I think the guys off doing. You start the last year I think you get some guys swinging the bat well overall. Reset talking about this team I think -- people look at the one run games it look at the bullpen. What are your expectations of this team of people think that maybe he can't kind of keep that up maybe -- that -- the head last year. Well it we returned the -- by those broad to straight to achieve that familiar with -- guys in the little ought to urge our guards we're. -- -- Beirut and our party leaders so. You know we think we're going to be competitive yeah. You know -- they. You know we are all a bit better stronger -- or last year guard. We're -- streak circular one -- victims. But darn good all week -- -- playing decent returns all air. -- have -- dot org world -- orders. I think it's about expectations right Demi last year I don't wanna be critical but all the there's a lot of expectation on your team and you -- to everybody by plane well. From beginning to and yell and be in their right at the end of the year into the post season I mean this year. You open a publication you guys to pick first your picks second how different is it. Preparing this team this year when there are expectations -- what you're both doing that division. Well you know being because a lot of people -- road trip to a -- your return of the year accessible -- OJ. Look for a Juba. You know I don't know -- really make -- epic is different sub. You know we've been tried -- our crowbar to us through your strength in our change in the at peace and pitching defense and you know are brought. These young guys but well like which are old Europe and the well -- it. Right Larry W -- well this year at -- You know these guys to go with a -- if they do you know our our -- -- -- pretty good bit sweeter and Joseph both current law. You know established big -- Arriaga. A rescue -- which outlook is cut ties and a couple Red Sox prospects one being opposite Jackie Bradley. Young kid coming up in -- to be other guys in a Bogart's as a shortstop in the minors. Is your position switch in the future for him but yet many -- out -- now twenty years old came on the scene last year nineteen a position switches. Is this guy shortstop and a future and make your heart right now but how do you where you guys that with him. Our economic security -- good -- declares third. You know you recruit -- -- -- or the third. To start the double play any fictional where -- double -- more. He came up in short you are old boy girl we her. -- or cute you know thorough search but I can't get bored or gonna or what we -- the big blue -- or the day we're sharp at all. You don't birds they're all go to third parties -- gold Glover. Over a year ago Eric Berry thriller earlier and also. It started reports so -- -- third -- and -- are short W ever could -- Joseph Boyd got a stroke play drew a bit. WDC. Quick but the battle and structure -- -- -- are too. And -- also relate to those guys in nineteen years always in double late last year what was the the thought process what what did you guys see that made him -- was it more than ability was that make up what was. Think a big -- -- every ER you know a lot of reality and the third ordered selected a couple of years ago would have required a great the their area. He's a minute -- big strong here -- We got. That's weird. Some iPhone is rates don't make a call video cards each product maybe off the conference somebody in. Is is that would danced trying to do -- -- -- premature auto and neighbors talked don't. That was about a on -- begin. You don't go for the period if you are dirt that's what I -- top -- Buck Showalter ignited a bowl tackle Dan if you want to. Get ready -- -- training and then he worked out of -- double play every I'm side beauty early -- -- -- -- -- little -- -- -- Every new bit you know -- to practice stroke belt also aware of your -- what did a great job defensively and he interviewed offered we have a lot of extra base hit or you're. So are -- going to be good bitter dispute globe scorched earth. In -- -- ago Jackie Bradley because you bring up. Which -- with you know I bought 800 at bats and a hundred at bats and so in the minor leagues. You know how important is this he got to start down a trip down double at least get the ball roll in the come up. It in your ego Jackie Bradley kick in the year off to making that jump in the big leagues how difficult is that. Well I think it's a pretty big -- The only guys there at the ability to do it. Ignored the child -- -- station that the toys and he'd worked liberal field. And you ought to help stay out of trouble was thought to be strictly straight. Bradley looked good returning he hit the ball sort of get doesn't -- -- these shots. So be it you know bulky or spiritual. He certainly got a lot of good till you start or. We're talking a -- always GM Dan Duquette here on what -- the the Jackie Bradley decision -- were you surprised that he gets the start the year here when you guys are making your decisions. Disservice -- become an issue because there was a stretch where they could held Jackie Bradley down at triple or double play through this Friday. Brought up in guaranteed a year on the back in 2019. Of that deal is that 2008. Well you know -- There's so you don't know guaranteed to -- employer are gonna they -- all year. We know a lot of young guys tomorrow for the -- to -- about belt -- serious reason. Be an important trade committee is -- I don't gravity all your particularly well I'd like to be on base there. So. It all in due course to be everywhere right with a -- -- first in the big week with a pure position port so you started. It seems focused on your right to take a look at the video they figure out what candidate and they start in his steady diet what it is that you don't have the spirit Oval Office. You know your troubles so you know electricity they're. Beltway experience -- pro player all -- 500. Grew out of school. You most of the guys given your system really haven't failed at all you know and maybe at some point a minor leagues that important do you put any weight on that the C a guys fail see how he rebounds and a minor leagues. Well yard is there. It's about. You know brighter the big leagues if you're they're ridiculous importer aired. You know there's good the bad about it earlier. Those are all worse still Ali -- yourself all the belt before you particularly. Go figure out what you gotta do you look to see you know the go look at it also took all of that together -- order. In. You know if you have good process to -- good coach. Good for the well -- in other. You salute you don't know where -- You guys had a surprise your last year and look at your offseason move heading into 2013 day and he had some pitching depth you re signed Nate McLouth. Yeah you got to rule five guy but that that the big signing right it was it was a financial because a lot of times -- team makes surprise run a -- and spend money. That next year. -- face those same questions why wasn't there a big splash. So to speak this offseason after the great success last year. Well we we've we've got a lot of money we Europe where did perform well you only have a good year they get a lot better in your doctor -- it. All very soon we are return here so. You know he's very. Additional or -- true or three million dollar where their records years. Are true you are talking about our Yorkers Beirut's. Our readers Adam -- old. -- the level of jobs. -- -- mean the court orders for a we had to go through a lot more bodies in there so our -- -- the all popular sure you -- actual. Bet awards. You know those that are there and play and to bring those guys back there had -- -- though you -- And you know we tried to stop or several sub are pictured some others are return they -- to deliberate the guard liberal opinion. He'll -- trade order. So gonna cost so a lot -- you know good -- challenge the reluctant. Oh what the court ordered on trade. Sort rajat over the Dylan Bundy in Germany because we're -- you know -- quality talent that we wanted to get a little bit more aren't the only developed. And you know bought the air guard and oral forward they can help put her on the ball the thought boy unleashed. Chicken around with the Obama. Bought Australia for Albert garden on their pitching well. That's what they were talk about it some say to me I wanna sees Q Dylan Bundy just yet there was -- I want to see. David Price announced sick and tired looking have to be careful what you wish for. And I look at your rotation and I think that it came out. During a post season where. A lot of good starts a lot of quality starts but come post season eight. Maybe black and that one got a goal against the Verlander CC as it by the end of the year may be that guy is -- mean that guy is gospel and where those guys will. What can you expect out of an issue. Well you know a good point do we don't have the radio all the Lander we don't have a CC sabathia. Our made huge well. We -- paired up against. The -- -- -- -- -- You don't -- -- -- -- our best starter but you wouldn't sell or call eight you know -- starter in the category of order. It is that. No wonder your Gaza might develop in to a are starting pitchers. You know if it will put more are. -- go to dollars in real stable. Are still in good. And -- -- you saw yesterday and all of -- -- all it will whatever earned close -- gets hurt. Contending. Let you know there's only a couple of were Landers speak about -- around the business. It was probably all -- -- arsenic you don't get ours. In the Archie and you know we are quote -- that -- Is it weird to see this division -- being picked this kind of wide open division Dan for so many years you were part of it. It's Red Sox yankees re read the Yankees Red Sox and some semblance of order and this year it appears a lot more wide open that. -- -- Well I I think you're very very very years you know tip of the day is on the road -- -- at the bit because they. We were great their citizens and very competitive. Ed you know it's a lot older now back to being edited in you know over all problem there. AM the other try to that you -- the boulder. All the controversy. -- -- In the offseason. Or threats aren't there yet -- -- you're you're so you know this is the -- to optimism. Every year but. You know all the leverage as last year -- you know we're going to be up to competitiveness look like. -- outside looking in last year plane as Boston Red Sox team had a different feel different look and it's. Only seven games into it but there seems to be a lot more whole lot more excitement the way they play what do you see as an agent may be a difference of and probably the first two stars out guest. Yeah -- you know our Lester and a Cold War sparkle tutorial go to your great record it. End alerts are luster book also -- -- are there you're all friends birdies although polo. You don't go out three guys that beautiful part of what we're all at all. Last one for me you OK with your son be a big TV star but he's an -- and up early broadcasts are here talk and social media damp. Yeah that you look through your broad passive about who grew up around it -- There are no problem what do you or did we realize Erica -- very very -- and well all or. Miss -- the last thing on a piece our last night but the but the final strike go called down to Texas and in Tampa with the ball completely out of his own mark Foster blew it there. We've had this discussion it's come up before a lot of people telling me that they should have a computerized strikes on I'd like the human element where do you stand on all the. OG. There. Have a better autocratic -- -- -- Really bad that he gave draw get -- you know all right I hope the -- city. Their thoughtful story so by the duke beat the good articles that -- Schuerholz. -- -- his -- what it's a good record includes Joseph Torre and there's. Make sure you see the Manny home run Taiwan -- many in a home run and in an over the Taiwan league and they they went bonkers you've got to save the currency area. They're very dollar burger -- bit. Keep keep an eye on him did you might need him at some point to like keep an eye on him over there. Well I don't know who they're rural -- that. -- -- already doing what they're here. -- great stuff as always enjoy the series and a good Evian boss super couple days. Our candidate had GMT Orioles joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. We speed that the ten times faster than three -- AT&T. Rethink possible -- -- York camp right now. No robot strikes on three got a million Texas and robot strikes on -- tech go to that -- here reverend richest. It. -- is a really bad belong called in the World Series were to strike the night with an Angel Hernandez Marty Foster -- strike three. I just don't see it. -- -- more baseball Daniel Nava hero yesterday old -- 115 your calls at 6177797937. -- and loose portrait.

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