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LB on Bruins defensive struggles

Apr 9, 2013|

LB joins Mut and Merloni in studio to talk about the Bruins win and the struggling defense.

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We're not that are best offensively. But this is a team that -- export is even more which -- aggressive. Fore check from all our guys sitting right on top views so. And expose a little bit tonight no doubt about that but we got to get better in that area to bunker really played solid game -- -- tonight and probably covered a lot of the mistakes and the damage that could have been done. -- That's your Bruins coach load Julianna. After the game last night model united 37 WEEI in studio -- after a double header. That he played yesterday to ask what's all -- Mike got here at some point Lyndon byers. -- brought to you by Brennan spoke shop in -- embroiled Brockton where hammering adamant on. And I'll be -- doctor doctor Robert Leonard change lettuce change your life call 1800. Get hair and a third one year. City of Boston credit union also proud sponsor nice LB here -- -- -- by Terry -- yesterday. I was I was Rossum on M Friday the broadcaster the tavern. I stopped oversight you guys you have just generated -- in. And we are just getting ready to be answered you sealed climate up and -- are you guys are you guys are you guys are being edited out guy you're getting after I was in I was in go mode. As a complete player mode. Fired up Sox great great finish from now but with the bomb that I had over two the greatest bar a little screwed up action for the bees. -- -- I -- I do this alone day. On water and Gatorade of course a long day for unity drug and outlawed I pray I pray. But gotta hydrate it's been like that that they'll want -- you don't want -- I'm on fire on fire when he pounds he narrated. That's the laser show lose why do who knows what -- -- lose their mind that could well what I got going on alcohol and Gatorade braves. A mine -- out and -- the Hubble -- c'mon buddy. -- -- -- that was a that was an insanely. Awesome game by one to -- Past 181 periods if you look double we can sell it to her hotel seven utterly -- -- -- -- -- sit here and talk about how good they were offensively how to get the pucks to Goldblatt. Look at that first period bill Jaffe said it between the first and second on -- Three nothing before they Bruins get their first goal if it Rask is not standing on its -- -- head -- care -- rare -- eight. Ninety and McCain became they had it going our -- we are split could be clear on why there was 21 knows there was three hour wind zoos. How is not -- defense of Iraq Cuba it's exciting for the fans me. And opt I think the good news Jews who we've talked about before guy stepping up right and now our targets in all there's thirteen games at that time as well you know. Who -- would push a rash can be though that's the other thing plays out were we at the early stages of adjusted discussion because it almost -- at a high level. The way Rask has responded now on the last three games and I look at Montreal the two Eagles gave up there were joke. Right Saluki yeah right so much so that that is the very get go late but still the -- played early on. You seem took arrest I don't care why I don't care it's because dole pushed in the great. But he's been outstanding last year -- he. Oh I don't know war war war where you're going I mean -- has been unbelievable since he's become a Boston -- guy he's always been awesome. He's he's -- number one goaltender and -- last night he showed it. And the you know they would we have tend to go in our mobile win the division has got six on the road to Fisher out. -- -- Q to have zip caps every little vets can action. To lead the league in scoring early team ABC a hat trick. Out of of vets in tonight to send the send -- back again and -- we have a couple of dares. Doubles. Islanders Jimmy's on the doubles and I think the damage Heidi I'm getting tired and I get that time -- I -- time get on the bandwagon get a little cocky good. You're dismissing it you know there there was a stretch there before too focused more games stripped from the numbers get to the second. Where Google was playing a little better than -- can you thought okay. Could these guys split the games down the stretch of -- maybe decide who the hotter goaltenders going you thought I was out -- the entire season. Always always always and I and like I said it's the greatest thing ever. Died Claude -- of the biggest problem on the planet right now and that's our budget did too many talented players -- -- guys. And he's got a hero who's playing with a new and is yet to a number one goaltenders and -- is the man took time is in his checked -- And now -- word down the last and and -- -- I can't believe the playoffs are around the corner man. Is this couple weeks it's awesome Rask stopped forty of 42 last night his last four games he's three and one. Save percentage of 955. Points. I mean like a good reverend Tom Brady Cordoba had QB rating numbers. Guys like he's awesome and and that's all what you ask you that's all that you can ask is is not you know these guys get a dollar and a little defense or. Are you ever did it why don't want flu shots tonight 47 judge Amin live shot it's it's it it's insanely Diallo demand difference when my favorite players are cute bikini was damaged. You know never get beat on the boards does -- in a -- Never going to be on the boards to. Guided Johnny boy it's a goal back of the net in and induced him Bob elation. You know doing you know demonize head on a swivel trying to figure out what what might wanna my do in front of the net and not -- of people. Too many bodies stand around it's crazy these guys are way too good to have to be planned the kind of defense of their plan. I believe they -- they can dial it in. But you know it's it's crazy to think that they're gonna you know get on mass of -- out front and -- -- for -- you know allowing for a shot. The way we didn't we talked to yesterday return briefly yesterday down about that Montreal game and how disappointing. This the whole game was symbolic that last minute was just that the ball reading just -- that there wasn't what the hell just -- When it came Andy to set did you what the hell just happened now. Joggers here Bergeron is out Kelly just came back lines are all over the place -- estimate that first line there's going to be that transition period. Right until he finds now with Kelly back. I think you have to prepare yourself that this could be the team not a Bergeron hopefully. He comes back but he's got -- figured out now Kelly 100% this is -- not Lou what's the best fit what how did you feel about those lines -- especially down a third. Well I I again you you know we argued are what this two win win now -- -- and the team. There's not enough guys you've got too many good players and so is it's not being like I was seeing some the other I was watching TV and I'd say you know in the dog house to say indefinitely in the -- is -- Duck house where else -- got a black hole you got to move somebody somebody Dellucci is wooden -- just in the Dodd Oscars. They had a moving down with her line -- armory -- If you can't you know. He EU if he goes out of their line in the dock -- and you've got to -- -- road hockey club it's got to see a lot of talent. And everybody's gonna dial it in and and you get it done you know -- better on the wing great that makes -- that you know that that that automatically adds offense to line that was struggling. A radiator on the third line. Well the thought hey you wanna talk about the imam -- alive to care but at the end of that game on the other night. It's a six on four power play -- Sega no matter what you think of him. Has got to be on the ice LB he's got to be -- -- six on -- you generate no shots is more open ice in the six on four yards passing clinic instead. He's at the same seat is quote does on the bench. -- my favorite seat why you know 604 policy not evil I don't know I I don't should be involved yes I think he -- Maybe cloud in the power in a power plays such circle I was use another combination. Trying to douse some meant for the final -- and I'm not trying to figure -- Claude Julian. Six -- let me -- let me out when there was in the locker room there would not apply whatever which I was getting my station -- -- you don't whale trainer you know. We're doing a Miller slicing -- When I left acute over the cartoons and awarding loses some sort of country club and anybody can come in here. Did you let him back up a little bit to know what we're tight we had a little chat room where we're good Britain. Uprise in the great city Pittsburgh mass on the bruins' defensive struggles and I disuse because it's fun just don't I don't what's up price. -- -- -- -- -- -- Just wanted to reach out there it's still possible now. -- he had to Shimmy another email here in Miami I apologize to -- by the way semi bad -- -- and I'll ask I'll be better take care -- Pittsburgh all right -- -- Slattery who got us landry's after the Korean personnel from I don't do it for -- -- for beer I'll do it. Oh well that I don't -- -- org home yeah. Eight. They're not having perfect storm that struggle playing without massive. Well that's -- this period taking a guy who charting -- that we need to play it slicer and and then it and that sort stole yet stopped overtook our Greg you know within reach its delicate -- -- still the -- to Indy. It's isn't there are literally it. I you know I what I won't I won't go as far as to call the Boston Bruins defensive -- dumb asses. But I will say that they're they are not playing heads up hockey there is you -- there's miscommunication. For sure. Going on right now the day after rectifier. If they're gonna make a laugher and I agree. Edit comments such decisions they're making it sort of it sort of making it next quit task. You know through the neutral zone they -- fire up towards port they do get hot potato whether -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That kills me man that's balanced tells me when they when they did do the DD DD DDD. On I don't -- look at -- the neutral on look at their own end you know she symbolic Charl -- side Bernie and that's the thing it's not just. It's just the bottom guys at the -- defense is from chart Sandburg that initial -- once they control the puck. But you behind the net that initial pass the throne like in the traffic ticket to get the puck out of the rules on what and it serves and you know listen -- his. I've guys asserted the forwards are terrible as well coming back. Picking guys out dodge getting guys ways I'd -- being where they're supposed to be one the defenseman gets yet the first guy gets back to get the biscuit. Communication on. You know to move with the Duke Team fore check -- -- did to have somebody -- and Ottoman let them know hey you know go here I'm here. Go right goal last DDD no DDD turn dale get it out I just you know that it did there's a there's a lack of communication and SIA and it's everybody. It's everybody man LBs and studio talk a Bruins -- -- went on 77797937. Your thoughts. On the game last night you'll be talking about the win but the defense a candy clean it up. What do they have to do 6177797937. More -- LB and your calls next. We really needed that they've they've they got. -- thus the incident began when we have opportunities. In the playoffs and can't get them they have -- and you -- You know it's just it's very tough declared there. We've definitely had not been released about a little bit harder and or does this kind of stuff preposition rescinded growing up around a little bit Brendan. And now we're in better position to myself. Hopefully we don't continue to work on and that we've got up a bit. -- -- Right now that is benefiting from a new line mate but Lou nanny took a seven WEB I don't think people talk about how. As a -- -- Claude Giroux Philadelphia. His career got a huge -- when he got police along with younger. Well Brad Marchand last night I mean he's in the right place right time but it's because of yeah -- attacked in the net marsh on attacking the net it's almost like K if I. If I attack the front of the net with a yacht -- -- sixty plane near me good thing is gonna happen and and get a great start to the year act like you sort of was reenergize last night. Playing with the younger -- Campbell in the middle. He's gonna benefit picked up from that right. And while I of course of course -- the greatest the greatest one ever was warn young you're too young which you probably weren't even born yet who Warren young. Gets put on the wing with Merrill amigo. Goes on to score fifty goals. Four straight years. Sign a big time ticket and leave Mario LeMieux leave -- elementary -- and finish his career finish his career in the minors. In the AHL. Unbelievable. Having a big difference and yes that I finally understood why. Would normally take shots off when he missed the knicks don't play for the for the rebound into the rapper missed -- -- the -- -- put it in there when he does -- see -- got to check in as well. I it was great you know I would we're -- in -- in the break I did this as -- date they have speed. You know today there are big. Heavy hitting team when they want you -- they have speed man and now apparently fleiss. You know outlined in on a -- -- that's while I was so good you know the Stanley Cup run you know the biggest line. And they carry speed they attacked the net and that I mean. That that's what me on the -- does certainly easy easily eventually assigned to Sidney Crosby -- -- Mark Messier Glenn Anderson. They fly at high speed and they make all their moves that I speed and everything funnels to -- and everything finish is at the Nat. And and you know marshes what -- what a great opportunity learned as a from somebody you know that -- if you know if you -- Snyder. I still say ideally you know just I was just looking -- and no -- knows what's gonna happen with Bergeron but you know you said what's taking down a third line -- too much it too much talent it's a bad thing back and just. My shots taking yarder those guys to me and it -- a first line you know -- ideally in and you have your third line in the post season when -- playoffs and get. Bergeron back hopefully you do if there was Kelly partly in Orton. That's still deep that's still dangerous I just don't want negative -- down with those. So I didn't see failure at your clouds -- gonna work it for the final you know done in nine games of the season five on five and -- -- way around. The idea I think the image I that I did I really liked the way they're gonna finish up their schedule. They they finish -- in a -- but there's I think two days. Between their final two games two or three days between their final -- -- two games they've faced with wash on on the road. But next week -- at home you know lately -- -- Jersey down this year -- played Carolina next week if they're sleeping in their own beds. You know -- eat great food eaten at home yet in the arrest and and then in the you know and -- and and they finish up. You know that is just a it's a great finish of the season I've been having these guys are right and -- figured out you know you got to play unit plan to play without birdie right now. And I think that's why you saw the line combinations that you saw. Is that a good sign that the report was he was at the rink yesterday -- we hear -- we hear guys kind you'll be aware of life he's gotten about yeah I. Awesome we're Nolan is doctors here but I got to take that's awesome. Yesterday area odd jobs at a car on the long Lucci -- -- job. Hey guys actually agriculture the last night was an optical illusion I think is a real trouble offensive game. But -- -- -- I wanted to you know model I think she's -- -- -- that enhance its own and not what this could outplay the other night. Apart at least three or four times in Montreal. Two quick things they'll hang up here I think city in the is totally. We lost this -- -- -- get up twenty offensive forward at any challengers looked real literature out. I I have lost -- -- while. So you hear that -- that -- that guy's -- win the Stanley Cup to suck. Well look. You know what I don't like election dirty scrub goals with guys not to let you know what -- -- -- -- late schools -- But I below what what what what was a nice cool what was -- -- school yeah yeah you're our attack in the Manhattan and and marsh number one and number when he got Johnny pop back up to get you an awesome rebound goal Beverly back in the -- get his own rebound and around around. Not all the rules but that's a side point I just I I don't know what capital Lucci looks looks -- Overweight LB. He's not overweight or Eric is not overweight than a mile away -- -- at a Milan Lucic is not overweight. You listen it would do my dignity when I admit maybe I he still admit these. He's not playing. As as awesome as he could he could play but I there's nobody -- I just I cannot. I cannot sit here and bash a team that's fourth in the east one point. Back of first place in the northeast with 55 at home for on the road. At home all next week in my mistake you did they they they got that there was did they squeeze on gaming in between Philly and wash but. By a you know give him my -- Canadians have six on the road to play at least twice lease -- and it. Lisa what do you last night they battled it out. -- I just. I I do not I can't bash this hockey club in these guys. Our good hockey club some guys are having the great as years as there that this is their sub supposed to be haven't so why. You know W in the W column is all that matters. You feel that it did that game in a dip in the owns -- snow yes the game into their late but. I do think that first line he has -- messed with you know is keeping that line together crate G Horton and Lucci and I think that you talk about the players they have been a lot of different talents -- lines around. He can keep a close eye on guys that Lucci Orton to me that sometimes need to be motivated. That can disappear at times and I think now the players that you have he can send that message one once and a while I think. Got a sense that a third let me I do feel that there's something thereof mean that wasn't happy at the last effort night -- lived there. And in the RD shell may be in the first period -- back up -- -- -- -- the -- in the effort -- will be back up that second -- -- game but. He's got a good thing going on right now with these lines and if you want to motivate anybody you can put anybody -- third line for many shifts as he wants to get. -- -- -- I yeah I couldn't agree more John -- -- -- LB gets out and get some sleep after double -- yesterday Johnny how are you. Imports are up John. McCall and by I had QLB I mean. Do you think yesterday it was agreed offensive performance by the prone to those that just the Carolina arcane. Collapsing down to the -- -- in the -- on -- on not getting enough. I mean I saw. I think I would absolutely right it's called then I didn't cheat sheet structured now or -- -- right now. I hate it and I wouldn't go I would go so far -- eight he's not he's got stopped by you are playing well right now. If you look at the -- correct that's like 76 hockey game yesterday. -- -- it -- -- -- so that it is in the 2011 Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins sockets Timmy played out of his mind every night right. -- the what you guys are sent and yeah. Christina won -- -- and hot goalie at the bottom line I doubt was. -- And so what are so it's all OK so then you're making my point. So so it was a wise are you were just as disappointed back then as you are now so why be disappointed now. I'm not disappointed I love the Bruins certainly don't criticize these guys I mean it. I. I just -- I just told you that remain Milan Lucic is having an off year. Nathan Horton. Isn't it isn't so I've been the way he should be Simon don't tell me that Horton create G and Lucic -- in an effective line after the Boston Bruins. Big -- got timely goals they've helped this team went to the one -- stuck together through all the crap of these guys have been. Bin bin -- been through I mean clouds trying to find. I combinations and and this this combination is stuck together and and everybody's bashing them. I mean I think you've got guys did that a step up in the win hockey games however they have to win a the last time was -- pretty but they don't give give Tuukka Rask gives is due. They get that you know the guy played out of play -- put out of his mind -- now for now than just earlier in the week everybody was talking about okay well is it gonna be -- bigamy and dove in and ended -- -- -- steps up so he is so he you know that's what he had to do did -- -- -- -- opted to succeed. Well -- -- I don't know you know if it can go play -- next couple weeks and seat and I think you give an event and I really do I just think he's been. So consistent battle every time he has one vaccine people rated jumped on rope or he's play. -- mean building a I journalist you would be without those two guys I mean -- been tremendous all year you know yeah but it I'm done yet. If they had an average goalie is this is not apply. -- all that academic apple I -- I got. Carolina appears certain to get a lot and I'm gonna play on average teams that made the playoffs you would say this team defensively. Is that enough breakdowns were Rask -- had to be otherworldly time to keep them in games. Yes he admitted that it happens all the time I just you know I'm not gonna see -- and ago or nine to go I'm not gonna sit here and say that. -- -- -- When they're when they're a point back of first place in the northeast fourth in the east. OK so as disappointed as you all want to beat. They're not that bad. But let me ask this legal counsel Albert because the Bruins have just signed him to a three year deal looks like he is coming over the waiting for him. Get his release from the Swedish ice hockey federation -- when he shows up do you know anything about this polar. A tall big tall strong. He's like 63. 6422220. Pounds. Big solid winner got some hands and he's got the -- score idea of the year for thirty over the area gas so you're ready to transition from. -- playing over their -- -- a little here. I think I think it's less than it would have been in years ago. -- granted it's a bigger ranked by you're tired of -- somebody that there is a he's a physical guy over there. So in 95 point 22 last two yeah what do I mean any kind of guys super talented eighties -- talent he's a big guy can play. And he is at a much more talent to the Boston Bruins go -- by the way according. -- a couple of dollars dot. Go get some sleep I love doubleheader yesterday double data rate with a Gatorade Jamie. LB limit buyers in studio -- your daily on the Hill Man Morning Show get a break we'll come back Dan Duquette gonna join us at 1215 for a talk to Dan. You got to hear what happened last night leading the they would get -- more raw deal in the Tampa Bay Rays did. At the end of backing off from Marty fought a rough season for the rays -- -- in that we'll give you that Dan Duquette 1215 keep it here.

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