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Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston on the Sox hot start

Apr 9, 2013|

Gordon joined D&C to discuss the Sox great start to the young season. Gordon said while it is too early to make grand proclamations on the season he says the signs point to a bright future for the Sox.

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Well it doesn't -- I had 6177757937. -- Red Sox baseball and who better to help us do that. Different from ESPN boston.com Gordon needs good morning Goran how aria. Are. Are you -- like a lot of people buying into this and changing their mind that just because -- assembled good character guys and have a healthy and work environment in the clubhouse in the dugout and on the field. That it's not gonna translate into something positive because that was generally the feeling over the course of the winter but now we're seeing the fruits of that labor and so far so good Gordon. Yeah and -- but like I think -- cautionary -- on -- so far so good in in Utley came in and obviously they're. There's a sea change here with this team under John -- with Bobby Valentine -- the comfort levels are. The type of guy you have here are different but I maintain. There is Bobby Valentine in -- The bullpen it's not stroke hasn't that is at his disposal. It may be last year would have gotten out to a different start to. Not pitched greatness first two starts last year. If you remember you eat -- -- against Verlander in the bullpen gave up and it in his next 18 we gave up three runs and watch 13 award. In in Bobby we're trying to make do with which out to -- this. Basically getting knocked him on the job as as closer and Mark Melancon who -- A clearly wasn't suited for that for that eighth inning role practically -- imposter. You know and hope Nicolas. I power -- fuel car. He technical because our Miller billion. In it and now I think that's made as big differences anything so. So you're suggesting that Bailey's thumb injury at the beginning of the season had a lot to do with how this team got off on the wrong foot. I think absolutely in and then obviously in the body contributed. To abide by adding -- I'm aware of their -- right no -- out drama but. I think one can we need to keep in mind here is you you look accurate around July 1 John. Last year this team was -- six games over 500. That's in Biloxi since bill could've gone one to weigh in obviously it went south but. You know -- idea I think people have their right to be excited about the way this team has started. In all the playing good volley playing intense baseball Sosa -- two big decisions this year that have paid great immigrants. One you just were talking about the decision Spartan RBIs and sit and Jackie Bradley junior went in the whole world. Wanted to be Jackie Bradley make his -- -- satellite. In the -- also involved in a knob and that was Friday. In -- toward game. Decides to pinch -- Jonny Gomes and -- He kept a lot into Brett Finkel. Out of the game -- -- walks and ends up scoring me I'd go ahead run in. You know stroke could do no wrong right. -- what happens now Gordon Bradley go down one Ortiz comes back and physically Cisco down. Tomorrow. I'm. I did that first one I think is it's it's pretty cut and dry. Jerry I do think that that Bradley will be sent back down when Ortiz on top although again. In which would contradicts before we anticipate -- and helping -- -- -- and somebody else it's murder whatever. I would think that -- here thinking at this point. -- That he'd -- Iglesias. True decision. -- ventured in center in the spring the proper thing for young players often times. The clock and being ready doesn't coincide. With the -- awkward when they need to -- mean we know we know a -- has gotten off to a great start. But I would experience -- about saying look you know to. Stephen Drew is not losing his job because of an injury so -- typically this goes -- Do you think there's any chance of -- a straight platoon. No -- and went up Margaret Barrett that's not enough that that's replacing us. Yeah yeah yeah he's got to play every day. Except we -- in and and interest economy guys I've ever look at the splits but. But when he was healthy I can keep that was pretty effective against pitchers from both left and right side. You know it it's a great problem to have -- clay C East Coast and -- continues to play it away which we've watched him play. And sharing and got a really valuable chip intro and I mean I look at the St. Louis Cardinals -- route you know for for problems he's had. In March in and they're going with an untested kids good. At shortstop. You know at some point the Cardinals may come knocking by. It is give a -- as it's going to be we've seen the Red Sox do this report sent it down to work what were carried out a bit. And eventually they'd find somehow they find their way back it spirit if they perform. Gordon if Stephen Drew or make it 900000. Instead of nine point five million dollars would this be more problematic for them. Yes but they can't say that right they can't say that. Now in the end but the reality is. Again you know when you measure. Certain games against. The back of the guys baseball card who had. Consistently performed in I know -- -- true it's coming operate a track or year in and really. A year and since since he fractured the ankle. By you know it was one or shortstop and that actually. When he was healthy and and he's fit the situation that you guys. Remember vividly that -- Adrian Beltre was a couple years ago I come and up and up here right in New York until one year deal and -- -- And establishes -- market value to it all right yesterday in Portland. I you gotta see what what he brings to the table. If you anticipate no issues with these guys are both young Bradley and an English is ball. You know will -- be 23 shortly too young guys the ball. -- I think it'll be easier for Jackie can handle it because I mean. Well we're talking about a -- which started last season in class say all of percolate -- I think it's going to be a little proper because. I think he believed that day. -- -- -- Are coming into this camp before the Red Sox made the deal for true I think he would that have been cleared for him I think he believes he's ready to play. I mean I've been over them on the guy ever since I first saw sensibly I just think he's. An amazing player. And he's he's he's gotten on base and -- on all things that are very positive. Which you know -- in -- Christmas June not April. -- and would we would strike to record some would try animal. Moved troll by but you know there's there's a tree were thirty working probably shortly shortly in -- -- Our future in and we -- we need to be out in this debate which a yard you know -- which is true -- -- and play. Gordon is there any way to tell how hands on. John -- the manager is with his old pitching coach duties and the reason I ask that is to ask this if Lester and Buchholz continue to perform well. And Lester rebounds from what was at best a sub par year last year in my estimation. Would he be helping him and talk about Ferrell helping Lester and buck Colt McCoy more mechanically or more environmentally. You know I mean yeah I would think that that the mechanics. Harrell leads up to 21 yet even think they had extensive conversations. So with the pitchers over over the winter especially. In Indy I have great trust. I'm in peril because of that that preexisting relationships. But it -- what I don't which which -- is that you really trying to coaches coaches. Through the coaching. In and -- The response to the other on the pitching staff has been very positive. Today and I think -- Both Lester Buchholz have learned to trust in -- -- still wouldn't have responded favorably. To the suggestion he made. A popular mechanics so yeah and in in -- term he used I would say that barrels. Impact is far more. Quote environmental yeah and then not -- -- Rice touches the -- coaches actually talked to John -- which is unlike last year which I think it's helpful in the process don't you. Aren't up Utley. Do you think Cadillac he just missed one start Gordon. I think it's a little too early to say it wouldn't surprise me if they disable him because. Throughout did make reference yesterday -- or do we want to get it on the hill in and brought him through it in a fairly stressful. Task. Before week we put back out here I mean obviously. It'd be an eighteen month since its its. Like he said put that kind of stood on his arm in. -- guys aren't blown away dictates as. Apparently minor right as India. I thought he'd blown out again it looked awful. -- you're a veteran you're you're you're grizzled old veteran a cynic bay is cynical baseball guy tell us the one moment the last seven games if there was one we said. Maybe just maybe this thing will work. Well I I think Friday night which -- -- me was just a tremendous ball game in them and electric and I -- you know that. The that Canadians. It's giving their ought to civility. That night op Ed Gordon after girl unbelievably. In and the team responding. I with the intensity with which we which which -- did. And -- -- -- in the game planning on decision made by go on the night that he was being vilified. As as the bad guys. To me right dump it in. Yeah you know what secret could be very very interest seeing and I didn't think it was -- would Jonny Gomes pointed out -- Sunday. Thirteen nothing when we're we're focus on the six months in the three home runs by middle Brooks and go home saying you know what impressed me. Thirteen out there in the ninth inning. Syria makes a great play closer to weigh in. Saltalamacchia is backing them up one. And Clayton Orton sitting in a streak UConn on a hitter in that thirteen run -- it sort of 32 slider instead about you know hit these fastball. He said he got to competing you know whether discordant cirrus or thirteenth they're in I mean it sounds cliche but it's all part been true and it is that a lot unblocked. But a question from big word of criticism of fair up in Canada among others was that he was well he collected call rule like -- -- relentless on the base pads his critics would say. Foolhardy on the base past he still wants that relentless kind of aggressive base running has he toned down his desire of what he did in Toronto a little bit here in Boston. I don't insult a bit but you see good you know there's a difference between being relentless and being dug in and I I thought we saw a great couple of back. -- Yesterday it went by -- put the brakes on Pedroia who you know just wanted to try to score at seven double right. Ed and in and it would be easy for Butterfield to be caught up in the moment you know. Everybody's roaring its all ball Border Collie and he remembered hey it is a lot quicker a little byline. Coming up. Put the brakes on. You know we're seeing double it would -- Ellsbury steal four bases already -- We're -- Jonny Gomes scored from second on an infield hit him in the opener. No I I think I think he's he's at the throttle open. Augusta off court always enjoyed talking baseball at the enjoy your day off we'll talk to down the road I thank Gordon needs from ESPN boston.com -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LTT.

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